Down to Hell.

Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized Walkthrough by Gerty

I used the revised Catacomb Wads.

Lara starts in a corridor and after a slide down at the end jump to the column. On the right is a button to push. In the corner is a medipack. Now walk back and under the slide is a crawlspace. Jump to the slide and grab, let go and grab again and climb in. At the end jump down and follow through.
In the room are some mummies and in the SW corner some arrows. Better get out as quick as possible as a skeleton is looking for a victim. By entering the pool area a wraith is also in hot pursuit. In the first pool is the crossbow, so get that, blow the skeleton and in the NW corner is another room with a pole and a bit further than the pole is a cross for the wraith.

Under the vase is a small medipack.

Don’t climb the pole yet; go back to the pools and under the waterfall is an opening. On the left are some flares and on the right climb the wall.

Near the pillar is the Laser Sight and in the NE corner a lever. The camera shows a door, so jump in the pool and go back to the pole and climb it. The South wall has a triangular crawlspace, so get in and the door is open.

Climb up some stairs and around the corner descend them.

Around the corner near that pillar is the crowbar and push/pull the pillar on the tile. The camera shows another door and better run out off here as some beetles starts nibbling at Lara. Down the pole, under the waterfall and up the wall again. The door next to the lever is now open.

On the block you’ll find some revolver ammo and from this point you can see four opening. Two are dead ends so go East as you came from the West.

Big room with the Star

Looking East you see a Star on the far wall. Skeletons are roaming this place, shoot them or not, whatever takes your fancy. Turn South and jump up to get a hold on that crack there, shimmy left. At the end drop and push the button there.

Shimmy all the way back and now look to the North a block has risen. Running jump to the block and another one to the lever. Looking South a block has risen there so get your bootie there.

Couple of running jumps will do the trick. When you pull up in the corridor I did a roll (end) and a jump back, immediately run back to the column with a running jump as a boulder comes down. Get back and on that ramp, at the end climb up, jump over the hole in the floor and get the shotgun.

Now a safety drop through the hole and the South side has a ladder. Climb all the way down and gather the arrows and find the lever in the NE corner.

Get back to the ladder, but before you climb up, there is an opening on the South wall and a lever, get out as quick as you can as beetles appear. Now you can climb that ladder, jump to the other column and then to that structure in the middle of this room. Looking East you see a block has risen under the Star, a running jump will get you there. Get the Star. The door next to the Star is open, so enter. I would save, as there is a nasty wraith there. If you are brave enough pick up the medipack and almost at the en right is a crawlspace. Get in there and around the corner is the cross for the wraith.

Place the Star and in the next room are some lost mummies, you can avoid them.

In the SW corner is an opening. Down the ladder and in the corridor there is the Grenade Launcher and surprise… a skeleton. Just follow through and pick up the Hathor Effigy and climb out.

Go to the water and another wraith shows up. There is also a cross to the left of the stairs behind a pillar, and a crawlspace behind the cross and in there is the Ornate Handle.

Jump in the water on the North side are 4 openings with a medipack, arrows and shotgun ammo. Don’t go yet to the last opening North, the door there is still closed. Better get to the South side, out off the water and push that pillar. There is another one on the other side though.

The door in the middle is open now and there is a pole. Slide down and pick up the flares. (If you have problems picking them up, use the crouch and Ctrl).

On the bottom is a skeleton sneaking around and on the South is a crack for shimmying. Pull up, climb one further and jump to another opening west. Running jump to pillar and use the monkey climb to get to the other side. Inside is a level. Push it. Camera shows an underwater door. Go back and climb the pole again. The opening on the North is the next to investigate so dive in and swim.

You are back at the first pool room, go under the waterfall and climb that wall again and on the east side is a door still closed and in need of the items you have. Combine them and use the Portal Guardian

Yet another poolroom. Blast the skeleton and opposite you can see a Blue Gem on a pedestal. There is a small medipack in the water and on the North ledge someflares. The building on the left has a ladder and so has the building right in front of you (S). Dive in the water (or use the rope swings), as we have to visit that ladder in the South building. Get the Bleu Gem from the pedestal. Dive down and get on the building with the ladder (E) and swing to the other one. On the west side is a crawlspace and in there is a lever.
After using the lever get in the water and swim under the South building. There is uzi ammo there and swim up. The door is open and pick up also some shotgun ammo.

To the right is the receptacle for the Blue Gem. The level ends here.