Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty.

This level needs the Library wads, plus English.dat and Script.dat that goes with it. Use the TOM file and the uklogo.pak from the download and you are on your way after converting.

Lara starts this level at a pool and there are three doors, East, West and South. There is some shotgun ammo on top of the block near the West door, some arrows in the NE corner and a small medipack in the NE corner of the pool. Stay close to the bottom or else Lara will die, as the darts trap is deadly. There is a lever at the left side of the East gate that opens the West door. On the left is a vase and a medipack to get. Open the door and avoid the swinging chains. There is a trapdoor so open that and start swimming, do not forget to get the crowbar. Keep swimming and you end up in the pool. Go back in the open door and pass the swinging chains and at the end is an opening you enter a cog room.

You better enter the room because I didnít and got pestered by several wraiths and upon entering the room I only got one. So run back to the pool and donít forget those dart traps in the water.

Around the SW corner is a lever. And there are some flares and arrows there. See a brass ball on the N wall. Use the lever and enter the open door W wall.

Room with globes and small pool

Push the globes on the tiles and under a vase is some revolver ammo. A door North is open, but first go left. A wraith is there so lure him to the small pool and pick up some flares that are on the bottom. Enter the room again and climb block, shoot vase and jump to other block. Again shoot vase and monkey climb to block with the crossbow. Leave room and enter the door in North wall. Right and left are closed doors and the middle one has a rope. Get the rope and turn around and swing into the left and right, as there is a medipack on one side and a laser sight on the other. You leave by pulling a wall switch. Get back on the rope and swing to the right there is a revolver. Nothing on the left and straight on some grenade ammo. Turn around and you see at the end an opening and a ladder, climb down. You get to a room with a tin man, shoot him (heíll leave a small medipack). In the NE corner you can pick up a Torch. Light the torch on one pedestal and with it light the other pedestal, the door next to it will open. Throw the torch down and enter corridor and after a few steps, turn around, there is a wall lever there. That will extinguish the fires.

Better save, as this is a boulder and wraith trap. Jump over the hole and on the right you can stand, but a fire wraith will show it face so jump in the water. Swim all the way till you come up again in the room with the small pool.

Now go back to the Cog room and shoot that brass ball the door next to it opens. Use the pole, watch out for the knives and once down crawl under the knives to the end. Get the Music Scroll. You are under the big Cogwheel now. Crawl back and use the pole to get up again.

Again to the small pool room and go back to the opening in the North and swing that rope again, down the ladder and now enter the opening where the rolling ball came down. The wall there is climbable. Climb up and enter a room with brown stairs.

There are two tin men there so shoot them. A room at the end, left has a small medipack under a vase. Right of the stairs is a corridor with some arrows after a crawlspace.

Climb the stairs and you see a landing with five doors.

First open the second door West, this one is empty but see a small body of water. Now open the first door (W). A wraith appears so run to the next room and then back again to place the Scroll That will make it some blocks raise under the Cog wheel in order to get a Star.

East right room another wraith and some Uzi ammo on a pedestal and a chain. The left room has the Uzi and another chain.

The last door on the North wall an opening in the floor and at the end you see some buildings and a horse on a piece of grass.

You can slide down and kill it, but I wouldnít. First use the monkey climb to the other side, jump backwards and shimmy to the left and in there get a medipack and a Star, then slide down and kill the tin man that is riding the horse, Pick up the Blue Gem he leaves behind and after opening the blue doors you are where you left the torch. Go again into the opening where the fire was and swim to the small pool now enter the Cog room, stand facing West and do a safety drop, climb up into crawlspace and get the second Star. To get out you need to crawl yet again under the knives, climb the pole and end up in the Cog room. Leave this room in the opening South and go back to the start of this level and place the two Stars at the South door.

Under a vase youíll find the Grenade Launcher and at the right site, place the Blue Gem. Save as there is a boulder with Laraís name on it, so enter cautiously and trigger it, jump back and then enter the room.

Room with columns and chains.

To the right (where the boulder came from) is a ladder and a door that still is closed. Obviously you have to get to the other side, there is another boulder waiting, so take a running jump with grab, pull up and immediately drop back and hang till the boulder is gone. Running jump to the next column and East there is a medipack and arrows that only takes some jumping back and forward. Now look at the chains and another running jump to them without getting hurt. A wraith will show it ugly head so go right. Climb up and run and jump in the water. Climb out and back to the chains and go South, and with a running jump you can get some shotgun ammo. Next thin is a jump to the East and again and turn to the South and walk around the corner there. Climb down and find a small medipack. Jump down and there are two tin men, so kill them and one leaves a small medipack.

Go to SW corner and when you are there turn to the East; there is a jump lever there.

Go North and find the crack in the wall, shimmy around the corner and pull up in that crawlspace.

Go left, that door is open now. There is some uzi ammo on the floor. Turn right (N) and climb the wall, shift to the right and let go, there is a lever on the wall that opens a door on the South. Next room, run to the SE corner, all away around there is another lever. This opens the door all the way on the other end of the corridor so get your booty over there.

Rooms with swinging chains.

Go left and avoid two chains and find a lever on the wall. Go back to the staring point and exit, go back to the crawlspace and drop down on the floor. Remember that ladder and the door where the rolling ball was, so SE comer and pull up, climb ladder and backflip, jump to column and from there to the other one and back to the chains and then make you way to the ball. You might trigger a wraith but the water is nearby.

Climb the ladder and pull up and follow the corridor.

Room with two globes.

Do NOT shoot the right vase as there is a wraith waiting but the left has a medipack. Push both the globes on their tiles and enter the open door. Jump in the water and you end up at the start of the level, the last door is open now and enter, the level ends here.