Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

I used the revised Cleopal WADS.

Lara is underwater, so better get that crossbow and arrows and swim through the tunnel and up into a fountain area. There are also some arrows underwater and a closed door in the North West corner.

Once out of the water you can find shotgun ammo under a bench. Watch out as skeletons roam this room. A jump lever on the North wall, near a bench and that also triggers a Harpy and a block rises in front of the door, also on the North wall. Climb the blocks till you are standing on the ledge. Under a bench some arrows and a reach-in hole in the South West corner. This opens the doors downstairs.

In the South East corner is a place you can shimmy as there is a jump lever hidden. Camera shot from underwater. So get down and in the pool and swim to the South West corner, a trapdoor had opened there.

Pick up the crowbar, laser sight and a small medipack. Swim through the opening and get out. Climb the ladder and pull up. Behind Lara is another ladder, transfer to the other side and backflip on the ledge there. Right is the Winding Key and left a jump switch that also triggers another Harpy. Swim back to the pool and to the North West corner, that underwater door is open now. In there is the Mechanical Scarab and a bit further down the Pharos Knot. Get out of the pool; time to see what is behind the open doors.

Under a bench is a small medipack and on top of the stairs use the Scarab and on the door, the crowbar. Left a bench with some uzi ammo. If you go in the small room on the right, be sure to keep an eye on your health as there are goodies as well as beetles in there. SECRET # 1, medipack the Uzi and arrows.

Go up the ramp and climb the ladder, skeletons alert and use the Pharos Knot. The door next to it opens. Use the scarab again and the crowbar on the door. Follow through, in a crawlspace and use the jump lever there. Get out and shoot that skeleton. Enter the opening and watch out for the clanking knife. More skeletons in here and on the right is a Blue Gem. A bit further a sarcophagus with flares and at the other side a revolver and an opening in the floor with water. Jump in the water, and the first opening up. SECRET # 2, guns and uzi ammo in a sarcophagus and also a Harpy.

Back in the water swim further, down and enter a different pool with a fountain. In the water are some goodies. Climb out and use the Blue gem on the door in the North. Harpy alert, nasty beasts. Pick up medipack and use the Scarab for the last time. On the left are some arrows and in the room itself skeletons. North wall has some stairs and the Music Scroll. Back out to the other side of the pool and place the Scroll.

Next room a Demi God is guarding a door and a small and big medipack and the Uzi as well, as a reward after slaying him. Next to the door is a jump lever. Enter the room and the minute you approach the throne the level ends.