La City de Dahaffy.

Level by Daffy

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Note: Please throw Torches you don’t use anymore into the nearby pools, this will reduce the chance of Ghost Flames everywhere (TRNG bug).

Turn around and use the lever, again turn and use the button you see in there where the gate opened, there are also two Gem receptacles for later.

Back out and jump on the block to use the jump lever up N.

The gate opens, after the flyby go straight N and use the two levers on the wall. You can pick up the Small Medipack lying on the right, or better do it later.

After using the levers, turn around and jump onto the blocks that appeared in the S end of the room and use both levers as well. You can shimmy along the crack in the wall to the other block.

Boulder alley, the First Red Gem.

This opens a trapdoor N at the ladder. Climb up the ladder and go down the sloped passage (no need to shoot the monkeys). Go N to pick up the First Red Gem at the gate. Pick up some Revolver ammo in the right hand corner. Go back up the slope. Be careful when you go to the ladder again, two boulders come down and show a gate opening up. In the plants to the right of the ladder is the Revolver.

If you want the first secret, light a flare and in the corner where you found the Revolver the upper part of the W wall is climbable. Climb up and back flip for Secret #1, a Green Dragon. Get down, shoot the native and use the ladder to get back down to the skeleton alley.

Spikes and Fire, the Second Red Gem.

The first door to the left (E) is open. Stand on the first tile and spikes start popping up as well as emitters start blowing. Get the Revolver ammo and time the spikes and emitter to get into the NW and SW corners to use the two jump levers.

This disables the spikes on the E wall ladder so you can climb up the ladder. Back flip and grab the Medipack. Go right, the block there will lower and shoot the Sea hag. Get the Grenade launcher and the Red Gem and you hear the entrance gate opening back up. Leave through the other corner where the block will lower when you approach.

Get back to the alley (you can now shoot the skeletons if you want) and go S and into the room left to place the two gems left and right and pick up the Small Medipack.

Push Blocks.

Back to the skeleton alley and the first room on the left (W) opened. In the SE is a pink block and in the NE is a green block, they have to go on the corresponding coloured tiles. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Push the pink all the way into the W corner. Go to the green block and pull it twice onto the raising block, then throw the lever in the NE where the green block was and it will go up. Now you can first move the pink block to the pink tile on the floor.

Use the pink lever and move the green block to the other side of the room, lower it by using the pink lever again and put it on the tile. The opposite gate in the skeleton alley (E) opens.

Fire for a Torch.

Jump on the tiles with a lion face avoiding the emitters to the W wall blocks. Climb up, and grab up to the ledge above, jump to the wall torch and around the corner to get a Torch. The wall torch will ignite and you can light the Torch there. Jump back, get downstairs and out and in the skeleton alley you can ignite the two wall torches on the W wall, next to the last closed gate.

Pool Room, the 2 Skulls.

Best throw the Torch into the pool, shoot the croc and go into the far NE corner to find a Large Medipack in the plants. Jump in the water and find an underwater lever at the E wall (over a plant) a gate opens up and a croc comes out, get back out of the pool and shoot the croc.

Get back in the pool, pick up Grenade ammo NE and Revolver ammo NW and swim into the gate (S). Get the Laser Sight at the end and turn left to swim through the crack there, immediately swim down and get Secret #2, a Green Dragon. Swim back out and climb out, shooting another croc.

Go and stand in the NW corner, turn SE and look up to shoot the bronze ball up in the ceiling. A block goes up NW. Jump one floor up and get rid of the skeleton, go around to the NE and push the button, turn around and go back, a block in the NW corner is down, pull the cage there once, go back to the button NE and push the cage once, then use the button N.

Pull the cage back and go around to the other side and jump into the new opening N. Pick up the First Skull there. Walk back out and find a block lowered to the left (E side). Jump in there with a left curve and grab up to the floor above.

Go N and up to the top ledge to take the Revolver ammo from the pedestal and look at the floor just below. The colours are the clue for the buttons one floor down, so only use the most left button there. This will ignite a scone in the SW corner. Go grab a Torch from the block on the S side ledge and light it on the scone SW (below). Now ignite the scone SE and a block will lower on the ledge above (to the right of the scone are some Flares). Climb up the S side ledge and pick up the Second Skull from the block E.

Use the Skulls.

Easiest way down is to just jump into the water, take the Torch down into the pool to extinguish it. Climb out, back to the skeleton alley and stand under the rope (in the middle), swing up to the NE corner ledge, get the Flares and walk to the left. The block there will go down and get Secret #3, a Green Dragon.

The First Thistle.

Safety drop on the floor and climb the ladder N. Put the Skulls left and right in the middle of this boulder alley. Go through the open gate N, kill the two little gnomes, go N and stand before the mask. Turn around, look up and use the jump lever there. When you wait there and look up the slope, you’ll see a boulder coming down, side flip to the right to avoid the incoming boulder. Go to the open door and save your game as there will be two wraiths coming. So once inside look for a jump lever on a S wall. Then enter the gate that opened. Around the corner is some water for you to get rid of the wraiths (you could also just step into the sliding door, run back up the slope, down the ladder and take the first one right, if the sliding door is closed when you are inside, there’s a lever to the right of it).

On a ledge on the other side of the small pool you can shoot the glass from the pedestal and pick up the First Thistle.

For the Second Thistle.

Dive in the water, get the Revolver ammo NE, this will open the hatch E. A native will try to kill Lara when she is on dry land; get the Medipack N, this triggers another native. In the SW behind the plants is a crawlspace, get in to grab Secret #4, a Green Dragon. Get back and get the Grenades one of the natives left behind and head into the passage S where a flyby will start.

Take a running jump and grab the edge, slide/jump and face S, jump to the left ledge (we’ll go to the other side later). Jump to the S wall and blast away the skeleton W. Jump there and use the button. Jump back to the N wall and now take the right hand passage. Go around the corer and use the ladder ahead and shimmy to the right, around some corners. Get off and grab the Second Thistle.

Use the ladder to back flip to the ledge and make your way back to the button; the gate in the opposite passage is open now (S). There is a sea hag somewhere around and two crocs down in the water.

In the water, in the SW corner is a Large Medipack, left of it some Flares and near the block in the middle is Revolver ammo. Also notice the gate SE. Climb back up and upstairs there is more Revolver ammo SE.

2 Skulls for a Block.

To the right of the gate S around the corner of the pillar is a jump lever, this will open the gate down at the water. Go in, kill the gnomes and pick up a First Skull SW. You’ll hear another gate opening, so back up and kill the native, the gate S is open now. Avoid the spikes and get the Second Skull NW.

Go back out and place them at the E wall (NE-SE). This will lower the block at the water level. Shoot the Sea hag when you get back down there. Use the lever on the central ledge and climb up the ladder and then get onto the new block. Face N and grab up to the pillar, now jump to the pillar E. From there to the ladder S, go up then slide down and jump to the next pillar. Now to the W onto the slanted block and jump onto the safe pillar. A Sea hag shows up so better shoot it quick.

This will trigger a rope to the right. Jump to grab the rope, swing to the pillar N and jump to the ladder, go all the way up and on top is Secret #5, a Green Dragon.

A Torch.

Climb back down the W side and back flip from the ladder to the ledge with the Torches. Grab one and a door opens down S, throw the Torch down where you can find it again and safety drop down too. The native that will come after you will drop some Flares. Go into the opened door, get the Small Medipack and ignite the Torch. Go back out to light the wall torch in the middle of the square.

You see a gate opening up. Throw the Torch into the water below and go back out (N), jump over to the button ledge and from there to the gate W. Get the Revolver ammo there and walk to the corner, careful, boulder alert.

Go up the slope and climb the ladder, go right (N) and once through the gate use the Thistles left and right around the corner. The Gate at the beginning of the level opens up now. Go S and down the ladder to the skeleton alley and keep going straight through the now open gate.

Dangerous Room.

Step on the first breakable floor tile and hop back. Climb down backwards and climb down the ladder a bit, go left (and right by means of the ladder) to use both the levers. Use the ladder to get back up and jump to the other side.

Save, use the button and jump back as a boulder drops. Grab the Revolver ammo where the boulder was and go down the stairs, jump over the boulder. Shoot the Sea hag and get the Medipack and some Revolver ammo just inside the room. In this room avoid the dark tiles where you see small flames. Shoot the natives and go to the pole to climb up. Back flip and shoot the Sea hag, go to the nearest dark block in the S wall and enter when it lowers. Climb the pole facing S and back flip off, jump to the S and hang from the other side of that ledge. Use the crack there to shimmy left avoiding the emitters. When you get at the ladder, slide and roll/jump to grab the column and use the button. A block will go down in the room with the ledges. Grab up to the monkey climb above and go to the ladder. Go left and get hanging on the crack to shimmy all the way to the right. Pull up and jump N, crawl in E for Secret #6, a Green Dragon.

Crawl out and safety drop down from the ledge, pick up a Large Medipack and go out. Another Sea hag appears and after taken care of her, climb the pole N, back flip to the roof.

Go and use the lever E. This opens the door W, get the two Golden Dragons and slide down to the end of the level.