Lara Croft & the Forgotten Scribe.

Debut Level by Leonvdn.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The level became so big the author had to split it in several parts; basically it is one level, connected by the Sacred Hall.

We won’t mention all the enemies, only the important ones. There’s no particular order in which to go through the level, but this is how we got through. You can look up the specific parts if you take another route.

There are 8 Secrets (Golden Skulls) in this game, only after finding the first 7 the gate to the last Golden Skull will open up.

Read the story about this quest and hit Esc to start….


Sacred Hall.

The Harcesis Key.

Go left to the W side, turn around to the vase (E) and shoot it from here (I have to be careful, sometimes these vases are sometimes filled with oil). The lever behind you is for later. Go walk over the tight rope and pick up the Harcesis Key. Drop down into the pit and pick up a Small Medipack. Climb back up to the W side.

Now you can use the lever on the wall to stop the flames to your right. Use the Key in the receptacle NW. The gate opens, slide down, use the lever and slide down again.

The Sacred Hall (the Hub room), gathering the Ammo

Go W and under the right hand vase are Flares, the left hides a spider. Go W and down into the water and get the Uzi ammo from the S alcove. Get out of the water, jump to the ledge S of the pool and shoot the vase which hides more Uzi ammo. Go S, turn left at the opening to another room and jump straight up to grab the ledge above, get the Flares there. Hop SW and follow the ledge, climb up W and then go down right into a trench and get the Shotgun ammo, the vase has a spider.

The Uzis.

Go back E and crawl backwards into the opening, drop and shoot the vase there for more Uzi ammo. Go E and all the way to the end left is a door, a Timed door we’ll get to in a bit. There’s nothing in the vases here. Head back to the pool, jump left to go W, there is a ladder left around the corner (Remember this ladder as this is one of the ways back up). Don’t go up yet but first climb up the W wall there and in that passage you’ll find the Uzis. Go back down from the passage.

The Revolver.

Get up the ladder E and turn left, jump over to that terrace NE. Save at the timed lever there (N). Pull it roll and run to the S wall along the left side of the big hole in the floor, just run onto that grey slanted block at the S wall  (screenshot). You’ll slide down there, run E and into the open door where a Hydra awaits you, I had a Warrior there too, so I ran all the way in, then back out and shot him first, the door remained open. If not, find your way back up the ladder to the lever.

Shoot the Hydra while side flipping left and right and the Revolver will be left behind and a block lowers in the wall. On the same wall are two receptacles for later. Shoot the vase from a distance (if you didn’t already during the battle) and pick up a Small Medipack. Go into the new passage NW.

The Lost Key.

Turn right and go into the small room to get the Revolver ammo. Back out and right, follow the passage up the ladder and into a crawlspace. Crawl through, watch out for the moving blocks and in the last room with the fire are two symbol tiles. Behind the moving blocks are three levers you have to use. The bird tile stops the blocks and the other tile starts them up again.

Step on the bird like tile, the blocks stop so go back and use the available lever(s). Start the blocks up again by stepping on the other tile and stop the blocks again in a different position, so you can use the remaining lever(s) the gate in the room E opens up. Behind one of the blocks is a broken grate, when you step close, Lara gets the message: I can’t get through this gate, maybe if I keep looking I’ll find a way through” (we’ll be back when we have some explosives).

The Push Puzzle, the Clue.

Go back E and the gate there is open. Shoot the Warrior(s) and climb up SE, in the next room is a Warrior and he leaves Uzi ammo behind. In the NW corner is some Shotgun ammo. Make a note of the symbols up on the E wall.

The Push Puzzle, the Push.

Go back to the previous corridor and find 4 pillars you can push, along the N and S wall, on each pillar is a symbol like in the clue. Pick up the Shotgun ammo and take one of the pillars, look on the pillar to see what symbol it represents. Push the pillar in the room N and look at the tiles, there is a small dark square on some of them and when you look on your note you can see where the pillars need to go. If placed correctly, one of the scones on the N wall will ignite. Move all 4 pillars onto the matching tiles. The gate N opens and now you can move two of the pillars onto the two remaining marked tiles, go all the way S through the corridor where an alcove opens up after you shoot that Warrior, In the alcove is Secret #1, Golden Skull #1 and an Explosive Arrow. Go back to the room where the pillars are and to the open gate N, better safe your game here.

Two Harcesis Keys.

Go N along the left wall to a green vase and look up right, there’s a ladder in an opening in the ceiling, run and jump to grab that ladder, go up and back flip into the cave. Go S and find a Small Medipack left and the First Harcesis Key to the right. Get back down the ladder and run N near a vase on the left (W) you’ll hear a boulder coming down, run like a mad person to the S to hide less you get killed by a blast. Go back N and look for the lever behind the pillar (N wall). Save, pull the lever and turn right, jump away from the boulder’s path. Now go where the boulder went (NE) and climb up into a crawlspace in the S wall, grab the Shotgun ammo and go further in. Throw the Timed lever to get Secret #2, Golden Skull #2.

Get back out to the cave and drop down into the water hole there. Face S, climb up on the right hand side when the burner stops and run right. On the floor is the Second Harcesis Key. Go up N and climb back to the cave, go NW into the tunnel where the boulders came from and shoot the Warrior guarding two receptacles. Use the two Harcesis Keys to open the door.

The First City Key.

Be careful of the burners in the next room. Hop into the alcove NE to use a lever lowering a block in the floor, pick up the Crossbow NW and Uzi ammo SW. Jump down in the hole and avoid the moving blocks N to pick up the First City Key on one side and a Small Medipack on the other side. Climb out and leave E, through the cave and S through room with the pillars, to the right again, to the passage with the moving blocks. Remember that broken grating? Stop the first moving block in the left alcove and go into the alcove to the right, shoot the grating with the crossbow (explosive arrow) and get Secret #3, Golden Skull #3. Go out and W, through the crawlspace, jump down and you are back in the Hydra room.

Sacred Hall (2).

Go out of the room, back to the ladder W and up to the ground floor of the Hall. Turn left and go left into the opening at the burning wall torch.

Message:”I don’t trust that smoke”

Under the vase to the right is a Small Medipack. The grate in the floor is hot, so don’t stand on it. Go S over the (safe) pool and shoot the Warrior, get the Flares E. Go to the room W.

Message: There seems to be no way to open that gate, I need to find the other Skulls.

In that room you can get Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo on a pedestal left. When you stand in the NE corner and look up into the room, you’ll see a Ball switch. You can shoot it now with the Crossbow. Draw the Crossbow, look up and then shoot. Or you can go for the Medipack later when you have the Lasersight. Save first before you do this as it takes some practice and we don’t want to loose to much ammo… Climb the block that went up and on the first floor is a Large Medipack. Get out, go left through the pool and look for the crawlspace over that hot grating N, stand face to the wall and carefully side step on the grate. Grab up and climb up to the Tunnel of Fire.

Tunnel of Fire.

The 4 Harcesis Keys.

Time the burner and go down the steps, jump over to the ledge and approach the gate to open it. Do not shoot the vase yet, but jump to the ledge S to open that gate too, jump back and now over to the ledge W. When the gate is open, turn around and shoot the vase E an explosion follows. Jump back E and turn around to shoot the vases S and W. Collect the 3 Harcesis Keys where the vases used to be. Notice the dark wall in the W alcove, we’ll be back… Now jump to the dark ledge NW and drop down to the ledge below. Walk over the steel bar to the S and jump with a grab onto the ledge with the Large Medipack. Save and look down NW, there’s a vase in that deep pit, when you shoot that later you can get another Secret. Jump back to the ledge and jump to grab the ladder N (don’t grab the ladder in the corner against the wall but somewhere in the middle). Go up to the roof and jump to the ledge SE. Shoot the last vase you see S and grab the monkey bars to get over there and grab the 4th Harcesis Key. Go back over the monkey bars and jump to the crawlspace SE. Follow up and shoot the Warrior, get the Small Medipack he leaves behind. On the W wall is a lever to open the door next to it. Go over the beam to get Secret #4, Shotgun ammo and Golden Skull #4.

Use the Keys.

Go to the middle of the bridge and jump E onto a slanted roof there. Grab the edge and drop down, jump down to the ledge in front of the arch on the N wall. Go in and get the Flares, in the next room shoot both Warrior and spider, on the E wall is the place to use the Harcesis Keys. The door NW opens, go all the way to the back room.

Message: this looks like a dead end, but there must be a way to get up into that room above.

There are two pedestals, grab the Explosive Arrow from the only safe one and go back into the passage again and halfway through look up right. Back flip while facing N and grab the rock, pull up and back flip again.Save here. Inside are three demigods, kill them and watch the flyby. Pick up some Uzi ammo, Medipack and the Shotgun E. In the water you can find a Large Medipack SW and 2x Uzi ammo NE and NW.

The Laser Sight.

Use the new lever N which will open the gate E. In there you can get the Laser Sight.


The Second City Key.

Go W into the next room and find a push block W, pull it out and then N onto the symbol tile, go in where the block was to get the Revolver ammo. Go N wall and find a ladder on the side of that block, go up, grab the crack and shimmy left. Avoid the burner and use the lever on the grated walkway. Turn around and jump E onto the top of the structure, go over the structure into the now open gate there (E). Go down, use lever and a camera shot shows a block going down. Turn right and push the block all the way out of the passage. Climb back up at the lever and jump down into the room, watch out not to fall in the hole in the floor.

Push the block S and then onto the symbol tile next to the pillar. Watch the show and go back into the opening E to make your way back up to the structure. Get the Second City Key from the top. After climbing down from the structure, go to the SW corner of the room, down the new hole and get Secret #5, Golden Skull #5. Leave NE, back into the passage NE and get one floor down, go E and out right to the room with the ledges. Look down NW into the pit below, you can shoot the vase there now. Now that black wall in the W alcove should be down. Jump W, climb up N, turn around and jump to the ledge in front of the W opening. Go in and get Secret #6, Golden Skull #6. Jump E, and jump over to the NE and get out to the Sacred Hall.

Sacred Hall (3).

Place the City Keys.

Jump over the fire grating under the passage; take a left to the Sacred Hall. Turn right and go down the ladder to the right to get back to the lower part of the Hall, go to the pool and jump SE. Go E, in the end left into the room where you killed the Hydra. Place the City keys on the N wall, a block lowers in the Sacred Hall S wall. Go out, to the pool and jump NW, go to the ladder and up. Go left and immediately left up those steps, stand on the NE corner of the highest step and look up SE above that big block and shoot the ball hanging in the alcove. The big block will lower. Jump over to where the block lowered and get a Large Medipack. Look S and jump to the alcove where the ball is and get the Shotgun ammo. Jump NE to the block and from there to that ledge on the wall S.

Jump NE to the ledge there and then crawl into a crawlspace. Go through, use a lever on the W wall to stop the Timed burner at Secret #7, Golden Skull #7. Then grab Revolver ammo and a Small Medipack. Now that gate for the last Skull should be open (better go for it now), it’s on the ground floor of the Hall, into the passage W with the wall torch, keep left over the red pool and take a right there, the gate is open and reveals Secret #8, Golden Skull #8.

Message: You’ve unlocked the bonus ammo setting, you just received

5X Shotgun Wide ammo

9X Explosive arrows

4 Small Medipacks

2 Large Medipacks

And another Crossbow.

In case you didn’t go for it yet, look up in the room, shoot that Ball switch and climb the block that goes up, on the first floor is a Large Medipack. Go back to the Hall, up the steps SW and over the big blocks to that ledge SE. Enter the opening in the S wall.


Climb up N and get the Revolver ammo, get down and climb up E to use a lever. The block moves, to the right is a small room where you can get a Large Medipack from a reach-in hole on the left. Go back to the block with the lever and N into a crawlspace, you’ll get a message:

New moves:

Ledge jump, when I am hanging from a ledge just press JUMP and I’ll jump to grab whatever is above me.

Ladder jump, when I’ve managed to grip a ladder properly press SPRINT and I’ll jump up to grab whatever is above me.

In front of you (N) is a lever, do not use the lever N (will start a burner tile) but go into the opening right and jump down, use the lever there, roll and climb up, Lara walks into a room and lights a flare, she throws it onto a star like object: It is some sort of mine ! So better NOT step on that other star thing after you met the Scorpion!

Hall of Ledges.

Go N and up the stairs and under a vase is Shotgun ammo, then get some Arrows SW.

Go out S and jump around right onto the pillar, face S and jump up to a small ledge there. Face E, take a step back and jump to grab that iron bar, swing over into the opening E and see a gate opening up. Go further inside, left is a reach-in-hole, inside is Uzi Ammo and you’ll see a ledge going up. (To the S is a shortcut passage back to the ground floor, which was the gate opening up). Go back out W and run jump to grab that iron bar, swing over to grab the small ledge W. From there a jump onto the block on the S wall. Notice the closed gate inside. Jump into the alcove SE to get a Large Medipack. Jump back out to the block and over to that small ledge NW. Climb up N onto the block go down the other side and walk over the iron bar. Lara will be taken up, turn around and grab up to the ledge in front of you. Better get out the Crossbow with Explosives fast…

Walk S and jump to grab the crack in the E wall, shimmy around right till you are on the ladder. Use the new move (sprint) to get one ledge up when the burner stops. Go in left and up, jump over the ladder and get the Large Medipack. (That long ladder leads down to a huge button around right. When you use it a block lowers there, turn around you’ll see a short ladder, that’s the exit to where the scorpions were…No need to go there now). Hop back over the ladder and walk up to the edge of the high floor. Look up S there to spot the ladder and go up to a crawlspace, go through and into the next room.

Get the Explosive Arrow there. Jump over to the W and use the button, that gate we saw before opened up (look down and below the burner S is the entrance to that gate). Turn around and shoot the skeleton when he gets close (In the S side of this room are a gate and gem receptacle, for later).

Back down for the Activation Gem.

Go back through the crawlspace (E side left) to the ladder, go down to the passage below.

Now you have two options:

-1: Long Use the long ladder in the passage N, go down all the way, use the button around right and turn around, climb up the short ladder and go down to the ground floor of the Hall. Into the shortcut passage up in the SE corner, follow up and jump to grab the iron bar, swing to the ledge ahead and jump S to the block in front of the S entrance.

-2: Short Go S to the burners, drop from the ledge at the burners and grab the ladder piece, drop again and land in front of the opening S.

Go in after timing the burner and in the next room you’ll get a flyby of the Hall of Fire.

The Hall of Fire.

Time the burner to jump to the pillar (right) and into the opening W (Or climb the ledge left and jump from there directly to grab the opening). Quickly shoot the Harpy. Then hop down to the left hand pillar, jump to the higher ledge in front and face N, avoid the burner when you climb the ladder. I jumped to the ladder and went all the way right, waited for the burner to disappear and climb up one grab, waiting again, repeat climbing up short bits till you can get into an alcove  (savegame). Push the button and a block lowers in a pool below.

Hang backwards from the ledge and drop down all the way into that pool (Don’t forget to time the burner of course).

Shoot a skeleton, go NW and climb up, grab the crack left and use ALT to get up a higher ledge. Go S and get Revolver ammo from a ledge. Go back and to the N wall, face E and use the swing poles to get E. Jump to the pole when the first burner stops and keep swinging till the second burner stops, only then release Ctrl to jump. Jump up to the ledge NE and use the button there to detonate a mine on a pillar. This opened up a way over the pillars. Jump back down W, use the iron bars to get back to the W side and down to the ground floor.

Go to the W side pillar of the 4 in the middle of the room, grab up to the crack and hang far away from the burner on the middle pillar, use Alt to grab the top of the pillar and pull up in a W side corner. Now time the rotating burner on the middle pillar and jump to the one SE, wait in a far away corner and then jump to the one E. Grab the Activation Gem in the alcove E. Step out again and from the lower part of the ledge a hop down onto a slanted block N, go get some Shotgun ammo in the alcove E.

Go back NW, climb up to the W side ledge again and go to the burner W in the W wall. Time the jump up to the crack and use Alt to get even higher. Use the crack left (S) to shimmy around the corner and use Alt to get even higher. Shimmy right and pull up in the arch. Turn around and jump to the high ledge you see next to a pillar left on the screen and hop back E to the entrance (exit), time the burner and you are back in the Hall of Ledges. A block went up at the entrance, climb it.

Use the Activation Gem.

Turn around use the ladder (S) and on top use SPRINT key to get higher. Go left to the end, turn around and climb ladder (up S) through the crawlspace into the Hall and now through a crawlspace SE and up left in the alcove E you can place the Gem, a block lowers somewhere, but there’s still a cage to be lowered.

Lower the Cage.

Go back through the crawlspace, through the crawlspace E and hang on the ladder, use sprint key to get to the ladder above. Up a bit and to the right into the passage. Turn around and hang from the ledge, shimmy right and pull up. Go to the SE corner and look up W, there’s a bronze ball you have to shoot. Jump to the ledge SW for a Small Medipack. Look up E and shoot the bronze ball there too. You’ll see some iron bars move. Jump back E and get Flares from the alcove NE, then jump up NW. Get the Revolver ammo and walk out to the NW edge.

This is where you saw the iron bars move, take one step from the edge and hop to grab the swing pole. Jump off on a ledge, turn around and take the other one to end up hanging E (hold the forward key down on this jump or you might end up short). Shimmy right passing the burner and pull up, get the Uzi ammo from the pedestal and turn shoot the skeleton, then jump to his ledge (SW). Pick up Shotgun ammo and use the big button to lower that cage. Go back to the burner N, hang from the side of the ledge and shimmy to the burner, drop to the ledge below, turn facing E and hop back, grab the edge of the floor and drop down again. Go back to the ladder E, go down to that opening with the crawlspace.

To the Golden Star.

Go through the crawlspace again, face W on the ledge and take one step back (this costs health). Now stand jump with Ctrl down into the opening W. Carefully avoid burners and mines. Climb up E, and again and jump careful down. Get the Revolver ammo and go N into opening on the left. Use the button and go back to the S and into a new opening. Behind the swinging axe on the right is Uzi ammo. After the burners a Small Medipack behind the swinging axe on the right, the exit is also on the right.

In that passage you’ll get a message (I don’t trust that boulder one bit).

When you look up into the staircase, you’ll see a Ball switch, shoot it, this will trigger the boulder. Hop back and immediately side flip away. Go up the stairs, pick up Shotgun ammo, get in S and now you have to battle 2 demigods. One leaves a Large Medipack and the other Revolver ammo, after each kill you see a block retracting (1 of 4 and 2 of 4). So apparently we need to do two more things. Go to the block over the entrance and climb up the ladder (W side). Go E and to the end S to get Uzi ammo by just reaching through the grate (Ctrl).

In the passage in the E wall is a TIMED lever, the block is on the other side of the room, so roll and run/jump/grab along those electric pillars and jump on the block to use the button. Roll jump off and again to the other side go right and climb the cage (not timed). Then shimmy right around the corner and back flip. Go NW and jump the ledges on the columns, (pick up a Small Medipack on the ledge W) go around the room to the E side, get the Golden Star by just reaching through the fence (3 of 4). Get back down, down the staircase to the lower floor S and to the left is a black obelisk, move it W twice, then one square to the S and all the way over to the symbol tile SW (4 of 4). The wall in the passage S is now gone. Now go into the opening S, use the lever and enter, around the corner right (SW) is a Small Medipack.

From the entrance ledge you can stand jump and grab to the far pillar left with the flames on it, go around to the other side and wait till Lara pulls her feet up, tap the sprint key and grab the ladder above. Back flip and jump SE (Ctrl), hang on the ladder and drop/grab and crawl in. Use the lever and get the Revolver ammo near a fire basket.

Crawl out and use the ladder to get up and make your way back to the entrance (make use of that thin platform on the S wall, jump down NW from it). Go back to the demigod room, a flyby kicks in. Go up the stairs and to the left.

Killing Seth.

Jump over into that opening in the W wall; get the Small Medipack in the passage. Go in, go up the ramp W and turn left, jump to the ledge S and then just left around the corner of the central structure to the ledge there. Look over to the S wall, line up and jump to grab the pole there. Go up, turn around and back flip off. Jump N and over the balustrade to that central structure to get the 1st Power Node from the pedestal NE. This will drain 20% of Seth’s power. On the same level in the SW corner is a Large Medipack.

Now go up the steps in that NE corner, there is another Power Node S wall up. Jump to the flaming pillar and climb up at the corner and jump off W, get the 2nd Power Node (Seth at 60%). If you need another Medipack, drop down from the E side and get a Large Medipack, go NE and follow through, jump back onto the central structure and go up the NE steps again, jump to that burner once more to get to the ledge S where you left off. Slide down W, jump to the walkway SW and follow around right. Grab up and shimmy around 2 of those flaming pillars, at the third one pull up at the corner and use the monkey swing. Drop off at the end and collect the 3rd Power Node (Seth at 40%).

Go forward to that passage with the water, drop down to the steps, go two steps up and face N, grab up into an opening, use the button. A grated pillar comes up, go back to the steps and go up to climb that pillar. Follow the passage and there in the blue light is another 4th Power Node (Seth at 20%). A block goes down in the corridor near the pole. Make your way there, back E over the ledge, down the cage and down the steps NE. Go onto the central structure and drop down from the S side. Jump to the pole again, go up, back flip off and enter S to get to the 5th Power Node (Seth Dead).

The Harcesis Device.

Go further through the passage and down to the ground floor to use the Golden Star. Save…. After the cut scene you can get the Harcesis Device and slide down, at the end jump over the flames (savegame). Grab the Crowbar from the floor and go S where the block lowered.

Go S and back to the Sacred Hall.

Sacred Hall (4).

When you enter the hall look straight ahead, there is that floor lever that needs the crowbar so make your way towards it. Jump to the big block below, drop to the floor and go up the rocks NE, left up the ramp and climb up right at the end.

Use the Crowbar lever and ledges will come down, wait for them. Jump to the W by way of the ledges and enter the passage… You’ll get a last chance to get Secrets before the level ends.