Tomb Raider - The Wolf 3.

Level by Jesse. 

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

There is NO compass.

There are new moves, so do read the readme!

The Health Crystals near the Secrets can save you some medipacksÖ


Lupana City Ruins.

Draw your pistols the minute the game starts and shoot the poison lizard. Pick up a Large and a Small Medipack and run outside to the right (donít use a Medipack yet). At the edge of the building take a running sprint (hop back three times, run/sprint and jump) to the next building. Inside Secret #1, you can top up your health with the Health Crystal and pick up Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo and a Rocket. Jump back over to the building where you started.

Go along the left side to that pink light in the back corner, get the Shotgun ammo there. Back onto the roof and right to the corner where you see a lake below, jump onto the green slope and slide down (not into the water yet).

On the left, near the mud river on the big square is another poison lizard you can shoot. Turn around and go back to the lake.

Hazardous Swims, Lowering the Bell.

Go left around the lake to the far corner and jump the blocks to the Medipack, save and then jump in the water (facing the water). The current sucks you under the huge bell that is hanging there. Once in there a spiked wall is coming towards you. Swim forward (for extra speed, repeatedly tap the ALT key) to the underwater lever. Pull it, roll swim (while tapping ALT) into the opening in the floor (savegame).

Go all the way in the back of the cave and then climb up onto a ledge. Remember this safe place. Pick up the Flares and use the wall lever. A gate opens up, but that is for later as that creates a way to go back. Look up left from the lever and grab that crack there, then hit the left or right arrow key twice and Luke will grab up higher. Go in to get Secret #2, a Large Medipack and a Rocket. Climb back out. Jump back in the water, under this ledge is an underwater lever on the wall, pull it to open a trapdoor for later. Roll and find a Medipack. If you want more pick ups, turn right and swim down the tunnel to the bottom of the room and near the opposite wall you can find Shotgun ammo. In another corner, left over those pointy pillars is Uzi ammo to be found.

Second Hazardous Swim, Spiked Ceilings.

Better get air again and then dive down and swim down the tunnel gain (in the top of those pointy pillars) is the trapdoor you opened. Swim in, and when you get at a wooden gate, save. Use the ALT button to swim fast up and left into an alcove. Two spiked ceilings have to go down, so better first get that small medipack in that alcove and swim all the way up and into an alcove use the underwater lever there (the big bell behind the window lowers). Swim back fast (tapping the ALT key), this is down to the spikes and right into the opening in the wall, follow back up to the lever ledge to get some air.

Get Out!

Now dive down again, as you come to that opening with the trapdoor you just entered, roll and swim in the opposite direction to the green wall, left to find an opening in the wall there. Swim in, follow through and roll turn at the end of the tunnels swim up in the next part. Go through the gate you opened before, swim up and turn and follow through. At the Shotgun ammo, first swim up towards a double iron gate and get some air, then go get that ammo before you pull out of the water. In a corner to the left is Uzi ammo. Find the exit of this cave.

In the opposite building youíll see a wooden gate with a keyhole behind it. Go left to the lake again and dive in, the current is gone. Again swim around for some pick ups (Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo) and in the left corner is an underwater lever on the wall. This will open two wooden underwater gates.

Muddy River, the Skull Key.

Climb out and go between the buildings to the mud river. Go right to where the river goes into a cave and jump onto the block in the river. Stand left and take a running jump to grab the next block in the tunnel. Crawl further and use Ctrl + down cursor, keep holding CTRL to grab the next block. Once there, stand on the lowest tip and jump straight into the mud, keep walking straight forwards and climb out of the mud.

Go to the right and get the Flares from the block. Turn left on the block, climb off backwards and hang, jump straight up (L or R arrow key twice) grab and climb up. Hang left and backflip with roll, steer hard right to land on the ledge. Go to the low corner near the tunnel where you came into this cave (screenshot). Youíll see the banks of the mud river and some green grass behind it. Thatís where you need to jump to.

So hop back three times and sprint + jump to land there. Go left around the corner and the first opening left is a nasty poison lizard. Get the Uzi ammo from that small room. Go out and left again, go all the way to the end and shoot another lizard. In the small room get the Shotgun ammo. Donít take a medipack yet as thereís a health crystal near by. Go straight out this room into the corner left way in the back, jump up and grab the slanted block to get in. Down there is Secret #3, Green Health Crystal, a Rocket, a small medipack and Uzi ammo.

Go out and go back to the passage where you shot the first lizard and right into second opening. There are some push blocks on the floor and one in the wall (right) and an opening way up (left)Push both the blocks in front of the push block in the wall, jump up and pull out the wall push block. Leave this room and go left and left and where the wall push block was you can jump into the wall so to push that block once more. Climb them and jump to the opening in the wall.

(You can skip all that pushing by just pushing one block out of the room into the passage and climb up to the wall it ends up against, turn right and jump over the walls to the far right hand corner to get the Shotgun ammo, turn back over the walls and jump left onto a push block standing on the corner of the structure).

Pull the block away to get a small medipack. Push the block back, then climb the block and look up, you can see a Zip-line. Jump from the block to the higher structure with all the blocks inside and turn around. Take a running jump onto the rock ledge with the Zip-line. Take the Zip-line down and jump to the lower ground. Go to a push block in the opposite wall and climb over to push it out. Climb back over the block but donít jump down, turn around and hang from the edge. Luke must have his legs against the block like he is climbing a ladder. Tap twice the left or right cursor and Luke grabs hold of a ladder. Climb up and save.

Blades, Spikes, Boulders.

Keep along the left hand side and take a running jump to the knife. Youíll stand on the safe corner of that ledge. From there a running jump with a right hand curve into the corridor and start running, using sprint to outrun the boulder. Youíll run into a lower room, quickly side flip left and roll when it is safe, Save. Donít dilly dally run to the lever, use it, roll and run out the gate to the right. Into an alcove on the left (savegame), when the spiked wall is passed, run to the wall and grab the Skull Key, immediately run to the other side as the wall is moving again. The gate there is open, so escape.

Get the Flares and pull the block once, go around it and jump up. Climb the slanted block next to the hole and look for the Small Medipack on a ledge, jump and grab over there to get it. Drop down and shoot the lizard. Head out of the cave, walk right to the mud river, jump over it and get to the right of the building and get Shotgun ammo in the end.

Open the Gate to the Lock.

Go back and circle the building going right to where you can enter the building on the right. Climb the green pillar in front of the entrance and jump to the broken wall over the entrance. Youíll see an opening in the building opposite. Jump there, Save here standing left and then slide down, jump up to grab the monkey swing, swing to the end, turn left. Let go and jump with a right hand curve to the ledge in the mud. Pick up the Uzi ammo. Jump to the ledge against the wall, turn and grab the block there. When Luke has his legs on the ladder, tap twice with the left or right cursor and grab onto the monkey swing. Turn around ("end key") and go forward a bit to the lower end of the ceiling and then left to the outer edge. Face the room, then tap twice with the left or right cursor and Luke will turn and grab a crack above. Crawl in and go right to the end onto a protruding ledge. When Luke is standing grab the monkey swing and go forwards, to the left and then right and let go when you reach the wall.

Take a running jump plus grab to the white ledge. Jump up and grab the crack, tap twice the left/right cursor and hoist up. Go into the small building and use the lever there. The wooden gate to the lock opens. Get out and just go to the right, look down over the edge and find the best way to get down to the ground floor (use the entrance ledge).

For the Boat.

Walk to the mud river and shoot the enemies. Jump over and enter the gate on the right. Pick up the Uzis and use the Skull Key. Two more enemies appear and after they are dead, jump the mud stream again. Go back into the building on the right and go straight to the back wall and to the right is some Shotgun ammo. There is water too in that corner, so jump in the water. Swim through and at the wooden double gates go left, follow through, then to the left, down and up, then turn around and spot that button. Get out and use it, the boat falls down.

Get in the boat, and go through the gates turn left and go over the mud river to the other side, into a muddy lake. Once there go right and when you are along the edge, get out (End + L or R) and grab the Shotgun ammo and a bit further behind the building some Uzi ammo. Back to the boat, now go to opposite wall and jump over one of the slanted parts into a lake below. Leave the boat near the wooden gate and jump out. Down in the lake are Harpoons and in the wall above water is a small crawlspace.

The Harpoon Gun.

Climb into the crawlspace, better Save before you jump in the water there. Swim down turn around and go to the right, swim into a small crawlspace. Keep left and behind that brown pointy rock go left and down and get that small medipack. Then go back (go back for air first if you like) and swim left to an underwater building, grabbing some Harpoons on the bottom and through the Blades trap. There are two pick ups with Harpoons ( left of the green pillar and far right in a corner). And most important the Harpoon gun, that is on the bottom inside that green metal pillar.

The First Gate.

After getting that gun, turn around and shoot out that grate. Swim through to the second cave and see some more Harpoons to be picked up near that wooden gate. Go back to where you entered this room and climb onto the ledge. Go to the wall that is covered with vines and climb up. Almost at the top, tap twice the left/right cursor and use the monkey climb to get in a crawlspace a bit further in that same wall. Crawl forward and keep holding Ctrl while tapping the down cursor. Luke will jump, quickly pull up to avoid a boulder. Jump down and go right and climb the block with the wall torch. Use the monkey swing to get to the other side. Use the button and see that you opened a gate to let your boat through. Be careful as there are two nasty crocks swimming around now.

The Second Gate.

Back in the water swim through the gate, get the boat and park it behind that metal structure near, what looks like a ladder with a crawlspace on top. Use the roll plus left/right cursor key and CTRL to grab the ladder (might take a few tries though (screenshot). Get in and get a small medipack. Go back out you can leave the boat for a bit and swim to the second cave again through the grate you shot. Looking straight ahead you see an opening on the right hand side. If you swim in and through, youíll meet another crock. For now climb up the ledge behind you again and use the wall to get to the monkey swing ceiling.

Swing all the way near to that opening in the water (opposite the wooden gates) and get to that crawlspace. Turn and go out backwards into the third cave. Hang on the ledge an tap twice with left/right cursor and when Luke grabs the wall above the crawlspace, tap again to get to the monkey swing. Swing left and around the corner to the right and then go to the wall and grab the vines. Climb left till the end, climb down a bit and back flip/roll grab the ledge behind you. Use the lever there and see that you opened the second gate for the boat. First try and shoot the croc in this cave, look for an underwater grating and with luck the croc swims in front of the grating so it will break while shooting the croc. If not, dive in and use the Harpoon gun, go in and get the Uzi ammo and a Small Medipack.

A Secret: Swim back and left into that small tunnel left of the steel gratings, go to that ledge in the second cave again, Use the monkeyclimb to get to the wooden surface near the far crawlspace you used just before. This time turn left and go to the end. Tap left twice and Luke grabs the ladder, tap twice again and get to the higher monkey swing. Turn around and follow through the open gate and left into an alcove for Secret #4, a Rocket and a Health Crystal.

Go get the boat. Drive through and use the ramp to get to the third cave. Drive to the end and park the boat next to the right hand low pillar and jump on it (screenshot). Take a running jump to the next pillar, the gate will close once you enter.

Boulder Puzzle.

Look left and take three hops back from the ledge to sprint jump over the spikes. Walk slowly back through the spikes and into a crawlspace on the left. Go left and stand up, jump forwards up onto the slanted block, back flip and jump again to grab the ledge, pull up and turn around, pull up for a small medipack in then crevice.
Go out backwards, hang and tap twice with the left/right cursor and hoist up. Walk towards the trapdoor and save in front of the button. Push and youíll fall down, sprint down and make a U-turn right, sprint again and jump over the spikes again, grab the vines on the wall. Quickly go up the vines before the boulder hits you (tap left or right twice). Climb up and almost at the top, tap twice again to get to the monkey swing and get in the open gate.

Another way to do it: Hold back flip while Luke uses the button, wait till the boulder went away and follow behind it, the other boulder will also roll so be careful. Go down the passage and do another sprint jump to grab the wall covered with vines on the back. Climb up and almost at the top, tap twice again to get to the monkey swing and get in the open gate. (savegame)


Jump/hop over the knife and grab the Zip-line. Slide down and push the pillar away by doing so. Swim to where the pillar was and climb in. Get into the water and swim/walk to the waterfall and get all the way to the bottom. Swim to that underwater lever in the back but first get air and pull up in the corner there. Jump over the wall and get Secret #5, a Green Crystal, a Rocket, Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo.

Use the underwater lever on the wall to swim out. Now go to the other underwater lever and save, as it is timed. Pull, roll and swim, keep tapping the ALT key for a sprint swim to get inside the gate (savegame).
Swim further and when you come to a wide corridor, either swim down into an opening in the bottom or to the ceiling. A space ship flashes by. Go to where to space ship went and climb up into the ship. Use the button and you are travelling through space.


Choose from the globe the place that says: Select me.

The Strabo Starship.

Lara starts with only her pistols, I also didnít have many medipacks left, so the saves also have few medipacks, look where the Health Crystals are and try to get there before taking a medipack

The Low Level Security Pass.

Use the button and go outside. Turn around and drop down, in front of you is a button, donít use that but turn right and go to the other button under the second spaceship. Push it and the door to the ship above opens up. Go to the other side of the room and onto the ledge with the Flares. Hang from the side and tap twice to grab up to the walkway above. Stand back to the window and sprint/jump over to the spaceship.

Climb up to the roof to get Uzi ammo from the top. Jump to the other spaceship and into the open door at the front, get the Uzis, shoot the guard and get the Low Level Security Pass. Then go for the Rocket Launcher. Go out and climb onto the top of the roof. Turn around, take 3 hops backwards and sprint/jump to the ledge ahead to use the switch there. This disables the deadly laser in front of the card reader on the wall (look right). First take out the 2 guards below and get down to the floor.

The Storage, Crate push.

Go to the card reader near the ledge where the Flares were and open the door. Get in and get the Flares around to the left on some crates.

Donít step on the slanted (flashing) sides of the room, deadly!! There is a small medipack on some white containers in the left side of the room. In the other side of the room are three push able crates and one is a bit further. Push two crates next to the double stack, you can then push/pull the top crate away so can use the switch behind it.

Two guards appear and one leaves Shotgun ammo. Climb the push able blocks and jump to the double stack of containers against the back wall. From there turn left and jump to the grey pillar in front of a grate. Shoot that one and the next. Jump over there and stop before that second grate, turn left and jump/grab up to the ledge with the switch. Use the switch, jump down to that second grate again. Time the jump while you avoid the swinging crane to get on some brown crates against the wall. Turn left and hop on the next, drop backwards and tap twice left/right cursor to get into the room above the trapdoor.

Timed Jump.

You have to get into the part of the room behind the lasers. On the grey block is a Timed button. Save in front of the button, pull and hop back turning right. Hop forward onto the grey block, run with a left curve and jump onto the trapdoors. Turn left and hop back, immediately start sprint and jump over the lasers with time to spare (Savegame Ė Video).

Go to the back of the room, jump on the high crate at the back wall. The crate has to go under the button, when the flames are down hop backwards from the crate, grabbing the edge and immediately push the crate so it ends up under the button. Luke wonít catch fire while pushing or standing against the crate. Push the button and the gate left of you opens up. On the other side of this ledge is a hole up in the ceiling we get to later, for a Secret. Get back down and enter the open gate. In the room with the tables, go left and in the next room to the right are Flares, on the opposite wall are three buttons. The first on the left has a guard and he leaves the Shotgun, wait for him outside so he wonít shoot at you while you kill himÖ

The middle door has a crawlspace with a small medipack and the third door has Uzi ammo. Remember this room, the door at the other end is timed and we go in there in a bit during a Timed Quad ride.

The Engine Room Access and the Quad Ride.

Go back to the room with the tables and climb onto the one near the open gate to get onto the pillar next to it. Grab the Uzi ammo and use the monkey climb to get into the crawlspace for an Engine Room Access (Blue Fuse).

Open the Garage.

Go into the glass room (near the open gate) and right around the corner is a Small Medipack. Use the Blue fuse to open the doors, enter and go through the crawlspace on the right. Crawl backwards and use the ladder to get down. You can see a switch straight ahead. Go over the blocks and on the left you can pick up the Uzi ammo. Now pull both blocks into the room with the switch.

Grab the Large Medipack in the opening between the rooms and pull the block in the other room till it stands under the monkey bars in the opening between rooms. Look for a button where you got the last block and push it to raise a platform under the switch in the other room. Climb the block in the opening between the rooms and grab the monkey climb and when you canít go any further, tap twice left/right cursor and climb ladder. Almost at the top, tap twice again and go further with the monkey swing to the switch and use it. The doors to the Quad open (is upstairs). Jump back on the block in the opening between the rooms, shoot a guard and use the monkey swing the other way (tap twice) and climb up the ladder and get back to the crawlspace.

Time for a Tough Secret.

If you want another Secret, you better make some preparations first, tap twice to grab the ladder above the crawlspace and go up to the roof. Shoot the guard and get the Uzi ammo he drops. Look behind the roof for some Shotgun ammo and find the door in the right hand back corner (from the ladder). Thatís the door to the Secret, go back down the ladder and into the crawlspace.

(You could take the Quad with you, if you think you will be faster with itÖ) Go through the glass room, and go left in the room with the tables. Go through the gate and onto the block with the burners, pull the crate back and push it to the other end of the grey block, hang from the side and tap left/right twice to grab up into the opening above. Push the button there to open the Timed door to the Secret. Get down hanging on the crate, pull up and runjump over the burner into the open gate. Take a right and sprint through the glass room to the crawlspace, get through, hang on the ladder and wait till Luke gets his feet up, use double taps to get onto the roof fastÖ (when Luke has his feet on the ladder he will jump higher) Sprint a bit to the right and around the door into the Secret Chamber to get Secret #6, a Rocket, Shotgun ammo and a Large Medipack, the Health Crystal also came in handyÖ

Timed Quad Ride.

Go to the garage to get the Quad. The next bit is a timed run with the bike so save at the button after you placed the Quad in a good position (screenshot), get on the bike and race out, to the right, through the glass room all the way straight to the end and then left through the Timed door into the double doors (Savegame). Get off the Quad and use the button, then first jump over to that dark rock ledge outside, turn right and sprint/jump from the end to the big rock. Climb down the hole to get Secret #6, Shotgun ammo and a Rocket, then fill up your health on the Green Crystal. Turn around and walk up against the wall, stand left and grab up to a crack, tap twice to get up and back flip onto a raised ledge. Turn around standing on the highest tip (you cannot climb the higher block) and hop back to jump from this corner and grab the rock ledge again.

Quad Jumps.

Jump back inside to get the Quad. Stand on the side of the button and back up, then jump out with a left curve and either keep on going or back up to jump to the next ledge. Hit the brakes and get off the Quad. Look for a ledge with a Large Medipack and sprint/jump over there to get it. You can just jump and grab back from the tip of this ledge. Have a look where to go next and get the Quad. Jump to the long ledge and jump a bit left from the end of that one, curve right and jump to the top of a slanted block, onwards onto a wider ledge and once more down to a lower ledge hitting the brakes on landing (Savegame). Leave the Quad here.

Timed Swim, the Remote Control.

Shoot the grate and lower yourself into the water. Swim left to the pillar with the switch, go left around the pillar and get the Shotgun ammo. Now swim to the other side of the room, to a thin ledge right of the pillar, climb the ladder and tap twice left/right cursor to hang on the monkey swing. Turn around and go to the other side. Use the button to raise a platform in the water under the switch. Swim to the platform and look for a block in the middle of the pool, behind it is a small medipack, get that the guard will shoot at you. Then get back and climb on the platform. Better try to shoot the guard now and then save at the switch. Hold back flip with roll while Luke uses the switch and swim (while tapping the ALT key) as hard as you can to the thin ledge as the water turns deadly soon- Savegame (also possible without the sprint swim and easier I think).

Climb the ladder, go through the crawlspace and use "CTRL + arrow down" and hold CTRL to end up on a wooden crate. Jump to the dead soldier and pick up the Remote Crane Control. Jump back to the crate and then to the block with a black top with some writing on it in the middle of the pool. Go and stand in the small red square and use the Remote Crane Control. The crane drops a crate.

Go back to the wooden crate and then to the ledge with the dead guard. Get onto the ladder and from there to the monkey swing (double tap with left/right cursor). Swing to the other ledge and from there you can do a running jump and grab to the fallen crate. Walk to the edge and wait till the moving crane is moving away, jump up with grab and crawl in. Go out backwards and shimmy right, double tap (you know the drill now) to the monkey swing and go over to the other end. Get the Uzi ammo and then turn around and climb up the ladder in the opening in the ceiling. Luke wonít climb at first, double tap and climb up. Save here.

The Rocket Room.

Right above you are two guards and they have important pick ups. Slide down and go to the far away corner on the right to get Shotgun ammo. Go stand somewhere between those pillars and kill the guards before they even open fire on you. Go move two crates (near the rocket) next to the higher stack (screenshot) and pull the first crate onto the lower crates. Get the Shotgun ammo that was under the crate. Pull the other crate onto the with container where the ammo was, because you need the crate that is under it. Go down to the ground and now you can pull/push that last crate all the way to the opposite wall and get on the wall. Turn right and sprint/jump into the hole in the top of the ramp in the corner. Push the button in there to raise some small rockets in the other side of the room.

The High Level Security Pass.

Go up the wide ramp near the rocket (in the corner where the 2 crates were). If you want the next Secret, you have to out clever a guard. Look for a crawlspace in the wall to the right, on that red floor. Go to that red floor and shoot the guard with the rocket launcher before he gets time to close the Secret door. Go through the crawlspace and left. Leave the Secret for a moment (unless you need health now), first go into the first door left and into the Laser room (with a gun torrent). The door will close behind you and lasers fill the room. One or two guards might show up, shoot them quick and donít touch the lasers as they will set off the gun.

Jump over the lasers to the Small Medipack and then to the button. Push the button to turn off the lasers here. Go get the Uzi ammo left by the guard and go into the back of the room. Use the switch to turn off the laser in front of a crawlspace in the red corridor. Now go out of the room and left, to the Secret room and get Secret #7, a Rocket, a Small Medipack and Uzi ammo and fill up your Health too.

Back to the red corridor and to the crawlspace at the end. Jump out of the crawlspace (Ctrl and down cursor), hold Ctrl and grab the pillar. Grab up to the monkey bars and go straight to the next pillar, time the laser to get onto that pillar. Duck and crawl to the right hand corner, you have to stand up and jump onto the slanted pillar next to you, slide and jump to grab the ledge where the dead guard is, go get his High Level Security Pass. Watch out as this room is guarded with almost invisible lasers so do not jump to the other guard. Drop down onto the ramp below and go over to the opposite wall near the big ramp.

Take the Quad up to the Manual Rocket Override.

Open the door with the Card and get the Quad. Go up the big ramp to the upper floor, can be a bit tricky to get over the last part, best go up left and turn right a bit so you go over the steep part sideways. Turn towards the room and line up for that grey slanted pillar, back up and drive over that pillar, jump to the next and onwards to the ledge where the other dead guard is (savegame). Go get the Manual Rocket Override (Yellow Fuse) from the guard. You can leave the Quad here.

Launch Time.

Drop down and slide down into the room. Go to the corridor next to the rocket and insert the Manual Rocket Override (Yellow fuse). Turn left and sprint to the open door, roll just before the pit and jump backwards holding Ctrl, hang on the ledge till all the fire from the rocket blast is gone, the rocket created a hole in the ceiling. Hoist up, back up the ramp and go right to where you jumped with the quad. Now jump to the right hand pillar, use the monkey climb and at the end turn right, tap twice left/right cursor and hoist up.

The Big Alien, the Code Clearance Disk.

Turn right and into the door that just opened left, the lower parts of the floor are deadly.

Do not approach that big chair yet, but pick up the Uzi ammo on the left and right. Now save and approach that chair, Best shoot him with the Uzis while side jumping left and right. He will eventually explode (Savegame). Go pick up the Code Clearance Disk where the chair was and two guards appear. Shoot those too and head two more guards appear. Out of the room and to the right is the Main frame where you can place the Disk.

Passage of Fire.

Go into the passage and the first door to the right has a dead Lara on a table. We need something here. Proceed through the passage and go right into the next room. In the back corner is Uzi ammo, then pull the white crate away and shoot the guard that will drop a Rocket. Go to the grey block with the ladder and jump up to grab the ladder above that block, tap twice and go climb up. Shoot the guard up there and use the switch to open a gate in the passage below. Get back down, out of the room right and save at the open gate.

The Portal Generator.

The gate will shut behind you, carefully go follow the passage through the burners and pick up some Shotgun ammo. I didnít even attempt to go further, from this point I could shoot that Fire thrower with the Rocket Launcher. He explodes (Savegame). Go to that room and push the button, get the Portal Generator from the corner and head back through the passage to the room with the dead Croft and stand on the black tile, use the Portal Generator and the level ends.