The Croft Curse.

Levels by God Horus (Jesse Calay)

Walkthrough by D&G Prod.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

1. Don't save while placing a key. If you reload this save, you are doomed.

1- Prologue, Aegean Sea, 1994.

No Compass in this game!!!

The game starts with an entry in the diary, hit Esc. to start and when you have control over Lara, swim forward and down into the hole in the bottom. Swim straight through the wide tunnel and get out for air.

Lara: Oh no! I told Anaya to stay near me, but she just had to swim away! She got into the tomb, but I need to find a way in.

The Can of Gasoline.

In the backpack you have a Harpoon Gun and a Diving weight. You could use the harpoon gun on the sharks, but I thought it better to just try and avoid them.

First we have to go back a bit to get something. Swim back up to the sea through the hole you came down from, turn right and swim along the base of that low wall to find the Can of Gasoline.

Open the way into the Tomb.

Quickly get back into the hole and swim left to the passage to climb out. Go up the ladder into the crawl space; follow through into a pool with a dead shark. Facing the shark youíll find an underwater lever on the right hand wall, pull that to drain the room. Go into the next Lava room and jump to the block, then to the one on the left and stand jump to the corner of the next block. Now down to the ledge with the lions head and jump up to shoot that gem in its mouth to open a gate back at the sea (the one where Anya was waiting). Jump and grab to the last block to get Secret #1,  a Small and a Large Medipack. Jump back to the exit and go up the ladder, back to the shark filled waters.

To the Elements Puzzle.

Swim back through the wide tunnel and pass that hole in the ceiling, go left into a small tunnel where a gate opened. Climb out in a room with a Burning Bowl. Go down into the next room where youíll find a push able cage, you can leave it for the moment and head straight into the room with the Elements Puzzle, where Anaya is waiting.

Anaya: Gosh Lara, what took you so long? I have figured out how to solve the next puzzle, it looks like it involves the elements. I hurt my ankle so I will stay here.

Lara: Alright, Iíll figure out what to do.

Donít use any of the Element items yet, because when you save and reload in between, you could lose that item.

The Water skin.

First go back to the room with the cage and left into a room with blocks, climb them and hop into the passage in the wall, dodge the skeletons to get the Water skin in the back. Go back to the room with the cage and fill that Water skin.

A Torch.

Now pull/push that cage under an opening in the opposite wall (near the ladder), climb in to get a Dry Bone (Torch), go back down, into the opposite room with the Burning Bowl and ignite the Torch. Now we have all the stuff for the Puzzle, pour the Diving Weight in the right hand bowl, the water in the left hand one and the Gasoline in the middle, get the Torch and ignite the Gasoline.

The Little Wheel, the Shapeshift Box.

Lara: Anaya, stay back! Iíll go down there and get the artefact

Be careful when you approach that opened gate, thereís a big head with deadly eyes and he will kill you soon. Just dive in, swim to the right and find an opening in that wall, just above the water line. Get in and shoot the shark. Just under that opening is an underwater lever and on the bottom in front of the lever lies the Little Wheel. Get that and the lever doesnít seem to do anything, so just follow that passage and drop down into the next room, donít fall into the spikes but pull up into the passage on the other side. Use the Little Wheel on the right hand wall to get the Big Wheel turning and go back to where that spikes are, the lower room is now flooded. Dive in carefully and swim into the short passage where a functional underwater lever will lower the golden cage. Go back up and to the room with the head to get the Shapeshift Box (called Load). The level will change.

2- The Pool house and Greenhouse.

Lara: Welcome to my home, Iím sorry, we donít have time for a tour!

An entry in the diary will tell you what to do in this short level. Nothing to be found in the greenhouse, so open the door to the Pool room and pull the statue standing left of the door to the door and climb up, jump to the higher statue and then to the pole. Swing and hit Alt to jump to the balcony (you can also push the high statue to the balcony and just grab up through the balustrade). In front of the chair lies the Gym Key, once you pick it up the level changes and you are in the mansion.

3- The Croft Estate.

Have a look at your inventory; some new things are added.

A Box of Books.

Read the diary and hit Esc. to start. Turn left, go up the stairs and take a right, into the door there and open the next door to the Library. More ways to do this room, but this is how I did it. Climb the bookcase left of the table with the Amulet (to the right as you come in). Back flip with roll and grab the chandelier. Turn a bit right and look up. You can see a hook in the ceiling of the room; in the inventory you now have a Grapple gun and Laser sight. Aim at the hook and shoot, a rope will appear. Use that rope to get to the balcony of the first floor. Go to that wooden crate and push it down to the floor below so it will break. Go down the ladder and pick up a Box of Books.

A Security Fuse, some Dough.

Leave the room, out to the hall and go left, go downstairs and then take a right. In that corner of the hall you can go through to a small dining room, on a small table is a Security Fuse. Head into the kitchen to the right and find some Dough on a small table next to the fridge. Go back out to the Hall and take a left, pass the stairs to the door, which will open, for you. Youíll get to a courtyard

Lara: Itís so beautiful outside.

The Tray.

Go straight to the door and open it with the Gym Key. First go to the back and look up to spot a hook in the ceiling, use the Grapple gun to get a rope out (you may have to walk back or fro a bit to stand on the right place). Climb the wooden block, jump to a ledge near the entrance and get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Flares. Back to the block and over the ledges to the rope, swing to the pillar with the waterfall and jump along the platforms to the ledge at the entrance; use the monkey climb to get to the opening leading to a terrace. Go right and open the small door, on the floor of the storeroom and hard to see is the Tray you need. You can combine it with the Dough. Nothing else in this room, so get back to the Gym and back inside to the Hall of the Estate.

Straight to the kitchen again and place the Tray with the Dough into the oven. A door opens up across the Hall. Go out and straight through the Hall to that open door. To the right is an empty book case, use the Box of Books to fill it and a door opens in the other side of the room. Go in, down the ladder to the room below.

Lara: This is my security system, itís one of the most advanced systems in the world. There is a reason you cannot see my reflection on the floor.

The Bedroom Key.

Place the Security Fuse and fall through the floor, turn around and light a flare to find the Bedroom Key. Climb back up and up the ladder to get to the Hall. Go right to the stairs and left up to the landing where we havent been yet. Open the door and go into the corridor, open the bedroom and inside are Uzi ammo, Flares, a Small and a Large Medipack. Go to the bed and the level changesÖ


4- Jadeís House.

Key Card, Screwdriver.

Slide down into a pool (remember which one), quickly get out before the Sea Hag gets you. First shoot a Dog, then the Hag and dive into the pool again to get the Key Card from one of the corners. Find your way up to the landing of the house and at the far end are double doors you can open up. Inside turn around and go up the ladder to find a Screwdriver (Crowbar). Go back over the landing to the other end and to the small door right, you can pry it open with the Screwdriver.

Jadeís Notepad.

Jump over the Lasers to the far right hand corner (or duck close to them and roll through by using the Ďsprintí key) and use the Keycard there. Go through the opened door and straight through to the hallway

Lara: I need to stay quiet and stealthy- you never know what might be around the corner! (doesnít mean they cannot harm you when you stay quiet).

Go left and right into a passage with a Code pad. Pick up the Large Medipack and go back out, under the stairs is another Large Medipack. Go upstairs and a flyby shows some guys with flamethrowers. First open the doors to the right and go into the bathroom to find the Shotgun and 2x ammo. The diary is updated, read it and arm yourself with the Shotgun and wide ammo, check the health, save and open the doors to the room with the 2 guys (you will probably get torched even before the doors are open). Just run in shooting and after a while your flames should go out (I even jumped with a roll over the guys and a few times, just keep an eye on the health and take a medipack when needed) (savegame.0). Go pick up Jadeís Notepad next to the bed and also some Uzi ammo near the door.

After examining the Notepad you can go back downstairs and left into the passage with the Code pad. The Notepad holds the code for that lock, 3812.

Go in, shoot the Lara clone and throw the lever to open the doors. Go down the tunnel.

Lara: Jade sure was obsessed- she built something beneath her house which includes almost every journey I have ever been on!

A laser opens the door for you, in the next room, dive straight into the pool and swim down straight and up into a room with mirrors. Place the 3 mirrors under the light beams and a block will go up in the room with the pool. Go back there and climb up onto the block, grab up into the opening in the wall before the mummy gets there. Grab a Large Medipack and save before entering the next room.

Spikes and a Torch.

A Spike ceiling goes up and down in that room; there are a couple of safe spots between the spikes, look up to spot those. First go to the right of the entrance (safe spot) and run to operate the lever when the spikes go up. Quickly hop back to safety and look for the safe spot in the opposite corner of the room, close to the second lever. Throw that lever too and run to the opened door. Look back to spot the Torches in the room with the spikes; run in/roll and pick one up. Run back to the room with the flame and ignite the Torch there.

Now ignite the 4 floor tiles in the corner of this room and the next door opens up. Leave the Torch and jump over the hole in the track, go down in the next room and run jump from the higher floor onto the floor ahead, the airflow will help you.

Lara: This gas makes me feel as though I weigh nothing!

Deadly Tiles, a Shapeshift Box.

Jump down and climb up and be careful in the next room, stepping on the red stripes of the tiles (or too close to it) will kill you. I did a run jump from the stone floor to the tile with the Shapeshift Box.

Lara: The artifact! Time to leave!

Then donít turn, but just side jump left to get a Large Medipack, maybe take a side step left before you side flip back and side flip to the right again to go to a small medipack on the other side. From there you can jump ahead into the corner of the room near the exit and then side flip left into the exit. Climb up that passage and hop down onto that ramp in the next room.

A Snowmobile, a Torch and a lever.

Shoot a Bear and a Snake; then head to that snowmobile in the next room. Drive it through the tunnel into the cave and hit that grey opposite wall to break it.

(IMPORTANT: please save game just in case and do NOT park the snowmobile on the wood!!)

Leave the bike outside and run in, just behind that column is a Torch. Take it out before the skeletons become nasty and ignite it on the campfire. Now throw the Torch on the wooden floor and drive the snowmobile down that opening after the floor broke away.

You will fall even deeper. Leave the snowmobile there and use the lever to open a door up where the Bear was. Go back up and from the ramp where the bear was you can get up to the opened door. Save and slide down along the right or left side, jump right or left from the slide to escape the boulder. Pick up Flares and a Yellow Falcon Key before hitting the water. Swim through the tunnel to the room with the Senet Puzzle.

(hint: could Jade hide something under the Senet pieces?)

The Falcon Keys.

No need to complete the whole puzzle for the remaining 2 Falcon Keys, pick up the Pink Falcon Key from the puzzle field, go up the ladder on the pillar to the floor above and start the game by turning the sticks. Just move the Green piece and the Blue Falcon Key is revealed.

But if you want the Secret, youíll have to go on till either one of the players wins. Then all the pieces are removed from the field and Secret #3, a Big Medipack becomes available where the second piece of the opponent was (that one never moved in my gameÖ).

In this save (savegame.1) I already used the Falcon Keys around the room, Yellow behind the opponents pieces, Blue on the pillar with the ladder (next to the trapdoor) and Pink on the floor above. You only need to go get the Secret.

Before you go down that trapdoor near that grey pillar; itís a deep drop, you canít take a Medipack and no need to either, just drop down and watch the end of this level.

Mercenary: I canít tell which one is Master Jade!

Jade: Idiot! How can you not recognize me! She is Lara! Kill her!


5- Tibet.

Proceed down and around the corner, shoot a leopard and go up an icy ladder at the end to a cave above. Follow the valley, go inside the next cave and come to a tight rope over a freezing pool. Walk the rope and come to the cave with the frozen lake. Pull a golden block out of the wall and move to the frozen waterfall left of it. Grab the edge and shimmy all the way left. Pull up and back flip to a ledge, jump to the next and follow through to a shaft. Grab the ladder and go up to a Lava room with Blades.

Blade Runner.

Run jump to the left side of the first Blade ledge. This way you can walk/run after the turning Blade and jump to the next ledge, go clockwise after the Blade and jump over to a safe spot between those spikes at the far wall. On the wall is a lever, pull that to start a burner in the frozen lake. Stand jump back to the ledge, run along the left side again and jump over to the exit with a grab, down the ladder and down the rock ledge to the pit where the icy lake used to be.

Go to the side where the Golden block was and hang from the edge of the pit near that tree. In the lake below you can see an underwater lever. Drop to land in front of the lever and pull it quickly (opens a gate up and behind you), get out fast, as the water is soon deadly. Shoot the leopards and climb the ladder on the side of the ice wall (near the underwater lever). Follow the ledge, jump to the one with the lizard symbol and go on over the ledges to the opened gate to a room with a teleporter.

Teleporter Puzzle.

Shoot the Yeti, go climb a block to the right of where you came in and follow the ledges to the opening in the other wall. Swim to the first ice shoal and climb out, jump over the rest to get to the lever in the back and jump back. Get back in the exit and down to the room with the teleporter. Climb up to the newly available teleporter over the entrance and see a statue go up. Push that statue onto the other tile and another gate opens up back in the big cave. Get out, drop to the ground and go back up the ladder on the other side of the cave, this time turn around and jump to the ledge in front of the newly opened gate.

Deadly Ice Floor.

Do a run jump along the left side of that slanted block to land on a safe ledge (if you look up at the ceiling you can see a skeleton on the other ledge, so NOT safe). From there jump to the far one on the right (the ones in front have a swinging hammer, so NOT safe). Then jump to the safe one (right) at the far wall and throw the hidden lever. A door opens back in the cave. Jump back over the safe ledges and you can jump onto that slanted block at the exit, slide/jump and Ctrl to get into the opening. Drop down into the cave and go to the opposite corner where the door opened (ground floor). Go in and shoot the little imps. Go into the opening to the right and jump to that platform, get the 2x Shotgun ammo after the flyby. Jump to the entrance of the building, shoot some imps and jump back when the monster comes so you can shoot him from safety.

The Knife, the Hover Plate Shield Key.

Jump over again and go to the cage with the Yeti and left, pick up Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack, go into the passage there and pull the skeleton away from the Knife. Go back to the cage, open one of the gates in the middle (NOT in a corner) and shoot the Yeti. Now you can grab the Hover Plate Shield Key he was protecting (on the floor). Go back through the corridor where the imps were and use the key to the right on the wall. Jump back to the platform and into the tunnel you came from. Step on the board and turn it around to the entrance of this cave, this way you can pick up some speed for a jump over the ramp. Go up over that cracked part and hit the brakes as soon as you land on a rock ledge.

Leave the board here and enter the building, go left to a room with lava and a Blade, go into the building and left to a Lava room. From up in the entrance you can run and jump to grab the pillar with the Blades (time the right moment). Go down to the lava and right around the corner, back flip to a ledge. Jump to the corner ledge and throw the lever to open a door for later. Jump back to the last ledge and do a diagonal run over the ledge to jump and grab the pillar again. Go around right or left to back flip to the entrance ledge.  

In that Lava room is also a Secret, in the far left back. Thereís been some discussion about this Secret, but you can only trigger the Secret sound and therefore the Secret counter when you ride of the square with the Secret using the Hover board, so not by jumping there in a fancy way

So, if you want the next Secret the intended way, take the Hover board inside to the lava room. Go slowly and with a bit of a left curve down onto the ledge below and along the left wall to the left hand corner of the room where the flyby showed you Secret #4, the Uzis. (it hovers, so no contact with the lava, unless you go over a bump- Thanks for sharing this solution Tom).

Climb up and go to the crossing, left to the door you opened.

Lara: Yes! The map is right there!

Jump to the block in the water and get the Map to Venice, go through the opened door and the level ends.


6- Venice.

Swim straight ahead and climb out on the jetty, throw the lever to open the door, go down to a storage room. Shoot the fuse box there and pry out the Electric Cables with the knife. Go out the opposite opening and left, down the ladder and find a Harp left of the ladder. Put the Harp on the wooden platform next to the table. Close to the platform are 2 bookcases; one of them has a book sticking out. Pull the book, the platform goes up and some haunted books will attack you, shoot them. Climb back up the ladder and move the Harp onto the white tile near the ladder. Jump over to the other side of the room and move that cross onto another white tile there. A flyby shows a door opening up near the canal.

Lara: Venice, so beautiful! I havenít been here in so many years.

Go back through the storage room to the canal and left is the open door. Jump in and shoot the enemies. Pick up the Key from the table to open the door in that room. Place the Electric Cables and step out to the next canal.

Go to that ledge to the right and climb up. Then jump onto that speedboat and turn around to jump and grab the small roof. Jump over the roofs to the wall with the fence and run left to the other end. From there a jump and grab to that balcony, pull up through the balustrade, open the double doors there and enter the room.

Lara: Huh- Jade was here? Well, she canít just leave me alone, can she?

The Mansion Key.

Shoot the Zombie and throw the switch on the wall to open a door at the canal below, go back out and thereís no need to walk the rope to the opposite balcony, that is a way back up to the switch in case you fell/jumped down into the canal before.

Just hop down into the water and go through the open door (left), swim right around the corner and again right in a canal where you see a kind of tower in the middle. Climb onto the jetty on the right and grab up to the small roof. Turn to the tower and shoot the windows of the closest corner. Thereís that garbage bin you see in the load screen every time. From the corner of the roof you can just do a long run-jump and grab at the last moment to grab the corner of the tower, pick up the Mansion Key from the bin.


Dive back down and swim back where you came from, keep going right. Climb out at the boat and approach Janice standing to the right.

Lara: Uhh- hello- I think Iíve met you before!

Janice: Ahh, bonjour sweet thing. Ma chere- I think I have seen you before too- Paris, no?

Lara: Thatís it! In that Ghetto- across from Le Serpent Rouge! I remember you! Janet- Jessica...

Janice: Itís Janice. Listen ma chere. A woman passed by here not too long ago, she looked exactly like you.

Lara: Thank you so much, listen, Janice, I have to go, but thanks!

Janice: No problem sweet thing.

A Secret Key.

In the fenced off flowerbed next to Janice is a Secret Key.

Then use the Mansion Key at the door and enter the Hall of the Mansion.

The Rose.

Go left into the room and climb up the chimney; the fire in the fireplace will be lit by a Gangster. Go behind the crates and find a lever to open a door on the first floor landing. To get back down the chimney, push that table down the chimney, climb down to the table climb down from the table into the room. Go to the Hall, shoot the Gangster and head up the stairs.

First take a left, you can use the Secret Key there and get Secret #5, the Grenade Gun, 3x Grenades and a Large Medipack. Go back out.

Now go into the other door.

Pick up the Rose from the floor and stand one step back from that cabinet, open it and it looks like Lara picks something up, No idea what it wasÖ

Go back out and to the wall at the top of the stairs to place the Rose under the painting. Climb in and use the lever to open the gate in the downstairs Hall on the left. Go down and enter, climb into the crawlspace to the left and follow through to drop into the water. Open the manhole (face away from the crawlspace) and dive in. Climb out, jump the spikes and shoot as much rats as possible before jumping past the swinging bag. Open the double doors and to the right is a Timed lever. It will stop the burners on the crates, just long enough for you to jump across, you only need the first two of the crates and jump directly to the walkway from the second crate. Go into the opening to the left and the level changes.

6- The Church.

Go into the Church.

Lara: I made it to the church

The Candle holder.

Now go on and shoot the dogs, left around that corner is a Candle holder (Torch, on the floor, thereís another one IN the Church, right around the corner), pick it up and go back to the fountain at the front of the Church where you started. To the left (or right) you can ignite the Candle holder.

Push the Bin and the Columns.

Go back and into the Church itself and throw the burning Candle holder onto the trapdoor behind the altar. In the back of the church is a push able garbage bin and on the floor are 5 blood stained tiles (not only the  big splashes, but also the stripes). Push the bin left onto the stripes and leave it there, push the nearby column onto the big blood stain at the entrance. There are 3 more columns, place them on the remaining blood stains and the trapdoor opens up. Climb down to the crypt and take the Candle holder with you. Ignite two floor tiles in the next room and push that contraption under the ledge at the opposite wall, the gate will open up

Lara: I think I will need to bring a flame into this room- but the gas could cause an explosion. I need to be careful.

Take the Torch and just walk to the far wall; youíll end up in a room with boulders.

Lara: The church just exploded! I think Iím safe here underground!

Turn left, watch out for the flames in the corner and go into the opening, throw the Candle holder into the water.

Lara: Theres the holy water! Oh yes, I can finally break the curse!

Lara: Iím free from the curse! And now it is time for my revenge!

Swim through the tunnel, climb out and dive into the holy pool. Lara will start to flicker-Wait till Lara looks normal again, go into the opening at the other end of the pool and hit the final level.

7-Showdown in Egypt.

One time I got here, Lara was burning. I went back to a save and threw the Torch in the water. After that there was no problemÖ

Run Girl, Run!!

You must catch Jade before she escapes. It is timed but not tight.

Run into the building, jump over the pit and throw the lever, this will release a boulder. That boulder would have been a problem when you went down that pit straight away. Hop back and grab the edge of the pit, drop down and slide down the ramp, run to the next pit and jump to grab that pole, swing and jump to the next till you are at the other end. Go on to a closed door to the right, to the left is a Spike trap. Facing the trap and left is a Cat statue, push it one tile at the time to the wall and the spikes go down. Climb the wall behind the statue; release Ctrl for a bit to get hanging on the crack. Go shimmy right and pull up in the end to get the Key Piece.

Shimmy back and drop at the statue, place the Key Piece left of the door and enter.

Shoot the Panther (grenade gun) and go to the next room. Dive into the pool, swim through the spike trap and throw an underwater lever to lower the cages at the teleporters. Go back out and back to the previous room. Obviously you have to use the yellow one.

Youíll end up in front of a fence, shoot the Croc, gather all the supplies (Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo, Grenades and a Large Medipack). Then go to a push block in one of the corners and push it in, it will fall into a spike pit. Step on the block to use the Jump lever above it (up left), a door opens in the pool. Dive in and get the Gemstone.

The Final Battle.

Swim out and right, climb out and go into the passage in front, to the left is the receptacle for the stone, a Scroll will appear on the block in the pool. Go get that and place it near the door left of the pool. Go in and fight Jade. Use all weapons you have and she will soon perish (you can also go back to the pool and jump onto the ledge in the middle. She wonít come there and you can take her out in a relaxed way).

Grab the Jeep Keys she will leave behind (might drop into the pool if you shot her from there). Climb up in the passage opposite the door and use the Jeep to ride into the sunset.

01-08-2010 (Walk revised 06-05-2019).