Tomb Raider: The Mystery - The Crash Site

Level by Teemu Kettunen (teme9)

Walkthrough mostly done by rtrger and completed by Dutchy.

The saves in this walkthrough are from the latest version of the level, if you play with an older download, the saves won't work

Be careful! Unlike other games, in this game you can run out of pistol ammo.

After the cut scene, crawl under the airplane, go straight to the small flowers (Herb) on the ground, and pick it up. To the south-east, pick up the flares. Keep going to the east, until you see a boulder. (Carefully, as fireflies will attack!, you can save/reload to get rid of them) Go behind the boulder, take a step back, and facing to the west, press Action. (You can turn to the south a little bit, if Lara doesn't push the rock. See this screen if you still canít make it, Lara performed the action from this pose for me.) Follow the boulder until you see a junction. Go to the left. Climb down to the pit, pick up the Herb and the Pistol Ammo. (If you go to the soldier, you can see a paper with the task the soldier had to perform. Just jump somewhere to exit from the screen.)

Climb out from the pit, go left around the rock to the south-west, pick up the Pistols and 2x Ammunitions. (if you didn't push the boulder, there would be soldiers here) Go to the back of the tree, pick up the Flares. Go to the east (south-east), shoot the crate and pick up the Large Medipack. Go to the east until you see a small route and a wooden fence on the left (S).

Shoot the fence, then follow the route until you see a junction. Take the left path first and pick up the Flares and the Herb. Go back, now take the right hand path (E). Youíll find another junction, take the left side first. Kill the wolf, and pick up more Pistol Ammo, Flares and a Herb. Now go back, left (E) and take a right. Shoot the wolves and pick up a Herb. Now go to the east, drop down into the crawlspace. Slide down, then go into the cave until you find a thorny bush. There are two ways to pull this off. First, the easier way. Face to the north, then jump to the sloped ledge, and back flip plus roll mid-air to the opposite ledge. (picture) The second way is to curve jump immediately around the thorn bush to the north-east slope. Once you got this, keep shimmying all the way around to the end and pull up.

Jump up NW, and turn to the W. With your binoculars, you can see thereís a dragon on that rock. Thatís the first secret. Here's a video of how you can reach it. (After hopping back from the corner, jump up once and then do the run jump and keep the forward key down, it will take you further). Pick up the Snake Statue and jump back to the sloped ledge on the east. Shimmy around to the other part again. Jump up again and this time face to the east. You have to jump and grab to the other side (E). Once you done it slide down to the lake and a flyby begins.

The Main Cave.

You can finish this part in many different ways. Hereís my way. But letís collect the secret first.

Swim to the east, turn left and spot the tunnel. Swim inside, collect the second secret, another Snake Statue. (You can see only one Statue in the inventory. Since the game counted it as a secret, and you wonít be able to use the statues anywhere, ignore this). Swim out, swim forward and go to the right in the shallow water, and pull the switch on the back of the pillar (this is for later). Now swim to the north-west and swim down into the tunnel in the white rocks on the bottom. Donít swim all the way down to the corridor with the green stones, instead, look to the north for a crack halfway down. Swim in, through the tunnel, then swim to the south-west corner to pull an underwater lever on the ceiling. Now swim to the north-east and surface through the trapdoor.

From the trapdoor, go to the tunnel at the north and go to the right to another cave. Jump into the water once youíre out. Swim down into the hatch, swim into the corridor in the north-west and pull the lever on the ceiling at the tunnelís end. Swim back and swim to the tunnel on the south-west, surface at the tunnelís end. Pull the switch on the east and back flip into the water. Swim up in the open ceiling, swim to the south-west and surface in the shoal water. Climb up on the ladder, go straight and jump up onto the sloped rock. Keep going counter-clockwise, (jump at the end of the platforms) jump back to the tunnel on the south wall, follow back to the trapdoor. Head to the darker part of the cave on the south, and go into the tunnel on your left. At the end, pull up on the right. Go to the far east side of the cave, turn left and go to the slope. Back flip to the slope, then jump and catch the ladder to climb up, go on and slide down the slope.

The Lake, the Snake Gem.

Youíre back in the Main Cave. Turn to the east, swim down the underwater tunnel in the bottom again, swim down and swim to the south until you can surface. Pick up the Snake Gem in the next room and swim back to the lake (Did you notice the three receptacles in this room? Thatís where you place the Stones later).

Swim to the north-west ledges (N wall), pull up on the lower one, jump to the higher ledge and jump E to climb up on the ladder, kill the wolf, pick up the Herb. Go to the east, jump left to the other ledge. Jump over to shoot the crate at the south wall, pick up the Ammo from it. Go into the cave in the east, pull the jump switch on the north wall there. Continue into the east passage.

Platforms of Death, the Old Dagger.

Once you got to the top, youíll see a room with changing lightning. The lit platforms are safe, Lara dies on the dark ones. Thereís one safe platform in the middle of the room, you can use it to split the run in two. Hereís my way to solve this room: Start running while the platform on the right is unlit, and it should be lit when you land. Stand jump to the other safe block, keep running with a left curve and jump to the block to the left (this one is safe). At the next one, you can jump when the platform is lit, jump when the platform ahead you is being lit, then run jump to the safe block on the right (Video).

Go forward, avoid the dark and spiky parts of the floor, pick up the Old Dagger from the pedestal and go back. (Video). Itís basically the same way Iíve written down before, but Iíve side flipped to the entrance block, I think itís easier a bit (Savegame, back with the Dagger).

Lava, the Skull Key and the Stone of Fire.

Shoot the wolf, jump back to the north-west ledge, go to the cave N. Go to the room on the left, jump into the water, swim down in the floor, avoid the trap and pick up the Skull Key.

Go back up and to the cave, head into the opening E and take a right (also notice that ladder and gate up E, for later). Then the second right and shoot the wooden panel NW, go in and the second left. Down to where the Fire Room opens up.

The Fire Room Jumps.

Go to the ledge on the right and jump to grab the first pole. Here are some new moves, do not turn around on the pole, but look at the next pole and go up so you can jump over that first burner. Hit Alt while holding ďCtrlĒ to grab the next pole. Now go down so you can jump underneath the next burner. Last is up again, but not too far either and release Ctrl as soon as you left the pole. Go into the passage and put that golden object on the dark floor tile, a gate opens up.

Jump back over the poles, and to the ledge at the entrance. Go to the ledge S and jump to grab the first pole. Go down about a bodyís length under that burner and jump to grab the next pole. Now go up to about a bodyís length under the ceiling, so you can jump over the next burner. Last is up again, but not too far either and release Ctrl as soon as you left the pole. Go into the passage and put that golden object on the dark floor tile, a second gate opens up.

Jump back over the poles, go down on the last and jump to the dark pole under the ledge, then into the opening W (savegame). Jump to the pole there and go down, not too far so you can jump the poles to the one going further down, continue till you are on the safe floor below and enter the room to get the Stone of Fire. Make your way back up the poles (savegame) and go jump to the pole in the lava, to the next and go up and turn around to jump back to the ledge W. Go out W, right and SW through that panel you shot, go back to the S and left to the cave.

Go W and left to the snake at the east wall, and put the Gem into it. Go inside, turn right at the red flag and facing to the south at the fire, shoot the wall. Pick up the third secret, Pistol Ammo and a Snake Statue. Head to the north-east part of the room. You can get through without falling down or getting hurt by jumping (+ roll mid-air) to the sloped platform on the right, and jump to the right once you hit that platform (Video). Continue to the next room, pick up the Pistol Ammo on the left (SE).

Timed Block.

Now go back to the previous room and pull the switch on the west wall. Roll, run back to the room where you find the ammo, jump to the wooden block and pull the jumpswitch on the west wall. Go to the lowered block in the floor and use the Skull Key in it. Go through the newly opened door E.

Pushing Cages.

The task here is to place the cages on the tiles under the small waterfalls. You can already go and get the cage on the other side to the waterfall on the right. Look down to the east, spot the switch in the pit, go there and pull it. Now go to the other cage, push it near to the left waterfall. Go down to the switch and pull it again. Now, to get back up, go into the tunnel in the north wall, crawl under the knife, turn and safety drop down, pull up at the other side and crawl under another knife. Leave the tunnel and pull up at the west wall. Now push the cage under the left waterfall and the E door opens.

Nasty Boulder.

Here comes a tricky part. Stand at the left side. Face with Lara between those carved wooden pillars and roll. Donít worry about the slow-motion, just press roll again before the boulder kills you (Or walk forward and hop back twice while turning right). Go to the next room and after the flyby, collect the Herb and the Pistol Ammo. Now go to the left side of the wooden fence at the east wall and run until Lara bumps into the fence. Turn left and go pick up the fourth secret, a Snake Statue.

Turn N, go left around the wooden fence to the cave on the other side of the fence, kill the wolves, dodge the boulder and go to the green field. Pick up the Herb on the left. Go to the south-east side of the ledge and catch the crack in the pillar. Shimmy all the way left and climb up on the ladder and shimmy to the right side once youíre up. Go all the way around the cave wall and pull the lever at the end. Safety drop down at the greenery at the north wall, go back where the flyby pointed and jump into the water. Wait until the current takes you to a small pool, and pull up to the room and go to the tunnel on the south.

Jumping the Pillars, Spikes and the Stone of Earth.

Turn left, go outside, pick up the Herbs in the north-west and the south-west part of the court. (beware of the wolves and the fireflies!) Now get one of the push able wooden pillars (I never moved the one W next to the broken pillar) and push it to the east temple on the blue spot on the floor, then push it to the tall brick pillar NE as far as possible, since youíll have to get on it. Now go back to the east temple, climb up on the ladder, shimmy to the left and pick up the Ammo.

Go to the terrace W and into an opening NE for more Pistol Ammo, go back out and jump to the top of the push able wooden pillar and grab the brick pillar N. Jump to the temple on the north, pick up some more Pistol Ammo from the terrace. Go to the room on the left and pull the switch to open up a shortcut. Slide down SE from the terrace to the court below, push/pull the wooden pillar to the blue spot on the floor N. Now go back to the east temple, to the right corridor, and go to the north-west side of the next room with the pool. Make your way through the shortcut NW and up the blocks, go outside to the terrace, and on the right side of terrace, jump to the brick pillar (SE). Now jump to the 1st wooden pillar, then to the 2nd, and grab up at the west wall. Pull the lever ahead in the room W, take care of not being cut by the knives, just do a straight ahead swan dive over the knife (Alt+Shift). Go back out and go up to the terrace of the north temple (use the shortcut in the pool room again), and go through the newly opened door NW. Pull the switch, get down to the court below and into the opening N, a door opened in this temple, so go inside.

The Spikes.

The following sequence requires some patience. Hereís a video how to make it. If you canít open the video, hereís a description: Go to the sloped surface, slide, and jump when the spikes are halfway up on the second spiky tile. Then every time, run to the other tile when the spikes are up. (after you heard that Ąspike soundĒ) Donít worry, it doesnít hurt after you heard itís sound. I know itís hard, but eventually youíll make it. (Second solution: Slide down to the first tile when the spikes are up, so they will be down on landing, run to the second tile when they go down, wait and run to the third. You can save on a different slot on each tile you got to (Savegame provided by Tom).

Now go to the pedestal and pick up the Stone of Earth.

Turn right, go to the hole in the floor and climb down on the ladder. Drop and grab the edge on sliding down. Pull up and backflip into the tunnel to make your way up to an open cave with trees. Shoot the wolf, continue on the path on the left, jump to the other side and facing to the south, push the boulder to see a door open up SW. Now slide down to the boulder, go straight S and up to the rocks (screenshot), face NW and backflip onto the slanted rock, jump again to land on the path along the S wall. Go W and enter to the corridor on the west. Wait until the current takes you to a place where you can surface. Pull up to the cave. In the NW corner of the room, crawl under the wall. Now go to the east wall and pull up on the crack. Continue in the small tunnel, and eventually youíll be back to the Main cave. But before jumping into the water, pick up the Pistol Ammo and the Herb from the small platform. Now swim to the west, pull up to the block and climb back up to the cave as you did before. Go to the east side.

Lots of Spikes, the Stone of Air.

Go to the south wall, and jump to the crack with the greenery. Shimmy until the end and pull up at the plant. Jump W to the closed gate, drop down to the lower part of the ledge and jump E to grab the green rock, go into the niche and pull the switch (The jump to the rock has to be perfectly lined up straight and donít use Ctrl).

Make your way back up to the higher part of the other rock (another perfect jump with grab at the end), and go through the newly opened gate. Inside, facing to the north, pull the switches left and the right side and the doors will be open. Go inside, keep running to the east (donít fall into the hole, but note that you can climb down to a closed door in it!). After youíve seen the flyby, go to the pillar on the right and climb up on the ladder. Jump to the rock on the other side of the cave, (a little bit to the left from the wooden platform with the burners) and jump to the west where the next statue is lying. Climb up and pick up the fifth secret, the Snake Statue.

Make your way back up to the wooden platform with the burners, jump to the rocky part behind you and jump to the green platform to the west. Go to the room left, pull the Timed switch W, back flip with roll and sprint into the room (but take care of the boulders!). Go down in the dark opening NW, crawl under the knife and right around the corner into the next room where the ceiling is higher. Jump over the spiked tiles so Lara wonít be impaled. Go to the other side of the room, and pull the switch. Now you have to make your way out to the wooden platform with the burners again. If you look down, you can see that 3 pillars hold the top of this structure. Go to the middle pillar, catch the edge of the platform and shimmy left to the snake head, drop down and if you are close enough, you can catch a crack beneath you. Shimmy to the right and pull the jump switch on the other side of the pillar. Go into the building and put the Old Dagger into the receptacle. Now run back through the cave to the tunnel W where the hole in the ground is, Face E, climb halfway down and back flip into the open door.

Cave with the Platforms.

Now go to the edge, look down to the right and you should see a sloped pillar. Get down there to a wooden platform. Jump to the rope, swing to the other rope and swing to the wooden platform on the left. Make your way down to the wooden platform NE. (the closest to the east wall) To the south-east, there is a white rock ledge, jump into that niche. Hang from the edge and shimmy to the left around the corners to pull up to the niche under the tree. Pick up the sixth secret, a Snake Statue. Before going down, jump to the wooden platform in the north-east, (you should curve jump otherwise Lara will bump into the tree) and collect a Large Medipack. Now you can go down, (and kill the wolves) go to the south and pull the switch, a wooden block will rise.

Note: If you failed performing the curve jump to the medipack, you can jump up to the wooden block, jump to the wooden pillar S and right of the switch, from there to the platform on the north-east, jump to the other platform, (itís a hard jump, but possible) and then jump to the medipack and pick it up. You can also collect the secret from here, if you didnít.

Go to the wooden platforms on the north-west and make your way back up to the 2nd rope. Catch it, turn left a bit more than 90 degrees and swing to the sloped rock pillar to the west and once youíre sliding backwards, catch the stone when you reached the edge of the slope. Pull up, go to the right and pull up to back flip/roll and grab the edge of the floor. Go E into the walkway and grab up to the beam E. Jump to the wooden platform in the north-east, then to the other beam and pull the switch. Now go jump back to the SW corner, and enter to the room in the west wall. Keep going until you get to dark room. (you canít really go elsewhereÖ take care of the boulder behind you by sprinting down and right around the corner).

Spikes of all Sorts.

Donít touch the grated floor there, but jump up to the wooden block. Jump to the window and pull the switch. Jump back to the higher block, jump up to the upper floor, dive into the water W, swim down to the right, and swim down left to the north-east corner of the room and enter to the tunnel. Beware of the spikes and at the end of the tunnel, pull the switch on the ceiling. Swim back to the previous room (thereís air on top). Swim to the north where the spikes are, continue on the left and swim up after the spikes. Pull up, jump up to the right. A Block and spikes go up. Go to the right (SE) first and pull the jump switch on the wall. Then jump up to the block and jump to the ledge on the right (you better use a trick move here, stand in the corner and facing the corner you want to jump to. Hop back once and then jump straight up once, this will move Lara slightly forward. Now run and jump holding the forward key down all the way) (Video). Climb up on the ladder, hang left and climb up as far as possible before you climb to the left and pull the jumpswitch. After you hit the block, jump to the other side. Pick up the Stone of Air, and jump back to the other side, go to the entrance of the room, and shimmy to the other opening by the help of the crack on your left. Follow back to the Main Cave where the water wheel is now turning.

Place the Three Stones.

Swim to that hole in the bottom again and down, follow the tunnel to the S, get out and go to the room where you can now place the three Stones. Watch the flyby leading to the now open door. Go back to the Main Cave and up the blocks and ladder NW, into the N cave and left (E). Go straight E to that ladder and open gate. Enter the Large Hall.

The Escape.

Turn right and left of that large pillar is some Pistol Ammo. Behind the pillar is a wooden platform that will rise as soon as you step on (video). So I positioned Lara close to the platform and hopped back onto it. Quickly jump to the walkway SE before the platform goes too high and jump onwards to the one S, from the end you can grab up to the ceiling and go left to the pillar with the lever. Pick up the Pistol Ammo and use the lever to see a large platform go up in the deep pit E. A Demon shows up when you get down from the pillar, you could go shoot it, but I just ran E, jumped over the platforms and reached the gate E. It will open up for you, but be careful! As you enter the next room, a spike wall starts to move, so go E over the pits. Stand a bit to the left (or right) at the slide and go down, jump left to get to the lower left (or right) ledge (video).

From there a run jump over the spikes and into the water below. Follow through to a lake and go left around the corner to climb up to a rock SE, jump onto the slanted rock NE. Grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up. Jump down W, then over to the dark blue rock W and jump/grab up W again, jump down S and go up the ladder. Follow through into the structure and crawl under the darts to the window NW. Jump to the rock ledge and follow through, drop down, find a hole in the floor and slide down.