The Complicated Case.

By LaraHCroft.

Provided walkthrough mainly translated and further edited by D&G Prod.

In these levels you can use “Alt + forward” to jump out of crawlspaces.

Lara is reading a letter from her close friend, who, as it learns, it is asking for help.

2 - CAMBODIA. 5 - IRELAND. The Graveyard Hill.
3 - IRELAND. Trinity College. 6 - SAMHAIN DAY.
4 - GREECE.  Into the Deep. 7 - TIR NA NOG.

And The Story Begins ... (0 Secrets)

The Basement Key.

You can go through this level as you want, but the main goal is to find the key to the basement.

Go E to the office and notice the secret door in the NW corner. Go out S and left on the landing. Down the stairs and N into the aquarium, take the opening E to the swimming pool. On the bottom of the pool are some Flares, climb back out and in NE corner on the pillar is a well camouflaged lever opening up that secret hiding place in the office. Go back to the hall, up the stairs and N into the office; grab the Basement Key from the hiding place NW.

Go back down the stairs to the hall and open the door in the N corridor. No need to go down there yet, we first have to open a door in that basement. Go to the front door S and open it with the button, go out and W, circle the house passing the training course and end up at the Maze. Easiest way for me was to go in and just keep going right where possible, you will end up at a hole in the ground. Turn around and climb down the ladder, follow through and go left at the end to get to a fenced off part of the Armoury. On the E wall is a lever and the gate to the Armoury will open up. Go back out to the ladder and up to the Maze. Again go right where possible and end up in a secluded part of the gardens, open the door W and go into the Gym. Either open the door W and go through the front door to the hall or take the door on the right to the swimming pool and go back through the aquarium to the open Basement door.

Follow through to a small storage and check the shelves for 3x Uzi ammo and a Small Medipack. Go N and check more shelves for 2x Shotgun ammo and 2 Large Medipacks, then go pick up the Pistols E and go back out, Lara leaves for Cambodia.


Unexpected Revelation (3 secrets)


Go straight, then left around the corner and look for some Flares behind that big tree N. Go down the steps W and to the right to where Lara looks to the monkey climb over the spikes. First go left (W) behind the tree to a room N, push the pillar onto the grating so the flow of water will be blocked and a pool will drain. Go back out to the tree and climb the trunk to get to the monkey climb, go over the spikes and follow the passage left to the drained pool room.

Drop down to the block in the NW corner, then to the floor and look for an alcove in the SW corner, W wall and pull the lever there to open a door.

Climb back out of the pit, go to the passage with the spikes and over the monkey climb to the room with the pillar, pull it back to get the pool room flooded again, return there and dive into the pool to get into a small tunnel NE (you could bypass this part by running to that crawlspace and hitting duck to get in while the pool was still dry). Follow through and climb out at the opened door.

Go straight (E) at the crossing and climb the block on the left at the end, get into the opening N and use the reach-in switch there to open a door, drop back out of the passage.

The High Room.

Go S to where the door opened. Go through and a flyby starts, go jump over to the SE corner and start climbing down there. From the second ledge you can shoot some bats, jump down W and shoot some more bats. Jump to the broken steps NW and in the alcove on the top of the steps is a block; pull it once. Go back down the steps and into the passage W, as that is open now. Use the reach-in switch to open a door in the top of the High room and get back out. Climb back up to the top of the room and get into the opening right (E), follow through to get to the green room.

Go E through the room and shoot some bats in the dark. Behind the column N are some Flares. Climb the ladder S a bit and back flip to the ledge above. Step out W and jump onto the tree and then to the block NW and onwards into the opening straight (W) to come to a spike passage. Jump over into the alcove and then turn around, jump to the crack and shimmy all the way right to get to safety.

The Spikes Room.

Follow through to another spiked room, jump to the first block and then into the alcove S. Use the lever there to raise a block and lower a path through the spikes. Jump over the blocks to the SE and shoot a bat. Climb down and follow the path to the crawlspace NW, get Secret #1, 2x Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun. Go back and up the block (SE) to jump into the opening NE.

Follow to a room with a lever on the W wall, throw that to open a trapdoor left of you, but that passage is trapped with spikes. So go NE and push the block there twice, throw the lever there and another trapdoor opens in the previous room.

Get down that trapdoor into the lower passage and head W at the crossing, look for a lever on a pillar to the right (about halfway down the corridor) and see another block go up in the spikes room. Go back E, left and up through the trapdoor, follow the dark passage SE to the spikes room. Jump to the newly raised block at the S wall and hop over the steep floor part, look left for a Large Medipack, turn around and follow up the steps to the end of the passage to use a reach-in switch opening up another door in the High room. Return to the spikes room, jump into the opening NE again and follow to the trapdoor. Get down again and this time go all the way to the end of the corridor. On the ledge to the right is a lever to open a hatch on the higher ledge next to you, climb up into the room above.

The Crowbar.

Pull the block in the NW corner out twice and go in behind it, climb the wall into the passage above. Follow through to the end of the crawlspace and drop in the pit to get the Crowbar. Go back to the ladder and down to the push block room. Move the block back into the ladder alcove and pull the block in the W wall out once and then go to the left (S), this is a shortcut back to the High room. Go out W and left into the High room.

The High Room, another door.

Go down again and get over to the ledge with the open door N, follow in and use the lever to get a first screen of another door. Go out and right on the ledge, hang from the W end and drop grab to the ledge with the crowbar lever below, pick up the Shotgun ammo on the same ledge and throw the lever (face W) to get a second screen of the same door.

Seems we have to find another lever... Make your way down to the bottom of the room and use the reach-in switch in the NE corner. You’ve found a Small Medipack. Now use the reach-in switch in the SW corner and a door opens S, follow in and find another lever, finally that door opens up in the top of the High room.

Go out and up to the top of the High room by means of climbing the high block S, grab up to the ledge above and then up E, then all the way to the top. Go over to the open SW door and follow in right and right again. Throw the lever E in the room with the skeleton, a door opens W.

Follow through and end up in the room with the pool we’ve been trough below. Throw the lever on this ledge to open a large door at the beginning of the level. Look up to the right for a crack in the wall and use that to shimmy left around the corner. Get through the crawlspace and follow the path over a bridge into a passage S. Just inside and to the right is a crawlspace up in the wall, get in for Secret #2, Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack. Climb back out and go S, drop down to the room with the push able pillar. Go out SW and at the tree go S, then left and up the steps. Follow through to the start of the level and find the newly opened door NW.

Follow the corridor looking left for some Shotgun ammo and at the end of the corridor go left and through to a small courtyard.

The Courtyards.

Shoot a Wild Boar and find the Small Medipack near the tree SE. Now go through N and follow all the way down into a crossroads room. Pick up some Uzi ammo from the reach-in hole NW and then go in N. Throw a lever and a crowbar lever in the next room. The door opens N, go through and end up on a large courtyard. Shoot the Wild Boars and go climb up SE, walk to the W end, against the wall and jump over to grab the balcony W. Throw the lever on the wall to see an underwater door open up. Drop down and go to the E, there are 2 passages, take one and climb up the E wall next to the tree, left into the opening for Secret #3, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack.

Get down and go N through that passage, shoot the bat and find water in the end. Dive in and follow through the door you opened to an air pocket. Get air and dive into the small tunnel E, follow through and climb out in a room with a push able pillar. Move it onto the grating at the N wall (under the ceiling grating). Get into the crawlspace S and get out the other side, N is a closed door so go S back to the courtyard. Go right (W) and climb the block to the right of the 2 waterfalls, jump S twice and get into the hole SW.

Sprint through the corridor with the darts as a Timed door will close on you. Go up the steep passage right to another room with a push able pillar. Put that under the flow of water NW and a gate in the adjoining room opens.

Get into the crawlspace S and follow through, get down to the ground floor and go N through the now opened gate. Just keep on following that passage and a flyby takes over.



Trinity College.
(4 secrets)

Go left into the passage blocked by the wooden barriers (shoot them) and go to that pile of sand straight ahead. Hop on the box to the right to find a ladder S, go up to the rooftops and down the ladder in the shaft at the other end. Open the floor grating and get down the ladder into the ventilation ducts. Crawl S and to a ladder, up and down into the small room, first check out those shelves, they appear empty, but there are Flares to be found. Then throw the switch S to open gates in the courtyard.

Go back up to the rooftops, down to the pile of sand and S to the courtyard, straight to the S where you’ll find a manhole. Open it from facing N and climb down, go left and be greeted by a bunch of rats. Just try to avoid them and run through the NW passage into the next chamber, climb up NE from the elevated floor and get Secret #1(4), a Small Medipack, Uzis and Shotgun ammo.

Go back up to the courtyard and that open gate is to the E. Push the button to open the door and enter. Go left up the stairs to where a flyby takes over.

The Library, a Paper with a numerical code.

Go right and to the window in the S wall, left of it is a bookcase with a book sticking out. Pull the book (#1) and go NE to a long bookcase at the E wall, left of the stairs, there’s another book. Pull the book (#2) and go S passing the stairs, open a small door S and follow through the corridor to the next library and right around the corner on the second bookcase (N wall) is another book switch (#3). Go back N to the large library and up the stairs to the first floor left wing. In the far NW corner is the next book switch (#4). Turn left and find the last book (#5) in the SW corner of the first floor. Save before you use this switch as it will also open a door to a Secret. Sprint back E and turn left to sprint N over the stairs, right around the corner after going up and into the Timed door in the E wall, get Secret #2(5), Uzi ammo and Flares.

Go back to the ground floor and through the small door S to the little library, in the W wall, next to the couches a painting opened up, get in, down the stairs and open the small door N.

Shoot the boxes for Shotgun ammo and go left around the corner of the shelft to investigate the shelves in the back. You’ll pick up a Paper with a numerical code (9573). Return to the big Library and exit W by going down the stairs to the hallway.

To the Archives.

Go straight E through the hall and open (use Ctrl) the doors to the right, then in the next hallway open the first doors for some Uzi ammo in the corner of the waiting room. Go on through the hallway and open the next doors, a long corridor with doors to the left, leading into the Archives.

Go all the way into the back (SW) and find a jump lever on the side of the shelves, this will open a small grating in another room. Go N out of the Archive room, left and open the doors to the next room. In the back corner is the open grating. Get in for Secret #3(6), Uzi ammo, Flares and a Large Medipack.

Crawl back out and go back to the first room of the Archives, in the back SE you have to find a crawlspace in the shelves there. Climb up in and open the grating above (face N), climb up S into the corridor above.

Go right and around the corner to the door with the code pad lock and enter the code (hit Ctrl, choose the numbers and hit “enter” and Ctrl again, then the red arrow and Ctrl) The door opens and a cut scene starts where Lara talks with Jane, she gets the Professor’s Diary. You can examine the diary after the cut scene.

In the courtyard where Lara ends up is a trapdoor in the floor; around the courtyard are three symbols which are slightly different from the other tiles, Lara has to step on all three of them. One is in the SE corner, one NW next to the building, then climb the crates NW and shimmy left along the roof. Pull up S on the ledge over the entrance and find the third tile SE. Safety drop down and go to the open trapdoor, face E and hop back to grab the climb able wall, go down as far as possible and drop. In the dark pit is a push block SW, move it under the lever NE and use the lever to open the door SE. Before you enter, go into the alcove SW and push a second block in so you can enter the passage to the right and get Secret #4(7), 2x Flares and a Small Medipack.

Now enter the door E and drop down the hole in the next room to land in a room with 4 passages.

The Three Puzzle Hints.

E has a closed door, first go down the passage W, in the storage down there are two move able crates in the lower part of the floor, move the S one to the N so you can move the NE crate under the lever. A hatch opens up next to you. First spot the old steel (Timed) door in the SW corner before you climb into the open hatch (DO NOT push the block back to the corner, there is a bug here). Go left around the burning torch and find the lever for that Timed door. Throw it, run back to the hatch and down into the storage, get into the SW door before it closes. Use the lever on the left wall to re-open the door again. Follow through to a dark door with a grated fence. Look through the fence with binoculars (use Ctrl for light) and make a note of the position of the red piece (on G5) . There is a lever in the corner, flip it (#1 for opening the door to the Chess Puzzle).

Go back to the storage and E up to the crossing room. Take the S side and first left, follow and open a door with a lever to get a ladder leading down to a familiar room with a puzzle hint behind the fence, the green piece (on C2), then use the lever on the wall (#2). Return and go up the ladder, through the door you opened earlier and left in the passage to the crossing room.

You are in a shaft with slanted blocks. Face the low slanted block W, jump on it and keep jumping back and fro, steer left to go higher and higher and end up on a flat ledge. From here jump to the ladder N and go almost to the top to backflip into the passage above, go to the third hint room. Make a note of the position of the blue piece (on E6). Throw the lever on the wall (#3) and see the door in the E passage from the crossing room open up.

The Chess Puzzle, the Secret Key and the Stone of Darkness.

Go back to the ladder and down, drop from the end and slide down into the passage, go to the crossing room and right (E) into the Puzzle room. Safety drop from the balcony and move the red piece to G5 (the side where you came in is the front of the board and the left square = A, the utmost right =H, the nearest row =1 and the far row (E) = 8). A Horseman shows up, shoot him and go into the gate S he came from, up on the ledge is a lever to open the first gate to the Secret Key N.

Go move the green piece to C2 and a horseman mounts the horse, shoot him while hopping back turning right so you will stay close to the side with the sword where you can hit him the best. Once off the horse, finish him off and the gates N are open. Go in and get the Secret Key. Now go move the last blue piece to E6 and see grated blocks lowering. Go up the stairs to the opening E and then over to the gates W and open them with the Key. Go in to get the Stone of Darkness. Go out of the room and a cut scene starts.


Into the Deep.
(3 secrets)

Go straight from where you stand and jump into the water. Follow the tunnel till you reach a large cave with a Temple, after the flyby you better swim to the Temple fast and climb out to shoot the two Sharks.

There are many routes to take from this cave; this is the suggested route.

The Rusty Key.

Go up to the Temple wall and walk SE around the corner, from the highest tip of that ledge next to the column a jump over to the grey rocks S where you see an opening in the wall. Go in there and grab up left (or when you have a problem grabbing use the crack on the S wall and shimmy left), follow to a spike pit. Go to the right and jump to grab the crack in the S wall, shimmy left to the end and drop in front of a crawlspace. Go in and left at the crossing, climb up left and go get the Rusty Key. Go back down where you came from and straight W, climb up two times and then pull up on the slanted rock left. Stand close to the right hand side, back flip and then jump with a hard right curve to land in the opening. Follow and drop down at the end to get back onto the entrance ledge. Go out W and follow back to the Temple.

Dive into the water and swim to the small island close to the caves entrance climb up on the SE corner and hop to the top to get a Small Medipack.

Underwater Maze, the Trident.

Jump E off the island and swim into a tunnel you see in the E wall, follow through to a larger chamber, go left (N) into the small tunnel and take the first right, a Shark will be alarmed, avoid him and go left (N) and up and right (E) into the tunnel near the surface, swim through and left to wade up the shore to get a Trident. Get back to the tunnel and find the Shark waiting for you at the other end, swim down and into the tunnel left (S). Immediately go right (W), left, right and again a right (N) and get some air.

Use the Trident.

Climb out and go up into the tunnel NW, follow through to a room with a drained pool below. Go NW, shoot the vase and pick up Explosive arrows. Go N through the next room and find a statue to the left, place the Trident there and the pool in the previous room now floods. Go back, hop over the balustrade into the pool and find an underwater lever SW. A gate opens up, climb out and hop into the small water hole W, follow through to get back to the Temple.

Find a small underwater tunnel SW and follow to where you climb out into a cave, go to those spikes and into the tunnel W, dive in and follow through. Climb up the blocks to get to a room with some brick walls and broken columns. The white vase NE hides some Shotgun ammo. Then go to the corner there and grab the crack in the E wall, shimmy right and pull up in the crawlspace. Get through and end up in a wider corridor.

Notice a block at the E wall, to the right of it and behind the plant is a crawlspace, get in there and follow through and finally drop in the first cave, but this time behind the spikes to get Secret #1(8), the Crossbow and a Large Medipack. Climb back up from the NW corner (only use Ctrl), then climb up in the ceiling hole NE and follow the tunnel back to that corridor.

Go N now and through the passage where you opened the gate with that underwater lever.

Use the Rusty Key.

Coming to a large wall with columns, you have to get to the first floor balcony, you can just jump and grab from the entrance to get there. Go left and find an entrance, head up the stairs to a lever. Use that to open the door up ahead and go out to the top balcony. Here are two doors; one of them, the E one can be opened with the Rusty Key you got before.

Open the First of the Three Gates.

Go in and follow to a room with a trigger tile NW which will open a trapdoor on the E wall. Save, hop back on the tile and run into the open trapdoor, you’ll slide down. Jump from the end of the slide to grab a crawlspace, follow through to a lever opening up another gate. Go back and from the crawlspace, drop down into the water, swim into the tunnel SE and just inside the tunnel is a hole up in the ceiling, go up and use the underwater lever there to open a gate in the next cave. Roll and swim further S through the tunnel, climb out in a small cave. Jump into the opening N and go to the room where that last gate opened, throw the lever on the N wall and see a gate open up behind two other gates, it’s an underwater gate near the Temple. Return to the small cave where the gate S is also open (underwater lever you used back in the last tunnel).

A Grey Key, the Second of the Three Gates.

Follow that S passage and arrive back in the room with the pool below. Go right and into the tunnel S and come to the roof of the Temple. Go to a crawlspace SE and get through to a room with columns, shoot the bat and pull a block SE twice out. Climb it and then up the ledge on the column, jump N and then left to that higher ledge W where you can pick up the Grey Key. Hop back down E and jump to the opening N, use the lever in that room to open the Second of the Three Gates. Go out and drop into the room below, go W to the roof of the Temple and dive down in the water.

Use the Grey Key.

Swim into that small tunnel SW again, follow through, go to those spikes and into the tunnel W, dive in and follow through. Climb up the blocks to get to the room with some brick walls and broken columns. Go to the NE corner and grab the crack in the E wall, shimmy right and pull up in the crawlspace. Get through and end up in a wider corridor. Go N and through the passage to the wall with columns, up onto the first balcony and left to the stairs, up to the top balcony and right to the door you can open with the Grey Key.

Temple Caves, the Silver Key.

Drop from the ledge on the E side and first equip yourself with the Crossbow and explosives… A bunch of skeletons awake, so get them all together and shoot them.

Go N and right into the small tunnel, crawl through a come to a room with big chandeliers. Find the crawlspace up in the NE and get in, jump out into the next room and go up the stairs to a room with a cable Lara will look at. Shoot the cable that is supporting the chandelier and it will crash down as shown in the flyby. Go back to the room with the chandeliers and into a small room S and shoot the vases for Shotgun ammo and a Torch. Ignite that Torch on the fallen chandelier and light the two oil lamps next to the pedestal W, the Silver Key will appear, pick it up.

Open the Third of the Three Gates.

Leave the Torch and go out SW through the crawlspace, take a right and right in the next room, take care of the skeleton and use the Silver Key E. Go in and use the lever there to raise a floor somewhere. Go out and around the central block to the passage W, down and to the other side of the pool, shoot the vase W and get the Explosive arrows and a Small Medipack.

N is a closed gate, the passage S blocked. Hop into the water, swim S and up left, then into the wide tunnel S, up passing a crocodile and climb out S. Go into the hallway S and right around the corner is the room where that floor was raised. Move the block onto the trigger tile in the corner and see the gate open up where the skeleton was lying. Go back to the room with the pool and maybe shoot the croc. Go into the passage N and shoot the vases in the next room to get the Flares.

Go back to the pool and out E to the big room, head into the hallway N, to the room you used the key and then go left ((W) to the small pool room and shoot the Skeleton into the water. Enter the now open gate N and you can use the lever there to open the Third of the Three Gates. (The camera didn’t work due to a rolling ball on a trigger).

Back to the water, dive in and swim S, down to the right this time and look for an underwater lever hidden behind the plant NW, the gate will open S, go in for Secret #2(9), a Large Medipack, Shotgun ammo and Explosive arrows.

Swim back E, up and right through the wide tunnel S, climb out and go E to the large room, up the block SE and grab up to the balcony and go S. Once on the top balcony of the wall with columns, the fastest way to get back to the Temple seems to be this one: Go left into the door you opened with the Rusty Key. Trigger the trapdoor again and just slide down, swim through the tunnel and take the S side opening in the room with the 2 gates. In the room with the pool, go out S and jump down from the roof of the Temple.

Into the Three Gates, the Temple Key.

In the bottom of the lake is a large hole, swim down and into the opening N where the Three Gates opened up, swim to the end, avoiding the Shark and get the Temple Key. Swim back up and climb up at the Temple where you can now open the doors.

The Temple, the Stone of Twilights.

Go in and follow, shoot a couple of vases for 2x Flares and go in E to get to a large hall with a boulder. Go left up the ledge NW and pull a block out of the boulder ramp once, the boulder will be released and opens the door S. First pull out the block again and go behind it or go around the boulder ramp to the ledge NE and get into the passage opened by pulling the block, get Secret #3(10), 3x Uzi ammo.

Go to the door S and left at the boulder, up the pole and jump off on the first landing, shoot the skeleton and get the Shotgun ammo from the vase. Go up the pole again and jump off at the top. Get a Small Medipack from a vase and enter the hall of columns E.

Go to the oil lamp NE, stand on the tip of the elevated floor tile next to it and face W, grab up to the ledge above and pull up. Jump over to the balcony on the S wall and from there grab the vines on the pillar SW, go up to the crack and climb right along the crack to the end. Drop and slide, then back flip to the top ledge. Go get the Stone of Twilight and watch the flyby of the Temple being flooded. The cave seems to be on the point of collapse.


Jump into the tunnel E and beware of falling rock, best jump in at the right hand side.

Follow through to where you fall into a pit, swim in E, left and up to where you see light in the next cave, the level changes.


The Graveyard Hill. (6 secrets)

Stop the Current, the Valve Pipe.

Go straight passing the mill wheel and left and jump onto that mount under the rope; grab the rope and turn towards the mill, swing to the opening in the roof and drop into the mill. On the S wall is a pulley wheel, turn it and the mill wheel will stop, causing the strong current in a canals to stop. Check out the small cabinet NE to get a Small Medipack and get out of the mill.

Go SE and find a small pit with water, dive in and now you can swim S into a small tunnel, get out and pick up the Valve Pipe from the cabinet. Get back up to the yard and go to the E and find a Bike.

The Bike, the Crowbar.

Go E, turn right and stop at the next crossing, leave the bike for a bit and walk E and left to an ledge in the brownish rocks, find the crawlspace and get in to get Secret #1(11), the Uzis and a Large Medipack.

Get back out and look E, there’s a deep pit you’ll have to jump later. Back to the bike, you best leave it here and head W, get into the tunnel W and climb into another opening W. A small storage room, in the NW corner is a push block. Push it in and go right to find the Crowbar.

Go back to the bike and head E to that pit on foot, from the lower end of the ramp; climb down and jump N to slide to the bottom of the pit. Find a near by crawlspace in the N wall and get through, passing a closed gate, go to the very end of the passage and turn left. Grab up to the slanted wall, hang left and pull up, back flip and roll and grab the opposite slanted wall, shimmy right and pull up. First check out where you have to go and jump to grab the ladder, better not use a flare. Go to the top of the ladder, shortly release Ctrl to get hanging and immediately shimmy to the right, around two corners and pull up in the crawlspace. Follow through to climb up in a valley, follow and get into the building. In the next room a flyby shows a Timed door, a Cogwheel and a jump lever.

Timed Doors.

First we go for a Timed door in the top of the room, opened with the jump lever. Grab up to the W balcony, jump to the E side and save at the jump lever. Use it and roll, run to the opening in the fence and jump up to grab up E, run with a left U-turn and jump without a grab towards that door E so you can grab the edge of the opening and NOT the monkey climb. Pull up and run through the right hand side of the opening (savegame). Go to the first corner and look up E to use the jump lever, it will open the exit trapdoor in the next room. Go on to that room and get the Bunch of Keys from the cabinet NW.

Drop through the trapdoor to get to a storage room, look for two push able shelves on the N wall and pull the left hand one aside to get Secret #2(12), a Large Medipack and Revolver ammo. Open the Crowbar door E to get to another room, check the cabinets for the Churchyard Key. Go back the way you came here, all the way to the closed door and find a crawlspace N, get through to end up on the balcony with the jump lever, jump over to the balcony W and down to the floor.

Face E at the Cog wheel, turn it about 6 times and turn right, walk with Shift to the edge of the ledge and grab up to the balcony above. Quickly run to the door and maybe hit “roll” to get in before it totally closes (savegame).

In this passage is a shortcut crawlspace up E, leading back to the room with the Cogwheel.

The Nitrous Oxide Canister.

Open the door with the Bunch of Keys and jump over the deep pit, follow to a wrecked jeep and look behind it for the Nitrous Oxide Canister. Go around the building to the SW corner and get the Large Medipack from the crawlspace. Go back out where you came from and to the Timed door passage, climb up E into that crawlspace and slide backwards into the room with the Cogwheel, drop to the ground floor and leave E, through the valley into the hole in the ground. Through the crawlspace, climb out backwards and safety drop to the ground, go out SW to get back to the deep pit (the gate here is a shortcut back over the pit, in case you got to the Gate of the Churchyard without the Churchyard Key. See below for the route).

Climb back out of the pit (SW and through a crawlspace N) and go to the bike, combine the Valve Pipe with the Canister and mount the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on the bike. Use sprint to jump over the deep pit into a cave. Follow all the way through till you get to a steep part and up to the Gate of the Churchyard.

The Graveyard.

Open the Gate with the Key you have. (In case you missed the Key, ride back to that deep pit, you cannot jump back, so look in the N wall to find a passage, follow in and use a lever, go down to the passage and left into the pit. This is a way to get back to get the Key).

The Gates will close behind you, go right passing a fire and follow the graveyard to the N; in one of the tombs to the left is a Small Medipack. In the end of the graveyard and to the right is a small door (NE), kick it in and find a Torch in the back. Take that back to the fire and ignite it, walk W and right and kick in another door, light all the wall torches there (5x). One of the un-dead will be alarmed. Go out (take the Torch for light) and head back passing the fire, take the first passage right, leading down and go right (E) and right again.

Block Puzzle.

Hop into the hole and land in front of a crawlspace. Drop the Torch in front of the crawlspace to have some light here. Find the push block in the S wall a bit further and push it twice, turn right and pull the right hand block W (standing in front of the crawlspace) once, go around through the crawlspace and push it E in front of the opening in the wall. Go around again and push it into the passage, then move it into the alcove E.

Go back in and pull the SE block twice into the opening in the wall (so it is in its original position). Go through the crawlspace and pull the SW block once to the E and go behind it for Secret #3(13), the Grenade Gun, Grenades and a Large Medipack.

Now go into the passage E you just opened by removing that pushing block and follow through, through a crawlspace, turn around and grab into the crawlspace above, go through crawlspaces till you see a Zombie come for you.

Shoot it and go into the passage E where it came from. Get Secret #4(14), Flares and a Large Medipack. Go back to the previous room and into the passage S, climb up left and use the lever to open a trapdoor near a tomb. Go back to the room and out the crawlspace NW, follow through to where you pushed the blocks, out through the crawlspace and go move the 2 push blocks back into the room. This is because you have to climb up in that E alcove now. Down the ladder and follow to the crypt with the open trapdoor. Drop down into the Crypts.

The Creepy Crypts, the Lasersight.

Check out the chambers left and right for a Small Medipack, Uzi ammo and the Lasersight where the blue light is. Make your way back, S and climb up, follow through, climb up at the trapdoor. Go S and up left, up the ladder and down at the push blocks (pick up the Torch for some light), up W and back W to the graveyard. Shoot that Zombie whenever you met him and go N into an opening NW where the door opened by lighting the wall torches. Go through and come to a place with two doors. Open the one W and get in a crawlspace NW, next to the tomb to get the Revolver.

Back out and kick the N side door, look up the slope NE and shoot the lock on the door. A block will go down behind you, go in and grab up into the crawlspace N in the next room. Walk around the corner and either use the monkey climb or just jump into that open door. Follow through down the ladder and hop down in a passage leading into a Maze.

Just go S all the way, down to the right and then left where you can, in the end you can see a Medipack up N. Climb up SW and jump to grab the block with the Large Medipack. Drop down the N side of the block, go W and left, through a crawlspace and keep left where possible. You’ll end up outside in a canyon and a cut-scene takes over. Turn around after the cut-scene and walk back into the tunnel, jump over the hole to grab Secret #5(15), Grenades, Flares and a Revolver ammo from the ledge.

The Canyon.

Back outside and left on the ledge, hang from the side and drop/grab to the crack below, go right and pull up in a crawlspace, follow through to come to a rope spanning the canyon. Walk the rope to the ledge on the other side (savegame) and find two tunnels there. Take the tunnel N and follow through to where you reach the top ledges of the canyon. Jump over to the SW corner and pull up in a crawlspace W for Secret #6(16), Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo.

The Detonator Key.

Go out, jump to the N ledge then all the way around the E side to the S. Go up S and along the W side hills to the N (you have to shimmy along the edge of the canyon a bit) and enter the yard of an old farm.

Go up the small stairs behind the bycicle N and into the opening in the roof to shoot some crates and get Flares. Back out to the yard, kick the door E and go in, shoot the crates and get Shotgun ammo.

Take the passage S, up the stairs and to a door SW for Uzi ammo. Behind the other door is nothing, get back down and head into the passage N.

Follow through to the stables, shoot the crates W for Uzi ammo and E for Shotgun ammo.

Go up to the first floor along the S wall and NW is a lever, throw that to open a door NE, there’s a door that needs a Key, so first go into the passage SE and up the stairs to the attic with a crane. Go left and at the end around the corner pick up some Flares. In the NW corner is a cabinet where you can find a Bunch of Keys.

The Detonator Key.

Go back out through the passage SE. On the landing below, head N into the open door, open the door there with the Keys and enter. Shoot the crates and get the Detonator Key. Go back out and down the stairs S, out NW and to the first room. Exit W, left to the Canyon. Go W a bit and safety drop down to the rock ledge below in the NW corner, one more safety drop down and you are on the ledge with the tight rope.

Go into the passage W and when you come to a wider cave, into the tunnel SE, follow down a ladder and crawl through, climb up in the Canyon. Go to the Dynamite rigged wall NE and use the Key on the Detonator. Watch the cut-scene.

SAMHAIN DAY. (5 secrets)

This level has a serious Flare bug....Certainly near the end and with the provided darkess it’s hard to make things out. The only light you can get is when you throw a flare.

Go straight to where you find a deep pit, grab the crack in that pillar left and shimmy right around to pull up in the opening. Slide down and push the block all the way into a room with a Push Block Puzzle.

First go back out, go left and follow through to the other side of the deep pit. In the alcove there are some slanted rocks, face the right hand side of the lower one E, hop back against a slanted block W and jump forward onto the E one, back flip and you’ll land on the tip of the W block, jump again with a right curve to land on a flat block E. Turn W and jump to grab that crawlspace E, get in for Secret #1(17), a Grenade Gun, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack. Climb bak out and return to the Block Puzzle room.

Push Block Puzzle.

There are 4 blocks in and around this room, look up in the middle of the room and find 4 textures up the walls there, the blocks must be placed around the hole according to this clue. So according to this clue, the block you just pushed in here has to go to the W side of the hole in the floor. The one with the face (standing NE) goes W, the one with the 2 soldiers has to go where the dead body lies (so that one will come later). One block is missing, it is in the room S, so go there and standing in a pit, move a lower block in front of the block you need and pull it out and to the N room (there’s a bug in this block, suddenly you can’t push it anymore, just pull it once and you can push it further).

The Iron Clapper.

Now with three blocks in place we need to get that corpse out of the way. Go into the cave S and over the ridge S, get ready to shoot a monster. It’s very dark here, go straight S from where you entered and find the Flares in a hole in the floor. To the right (W) is an opening to a cave with a lever, throw the lever to open a door where we go now and go W again. Slide down N and go N, to the left are some brick blocks, go into the open door W and come to the room with the 4 levers. Trial and error to find out which lever is the correct one, but I’ll give you the clue. Its the one on the S side of the pillar, so facing N, pull the lever and the screen rumbles, a flyby shows you a door which was revealed by the earthquake.

Go back out E and SE to a deep pit in the SE corner of the dark cave. Left of it is a tunnel E, go in there. Follow through, use a monkey climb to get over a spike pit and follow to a deep pit, jump and grab across. In the next cave we have to get to a crawlspace way up S, to get there is quite complicated. Go into the NE corner, walk up to the steep floor and turn left, jump and grab the slanted rock there, pull up and back flip onto a ledge. Turn around and hang from the edge, shimmy right and pull up when you are over that torch. Back flip and roll to grab a ladder, go up and left around 2 corners. Back flip with roll and grab the edge of the rock, shimmy right around the corner and climb into the crawlspace. Folllow through to the cave N where the sand was shifted by the earthquake, in the N wall is that door. NE is a crawlspace, get in and use the lever in the end (why use the jump out of the crawlspace animation and then build crawlspaces you can’t jump out of? ). Go back to the sand cave where the door opened and pick up the Iron Clapper inside.

To return to the dark cave, go S into the passage, crawl through to the room with the slanted blocks, jump W over the pit (mind the low ceiling) and go back over the monkey climb. Follow the tunnel to the dark cave and go N to the Push block room.

Wake the Dead, new Caves.

Into the passage N to a room with a bell, walk up to the bell and Lara will use the Iron Clapper to Wake the Dead. Go back to the push blocks and shoot that Zombie, place the last block onto the tile and the screen shakes. The passage E, the one with the spikes, now has a safe path. Go to the monkey climb, left side and climb up into the passage, go to that pit you jumped before and in the pit some spikes went down too. Get into the crawlspace to collect Secret #2(18), 2x Flares, a Small Medipack, Uzi ammo and 2x Shotgun ammo. Go back out and to the spike pit under the monkey climb. Follow to the E and down the passages to where a cut-scene takes over,

Immediately after the cut-scene, jump with a left curve from the slope onto the next slope so you will slide backwards. This way you can grab the end of the slide, the pool below is deadly. Shimmy left and pull up on a flat ledge in the end and from here jump to that sandy pillar ledge SW. Drop from the E side (I touched the water here and nothing happened) to the ledge below. Some Flares are SW up on a bock there. Then make your way to the cave entrance E. Follow through and shoot some bozo’s on your path. You’ll end up in a cave with tombs.

The First Gate Key.

Hop into the crevice W and down to the pool, SW is Secret #3(19), Shotgun ammo, Grenades and Flares. Go back and to the N end of the brick mound in the middle of the cave, there’s an entrance into the mound, get the Gate Key there, when you come out, the un-dead woke up.

Shoot them and go towards that passage E, take a right before the burial chamber, then take the left, right, left to S and in the wider cave into a crawlspace S, follow through and climb up. You come above the tunnel you already went through. Stay on the ledge and go right a bit (N) and take a running jump to the other side (W), around the corner there get Large Medipack. Then walk to the other end and drop down, go S a bit and when you see the double opening to the deadly pool, turn around and look up (screenshot) There’s a rock bridge, you can just grab the lowest point from the higher cave floor below.

The Second Gate Key.

Walk to the SE and jump over into the tunnel S, follow to a cross Lara will look at, step into the next cave where a gate opened and about three Spirits will come alive, run back to the cross and duck to get rid of them. Go into the cave and maybe this water should have been deadly, but I could just run through so I skipped a gate and a monkey climb shortcut to the key. Just get the Second Gate Key SE and get back to the rock bridge (out W and jump over the gap).

Go right (E) into the place where you can open the gate with the 2 Keys. Follow the tunnels down to another Tomb Cave. Shoot the three monsters and go into the opening E, there are 3 symbols on the floor, one broken. First go left and into the passage to a spike pit, jump across and here the camera doesn’t make it easier (together with the flare bug, also don’t use the binoculars (with light) as that might crash the game). Just go straight then a corner (W) and in the end onto a block on the right (NW). Turn around face W and jump and grab to the higher ledge and get Secret #4(20), Shotgun- and Uzi ammo, Flares and Revolver ammo in the other corner. Slide down S and go S to the Tomb cave.

The Stone of Light.

Go back to the Symbols SE and step on the one S, the gate will open up (the slide down E is a dead end...).

Couldn’t see anything anymore so I just describe what to do and if you want to go look for pickups in the dark, be my guest.

Go in and left up the sandy hill, climb up to the pillar N and jump over to the one S, get the Grenades and Flares and jump back to get to the pillar NW. Enter N and go to the N end and right around the corner is a lever to open a door in the Tomb. Throw that and safety drop down from the floor W. Go to the W side of the room and into the Tomb in the middle, down there is the Stone of Light.

Go back out and into the opening E, right into the open gate and up the pillars once more to get to the top floor (NW) of the Tomb Cave where parts of that foggy floor are now walk able. Walk slow and find out which parts, get to the SW corner niche for Shotgun ammo and Flares S, and Uzi ammo in the W side niche.

Carefully get to the NW corner of the strange floor and look for a door that opened W when picking up the Stone. Jump over there and follow in, up a steep slope to the edge of the cave with the rock bridge. Jump around right to a ledge and then over to the W side ledge, up N and follow through, up the stairs and right in the end (W). Another edge of the high cave, jump over to the opening across (throw a flare to spot it). Go up the ladder in the end of that tunnel and back flip off. Follow this tunnel to where it goes down into a larger cave, don’t go left or straight, keep to the right and follow that ledge to the last part, slide down there and go into the chamber W to get Secret #5(21), a Large Medipack, Flares and Uzi ammo from behind the coffin.

Now go to the Door to the Underworld (large pit) in this cave and the cut-scene takes over.

Using the three stones will open the door to the underworld and Lara ends up in a place called Tir Na nOg.


TIR NA NOG. (No secrets)

Finally we can use the flares again...

Follow the cave to the right to come to a large room. Drop down and jump to the ledge N, there are lower floor parts with Spikes, so watch out. W of the first spike trap is an opening in the floor, jump in there and land in an alcove halfway down this high room.

Run left off the floor to land on the arch below. Jump to the higher point of the ledge N and find a lever there. This will open a gate in the SW corner of this room, but getting there requires some presicion jumping. First look up under the arches above and spot symbols, the safe spots where Lara can jump to are where the ceiling symbol is the same as the floor symbol. If you jump on the wrong tile, you have to start over because the gate will close.

So it is the middle one on the first arch, the left hand one on the second arch and the right hand one on the last arch. Jump and grab into the open gate and step outside. Jump to that ladder and go up to the roof, never mind that opening left, it is just a window. Go to that Harp and a cut-scene shows Lara playing the harp. The big gates below will open up.

Go E, hop over the edge and slide down S, go to the bridge W and left to the open gates.

Meeting with Jane.

After the cut-scene a screen will tell you that Jane won’t bleed, you can kill her by shooting her a lot of times. Hit Escape to get out of the screen.

Not only is Jane shooting you, but a bunch of Spirits wll join her, I side jumped left and right, started shooting with the Revolver, switched to Uzis and finally the Shotgun and she dropped. Watch the health bar while jumping and if possible save in between so you won’t have to do it all over again. When Jane is down you have to get rid of the Spirits, run W and jump onto the block with the cross, duck and wait.

The Spear of Victory.

Then go to a push block, facing the big gate N it is to the right. Pull it to that pillar in the pool NW, hop on the pillar and grab up to the cob webs. Follow around till you can drop on the tomb where Jane was and grab the Spear of Victory.

Escape with the Spear of Victory.

When you grab the Spear, the whole place starts to fall apart. Run out of the gates N, over the bridge, hop over the spike traps and climb up E to get back into the cave, follow up to the cave with the pit and the symbol tiles.

Go to the W side of the pit and around, to the SW corner there, up the rocks and jump NW up to the ledge. Into the tunnel W, climb up a few times and come to a steep tunnel where some Spirits roam around. Careful here as there are two boulders, run up left and then to the right as the first boulder comes, immediately after the boulder go left again and then proceed up the tunnel. At the end you come to a deep cave, some rubble will fall, jump left around into that tunnel W and go onwards, head N to the push block puzzle room and go out W, turn right and go to the steep slope (N) where you came down from before.

The final cut-scene will start here.

End of the Game.