Islands of Kirobore.

Level by Sakkemix.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Follow the valley to a pool and dive in, swim down SW and into a small tunnel. Climb out in a room with a pole, shoot some Bats and go up to the passage above. Follow to a pit with spikes, jump and grab that pillar in front and crawl in S to get a Small Medipack.

The Spike Pit, a Torch.

Now stand on the lowest point of the pillar, facing the ladders E and hop back, you might even want to jump up once and then run, at the last moment, just before the jump a slight turn left and donít use Ctrl till you are very close to the ladder (Savegame Ė Video).

Quickly climb up a bit and traverse to the left wall, there you can back flip and roll to grab a ladder on another pillar. Jump W over the top into the passage where the gate opens up. In the SW corner niche is a lever on the E wall; it will raise some lattice platforms in the Spike pit. Now get a Torch and ignite it on the wall torch. Go to the bowls in the 4 corners and ignite them to re-open the entrance gate (you can stand on the lower floor to ignite them).

Take the Torch with you and go over the lattice platform to the exit SW. Drop it down into the lower room at the pole and go down behind it. A Skeleton lurks there now, no way to shoot it, so try to stay away from it while igniting the 4 bowls in the corners. Quickly run through the opened gate and down a ramp where another gate opens up.

A closed gate there, use the jump lever hidden behind the plant on the block with the 2 columns E. Dive into the water behind the opened gate and swim through, climb out N and go to the deep pit W, dive down and collect a Large Medipack NW and a Small one on the central section of the floor. Climb up at the N pillar and use the ladder to get back up, jump to the bridge leading E and jump into the triangular opening in the wall. Go down that passage and straight through the next (high) room.

At the end are some dark alcoves left and right, check out the left hand one for a Small Medipack and shoot some Bats.

Up the High Room, open the Gate.

Now go up into the opening S and turn around, jump and grab the ladder, go up one step and back flip into the passage behind. Throw the lever there to raise a block and return to the high room S. Climb the block and then the platform, jump to the floor N and go up the E ledge with the column. Face S and spot a closed gate, walk to the E end and grab up to the platform above. Jump onto the ledge S, go to the SW corner and grab up to the ledge under the plant there. Stand close to the edge, face NNW and back flip onto the slanted rock behind you, jump and grab the slanted block above. Pull up over and keep doing slide/jumps till you are safe across. Up the ladder to the platform and from there a jump to grab the pole, go up and backflip to a ledge. Jump to the S side and up into the passage to an outside area. Look behind the big banana plant NW for a jump lever and use it to open that gate in the high room I showed you before.

Head back inside and go onto one of the corner ledges at the pole, run down from the corner and grab the pole, slide down to the bottom and turn so you can backflip onto one of the slanted blocks E. Jump till you are safe again on the ladder ledge and slide down from the slanted floor to the ledge below. Hop down to the wooden platform and run down from the S end, go S into the open gate. Grab the ceiling at the spike pit and follow through to a passage with closed gates (one with a lever). Slide down the tunnel S and land in a pool.

Push Crate Puzzle, raise the platforms.

Up W are two platforms you have to raise, go to a lever on the back of the far SW pillar and throw it to raise the first platform. Go to the crate standing in front of all the pillars and push it S against the pillar, then move it all the way against the E wall. Now push it S into the far corner and then against the pillar W, climb the crate and use the hidden jump lever in the plant to raise the second platform.

Getting up there.

Pull the crate back the way you got it here and push it onto the light grey tile at the E wall, near the other crates. Go to a lever on the pillar in the NE and use it to raise the block under the crate. You cannot get onto that raised crate so move the other two crates next to the raising block, one N of it and the other S of it. Now push the top crate to the S and it will be climbable again. Climb up to the wall and get the Large Medipack S, runjump from the rock ledge to the spike less pillar W, then jump up S to the rocks. To the S is the end of the world, so head W and down N in the end to get to the W wall where the platforms are.

(When you jump from the crate to the ledge above, don't pull up. Instead, shimmy around the corner and one square beyond, then pull up. The spikes won't pop up at all, and you can easily hop over the pillars to the other side- solution discovered by Tom.)

Head N and jump over the platforms to the N floor. Up in the E wall is a crawlspace, get in and drop down into the Lever pool.

The Underwater Lever Puzzle, the Bronze Ball.

The collision on the Spike frames on the bottom interfere with operating the levers, stay close to the surface to operate these levers, if not Lara wonít pull them.

Most of the levers are traps, pull the left hand one E, then get back out. A trapdoor opened up in the pool where you pushed the crates, so climb out W and go to the waterfall on that terrace, safety drop down and go to the deepest part of the pool. Save at the trapdoor and dive down, go right around the corner and open that underwater door W. Get the Bronze Ball and now you have to open the way out as the trapdoor closed behind you. Swim out and left (N) and right around the corner in the end to find an underwater lever at the end of that wall. Pull it to open a door left of the door where you got the Ball, so swim back there and follow to where you can climb out, thereís also an air pocket in the SE corner of the room.

(You could also choose to go for the underwater lever NE to open the exit SW first and then go get the Bronze Ball.)

The Shotgun.

In the room with the pool are block and burners, step down from the ledge SW and stand on the bottom on the left hand corner of the burner block, pull up in that corner. Wait for the burner to go down and run to jump and grab the left hand corner of the block SW, turn right and jump to grab the block N, step onto the higher part and grab up into the opening in the ceiling, pull up and backflip. Go get the Shotgun up there and go to the W side of the hole in the floor. Use the lever on the W wall (trapdoor re-opened) and shoot some bats. Drop back down into the burner pool.

Climb out of the burner pool and dice into the tunnel SE, swim N towards the dark pillar and right, then turn left and up to where that trapdoor is. Wade SE and maybe shoot a Skeleton, I just outran them. Climb the crates again, follow the route around to get back to the upper N terrace and place the Ball in the hand N.

The gate to the right of it opens up, climb in and up into the crawlspace, go through another narrow gap and use the lever there to open the next gate. Go right around the corner into the open gate there.

Boulder Challenge, the Glass Rose of Kirobore.

Save before going left down the ramp, back up against the wall and sprint down try to get to the left corner of that ramp and jump to a block a bit left and in front of the ramp (Savegame).

Jump onto the higher pillar and jump onto one of the ramps in the corner, immediately backflip to safety and jump to the ramp once more. In the W wall is an opening, you best jump there from the lowest part of the ramp, with a little curve and grab in the end. Slide down and get the Glass Rose of Kirobore.

Go out of the opened gate and the level ends.