The Angel Within by Skyler Ortega

Game by Skyler Ortega.

Walkthrough by DGP.

Controls for new moves:

Stand Roll- This is use when you press the sprint key, and forward at the same time, to make her roll forward like in TRL, or TRA.

Ledge Jump- while hanging on a crack, press the jump key to ledge jump up, or press the back key while hanging on a ledge to jump backwards of the ledge.

(Thanks to PH for the new ledge jump animations that allow higher ascending)

Out of Crawlspace jump- Press the Sprint+forward right at the edge of a crawlspace to jump out quickly rather than the classical crouch, turn around and shimmy out.

Crawlspace Roll- A handy, and quick way of getting out of those crouching areas. When crouched, press shift to put Lara up on one knee, then press the Sprint key to roll forward.

A number of Secrets didn’t count, normally that’s due to secret triggers having the same secret number…

1 - Thailand. 4 - Hidden Tomb of Alexander. 7 - Underground Fortress.
2 - Thailand-Inner Ruins. 5 – Lower Foothills. 8 - Tzzabelza.
3 - The Great Wall. 6 – Icy Slopes. 9 – Kulo Tez Ramadir.

Standalone level - 2nd Abbingdon Estate.

4 secrets.

No Compass, so hard to give directions.

Lara is on the landing of the stairs; go down to the Living Room.

Face the Fireplace and in that wall are 2 doors.

Door right of the Fireplace – Swimming Pool:

Open the door and follow through to the Pool.

In the left hand wall as you come in you’ll find a Golden push block. Pull it out and climb up. Jump to the chandelier and straight over to the balcony on the other side to get Secret #1, a Silver Shield. Dive down; climb out under the balcony you just visited.

The Green Key.

Along the right hand wall is a grey push block with a symbol on it, pull it out once and climb up, grab up to the small balcony to the right and jump over the balustrade to the large balcony over the entrance. On that balcony is the Green Key next to a door we’ll open up later.

That’s all for now, so make your way back to the Living Room.

(There’s however a big shortcut here, just move that grey block towards the pool and then push it to the other side of the room, straight through that column so you can already jump to the other balcony before raising a block to get there)

Door left of Fireplace: Dining Room.

Follow through and it seems cold out. Open the door in front of you with the Green Key and step into the Dining Room.

****To the left is a door, open it and step outside again, open the door across the yard and enter. To the left is a door you can open with the button next to it.

The Gym.

Follow the passage up the stairs and go into the Gym.

Left around the corner is a push block. Pull that block to the other wall so you can use the button under the window there. Push it, turn around and go left around the wall to find a climb wall (black grated). Climb up into the open doors and grab the monkey climb there. Follow to the pillar, drop and grab and climb around to the other side, ledge jump (hold Ctrl and tap the “down” key) from the crack to grab the slanted beam. Shimmy left to the end and pull up over, jump and jump again to get to Secret #2, a Gold Shield.

Drop down from the ledge and go out of the Gym, back down the stairs to the Corridor and out to the yard. Straight across into the door and back into the Dining room.


In the back wall is another door, to the left as you come in from the Gym (Left of that door is a button to put on the music if you like).

The White Key.

Your diary has an entry: “Hmm… Winston said he dropped a Key in the pool”.

So hop into that pool and get the White Key from the bottom. Climb up onto the left hand ledge and get out of the yard, straight through the Dining room to the square with the Fountain. Go straight into the opposite passage to the Living Room. Go right and up the stairs.

****Straight in front as you go upstairs and to the left, is a crate in a crawlspace above the wooden panel, shoot the crate and the panel to the right will open up. Get Secret #3, a Bronze Shield.


Go to the first door on the landing and go in. Follow through and open the door in the end. (There’s another door on the landing, leading to the bedroom, couldn’t find anything to do there)

The Study.

Go up the stairs in the Study and to the next room, use the White Key next to the flat screen TV and see a panel open up at the Swimming Pool (where you got the Green key).

Swimming Pool 2, open the Kitchen.

Go back to the Swimming Pool, go up the grey block and grab up to that small balcony. Jump over to the large balcony where you got the Green key before and find that open panel, behind it is a button; use that to raise a big block in the other and of the room. Hop into the pool.

Go climb up that large block and jump to the balcony. (The one you could have reached with the grey block shortcut)


Shoot a crate there to get Secret #4, another Silver Shield.


Then go into the alcove in the wall and push a button to open the Kitchen door.

The Kitchen, open the Trophy Room, the Red Key.

Go back to the Living Room, take the door left of the fireplace to get to the Dining room, take the left hand door there to go straight to that corridor (left was the Gym) and in the end of the corridor is the door you opened with the button in the Swimming Pool. It’s the Kitchen and you can open the Freezer with a button. Inside another button on the wall and when you push that the door to the Trophy Room opens up (although no screen). Go back out, all the way back to the Living Room, up the stairs and right, first door left and follow to the end where the open door to the Trophy Room is. Go up the stairs and into the next room to get the Red Key.

Down to the living room; into the corridor opposite the fireplace, and straight out the missing front door. In the corridor on the left is a library but there is nothing in there. Go outside and left of the Main gate is where you can use the Red Key top open the gates and end the level.


Level 1 - Thailand.

3 secrets

In a short passage NW are some Flares, go back out and on the N wall between the statues is a lever. You don’t have to use this one, it opens two gates in the S wall and 2 Yetis will come out to play.

In stead I went up the opening SW and climb up W. To the left is a Timed gate.

**** Secret Detour: go left to that gate and left again, just before the opening to the yard below is a lever on the left hand wall. Pull it and go back through the passage, right at the gate and in the S end left is the open door, go in for Secret #1(1), Revolver ammo and a Silver Cross.


Now you need to get to a lever opening up the Timed gate. There are several ways to get to that lever and this is the one you have to do in reverse later. Go E and jump over the hole in the floor, you’ll find the lever on the wall in front of you. Save there and throw the lever, step aside next to the lever and run to jump over the gap in the floor, grab the other side and pull up (when you grab the edge, release Ctrl for a bit and hit it again, Lara will be able to climb up faster). Go left at the end, straight N and right into the Timed gate.

Climb up and down the other side. To the NE is a ramp, go W and circle left around the caged area, you’ll encounter another Yeti.

****Climb over the ledge E and in the alcove left is a lever; open the door to the right with it. Shoot the Yeti and go in for Secret #2(2), 2x Shotgun ammo and a Bronze Cross. Go out, climb back W over the ledge.


Head into the opening N and come to a Temple Yard. (W Key)

Temple Yard, 3 Keys.

Go E, pass the fountain and up N into a passage, dive into the water and follow to a cave with a pool, swim to the W side of the pool and on the bottom near the big pillar is a (Gold) Key. Swim E walk up the bank and shoot the Tigers and a Macaw. Go use the Key on the door E and get a (Silver) Key inside. You can kill the Yeti’s (and it is better that you do). Go back into the water, swim S and back to the Temple Yard.

Go climb up to the roof SW, go to the top (W) and face N, jump and grab over to the wide opening there. Shoot the Yeti and if you happen to take aim at the monkey by accident you’ll have to kill that too. Go in W and in the end right is the Keyhole, use the Key there and step into the door. Inside to the right is a Tiger and to the left is a (Red) Key.

Go out and follow the path to the E, go left and into the opening E where you can use the Red Key.

A Golden Key.

Go in and to the SE corner of the room, there’s a block with a plant on it. Hidden in the plant is the Golden Key. Now go NE and to a passage in the N wall.

Walk slowly towards the passage N, a Boulder will roll down and squash a Croc. Go down the slope and into the NW corner at that brown wall, hop over the wall to land in a pool. Quickly swim in W with a Croc following you and go right into a tunnel go straight S and walk up, climb up to a gate. Turn around and shoot the Croc.

****Dive back in, swim along the surface and climb up into a dark cave. Get 2x Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo and Secret #3(3), a Gold Cross. Get back into the water.


Swim back N a bit, go right (W) into a tunnel and get a Small Medipack on the right in the end. Swim back dodging another Crock and get to that gate S, get out into the corridor below. Go left (W) and left around the corner is another Small Medipack. Go to that gate S and it will open up (you might have to hop back a few times before it opens), go out and left to the Temple Yard.

Go W and up the ledge to the door you can open with the Golden key. Hop in and time the swinging Knife to get into the next room; go on and reach a Jungle area.

Couldn’t really find anything there, so I went into the building W, either through the opening right (SW) or next to that gate left (NW). When you go into the back (W), a Yeti will show up, you could take him to the boulder slope NE, trigger the boulders to squash him. Or just shoot him.

Either way; in the W wall (near the water holes) is a gate and NE, in the corner next to the boulder slope is the lever to open it.

Down The Pits.

Get through the gate and follow through, go out left and come to a large pit W.

Face W, shoot a Macaw and jump left onto that ledge on top of a long slope, then jump to the block W and make your way down to that bridge below. Go to the S and start climbing up SE to get the Shotgun ammo from a small cave there. Make your way back down to that bridge and jump to grab the ladder W, go down as far as possible and let go. Immediately jump with a roll and you’ll slide down a ramp, grab the edge as you fall into another pit. Hang in the left corner and drop again.

Go down W, NW and into a passage where the level will change.

Hit Esc. To go to the next level.


Level 2 - Thailand-Inner Ruins.

2 secrets

Wade forward and hop onto the bridge, shoot a Croc and get a Large Medipack.

The Snakes Gem.

Go S along the river to the end and climb the low wall E of the river (SE) corner and jump onto the rocks SE, grab up to an alcove S and throw the lever there to open a gate. Drop down and jump in the water and swim through S, climb out and hear what the MAN has to say. Swim back and go N, back to the bridge. Go jump straight up the grassy ledges E, climb up the brick wall and turn left. Straight E is the gate you opened. Look up at the ceiling to spot the clue to where the safe tiles are (the rest is spiked) and go around to get the First Snakes Gem. Carefully go back out and back down to the bridge.

Go S along the left hand (W) wall to the building SW, grab a Small Medipack there and shoot a Macaw.

Go to a pillar S and grab up to a crack; holding Ctrl, hit Alt to get to the top of the pillar. Jump to the N and then stand back, hop onto the slanted pillar N and slide/jump to the ledge ahead (or use the ledge W to get there). Go N along this path and come to a receptacle for the Snakes Gem. The gate opens and 2 Tigers come out, at the same time another Macaw will attack you from the rear.

Go through to a pit and grab up to that rim on the W wall, shimmy halfway over the pit and keep holding Ctrl, hit the down key and Lara will jump over to the other side. Go shimmy left over the pit. Continue to a closed gate and go left to a small pool, hop into the hidden passage in the N wall (there are some Flares on the floor) and go to the end, turn around and grab up, stand-jump out of the end of the upper passage (very hard to see) and go over the walkway to jump to the lever. Use it to open the gate on the ground floor and get down there and through the gate.

Head to the opposite side of the pool, hop into the passage and follow through. You’ll come to another large area.

****Turn left and look NW, to spot the next Secret, jump left around the corner and go to that alcove for Secret #1(4), a Bronze Cross and Shotgun ammo.

Jump back to the ledge S. +++and when you go down the stairs here, you’ll meet the Man a second time, again he talks to you (now you should have access to the third secret). Go back up the stairs to the ledge+++ and jump over SE to where you came into this area.


The Snakes Gem.

Go to the W side where you came in and face SW, run-jump SW and through the branches onto a brick ledge. Follow it W and around right. Jump down to the steps SW and get the Snakes Gem. Jump back to that ledge up E and follow it to the E. You’ll come to a ledge overlooking a courtyard with gates. Stay up here and follow this ledge to the S, better shimmy along the edge because of the low arches. In the end is the receptacle for the Snake Gem. It opens a gate below, drop from the ledge and slide down.

Open the Gate to the Lake.

Go into the gate and follow through to a lever. Throw the lever to open the other gate on the courtyard. Do not go into the water E of the lever, the current is too strong. Instead go back to the courtyard and into the gate E. Jump up right and use the Zip-line to get to the ledge, climb the block and stand on the left or right hand side, run-jump straight to that opening E and climb in. Slide down and a Croc will come, wait for it and jump/roll over the Croc to shoot it (this way you may not target the monkeys).

Go NW into the corner of the cave and to the right is some Shotgun ammo.

In the E side of the cave, on a green block is a Small Medipack.

****Get down the N side of the block and find the opening in the wall, (if you didn’t meet the Man the first 2 times this wall will be closed) Inside the Man is waiting for you and this time he’s not so friendly anymore, so shoot him. When he’s dead you can pick up the Gold Cross. Didn’t count as a Secret here although the readme states it should…. So count Secret #2(5), a Gold Cross is yours. Go back out.****

Head towards a ramp SE and shoot the 3 Crocs there. Go W following the brick road and find a lever on the right hand wall of the tunnel. Save there and use the lever, turn left and quickly hop onto the grassy ledge W till the danger is over (You could also choose to let these boulders crush some of these Crocs for you, needs some tactics).

****Go to the Lake and jump the ledges (SW) to get Secret #3(6), a Silver Cross, a Small Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Jump back to where you used the lever.


Go E over to the ramp and up to the gate you opened left of the big gate, use the lever to open the big gate and go in. When you approach that Gold Dragon Statuette, the level changes.


Level 3 - The Great Wall.

3 secrets

Up to the Wall.

Looks kind of familiar, only the temperature is better.

Go to the pool and the long way up is from the SE corner of the pool onto the ledge left, follow the ledges up to the W.

A shorter way up is to go to the big rock pillar left (SW) and run-jump with a roll onto the grassy slope left of it, jump again and grab the rock pillar to climb up to the ledges. Follow the ledges up to the W and keep climbing up to get into the building way up W (shoot that Crow in the process).

In the corner of the floor is an opening, hang in facing N and drop to grab the crack in the pillar. Go right around the corner and to the lowest point of that crack. Now keep holding Ctrl and tap the “down” key. Lara will turn and jump from the crack to grab the monkey climb. Go to the other end and drop at a Timed gate. Go N and left to jump over to an opening E, throw the lever and wait for that Crow to come in through the now open gate. Shoot it and wait for the lever to reset. Save and throw the lever again, hop back turning left and run a bit diagonal so you will land on the corner of that low ledge after the jump. Stand jump again to the gate and run through the right hand corner before it closes (Video-savegame).

On the Wall.

Shoot the Crow.

****Hop over the N side wall, run W and you’ll get Secret #1(6), although I could find no pick ups there….


We need a key W, go back to the S side of the wall, stand on the W side of that boulder slope and slide down, jump from the end to get out of the boulder’s way.

The Red Iron Key.

Go out of the pool, then go up in the SW corner of the canyon to get onto a path leading E to an opening in the S wall. Follow the passage to a pool and climb the block on the right (NE). Try to time those Hacksaws and jump to the rope, then swing over to the block S (savegame). Grab up to the crack and shimmy left and stop just before you go over that ledge below. Hold Ctrl and tap the “down” key to get to a crack in a hanging block, go left around the corners to the middle of the other side. Hold Ctrl and tap the “down” key to get to another rope, swing to that opening N. Go straight and climb up the green block, to the right you’ll see the Key, hop to that ledge and get the Red Iron Key, go back inside and left to use the Key there.

Deadly Pool, the Gold Key.

Go quickly through the spike that appear from the wall and stop before that deadly pool. Lara refuses to grab the crack S, so jump SW to grab the one in the pillar, go around to the other side, hold ctrl and tap the down key to grab the monkey climb. Go to the next pillar and drop to the crack, go right around one corner and hit the down key (hold Ctrl) to jump to a ledge.

Jump S to the crack and hit Alt to get to the top of the pillar. That pole E; I never used it, you can jump straight over to grab the pillar E. Now jump to the rope and don’t go down all the way; turn right a bit to aim for that pillar in the middle of the room. Grab the crack and jump up to the top with Alt. Jump over to the pillar S and get the Gold Key. OR swing with the rope to the arch N and from there, jump to the crack S.

Safer way back: Run down from the W side of the Key pillar to land on the SW pillar, turn and grab the pole, slide down to land on the ledge of the pole.

Jump to that ledge NW, then to the crack in the pillar N and get on the monkey climb. Go around the pillar near the entrance and do a ledge jump to the crack in the wall next to the entrance to get back there.

Faster way back: Jump back to the middle pillar, run off the N side with a grab to land on the ledge of the monkey climb, jump with a grab from the NE corner into the entrance with a bit of health loss.

Go back out and turn right to the canyon (where you got the key earlier), slide down to the bottom and go up the dark ledges NW to climb back up to the Wall. Open the gate W.

The Tower.

Climb the ladder W and shoot the rats up there to get a Red Iron Key, jump down to a ledge NE and get the Shotgun ammo. Shoot some more rats and get to the keyhole. Open the gate to the next section.

There is a Medipack on the right.

Your goal is to open up a passage in the W wall. Jump up the block against the W wall and push the upper block to the E. Then push on both sides of this tall block another block so you can move the high block again (left or right) push the block where the tall one was on and then pull out the last block and jump over it.

Go down the sloped passage to a flooded corridor with dart traps.

****Walk left into the NW corner to get Secret #2(7), again nothing? ****

Swim across, go into the passage and hop over the pit, save and if I remember correctly you have to run to the right fast and stop against the wall there.

A Lot of Spike Walls.

Save again in front of the sloped passage E, hold the left key while sliding down and Lara will already turn left a bit while falling into a lower passage, there’s a pick up but I just left it there. Hop onto the block and get into the gate (Video-savegame).

Slide and jump, slide and jump and follow the passage over two more pits. Step into the next passage and hop back, wait for the spike walls to disappear and go E again. Jump the first pit, then the next and stay close to the right hand wall, jump with a roll in the end and grab the edge to safety drop down, do a side flip to the right after the safety drop (Video-savegame).

The Grand Cave.

Follow S and shoot a Tiger, to the right is an enormous cave, go to the middle of the ledge.

**** Turn around and hang from the edge, shimmy left till you are over a sandy ledge below and drop, climb in W and go left into the passage to a ladder, climb all the way down and run through the passage to the bottom of the large cave, run E (those Tigers didn’t really bother me) and into the smaller cave in the end. Light a flare and get Secret #3(8), the Shotgun. Go back W and into the NW corner passage, up the ladder and I thought it was easier to take the same route back (you can also go all the way up the ladder and take another route). Climb left off the ladder, go back to that small cave where you look out into the large cave and jump to grab that pillar.


Jump to the top of that large pillar, hang from the edge and drop to grab the crack. Go around to the other side and drop onto the slanted ledge, back flip to the next pillar. Run jump and grab the pillar E, then jump from the NW corner to grab the flat ledge N (a bit hard to see-screenshot). Pull up to the right (W) and turn E, run-jump over that dip in the middle. Face NE at he end and side flip, slide down and grab the edge to shimmy left and pull up. Jump E and the to the S. Last jump is to the cave E.

Follow down to a red symbol, find a ledge between 2 grey rock pillars W and climb up, then grab up into the passage above and throw the lever there. The place rocks and the wall opened at the red symbol.

Go into the next cave and N is a closed gate. Walk up to the right (W) a bit and then stand jump diagonally up to the ledge. Jump down and a passage N leads to a Tiger encounter and also to the back of the closed gate. So jump W over the walkways, and then down left to a block with a lever. Use the lever to get a rope out over the deadly pool and jump/grab back to the walkway. Get to the rope and swing into the opening W (the opening below is empty).

Go up the ramp to end the level.


Level 4 - Hidden Tomb of Alexander.

3 secrets

Go into the hall and left up onto a white push block, grab up to the pillar next to it and jump/grab over to the one S, jump to the closed gates S and stand on the edge of the narrow ledge. Face E and spot another narrow ledge. You have to be lined up perfectly straight for the jump there. This is what you can do, hang from the E side of the ledge, pull up and don’t turn, just do a roll. Then run-jump and hold the forward key down. At the last moment you can grab the ledge E, go into the opening E and use the lever in the back (E wall). Go back to that same narrow ledge and jump back the way you just got here as the gates at the S ledge are now open (You can also drop down to the ground floor and get back up to the pillars).

In the room S is a lever, throw that to open a gate in the E side of the room, so jump back again to where you just came from and go into the gate opposite the wall lever. There’s a lever behind the open gate, grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy past the gate to throw the lever. This releases the boulder; a gate W on the ground floor will open up. Drop down and go towards the gate. Before entering first pull that brown pedestal left of the gate away from the wall once (otherwise it won’t move). Then move it through that W room onto the trigger tile in the alcove W (A gate opens above). In the NE corner in an alcove get the Uzis.

Jump down and climb the low block at the E wall and grab up to a crack E. Hit Alt to jump to the crack above and go left around the corner to a ledge.

****From the NE corner a jump to grab the pillar with Secret #1(10), a Bronze Cross, a Large Medipack and Revolver ammo. Jump back to the ledge W.


Run-jump and grab over to the ledge in front of the open gate W. You’ll end up in a large Hall.

The Hall of Torches, open 4 gates for the Keys.

The First Lever/Gate S-top.

Jump over to grab the ledge ahead and run straight over the top ledge, turn around and safety drop to the ledges below. Go W and jump to grab the right hand (low) side of that arch W. Jump-grab the crack in the pillar S, go right, grab the crack in the column, go around one corner and jump up (Ctrl+Alt) to grab the slanted top, hang on the right hand side. Hold Ctrl and tap the down key, to jump and grab the pillar behind you, go left around two corners and hang on the right hand corner. Now ledge jump with a left curve to land on the top ledge S. Throw the lever to ignite Torches and open the First gate.

Second Lever/Gate S-below.

From this first lever go W and hop onto that slanted pillar SW, grab the edge and drop-grab one crack down, go right around and jump to the next crack, right around the corners and drop at the lever ledge. Throw the lever to ignite Torches and open the Second gate.

First Key, the Amethyst Key.

Grab the crack E, go right around and drop on the ledge, jump and grab the crack in the pillar N. Go around and drop down to the ledges where one of the open gates is (W). Jump over to that gate from the higher part of the floor and follow to a room. Go left and grab up to a gap in the wall NW, jump up and grab the top, go over to the S to a lever in the alcove (W) to open a gate below. Drop down and get the hard to see Amethyst Key.

Third Lever/Gate N-top.

Go back and jump to grab that lower part of the ledges in the Hall. Go to the SE pillar and grab the crack, jump up to the crack above and jump back (Ctrl+down) from the crack to the ledge. Jump to the alcove E, hop onto the higher ledge and go to the right over that ledge. Pick up the Large Medipack in the end and jump to grab the crack W, right around to the other side and jump back to grab the slanted ledge, jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Go over to the lever and open the Third Gate down in the S wall.

Spikes Room, the Emerald Key.

Jump back to the ledges in the middle (no Ctrl), find good spots to safety drop down three times and go to the E end. Enter a room with pillars and spike traps.

Go to the back (E), left and left and find a push block, pull it out and go behind it to use the lever, it will open a gate up the ramp. Go up the ramp through the gate and follow through to a large balcony overlooking the spike room. There’s a lever on the slanted block, it will open a Timed gate in the E side of the room.

Timed Gate for the Key.

Save at the lever, use it and turn left, run E (left of the lever) and jump to the nearest slanted block, jump again to that on the next slanted block and slide to land on the ledge, curve right and jump to the left side of the slanted pillar N, drop and grab. Go left around to the other side and jump up to grab the top, jump back (Ctrl + down) and you’ll go over another slanted block, jump to grab the ledge N, run curving left and jump to the ledge E. Left again and jump-grab to the slanted block, over the top and jump to the flat pillar at the Timed gate E.

Hop into the opening with a grab and stop!!…(savegame) The Emerald Key is right there under your feet, if you run too far you have to do it all over again. Drop down into the room.

**** Secret Detour:

Go back into the passage where that push block was (SW), and up the ramp to a small opening on the left, overlooking the spike room. To the left you have a slanted block, grab that and go over the top, slide and jump to the ledge.

Face N and jump to grab the slanted pillar, drop to the crack and go around to the opposite side, jump straight up and then ledge jump (Ctrl+down), you’ll go over the top of another slanted pillar, jump to grab the ledge N. Same as you did before for the Timed run. But now jump to the right (N) and save.

Throw the Timed lever to open a gate in the SE corner of the room. Pull the lever, roll and curve left or right a bit while you run to jump back to the ledge E (the curve is needed otherwise the run will be too short). Briefly release Ctrl as soon as you grabbed the ledge to pull up faster, jump to the next ledge E and then run left, jump and grab the slanted block, go over the top, slide a bit and jump so you can do a running jump from the ledge to the secret gate S (Video, although not all of it). Pick up Secret #2(11), Grenades, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Gold Cross

Quickly roll and run jump back to that flat pillar as the gate will close with no way to open it again.****

Get out of the room W and jump back to the middle ledges in the Hall of Torches.

Lower S gate – The Ruby Key.

Turn left and jump to grab the crack in the NE pillar, go left around and jump up to the top. From there a jump and grab to the arch E and go left (S) to jump to a block S. Safety drop from the S side of the block and slide down the slope to the W, jump to the ledge at the open gate. Follow through to a crossing with a closed gate, left is down right is up.

Take the left passage first and sprint down the slope, curve out of the way of the boulder and throw the lever down there to raise a column up into the rooms above. Go back up to the crossing (the gate opened up there for later).

Go up the passage N and through the gate that also opened. Jump to the ledge S, walk to the S end and jump to grab the crack next to the ledge. Shimmy to the far corner and jump straight up to an alcove. Then over to the ledge E and from that ledge you can jump to a rope (take one step back from the edge).

Swing to that ledge N and grab the crack in the pillar left (E), go left around and drop to grab the crack below. Jump back from the crack to land on a block in the sandy slope. Hop up to the windowsill N and walk to the SE corner, run-jump and grab that high block SE and get the Ruby Key from it. Drop down and slide to the ground floor.

****Go to the far SE corner of the room and up into the alcove to get Secret #3(12), another Uzi, 2x Uzi ammo and the Silver Cross. Get back out W to the crossing.****

Go back to the Hall of Torches (W) the iron gate is open now.

Last Gate, the Sapphire Key.

Drop down to the ground floor and make your way up the ramp N, throw the lever there and a gate opens up N…. Indeed, up above again.

Climb the low block between the central pillars and jump S, grab the crack in the pillar and go left around to climb onto a protruding ledge. Grab up to the crack and go right around to get onto the ledge.

Go to the pillar NE, grab the crack, go around and get up to the ledge above. Grab the crack in the pillar SE and go up one crack, ledge jump off to the ledge. Go jump to the open gate N, enter the gate and follow to a spike trap popping up. Pull the block (left) to the spikes and place in on the spikes, grab up to the block and shimmy around to get through without health loss.

You’ll arrive in a room with spikes and columns. Watch out for falling swords and jump over to the other side of the room after timing the spike trap (stand jump in and running jump out worked best) OR go the wall left (S) and sprint over a safe path. In the next part of the room is a lever operating a gate in the NW corner of the spike room. Never mind all the blocks in this room with the lever, just go back to the spike room and get on the block left (N), jump over the columns to that gate NW and get the Sapphire Key. Jump back to the last column and then safety drop down, get out and go back to the Hall of Torches.

Use the Keys.

Jump back to the ledges in the middle and do safety drops down till you are on the ground floor. In the S side of the room are the keyholes, use the keys to open the 2 gates. Go through, dive into the water below and the current will take you through to a cave, swim along and climb out on the big terrace E. A closed gate, hop backwards into the water and in the wall under the terrace is a tunnel, go in and use the lever to open the gate. Go back and step through….


Level 5 – Lower Foothills.

Dive down and N to pick up 2x Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo SW. Now swim S, then left (W) around the corner is a low icy ledge you can climb up on (be quick about it otherwise you die on this ledge). Turn around and stand jump SW onto safe ground and get the Flares, shoot a Leopard. There’s a burning crate nearby, when you stand close to it to warm up, you’ll see the health bar go up again.

Go into the left hand tunnel S from there, left and pick up more Flares, go back to the burning crate and go W and left into a tunnel, as soon as the screen starts shaking, go left next to that pit and let the snow balls go by.

Halfway up the next slope is a tunnel to the right, go in there and straight to that ladder. Up to the room above and hop on the ledge for a Large Medipack. The camera changed and a Baddy opens fire, so go take him out. There is a Leopard roaming around too.

Go through W and run jump over the lower part of the snow ridge, there’s a ladder on a pillar.

****To the right is a push block, pull it out and move it against the ladder, then go pull out another block so you can get behind it for Secret #1(13), a Bronze Cross, a Small Medipack and Uzi ammo. Go back to the ladder.


Deadly Environment.

Make sure you have enough health, as the canyons on top of the ladder seem so cold you will freeze to death soon. Climb the ladder; go climb up (if you want; there are Flares straight ahead N, but I left them there). Back flip with a roll from the top of the ladder and run to the block S, get up and grab the Zip-line, ride it all the way to the end and watch the health bar. Slide backwards from the hill, turn right and climb up W to get inside fast. As soon as you get onto the rocky floor you’re safe again.

Now you can go for a pick up, turn around and run jump with a right hand curve out of the opening to a snowy path, follow around left and drop into a pit, you’re safe there, so take your tile to pick up the Grenades and Uzi ammo. Climb back up and get back into the safe passage.

The Revolver.

In this passage and to the left is a push block, push it in twice to open a new passage, go in and run jump onto the higher ledge, then a run jump and grab over a pit. Hop up right and go slide down to Secret #2(14), a Gold Cross and the Revolver. Quickly run up the hill ahead (S) and climb up right, get inside and you’re safe again. The lever there will open a wooden gate somewhere.

A Copper Key.

Go out E, run a bit right and E into that opening and you’re back in the entrance passage. Left is that wooden gate you opened, go in and shoot the Baddy showing up, he will drop Revolver ammo. Inside is a keyhole. At the wooden gate is an opening E out to the canyon.

Run out and left to the S, down from the ledge to a lower path.

Get inside W, go S over the crates and in the second room, left around the corner is the Copper Key. Go back and out to the canyon, climb up to the right (N).

****Run E and onto a flatter ledge next to a deep pit. Hang from the edge and climb down the icy ladder (no ladder textures). Go into the tunnel SE and follow up to where they stashed Secret #3(15), 2x Shotgun ammo and another Bronze Cross (No secret sound and it didn’t count in the stats too).

The hole ahead leads down to the boulder slope and the ladders back up to the canyon, but it is useless, as the Zip-line didn’t reset. So instead go back and up the ladder NW (N wall) to the canyon. Go straight up N, then turn right and left.


Run N, right again and you’re back inside, right around corner is the room with the keyhole. Use the Key to open the gate SW. Go outside, to the right and to the left up the low ridge at the first tree, turn around and hop backwards holding Ctrl. Drop onto a small sloped ledge and land on the ledge leading into the cave N. Go shoot the Leopard and stand close to it to the crate warm up again (fill the health bar).

Snow Bike Ride.

The next part can cost you a lot of medipacks, all depending on how you want to do it. As long as you are on the Bike you can at least travel faster. But keep an eye on the health all the time.

In the cave E is the Snow Bike, step on from facing N and ride it out, turn right (S) and back up the Bike as you have to pick up speed to jump a pit. Go straight over that Baddy in the opening S, straight outside are 2 more Baddies, one will drop Revolver ammo if you care to shoot them losing a lot of health. Just go right around the corner into an opening, right again and better Save here.

Go W up a slope keeping a bit to the left (to the left is the canyon you jumped before, there’s a ladder down into the canyon. I could only find a Small Medipack down there and it took me at least 3 or 4 to get it…).

Just proceed into the opening W, keep right so you jump into the next place close to the block with the Baddy and you could kill him that way.

**** Leave the Bike here and step off, run into the room W and jump into the opening S there, roll and hop back, get down that icy ladder fast and sprint through the dark canyon to Secret #4(16), Grenades. Run back while lighting a flare and find a Small Medipack near the ladder (bit to the right). Quickly get back up and back to the Bike in the room E.


Go up the ramp S, leave the Bike halfway up and jump over the ridge E, no health loss here, so take your time to look for the jump lever (opens the wooden gate) and get your health up again. Climb back over the ridge, get on the Bike and go through the open gate S, right and into the cave, snowballs will fall.

The First Key.

Go down the slope through the opening where you will be safe again. Go all the way to the end where you will find some closed gates and keyholes. Turn the Bike around and drive back till you meet a Baddy, run him over and get the First Key he will drop.

The Second Key.

Go to the last room N, pick up the Small Medipack NW and use the key SW, run back S a bit and left is the opened gate, grab the Flares. Go outside and into that structure, the Second Key (looks like a Detonator Key) is on the ground. Go back inside and to the gate N, open it and step through, follow through and slide down the slope.


Level 6 – Icy Slopes.

3 secrets

That “Detonator” Key is still in the inventory.

Follow the valley and go up the slope NW, slide backwards down the left hand side into the next pit and run W a bit, turn left into the tunnel to avoid the snow balls.

****Shoot the Leopard and go into the passage to the end. Shoot another Leopard and get Secret #1(17), 2 x Arrows and a Bronze Cross.


Get back out and go left, up the slope and climb up, follow to a pit and jump over to the other side and a bit to the right (don’t slide into that pit in the next cave, a long ladder leading to nothing…) Also, in the pit you just jumped over are some pickups I was never able to get.

Go into the opening S and follow through to a big Mountain valley. You can’t get to that ledge SE, as an invisible wall blocks it. So go W a bit and down onto that roof like ledge in the canyon. Run down from the E side and land on a ledge below, hop back and climb down the ladder to the water level. (OR dive into the water) Swim SW and into an alcove S to get a Small Medipack and Uzi ammo. Get back and up that ladder again, from that ledge on top of the ladder you can see a pointy white rock down S, to the left is a ledge with a Small Medipack on it. Run-jump onto the left hand side of that pointy rock so you will slide to the Small Medipack and hop around the corner SW, face E and climb the ledges till you can climb S out of the canyon.

Look SW and find a Rocket Grenade. A Yeti will show up, shoot him and he will leave behind a Key. Now a Soldier will come for you, take him out and go to that little shack S, climb up onto the roof to get the Large Medipack (E) and Shotgun ammo (SW). Now open the gate to get into the shack and take the Bike out. E is another gate you can open with the “Detonator” Key and leads to another Bike and unless you want all the secrets, this is a tremendous shortcut.

Snow Bike Ride.

Go W and follow the tunnels to a large valley. Leave the Bike somewhere in the middle and go climb up to a wide slope near the gate in the NE corner. In the E wall, left of that gate is an opening, jump in there and follow through, go right in that wide tunnel and open the gate with the lever near by. Drop out, go to the Bike and from the S side of the valley take it up the ramp facing N and curve off to the right so you will end up on the higher ledges NW, turn to the E and go with speed over the narrow path, jumping the gaps and into the open gate.

A Key.

Go along the left hand wall and hold your speed to jump the pit, go left around the corner and now keep along the right hand wall, you’ll run over a Soldier and end up in a cave. Climb the ladder to collect a Key and a Large Medipack. (No idea what that Key was for, never used it…)

Climb back down and shoot the two Leopards. Take the Bike out and circle anticlockwise around the pits, over a gap and up a ramp. Around the corner you will go into a narrow tunnel W, over a narrow snow bridge and finally you get outside again. Jump the gaps in the wider snow bridge and take the bike into the tunnel W. In the next large cave snowballs will come down, just speed along the right hand wall to the other side (There’s a ladder down into this pit and that leads back to the valley with the bridge).

Go in NE and follow through to a frozen lake, go up the ramp NE. Follow the path round the cave to the NW corner and you’ll hear snowballs falling. Stop the Bike and collect 3x Uzi ammo in the cave N; then get on the Bike again and ride it through this N cave, along the right hand side of a pit and down left in the end. You’re back in the cave with the lake, the water has drained and you can now get the Key (“Detonator” Key you already had?). Go back into the cave S, keep to the left and you’ll come back to the cave where the snowballs fell. Go left along the slanted wall and out to that bridge, stop, as you cannot make that jump. Instead, turn NW and to the left of the entrance is a ladder down into the gorge.

Get down the ladder and turn around.

****Look E and spot that fur tree just left of the central rock pillar. Make your way down to the tree and behind it is Secret #2(18), a Silver Cross. Shoot the Leopards or outrun them to the SE corner with the ladder, climb the block.


Go to the SE corner and climb the long ladder, jump to the bridge and follow the long way back through the tunnels, jumping a few pits. When back at the shack, go to the gate E and open it.

A Brand New Snow Bike.

Inside is another Bike, ride it through the tunnel, jump into a cave and take out the 2 Soldiers there. Go into the tunnel N and keep left, go up the slanted side and use that to get past the pit. The ladder leads to an empty pit, so don’t bother.. Just follow the tunnel to the Icy Slopes where you can have some fun riding the Bike up and down the slopes and over some Leopards. When you had enough you can go into the large cave W.

The three openings all lead you to a small tunnel W, so go through and leads you to a cave with a deep gorge.

The Gorge.

Go left at the edge of the gorge and ride the Bike up that sloped path SW and jump from the top to a tiny ledge in the corner. Now you can go on foot or carefully manoeuvre the bike down the ledges and land on a wider ledge (screenshot).

****To the E, across the gorge is a cave and it has a Secret, you can go on foot or ride the Bike around the S side and jump in there to get Secret #3(20), a Rocket Launcher and a Gold Cross.


Dive down in the lake below and climb out SW, go into the tunnel and come to the end of the level….


Level 7 - Underground Fortress.

3 secrets

Lara ends up in a large underground Lake surrounded by a large fortress.

Black Bridge, Timed gate, the (White) Key.

Swim NE and find a low cage ledge floating on the water, climb up and jump to the alcove S, then to the cage SW and over to the icy ledge S. Climb up left into the wall and at the crossing left is a lever near the black bridge. The lever opens a Timed gate on the other end of the bridge, not too tight though. Pull, run to the gap and jump over, quickly pull up and sprint into the gate.

Push Blocks.

In the next room are 4 push blocks, move the 2 ground floor blocks in a straight line in front of the top block so you can pull/push the top block under that icy ledge up on the E wall. Climb up and jump into the opening S. Avoid the Blade and go into the passage S to get the (white) Key. Drop down from the opening in front and end up on the black bridge again.

The Iron Key.

Go back over the bridge and into the opening S and straight to a passage where a Hacksaw blocks the way. Jump past the Saw and grab the opposite ledge, go left and face N to grab a crack in the grey pillar, go left around till you can drop on a ledge W. Go to the pillar N and grab up, jump straight up once and go left around to pull up on the N upper ledge, watch out for that saw. Turn around and spot the jump lever S, jump across and use the lever to open the gate N, so jump back and go through to get the Iron Key, drop out of the passage onto the black bridge again.

Use the Keys, Raise 2 Blocks.

Dive into the lake, swim W and climb out at the building. Go left to the NW corner where you will find a keyhole. Use the white key to raise a block behind you. Now go to the far SW corner to use the second key and raise a block up above you.

Lower a Rope.

Go back to the NW corner and climb up to the ledge W to jump to a ledge E. Once more to a ledge E at that pillar and from there; jump to a crack in the NE wall. Do not jump up but just shimmy all the way left and around the corner to drop near a lever. Use the lever to lower a rope at the front of the W building.

Up to the Roof and Inside.

Go back there and up to the ledge again, jump S to the rope and swing (only one forward swing) to the ledge S. Hop over the ledges to the S and a boulder will fall. On the last ledge you can see that block you raised with the key below. Jump and grab the rock ridge S and shimmy left, if Lara doesn’t move, pull up, slide and grab once more and then move left. Pull up in the corner and jump to the block, climb the blocks to get to the roof N. Go all the way down the pole W (run into the opening with a grab) and spot an alcove up in the SE corner of the room. Use the block SE and a ledge to get to that lever and raise a block N with it.

Open the E Gates.

Get onto that block, use the jump lever up E and climb the new block in the middle of the room, Grab up E and use the lever to reveal a floor lever at the W wall.

This lever will open the Gates E of the lake. Swim over there and climb up in. To the left is a pit, it is a way back up in case you will fall somewhere along the next route (if so, find your way back W to get here).

****Stand N of the pit, at the NW corner and hop backwards to grab the edge. Drop and grab the lower crack, go left and drop. Step left a bit and grab up, jump straight up to the opening above, inside is Secret #1(21), 3x Uzi ammo and a Bronze Cross. Drop back out, step right a bit and use the cracks to jump back up to the path again.


Go E and in the pillar left is a crack, shimmy around to a ledge and from there you can jump to a ledge S (it’s also possible to jump there from the high tip at the end of the N side path).

Run to the end and around the corner jump to the ledge S, then to the crack E and go right around to back, jump to the ledge at the E wall. From there jump S again, climb up S and enter the cave E.

Climb the block left (SW) and grab the crack S, go right to the end and ledge jump off holding Ctrl to grab the climbable side of the green block, go down (Lara’s feet still up) and left to drop into the opening.

Walk onto the ledge in the next cave and face N, run jump N onto that slanted ledge and jump again to end up on that brick wall. Climb up to the top to get the Revolver ammo. Get back down to the ground and go to a small tunnel SE. Follow down to a large cave and go up to that pillar, face W and run jump down into that pool below.

****Pick up Secret #2(22), 3x Uzi ammo and a Silver Cross.****

Get out N and climb the blocks NW, up to a crack and jump up to grab the tunnel entrance above. Follow the tunnel to where it meets up with the river again and jump over to grab the other side, climb up to the big grey block.

**** Jump around the corner to that ledge W and then to the ledge on that Icy pillar NW to get Secret #3(23), a Large Medipack, 2x Revolver ammo and the Gold Cross. Dive into the river and go down the waterfall to the pool where the other secret was, climb back up and make your way back to that big grey block.


Jump over to the ledge N and follow through to a rope, use that to swing to the floor ahead and enter the tunnel W. Another large cave, look SW down under the cascades to spot a gate for later. Jump to grab that pillar S, pull up and jump down to the ledge S, follow around (shimmy past that pillar) and jump to the block at the other side (N) of the cascades.

Grab the crack up N and go right around along that crack to reach another tunnel. Follow through to a lever and throw that to open that gate under the cascades. Slide down N, jump to the ledge N and make your way back to the rope, to the floor and left through the passage to the cascades cave.

This time jump down W and crawl through the gap in the wall, follow to the open gate. Stand close to the Circular Knives and roll through when they open up. Side jump through that narrow place and follow up the ramp to the top and don’t step out yet.

Burning Floor and Deadly Spiders.

The floor is deadly except for the ledge like parts (under the floor). Stand in the middle of the opening and hop to that first ledge, immediately back flip and start shooting Spiders.

Hop to that ledge again and now you have to run jump with a curve to a slanted block left at the E wall so you will bounce off to that flat ledge NE (savegame-Video). For this jump you’ll have to back up as far as you can into the SW corner of the ledge (screenshot). From the flat block you can hop to the next ledge and try to take out a Soldier in a passage up E (NE) while on these ledges. Jump towards the passage E and get in, up the ladder and back flip to where the Soldier was. Grab the monkey climb and go over to the other end. Drop and grab, go left around and drop to slide to the exit. In the next room is a similar ledge; here you have to land on the front of the ledge so you can do a running jump straight ahead into that alcove W.

On the right (S) is a crack, use it to get up even higher. Then start jumping around this room to the lever SE and use that to open the gate down in the room. Jump down to the ledge N and run off to the right to land at the open gate. Go through till you are back at the lake with the black bridge, hang from the edge and shimmy right around the corner to the end, jump up to the crack above and go right again to get into the passage. Slide down to the Fortress.

The Fortress.

Dive in and climb out at the Front Doors. Go right to the E and left around the corner, there’s a crack in the S wall, jump to it from the higher ledge and go up to the rampage above. Get up to an opening up W (via the blocks or the crack) and inside behind the fences are two levers. Only use the left hand one as the other one has a spike trap. Now a gate opened up in an underwater tunnel. Go back out and dive into the water, swim S and behind the Fortress (near the wall) is a hole in the bottom. Follow through and climb out.

A flyby starts and as soon as it is over, you better put out the Rocket Launcher. SW is a push block; pull it straight E to the middle of the room so you can climb the block up S. From there take a jump to the crack E and shimmy to the lever alcove. The Fortress will open up and this level is finished.

Level 8 - Tzzabelza.

3 secrets

Run forward and a boulder drops down.

There are different ways to do this next Hall and this is how I did it.

Hop down into the water, swim to the ledge S and climb out. Go in and follow through to a room with a lever, throw it and climb the blocks S, then jump to the crack W and shimmy left to the floor, get the Uzi ammo and go out the door N to the ledge in the hall, shoot the Monster.

****Once you are up on the ledge with all the wheels, get into the side passage N (crawl under the wheels), go E and to the last opening left and face S, stand close to the left hand pillar and hop with a bit of a left curve onto that slanted front of the pillar, slide down to a small balcony (with a run jump you can also land on that balcony) to get Secret #1(23), a Large Medipack, Revolver ammo, 3x Uzi ammo and a Bronze Cross. (I think the cracks in the nearby pillars were meant to get to this secret, but this was much easier) Get back to the ledge with all the wheels. ***

Hop down into the water and go find some Medipacks first, a Large Medipack NE, a Small one SE (S wall) and another Small one in the NW corner near a ladder. Climb the ladder and go E and second left. Crawl underneath the big wheels and go S to the middle of the room.

Jump to the W ledge and throw the lever to start the first of the big wheels, a door opens up at water level W. Dive down into the water and climb up at the door W.

****When on the W ledge with that lever, drop down and hang, shimmy right till you can pull up at the corner, go to pillar (with a Torch on it) grab the crack, shimmy right and jump up to grab a crack above, shimmy left to a ledge and jump into the cave W to get Secret #2(24), a Silver Cross, a Large Medipack, Grenades, 3x Rockets and Uzi ammo. Get back down along that pillar and dive down S to climb up at the door W. ****

W Door:

Enter and shoot the Enemies. Run along the right hand wall and to the SW corner at the pit, where you will be safe from the boulder. Use the rope to get to that brick band on the white pillar, go left around 2 corners and to the highest part of the crack, ledge jump to the ledge and quickly get away from the edge. Shoot the two Spiders.

Run around the next two corners and hop on the white ridge as a boulder strikes behind you. Shoot the Monsters and go to a pillar at the end. Climb up to the Senet Game. In this room is the frame where you have to turn the tiles and step on the coloured tiles.

The Senet Game.

Hop on the game field and jump to the balcony S to get the Rules of Senet. (called Load). Hop back and get onto the balcony W to get the game going.

Save before you do anything and do not save during the game.

The rules of Senet:

You have to move the colored pieces; Semerkhet moves the gold ones. To take a turn, press Action to spin the tiles on the frame. You may then advance one of your pieces by the number of white tiles showing. Step on the colored square (red, green or blue) corresponding to the piece you want to move. The pieces advance as shown in the diagram to the right. Your pieces follow the path marked in red; your opponent's pieces follow the path marked in gray. If you spin all black tiles, this counts as six. If you spin a six or if one of your pieces lands on a square with an ankh, take an extra turn. You may not land on a square occupied by one of your own pieces. If you land on a square occupied by one of your opponent's pieces, it is sent back to the start; so make use of that option. The first player to get all three of his pieces to the final square wins.

Courtesy of Stella -

When you win the game, pillars will rise on the game board; if you loose, go back to your save and try again or go to an opened trapdoor in the NE corner of the room. Drop down, use the lever S and go N through the opened gate to reach the same spot as you would have reached winning the game and using the monkey climb (see The Crystal Ledges).

(When that blue tile is placed like here, you can only reach it with a trick jump; Shift walk Alt).

After Winning.

Go back to that balcony S and stand against the grey pillar under it, grab up to a crack in the pillar and jump up to the balcony, jump to the pillar and use the monkey climb to get to the balcony N.

The Crystal Ledges.

Go up to the top of the room, you can start climbing in the N side of the room and the rest is easy, make your way to the SE corner of the outer ledges and shoot two Spiders. Be careful of a boulder that will drop. Behind a dark block left is a lever, use that to open a door way down below. So make your way down again and drop into the lower part of the room. S is a Large Medipack and N the open door, inside is a jump lever, which will obviously open the doorway up N in the room.

So get back up again and into the door N, make your way through the Hacksaws and go down the passage in the end. In the big hall below are double doors N.

Go to a mound of snow behind the SE pillar and grab up to the crack, go left around one corner and ledge jump to grab the ledge behind. Climb up to the crack there and go left around a corner, jump straight up. Go over the ledges to the far SW corner and find a jump lever in a pink pit. Drop to grab the lever and the level ends…. Looked everywhere, could only find the 2 secrets I have.


Level 9 – Kulo Tez Ramadir.

Key for the Block, the Doppelganger.

As you go forward, a Knight will come running, I just used the pistols to save Revolver ammo. Get the Key he will drop and go do a full circle of the room to collect all the items (2x Large Medipack and Uzi, with a lot of ammo) and use that Key W to raise a block E. Climb the block and go around the ledge on the first floor to get the 4 ammo pickups there too before you enter the corridor W.

A Red Iron Key.

Go outside and shoot the Doppelganger. Uzis have almost no effect, so I just used pistols and finished her of with the Revolver. She will leave behind a Red Iron Key, use that NW and a nasty earthquake starts. Get inside quick, drop from the first floor and sprint through the door E, a cutscene starts and the game ends….