A Test of Time.

Level by mac and Bedazzled.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.   

There are two locations in the game where Lara may refuse to operate a switch. This is not a bug; she just needs to perform another task before she can operate them.

Go to the chest SE and get Secret # 1, a Bronze Shield. Push the button on the W wall and get a shot of a door. Go to the waterfall and jump over for some Flares behind it. Get into the water and swim to the end, climb out and go the the SW corner. There is a push block, pull it out three times so you can jump up the ledges. Behind the block is another button, and now the door is open.

Back to the water and in the open door. Push the button and the trapdoor in the previous room opens. Climb down the ladder, and save before the ramp. Sprint down and jump over the opening in the floor, avoiding a boulder.

Go left (W) and get the Crowbar on the pedestal. Back to the ramp with the boulder, in the shaft where the boulder went in is a Secret. Run of the edge and use Ctrl to land in an opening down. Get Secret # 2, a Silver Shield.

The Small Cog.

Turn around and jump to the ladder, climb up and leave this place (S). Swim through the water and now climb the block to jump to the ledges. In the corner NE is a floor lever, use the Crowbar there. Jump to the ground and see that the cage N has been lowered. Get the Small Cog and go back to the water to the other room, down the ladder at the trapdoor and down and up the ramp to the room W.

The Golden Skull.

Left you can now use the button, this opens a door on the other side of the room. Jump up and come to a deep pit. Left is a ladder down, and once down shoot the tigers. Pick up the Golden Skull.

Back on the ladder and over the tight rope into that passage. Pick up a Medipack and use the button at the end of the passage. Back to the pit, which is now filled with water. Swim to the other side, under the ledge is an underwater lever. Swim into the door and up to get to an outdoor area. In the far NE corner is a button. Now go to the building in the middle and on the W side a gate opened. On top of the steps is a small medipack. Get down and just dive through the emitters into a pool. Swim S and out of the water, turn right (W) and jump into that passage. Watch the next flyby for clues.

Pushblock Puzzle, the Blue Crystal.

Slide down, kill that monster and go to the W side. There are three push blocks on the terrace there. Use binoculars and look to the N wall, the top row, that's how the blocks have to be arranged.

Pull/push the right hand block to the left, the left goes in the middle and the middle goes to the right side. The door left opens, get the Blue Crystal and get a camera shot of the push blocks. Pull out the one in the middle and find the now open door.


A Test of Time Part 2.

The Wooden Clock.

Follow through and in the room at the end you can place the Small Cog on the left side of the W wall. Jump down to that door in the corner and use the button on the right.

Up the ramp avoiding the spike traps, get the Wooden Clock from the pedestal SE and the trapdoor in the middle of the room is open. Safety drop on a pillar. Shoot the pesky bats, run to the N wall ledge and watch the fly by. Face W and jump to that crack, shimmy left to the other corner and drop on a ledge. Jump the ledges to the E side. Face the ladder, jump and grab the ladder (W) and descend almost to the bottom of the wooden bars, then shimmy right and go down a bit to back flip to the ledge.

Jump the transparent ledges and hop into the opening in the W, push the button. Return to the room; jump over the transparent to the E side. Climb the ladder for Secret # 3, a Gold Shield.

The Yellow Crystal.

Down the ladder to an invisible ledge W and a running jump to the ledge N. Two safety drops down to the ground floor and pick up the Yellow Crystal SW.

The Purple Crystal.

Go in the door and follow through to the S wall. Get in either side and follow the passages, avoiding the spike traps and the wraith. Jump in the pool and through the opening left (SE). Climb out at the end W and the door opens. Lara looks to the left, the water has changed into ice, so walk to the other side and pick up the Purple Crystal.

Go E and on the right you can place the Golden Skull in a niche. Doors open, go in and watch the fly by. Place the Blue Crystal on top of the steps S. Turn around and climb the pole NE, back flip on a ledge. Face W and jump the transparent ledges to the S wall. Place the Purple Crystal there. Safety drop down to the ground and go to the W to jump to the ladder next to the steps. Climb up and climb off to the left, place the Yellow Crystal and face the wall W. Jump to the ladder to get even one floor higher. Use the monkey climb to get to another ledge and from there jump to the S wall.

Place the Wooden Clock and make you way back to the ladder and down to the ground floor. Go to the lever N; you can use it now and watch the end fly by.