BtB 2010 - Clockwork Orange.

Level by MichaelP.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

If you manage to pick up more than half of the secrets, you can choose to have an easier finale of the adventure.

First turn around and go up to that small shack NE, on the roof is a small medipack. Go down N and find the Vespa Scooter, take it to the water and park it in front of the water. Near the water you’ll find a bunch of levers at a pit. Facing the water and from right to left, I numbered them 1-6, they will switch the position of the raising platforms on the jetties.

High Jump Lever and the 1st Rose Jewel.

First go SW to the water and jump over to the second jetty W where you can enter the house. In the windowsills W are Flares and a small medipack, on the table is the Blue Key. Lara looks out to a platform. Go into that opening (NE) and this is the only place so far where you can get up on the platforms. You have to jump to the one N, it’s a long jump and could take a few tries (this trick might help, position Lara on the corner facing the corner of the other platform, hop back and jump straight up once. Now do the run jump and grab at the last moment). Now jump NW, then twice to the W and immediately N again to get to that jump lever before that Gangster kills you. A door will open up in the NE; it is the exit of a room.

Jump back to the platform S, then SW and drop from the S side of it. Look on the W side of this jetty to find a jump lever on the side, near the water edge. Use it and go to an opened underwater gate S to get the 1st Rose Jewel. Swim back E and get back to the levers E. Throw the first available lever (the rest you cannot use yet).

Lever #1, the Room with the Roses, tough Jumps, the 2nd Rose Jewel.

Go get the Scooter and go over the jetty into the building N where you just opened the exit, save and reload to get rid of the bats and then go up the steep floor along the left hand wall, a boulder will fall and the floor is reshaped. Leave the Scooter here for now and go place the first Rose in the receptacle W.

Go to the NE corner, stand on the slanted floor behind a spike pit and look up S, there’s a ladder. Stand back, jump and grab the ladder, hang left and go up over the top after saving. Slide as far as possible and jump left to the next block, immediately jump right to GRAB the next block. Hang about a step from the left side and slide far, jump with a left curve around the ladder there to land on a flat ledge. Now jump almost straight W from the SW corner, do a roll in the air and land on the tip of that left sloped block so you can slide backwards and backflip over the other slanted block to a flat ledge S. Grab up W to a ledge above. Jump N to grab the block and hang right.

Now you can go 2 ways: straight N to the Rose Jewel or with a detour for the Secret.

With the Secret: Go over the top and immediately jump right to grab the next block. Hang right again and go over the top, jump right to grab the block sloped towards you. Hang on the right hand side of it, pull up to backflip/roll and jump from the next block to grab that ladder. Backflip/roll and grab the slanted block, traverse to the left and pull up to get Secret #1, a first Carnival Mask, a small medipack and Glock ammo.

Jump SW to get back to that upper flat ledge and jump to the slanted block N again. Hang right and go over the top, slide far and jump right, then jump left from the next and grab the far N ledge. Pick up the 2nd Rose Jewel there. Go to the E side of the ledge, hang from the side and drop onto the slanted block below, slide but DON’T grab the edge. Just slide off, over the spike trap into the opening.

Place the second Rose W and see the first trapdoor in the lever pit go up. Take the Scooter out through the door SE and put it in front of the jetty with the painting on it. Throw lever #1 again to lower the platform in front of the house where you got the Blue Key.

Lever #2, Create a Shortcut Up.

Throw lever # 2 and platforms shift position. There’s a path available, over the jetties to the door with the wall torch above (second opening S wall). Ride the Scooter up the steep floor S, but not into the hole.. A door opens below, near the table, take the Vespa down again and leave it here, enter, save and reload to get rid of the bats and side flip/backflip over the Blades after timing them (possible without health loss). Just around the corner upstairs is a lever, throw it to stop the Blades, they have to be in an “open” position of course. Open the double doors and you’ve created a shortcut up.

Storage Room, raise the Water Level for the Platform Lever.

Face W and drop into the hole in the floor, use the underwater lever there to open a door S. Turn left (S) and just to the left is a grating, behind it another Secret we’ll get later. Swim through and climb up onto the ledge in the next room. Go up the ladder and come to a storage room. Go to the window NE and get the Shotgun ammo, notice the manhole E (later) and go over to the pipe W and hop over them to get more Shotgun ammo. Use the valve on the pipe to flood the room below.

Run back to the hole N and hang from the edge till the rats are down in the water. Go to a crate SE from the valve you used and get the Shotgun ammo. Go NE from this crate and sidestep along the swinging crate to the window. Use the lever to close that door below again, so the exit passage is open for later Get back down into the water N and look for the small crack in the S wall you can now swim through.

Opening the way to the Torches and the Shotgun.

Pull up E and back flip, get the Shotgun ammo on that ledge and run S off the lower part to grab the opening under the grate S (you can also pull up to that gate from the water, that’s new!). Run-jump from this opening to grab the crawlspace S and get through. Drop into the next room, climb out SE and throw the lever to lower a block in the Room with the Roses, leading to the zip-line. Get the Shotgun in the corner and dive into the water, throw the underwater lever N and the water level lowers again. Climb the ladder S and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder at the crawlspace.

The Second “Lever” trapdoor.

Get through the crawlspace and in that room use the lever in the NE corner. The second “Lever” trapdoor rises and a Gangster starts shooting in the storeroom, he can’t hurt you yet. Jump NW up into the opening with the now closed gate and get back to the crawlspace S, to the room with the underwater lever and throw it again to raise the water level. Climb into the opening SE and go to the lever, roll and grab up to the crevice above. Crawl backwards out into the room and follow the crack left to get back to the ladder at the crawlspace (if Lara won’t get on the ladder, go right a bit and release Ctrl for a millisecond and try again). Climb up at the gate and crawl backwards through. Swim through the narrow gap N, the door N is the one you opened with the lever in the storage room.

Back Out.

Swim out N, take a left at the closed door and up left is some Shotgun ammo. Roll and swim N, the current will take you back to the Main pool. First go get your Scooter and take it back to the levers E.

Lever #3 for the Crowbar.

Go to the levers and throw the #3 lever and a path for the Scooter is created to the third opening N.

Room with the Roses 2, a Torch.

Throw lever #1 again to raise the second platform S, the one under the burning wall torch. Remember that block going down? Go into the Room with the Roses (first N) and up to the upper SW corner again (see for the route in paragraph: Lever #1). Grab up to the opening S and climb the ladder, hang right and backflip off. Go to the zip-line and ride it to a ledge with Torches. Throw all but one down E (not in that pit) and hold on to the last one.

Ignite the Torch.

With the Torch in hand, run jump down W from of the ledge, you’ll land on the platform below the burning wall torch; ignite the Torch. Run down N and go over into the third opening N, leave the Torch inside and go get the Scooter from where you left it to where the Torch is. Up the steep floor and leave it here until further notice. A shortcut door opened E, go down to get the Torch and up again through the shortcut to light the 2 wall torches.

Jumping the Blocks, a Bell.

Take the Torch with you into the room N, up E in this room is a Bell you have to shoot for a Secret. Start in the alcove W, face N and stand right, backflip and slide jump twice to get onto a long slope, jump off with a right curve and slide/jump two more times to get to an opening up W. Throw the Torch in the room ahead and first shoot the gangster and his dogs and turn around to shoot the Bell. A screenshot of another Secret, because a block in the lever pit lowered, giving you access later...

The Crowbar.

Go to the window overlooking the Main pool. Turn around there and spot the jump lever, use it to open a ceiling hatch NW. Climb up there and get the Crowbar.

The third “Lever” trapdoor.

Go get your Torch and go back to the window with the jump lever. Look down for the closest platform SE and run jump down to it. Jump the platforms to those windows in the building W. Face the nearest window and save. Then throw the Torch into the windowsill, jump after it and shoot the window to get inside. There are two wall torches to ignite on the E wall, better do the one next to the window you shot last and save. A Wraith will be after you. The third “Lever” trapdoor went up. Drop the Torch and quickly get out of the window and down into the water, swim E, climb out to go to the levers.

Want another Secret? Climb down in the lever pit, go to the third trapdoor and grab up into a hidden crawlspace E you opened by shooting that Bell before, climb through and get Secret #2, the second Carnival Mask, a small medipack and Glock ammo, as usual. Get back out of the pit.

Lever #4, the Harp Puzzle, “Lever” platform #4.

Throw the 4th Lever to switch platforms. Get back to where you left the Scooter (second house N). Take it back out and go left, then right around corners into the third house N. Careful, there’s some water there, stop down in the room and notice the two Harps. Push the two harps onto the wooden platforms. Go up the hill N and leave the Vespa here (your shortcut here is through the curtain E).

You’ll have to raise two Harps to the ledges above. One button, for the E platform is next to the crowbar door N and the other is inside the door, so open the door and use both buttons. Step out and notice the ledge near the palm tree E, grab up to it and the sprinkler starts spraying water. Face N, grab up to the rose bush above and go straight to the N wall, drop and grab a crack to shimmy right to the crawlspace. Inside is Secret #3, the third Carnival Mask and yes, a small medipack and Glock ammo. Drop out of the crawlspace.

Take the Scooter down the hill and leave it here until further notice, go to the W side harp. Push it onto the platform W and a flyby starts where Lara is taken up by the platform. Now move the Harp to the W end of the ledge and it starts to play. Jump over to the E and move that Harp onto the tile too. You’ll see the 4th “Lever” platform go up. (If you happen to fall down during these actions, you can get back up to the ledges via the sprinkler ledge E)

Make your way to the Levers and throw the 5th Lever.

Lever #5, Boulder Puzzle,

The route opened from the Harp room to the third opening S, so go to the Vespa, you left it near the platforms in the Harp room and ride it out onto the jetty, straight to the end and left/right.

The Glock 17.

Go up the steep floor along the right hand side and a shortcut opens E. This will also have opened a painting in the house next door. Stop in front of the passage to the right and leave the Scooter here. Go in W and get the Glock 17 from under the cloth hanger (duck to pick it up).

The Laser sight.

Move on to the N and find a kind of staircase, go up and grab up to the trapdoors to get to the upper stairs. A danger sound will alarm you. There’s a boulder there and the different part with the carpet is the trigger, hop back on it, run down from the trapdoor and wait there. The boulder will rest on the trapdoor. Grab up next to it (right hand side) and pull up, keep the forward key pressed to get back up the stairs (Another way to trigger the boulder: run up along the balustrade and duck as soon as you trigger the boulder). On the upper landing is the Laser sight.

The 5th “Lever” platform.

Combine the Glock with the sight and shoot the Bell in the ceiling (save precious ammo, as soon as you zoomed in with the sight, hit the #1 key and Lara will switch to pistol ammo). A platform rises on the E wall below. And the boulder goes one floor down. Jump to the platform E from the trapdoor where the boulder was and then jump into the window N, shoot the window to use the lever there.

Boulder goes one more floor down and a door opens under a monkeyclimb NW. Get back onto the stairs and all the way down to the floor, in the NW corner is a ladder (E). Go up to one grab below that door and backflip into the opening. Throw the lever in the end of this passage to flood the lower part of the room. Now jump out of the passage with a curve right around the corner and grab the monkeyclimb. Go to the jump lever to use it and go back to the open door. Stand right, take one side step left and face SE, now hop back and run jump/grab out to just catch the very tip of the monkeyclimb. Go over to the jump lever to open the painting up E.

Raise the 5th “Lever” platform by using the underwater lever on the E wall and then you could swim out SW, but first we go gather some Secrets. By now there are 2 Gangsters in the wardrobe S, deal with them now or later.

Climb back out on the trapdoor SW and go up one floor to get into the open painting SE and get Secret #4, the fourth Carnival Mask, a small medipack and this time 2x Glock ammo. Get up to that platform on the E wall and jump to the window. Look left around the corner outside. There’s a red glow on that roof, run jump out left to that roof and go get Secret #5, the fifth Carnival Mask, a small medipack and Glock ammo.

On we go for another Secret, remember where you left the Torch? It’s right below you. Go to the NE corner of the roof and look down for that raised platform, drop down on it, get into the house and get the Torch. Walk out to the edge of the window and hop back to the platform. Run off N to the jetty below. Take the burning Torch into the first house (SE) and shoot the Gangster(s) there if you didn’t yet. Go left through the shortcut to the upper floor and into the opened painting S. Hop up over the blocks and when you come to the drop down to the storage room, SAVE. Face S and hit the #1 key, Lara draws pistols and drops the Torch on the ledge below. Be sure it landed in the right place and not in the pit.

Go back down this passage to the open painting and drop down into the hole in the floor again, turn S and to the left the grating should be gone, go in and get Secret #6, the sixth Carnival Mask, a small medipack and Glock ammo. Swim out and right, use the underwater lever again and swim out S, climb the ledge and the ladder, get the Torch and go to the second window E and ignite the wall torch there. The manhole opens up. Go down the ladder there to swim out into the canal and get Secret #7, the seventh Carnival Mask, a small medipack and Glock ammo. Swim back in and get up the ladder, go to that lever in the third window again to open the underwater exit door again. Dive into the pit NW and go into the opening N to swim back left to the Main pool.

The Timed Scooter Ride.

Go get the scooter, you can get there through the shortcut in the first house S and through the curtain W, take it back to the levers E via the way you just got there.

With all the levers thrown (handles facing the pool) you can now save and throw the last one and watch the flyby of the route you have to take in a timed Scooter Ride. First throw the levers 1, 4 and 5 again so they face away from the pool. Now you should have a route as follows. Over the Carnival texture on the jetty, follow to the third opening N (under the jump lever), go up the steep floor and left through the curtain into the Harp room, down the hill and up to the jetties again. Straight S to the end and do a right hand U-turn there, first left and speed up to up the ramp into the Timed door. BTW the trigger for the timed door is under the tile with the face on it so no need to push the lever # 6 again.

Position the Scooter close to the 6th lever before you start, so you can already go diagonally over the first corner. It’s quite a tight run, try to cut corners. You can almost drive diagonally to the first door, yes even possible with the Scooter if you dare to take the risk. (savegame)

Final Battle.

This is why the Secrets were so important. More Secrets, more ammo and more Masks to use. There’s a button on the trapdoor below the SE corner of this ledge, but it will close the door?Reverse the Scooter out of the doorway and use the Blue Key there to open the gate.

4 Masks for the Golden Key.

When you enter, stay in this first room. Rats attack and a Demigirl will come for you. Take her out and place 4 of the Masks in this first room and the Golden Key will appear on the block SW.

If you would have ran to the last room, more enemies would have appeared, the last one would have dropped the Golden Key. Now when you go to the W end you can go in piece. Use the Golden Key and the door to the docks opens up.