Jurassic Park NG.

A Next Generation remake of the original “Lara at the Movies” Jurassic Park adventure.

Levels by George Maciver

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Level 1 - Breeding Facility.

Watch the flyby and go straight to the door in the S after the flyby, it opens when you approach. You can’t get to the Key on the left hand burner block just yet. So go W and you arrive outdoors.  Go left and into an open door left again. Lara looks up to the trapdoor, open it and climb in facing E.

Get the Flares on the box and turn W to shoot out the grate up W. Climb in shoot out another grate and even the next one you see far right. It works best when you are hugging the left wall. Crawl out and pick up a small medipack in the alcove (E) next to where you got the flares. Kill the compy’s and go SW and into another crawlspace S. You'll drop down a corridor, go in and crawl through and once down there is another crawlspace. Shoot out the grate and lower yourself into a room with crates. Shoot the raptor and save in front of the switch S. This opens a Timed door on the other side NW. Once through the door pick up a small medipack left.

A Computer Disk.

Go N and use the switch there, the door to the outside opens, go N through the also opened door and go through the room to the streets, near the dead body of the soldier. Go N and then take a right (E) and pick up a Computer Disk between the arches to the right (S). A Bit further E and to the right you can find Flares. Face NW and see the door you just opened in the building W, enter and use the disk in the terminal around the corner. Go back out and (S) and find the newly open door on the right (last door in the building W). The door closes behind you.

Underground Secret.

Drop down, get the small medipack NE and then drop into the hole into the water, way below. Climb out and get into the opening N. Follow through and when you see a blue door there is a crawlspace up left (S wall). Crawl through and end up at a pool. There is an opening underwater at the E but be careful as a crocodile is swimming around somewhere, so better lure it back out and shoot it. Keep swimming E, right around a corner and at the end climb out. There is an opening left (S), get in and at the end hang backwards over the pool and shimmy to the right onto a block. Take a running jump to the other side NE and once there, climb up left.

Follow through this passage, drop down at the end and get SECRET #1, a Bronze Relic.


Go NE to drop down and the door will open when you approach. You are back at the previous corridor. Go left (N) and open the door W with the switch next to it. You arrive at another pool with lilies. Take a running jump over to the ledge with the spikes and again one to the N. You get a camera shot of a boulder so be warned. Face SW and hop back once into the passage to trigger the boulder, quickly run out right. Go back in and go through to the next place. Use the switch and enter, jump in the water and swim N through a crawlspace. Watch out for a crocodile that can make your life a misery. Climb out W in the next pool and shoot it. Get on the monkey climb next to the S wall and climb to the other side, let go and grab immediately and hoist up. In the SE corner is an opening, climb in and take a running jump over the deadly water to the ladder. Once up draw your pistols as a Raptor is waiting (or run straight through and end up in a pool).

Raptor Compound.

Swim W and go left (S) and follow through, swim through a crawlspace (NE) and end up in a closed compound where two Raptors roam. Shoot them while you’re still in the water.

Climb out and there is a small medipack to be found on that hill SW (jump up from a spot along the S wall), get down and first go to the NW corner and climb the ladder, shoot out the windows on the right and jump in. SW behind the door, get that small medipack and use the switch on the N wall. This opens a door all the way on the other side of this compound (SE). Climb the ladder there and use the button you find in this small passage and you are back in the streets.

Another Computer Disk.

Go left (N) and then right and left again, in the NE of that street is an open door. Use the switch on the wall, this opens a door outside on top of some steps W. Go there and find another Computer Disk on the desk. Back to the room with the switch NE and use the disk in the NW corner. Go out and S, to the right and left (S), go to the end, where the dead soldier is and around the corner passing the Land Rover, almost at the end of this street on the right (S) is the door you opened. 

Timed Doors.

When you enter you’ll get a small cut scene. On the crates W is a Medipack. The button you saw is in an alcove above the corridor to the S and the switch is right next to it. First use the button; Jump there from the crates, this will extinguish the fire on top of the block behind you. Climb on that block and take a running jump to grab the ledge S, save and use the timed switch there. Jump back and drop to the ground floor, run straight into the timed door.

The tile in the corner opens the door and in the back of this room is another timed switch (S). This opens the other door outside SW, run out and left, then left into the second opening. Kill the compy’s and stand on the marked tile to open the door again. Another timed switch is E. This opens the door in the middle of the other room, so run/jump out this room, right around the corner and sprint in the corridor and once inside shoot the Raptor. SW is a small medipack in an alcove. Opposite the door you entered is a ceiling hatch, open it facing W.

Red Hot, a Torch.

Climb up S and save before entering the next room. The tiles with a red dot are dangerous, so jump to the other side, get the Torch and ignite it on one of the flames. Carefully jump back and down, the door will open when you are down, go through the corridor and leave the Torch on the floor for a bit. Jump the crates and from there to the opening S where you find the last switch in the SW alcove.

The Shotgun, more Computer Disks.

This opens another door outside. Take the Torch out and leave it on the streets where you can find it again and enter through the opening W. Go into the open cage inside and get the Shotgun there. Get out and go to the NE corner, jump and grab up to the entrance arch and shimmy all the way to the other end of this arch. Hoist up and take a running jump to the top of the cage. Pick up the Computer Disk and jump down to the ground. Use the button W and enter the new passage and use the disk at the end. Go back to the area with the cage and find the door to the left opened. In this office climb up SW, use the monkey climb to get to the NE corner, picking up some Shotgun ammo on the way and grab another Computer Disk.

Igniting Burners, the Office Key.

Get down and go out and the doors E open up when you approach. Pick up the Torch and go straight passing the Land Rover, towards the dead soldier.

Get in the opening S and ignite the tile with the grating SE. Get out onto the street and go W and into the opening on the left (S), there is another tile with a grating (NW) you have to ignite. Don’t go out just yet but instead go S through some rooms and in the last near a closed door, left around the corner is another grated tile. You’ll hear a door being opened, this door is a bit back, so retrace your steps and go left into the new room. Use the switch S and see some flames die out on the block with that Key. Back out (N) taking the Torch with you and leave it on the street. Go to the dead soldier (E) and to the right into the passage and climb up the block in that room to get the Office Key. Go back out to the street.

Take the Torch and go N, right and left around the corner, then right again to where you’ll find a dead raptor and a guard. Drop the Torch for now and use the Keys on the NE gate there. Go in and use the Disk in the right hand corner and get a cut scene of two wooden gates being opened. Get you pistols out as two Raptors are joining the party. Take the Torch again and go NW, then right into the large opening NW and you’ll hear a roar, shoot the compy’s and two Raptors around the corner. Follow the road and see the two doors you opened. Bring the Torch with you through the doors. It is needed for a Secret in the next level.


Level 2-Dockside Warehouse.

Watch the fly by and when it is over, shoot the compy’s. Drop the Torch for now and go down E to the lake, walk left to where you cannot go any further and hang from the edge, shimmy all the way to the right and pull up. Go into the cave, shoot the bats and a raptor. Climb the block S and grab up N to the cave above. Go to the N and get SECRET # 2, the Gold Relic. Get back the way you came and pick up the Torch again.

A Computer Disk.

Go to the first building left (next to the dead Raptor) and leave the Torch in the middle of the street. Go climb in (SE) and shoot the grate there. Climb down, grab the Computer Disk from the desk in the corner. You’ll hear a door being opened, it’s below you. Crawl back out and go left around the corner into the door. Use the button W, this opens another door opposite, so go there.

The Laser Sight.

In the office W are Flares, go out and use the button S and enter another office left. Get the Laser Sight from the desk, then go to the small passage with emitters (W and left), wait till they are down and run inside, use the switch and see again a door being opened. Go out the door NW and back to the streets; the other door is in the E. Use the computer disk in this office and watch the big wooden doors being opened.

Before going there; better go to the water edge and go to a square E, pick up Revolver ammo in a corner and take note of a closed door there.

Warehouse Key 1.

Now go through the big wooden doors, go to the far SE and shoot the lock with your pistols (shoot and duck). Inside is an electric box; shoot that as well. Use the switch, go outside and find open doors E to a room with some crates. Up W and left and right are grates, shoot them both, climb inside the both and get the Warehouse Key 1, Shotgun ammo and another Shotgun.

Go to the opened door N, then left and place the Key on the W wall (straight W, the grey object). Climb the ladder left and back flip. Go further and jump E and go right to jump to the walkway SE. Hop E and use the switch there.

One of the emitters on top of the pillars is out, jump back to the walkway, go N and jump back to the opening NW, go right going E around the corner jumping ledges till you find a switch SE.

Timed Ledge Runs, the Revolver and Warehouse Key 2.

Use it and watch the flyby, save and use it again and jump W over the ledges through the timed doors, last door left around the corner of the first. There is another timed switch in this office and the Revolver on the desk. This timed switch opens another door further down (W) and left, so make your way there.

Grab Warehouse Key 2 from the desk and get out and lower yourself to the ground floor.

Go outside to the street and head back into the warehouse E and up the ladder W again. Back flip and into the door right (S), jump left onto the rafter again. Go to the S end (high ceiling) and hop in to the alcove SW. Hang back and shimmy right and jump to the pillar and then into the last alcove for a Medipack.

Now get back onto the pillar with the red dot and jump to the pillar with fire on top. Shimmy to the other side and hoist up, standing in the corner. Jump up to get to the monkey climb and let go at the end to grab the ledge. Use the Key and climb up. Watch out as there are spike traps and emitters and some compy’s. Follow through avoiding the traps, sprint past the second emitter (or hug the wall) and get Shotgun ammo from an alcove on the right.

Go S and take the first passage left and follow through, near another emitter look up (W) and when it is safe jump up and hoist up. Go W first, NW you can find Revolver ammo and E you have to shoot out two gates and use the Revolver and Laser sight to shoot out the panel straight ahead (under the red dot). Go back and jump E over the hole in the floor and avoid getting burned at the next emitter. Follow through and go right at the end to jump up a block NW. Save in front of the switch as it is Timed and it extinguishes the fire behind you, so jump and grab up there, roll and turn right a bit to jump N (slide) jump again and get on the ledge E. Jump up the monkey climb, let go at the end and grab, hoist up and crawl through. Drop down and another short crawl and you could use the Revolver with the sight to kill the Raptors from above. Drop down and take care of the compy’s, then shoot the electric box NW. Flip the switch.

Watch the cut scene and leave through the now open door E and at the end, use a button to see a trapdoor lowering. Go through the door (W), go N, pass the emitter, through a door and left and stand still at the opening in the floor. Time the emitter to jump down; the trapdoor is in the NE corner. Lower yourself down (facing W as there is a ladder you can climb down).

Use the button NE and go outside to the streets, take a left and into the open door, left of the jeep.

Dino Valley.

Go to the S wall and follow it W and if you look up you see a monkey climb, right after that is a small block standing there by its lonesome self, now turn to the left (S) and climb up a block in an alcove. Jump over the burning tile or grab the crack in the left wall). Go SW to another part of the valleys and into the water on the left. Swim through the opening W, follow to the S and climb out on the tile left around the corner E. This triggers emitters. Go into the opening in the N wall and throw the lever NW, the spikes at the emitters are gone. Go back to the pool, stand on the tile and Time the emitters. Run forward, hit “Shift” to stop at the edge of the higher floor and grab up to the E ledge. Grab the monkey climb to traverse to the other side. Go S and save at the pit.

Slide backwards and shimmy to the right (high ceiling), pull up jump/roll and grab and shimmy again right to you can stand up. Turn around and stand jump/grab to the ladder SW and climb up a bit, shimmy again to the right and roll/jump/grab the ladder on the other side and transfer around the corner to safe ground.

Push Cages.

Follow through and jump down. In this room are pushables, you have to clear the way to get to the floor lever that is on the right in the back.

Push the left one once, then push the right one into an alcove N. Pull out the left one and push it into the alcove S. Now pull out the second right one and push/pull it E. Then pull out the last so you can use the lever. The door N opens; follow through. The next one opens when you approach as well as the one on the corner to the right.

The Office Key.

In the next room there is nowhere to go but up, so go the first block on your right, face W and jump/grab the edge. Pull up and back flip, keep jumping till you are safe again. Face NE and take a running jump there.

Sergeant Maciver: Well, well, isn't life full of surprises. May I buy you a drink?

Lara: Feel free.

Sergeant Maciver: Perhaps we could just dispense with the formalities.

Lara: Go on, try it.

Sergeant Maciver: Okay, who are you and what do you want?

Lara: Gosh, that was fast, but I'm sure you can do better.

Sergeant Maciver: Yes, I guess I asked for that. How may I be of service?

Lara: Okay, get me out of here.

Sergeant Maciver: That won't be so easy but I can help.

Lara: Excellent.

Sergeant Maciver: Hmm, you don't look up to it.

Lara: Who says women can't drive?

Sergeant Maciver: Okay, listen up and listen carefully. One of my men and I were exploring the jungle yesterday when we discovered this old temple. Jim broke into the temple and that's when the earthquake hit, releasing the dinos.

Lara: Jim?

Sergeant Maciver: He's a good man to have around. He has the key to the secure facility on the other side of the warehouse. You need to find Jim and get the key from him. When you get inside, start the emergency generators. That will call in backup and open the main gates.

Lara: Right, let's go and play outside. Are you ready?

Sergeant Maciver: Oh, I'm not going anywhere. If you make it, come back for me.

Lara: Okay.

Sergeant Maciver: Yes, I think you will have to get into the temple to find Jim. You know, this all might have something to do with a glowing gem one of the boys found in the jungle last week. It has similar markings to an artefact near another part of the temple. I had it locked up in an office in the warehouse. I think you'll need it so here's the key.

Lara: Excellent, let's try that now.

Sergeant Maciver: You take care now young lady.

Pick up the Office Key and a Medipack and make your way back, go to the balcony and jump over to slide down to the ground floor of the valley.

The Temple Key.

Go NE to come back to the valley with the stand on the block, jump over the flames into the opening and go down into the large valley. Meet a T-Rex there, shoot it. Go to the street, keep going E and right into the warehouse, straight S is the lock for the Office Key. Pick up the Temple Key. Go back to the jeep and into the Dino Valley, again to the burning tile on the left side and around the corner use the Key on that receptacle stand. Turn E and jump to the open door, at the end jump up to the monkey climb and swing along all the way to the other side.

Drop and grab the opening and follow in. In here you can get the Temple Gate Key. Go back to the monkey climb, drop down and make your way SE to the big valley, go get the Torch for the Secret and go into the far NW corner of the big valley to use the key and enter. Follow through and come at a place with some pools. Go into the SW room.

Use the Torch to ignite the scone W and a door opens to the left, go in and jump down to get SECRET #3, the Silver Relic.

The Security Facility Key.

Go back out of the room and in the SE corner (cutscene of a dead soldier) you can climb up, turn N and grab up over the ridge N to slide/jump and grab the column with the fire. Shimmy left, to a slanted block and back flip to the roof. Make your way to the SW corner and use the lever there. This opens the gate between the two torch holders S.

Jump to the W side and grab the edge, shimmy to the left and let go when you see safe ground below. Hop in and get the Security Facility Key near the dead soldier. Go to the N wall, there are 2 slanted trigger tiles, you have to trigger 2 boulders. Stand about three steps from the block and back flip on the slanted block, this triggers some boulders, so immediately jump with a curve around the pillar. Now the spikes and fire will be gone. Jump up and use the lever you find on the left (W). Go NE into a passage and you get back at the place with the pools.

Jump N and jump to the ladder on the wall, at the end back flip/roll and grab another ladder, again shimmy to the end and back flip and grab the opening N. Now jump NW and keep jumping (or shimmy along the edge) so you can reach the lever in the opening W. Of course the door opposite opens so get back to that side. You are back again at the pools side.

Spike Pool, the Key of Life.

Go to the N wall, and make a save before you go in as there are some spike traps in this water, get the Key of Life and that door you saw is down at the pools in the NE corner. So go there and once in the Dino Valley, go E out to the streets. Keep going E along the lake and run to the small square there, jump the island in the lake, use the Revolver and Sight to shoot out two windows SE then jump back and use the Key on the E wall.

The door next to it opens, follow through and up a ramp (SE), in the room on top is a button, but there is smoke coming from it, apparently it is broken. So shoot out the window N (maybe you have already). Drop back and shimmy to the right and climb in the other window you shot. Go from office to office and down a ramp SE. Follow through and see some engines and a Terminal. When you go S, four or five Raptors appear, so shoot them. All the way S is the Computer Disk you need.

Retrace your steps to the engine room and use the Disk. I am afraid you have to go all the way back to the small square (and don’t jump in the water at the windows as that gets you nowhere). The door you opened is left around the corner on the square (S). Don’t shoot the soldiers though they take care of the Raptor. Run along and the level ends here.