The Ghosts of Croft Manor.

Levels by Cowboy.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. 

Level 1 - The Zodiac Ritual.

Young Lara Croft: Winston, What is behind that closed door on the first floor?

Winston: There are many false doors in the manor Miss Croft, but the one that you speak of, used to be the door of someone’s room. You see there used to be a right wing to the manor.

Young Lara Croft: What…happened?

Winston: I believe there was an incident in that room and the result was that the entire right wing was destroyed. I believe that the Zodiac ritual is connected to the event.

Young Lara Croft: The Zodiac ritual, isn’t that a poem?

Winston: No Miss Croft, it is much more than that. It was written by one of your ancestors. It is a riddle because no one has ever been able to solve it.

After the conversation with Winston you can go to the pedestal NE and read the note, as this will give you some clues:

The Zodiac Ritual: riddles with clues....

*Aries: I am up high were the servants use to lie                    

*Taurus: Surrounded by green in a mythological dream

*Gemini: Knowledge is my shield

*Cancer: My home is my castle

*Leo: Into the lions mouth

*Virgo: Tread carefully on my tiles for my temple is where to start, so you can be lead from tile to tile

*Libra: Balance is of the essence

*Scorpio: Stored in a room below a wintry gloom

*Sagittarius: I map my journey

*Capricorn: Underground where plants surround

*Aquarius: Residing in my sanctuary four of us there are only one can I be

*Pisces: Trapped around the tide

In the Fire Place, Gemini. 

Go to the fireplace and crawl into the crawlspace. Look at the floor; that is a mirror. On the E wall are two secret levers and there is another one on the right hand side of the walkthrough wall S, this opens a door behind the walkthrough wall.                                                                                       

Get the Gemini figurine and leave through the fireplace.

Winston: Good grief, Miss Croft, what on earth have you been up to?

Go E and down the stairs to the music room.

Timed Runs for Sagittarius.

Open the door S which leads to the landing, then go to behind the piano and climb up through that Map (walkthrough wall) way up the E wall, there is a timed lever behind it; this opens a door down the stairs in the main hall. Roll, run out and out to the landing, jump through the gap in the balustrade down the stairs and get into the open door SE. Use the timed lever there. The door is in the swimming pool (NW from the hall) all the way in the back. The timed lever in there opens a trapdoor in the kitchen (SW from the hall), so make your way to there. Pick up the Sagittarius figurine. Climb out of the hole.

The Kitchen, a Crowbar.

On the pedestal to the E is the Crowbar.

The Kitchen Freezer, Scorpio.

A bit further to the E is the Kitchen freezer. Open it with the button and inside your health will run out, just around the right hand corner is a Scorpio sign on the wall, push it and jump into the water. Swim left as the current goes and around the corner to the right is the room where the Scorpio is. There’s also an air pocket near where you came in. Try swimming with the current and take a sharp right into the room with the Scorpio figurine. Get out and into the passage where you entered and Winston opened the freezer door.

Winston (Frightened): Shock, Gasp!

Young Lara Croft: Thank you…Winston! I will never shut the door on you again!

Winston: So that was you!  How on earth did you manage to shut yourself in?

Young Lara Croft: I…I think it was a Ghost!

Winston: Yes of course it was, if you insist Miss Croft.

Young Lara Croft: Anyway I have found another Zodiac Item!

The Attic, Aries.

Go out of the kitchen, upstairs and to an opening NW, pick up the Flares there, proceed up to the attic and left around the corner is a pushable crate (SE). Push/pull it over the different looking tile in the middle of the room and place it in between the other crates. The crate below Lara will rise. Push the ball that appears twice down the ramp, the ball smashes the panels on the bottom of the ramp.

Go in and get the Aries figurine on the right. Go back into the opening after the conversation with Winston

Winston: Oh! What on earth was that noise?

Young Lara Croft: The antique globe came crashing down through the wall. I only just got out in time!

Winston: How could?… It is best you stay out of the attic until this is fixed.

The Bedroom, Libra.

Drop down to the balcony of Lara’s Bedroom. Go inside and open the bathroom door with the button NW. Push that vase out of the bathroom. Look for the different looking tile on the floor near the fireplace. Now push it just on that tile (yes, you can push it off the higher floor). Do the same with that second vase in the other corner of the room. Go to the now open closet NW and push the most right hand cabinet twice into the wall. The next one can go in there too so you can push the left hand one away and use the crowbar on the door there. Get the Libra figurine. (No Winston this time).

A Torch.

Get a Torch from the fireplace, leave the bedroom and go downstairs to the swimming pool (NW) to ignite it. Put the torch on a save place.

The Swimming Pool, Pisces.

Dive into the swimming pool and open the underwater door N (face tile) to use the lever and open up a trapdoor in the bottom. Swim to the bottom, go in and go right, then left against the current and right and immediately right to get to the underwater lever there (can be you have to try a few timed to get in there and swim high). Get some air there and swim into the passage again, right around two corners to the end, around the corners and up right after the last corner.

It is pretty hard to get in there, as the current will make going around corners a bit tricky.

Get the Pisces figurine from the bottom, get air and swim back to the pool and get out.

Now take the Torch and go upstairs to the small bedroom you might have opened before (NE) and use the Torch on that crate. Get Secret #1, the medipack from under it, as well as the Flares E. Go out of the room and throw the Torch down the stairs through the opening in the balustrade.

The Hall, Cancer.

Go to the NE corner and hop over the balustrade. Grab the crack and shimmy right to use the lever in the windowsill. Go to the other side of the landing (you can already open the door there with the crowbar and the cellar doors will open. But don’t go there yet), there is also a crack and a lever in the windowsill.

Two chains come down from the ceiling, go back to the landing and jump the chain from the opening in the balustrade N. Swing to the next chain and from there to the pedestal in the window above the front door and grab the Cancer figurine. Drop down to the ground floor. Now you can have a look in the cellar.

Kedrick’s voice: (angry) Doth thou think thou have won? This proves nothing! Thou still needs to find the Zodiac items and thy skills art not good enough!


Go back up and next to the open door SE (where you had the timed run) is a lamp on the wall. It really is a hidden lever, use it and take the Torch into the room that opened N, light the fire in the fireplace to get some more light in there and notice a small figure on the N wall, below the window. Push it and go into the opened door E to get Secret #2, the Aquila figurine. Get back to the hall taking the Torch. Open the front door, get your Torch and step out to the front lawn.


Go S and go into the garden S, then left over the hedge to a structure E. Drop the Torch for a while and use the jump lever left of the structure, then push the button right of the structure (Leo figure on the wall). The statue will now spit fire. Stand in front of it, time your jump to the head, grab it and hold back flip while Lara grabs it. It is pretty hard to get the Leo figurine, but be patient.


Take the torch and go NW to that shrine, carefully light the two green bushes standing on woodpiles. Jump in where the vase lowered and get the Capricorn figurine. You can leave the Torch here.


Then go W and walk to you see a structure with some water. Open the door to the kitchen to the right, a shortcut into the house. Further W behind the structure, is a button, climb the block that appears and jump to the monkey climb under the structure, follow to the end to use the jump lever to drain the water. Drop down and go right into a room with 4 small Aquarius figurines. Take the only safe Aquarius figurine on the E wall. Get out and up to the garden.

The Anglo Saxon Helmet.

NW is a pushable vase, push it S to the end of the bench left and on the tile next to the bench. Get in the open trapdoor and get the small medipack. Jump over the gap and at the end jump on the slopes and keep jumping past the burners till you are in the far corner. Jump to the rotating knives and roll through them (stand close and hit roll), jump over spikes, get Secret #3, the Anglo Saxon Helmet. SAVE first, then jump back and be sure that the knife trap is open. Roll through it and start jumping till you are safe back at the beginning. Jump the gap and climb back out to the garden.


In the NW corner of the garden is Virgo’s Temple, on the tile in front of the statue is a clue; start> S-15 meaning you have to count 15 squares S from that tile. You will end up on the grass in front of the first double window in the house and a sound will be heard. On the grass and next to the little bush is the next clue; E-IX. So count 2 tiles to the wall of the house and then go into the house. You’ll have to go around S and left to the kitchen door and enter there. Go to the ballroom (NW from the hall) and on the carpet 7 tiles (2 were outside) from the right window is the next clue. S-IX. Go count tiles and you’ll end up in the dining room, next to the NE chair at the table. Here you have to go E-XV (15) again ending up next to the front door.

Face up S, just above the wooden panel and spot the clue; N-V. Turn around and go there, it is in the windowsill of the first window past the front door. E-XIII is the clue on the floor, go outside and count 13 tiles from that window, you’ll end up against the hedge. At that same moment the Virgo statue will move and reveals the Virgo figurine. Go get it; shortest route is through the path NW of the house. After picking up Virgo, return along the wall of the swimming pool to the Maze.

The Maze, Taurus.

Go to the maze (N), keep going right where possible and when you come to a long piece of wall on your right (in the NW corner), take the second left and end up underground. Climb up in the next area, walk through the vegetation E, turn around and open the trapdoor. Get in; grab the Taurus figure and leave the maze (go left where possible till you see the exit to the right. Go back into the house.

Placing the 12 Zodiac Figurines.

Back into the hall, up the stairs and go to the landing SE to use the crowbar on the door right. This opens the cellar door under the N side staircase. Go down into the cellar and place the 12 zodiac figurines. Gates open up E, go into the crypt and read the note.

Some years ago after I did inherit Croft Manor from Sir Landon Croft, I chanced upon a headless ghost, whom I believe to be Landon. Frightened by this I did set out to work, trying to make contact with him. In time I obtained all the Zodiac items that are said to aid me in doing so. However I never devised how to use the items or considered the implications of such action.

When you jump right at the start on the graves it says:

On the grave S it says: Here lies Lady Tabitha Whitney Croft, may she rest in peace.

On the grave S it says: Here lies Lord Landon Croft, may he find peace.

Go back through the gates, and jump through the opening in the floor.


Level 2 - Ghost of Croft Manor.

Lara went back to the past...

The front door opens when you approach. In the dining room are W Flares. Go back to the main hall and better avoid getting close to the knights there, as they are nasty poisonous mummies.

A Torch.

N on a pedestal against the staircase is the Torch.  Pick it up and one of the knights appears and disappears again.

The Bedroom.

Go up the S side stairs and halfway up you can ignite the Torch on the candle. Go to the bedroom (upstairs S) and meet the Ghost of Landon.

Young Lara Croft: (Frightened) Shock, Gasp! Who…are you?

Landon: Don’t be afraid! I will not harm thee. My name was Landon Croft in life.

Young Lara Croft: (Frightened) Then…we must be related…

Landon: How great it is to meet a distant relative! I am please to meet thee…

Young Lara Croft: Lara Croft

Landon: Well met

Young Lara Croft: what happened to Croft Manor…where is Winston?

Landon: when thee completed the Zodiac puzzle, thee triggered this past.

Young Lara Croft: (Frightened) How do I get out?

Landon: (disappointed) I don’t know, I have been trapped here for hundreds of years.

Young Lara Croft: If there is a way to get here then there must be a way back!

Landon: There are several items here, used to implicate me in a crime. If thou wouldst recover and remove them it could weaken the negative energy here.

Young Lara Croft: What are these items?

Landon: The items needed to clear my name are: a bottle of poison, a fake incriminating letter and also a ring from Lord Berthold. 

However it will not be easy, the items are lost amongst the manor and we are not alone. Many other spirits & Lord Berthold are trapped here, they have a hatred for the living and if any of them touch thou they will kill thee instantly.

Young Lara Croft: I will look for the items, I just hope this works.

Landon: Take the key for the ballroom on my bed side, it is the first place to search. Also I will try to occasionally help thou around the manor.

Light the fire in the fireplace and then a candle next to the bathroom door NW, a closet opens up. Go in and read Secret #1, a note:

I did receive an anonymous threatening letter. It read:

“Landon, I warnst thou for the last time, back out of the marriage to Lady Tabitha Whitney.”

It could only have been sent by one person; Kedrick Berthold. Me thinks he is still jealous that my dearest Tabitha loves me.

Landon, in the year of our Lord: Twenty first of May Fifteen Eighty.

Pick up the Flares and the Explosive arrows and go back out. To the right is the door to what later became the bathroom, it seems it was bedroom before. There is a lever (#1) SW, use it (camera shot of a door in the chess room).

Back to the previous room and next to the bed you can take the Ballroom Key from the pedestal. You can leave the Torch here or take it with you for some additional light. Get out and go E to the E part of the landing and climb up the windowsills for Flares and a small medipack. Go to the NE corner and open the door, there is a small medipack inside.

The Ballroom, the Chess Puzzle for the Garden Key.

Go downstairs and NW, open the ballroom, inside go SW and read the note.

Consult the chess puzzle rules.txt for help.

On the S wall is also written:

Rescue the king and checkmate the enemy within a move or three

Push the white tower towards the king so he she stands near the text on the wall on a scratched brown tile and blocks the threat. The opponent moves his tower. Then push the queen to the N so that she stands near the doors there on a scratched brown tile. The opponent moves his king. Then push the bishop to a white tile so the opponent’s king is checkmate, the king explodes and then you can get the Garden Key. (Screenshot)

Go out to the front lawn and use the key on the gate S. Go to the statue in the fountain N and now use the timed lever behind it. The trapdoor is in the SE corner of the S side garden. Drop in, open the door and get the Arrows and Secret #2, a note:

My dearest Tabitha,

I hope thou art well and safe my love for I have good news for thee..

The gardens for Croft Manor that we did speak of have finally been finished and soon we will be walking through them. I hope this news will gladden thee after that terrible relationship with Lord Kedrick Berthold.

Yours dearly. Landon.

Use the lever (#2) S (another camera shot).

The Card Puzzle for the Maze Key.

Climb back out and go further into the garden. At a certain moment you hear a knight dragging his fiery battle hammer, this one came out of the kitchen door and this kind is quite deadly. In the far NW corner is a structure and on the wall next to the door a clue:

Four are true but beware not to step on wrong tiles for you will have to start anew.

Jump on the cards from E to the W only on the hearts, so Ace, the 6 and then the 10 and then the Queen, the door W will open up. If you touch the Joker, a wraith will come so you’ll have to run back to the water S. Get the Maze Key.  

To the Maze.

You can go to the maze taking the path NE along the swimming pool, open the gate and enter the Maze, but then a flaming Knight will be waiting at that gate. So we took the long way around and tried not to trigger another flaming knights to venture in the maze (otherwise lure him away first before you enter).

The Maze, Berthold’s Ring and the Library Key.

If you go always the right you will find a lever that lowers one of the hedges. Keep going to the right and you’ll find an opening in the floor to the left.

In there at the end in a small room are Berthold’s Ring and the Library Key. Save before you climb out of the underground tunnel, a nasty wraith will be chasing you. Retrace your steps and find water in the fountain outside. Go inside the mansion and upstairs to the N side. Open the door to the Library.

The Library.

Go up some steps and meet the ghost again

Landon: These levers open the manor doors with numerals, however the codes have faded!

Landon: Thou willst find the remaining items through these doors.

Stay away from the knight in the NW corner.

N are 4 levers. They open doors in the mansion, above the doors are partially faded codes.

(IIII) The Attic.

Use all of the levers. (down/down/down/down)

Go out to the landing, the door W to the attic is open. In the attic you’ll find a lever (#3) N, the door in the chess-room is finally open.

The Crossbow.

Here we will make a short detour as we are going for the Crossbow now, because you can then blast away the most annoying enemies.

Make your way down to the chess-room and into the open door N to trigger Secret #3. Go in and in the first room left is a note on the cabinet:

Lord Kedrick Berthold that buccaneer is searching for one of the cities of gold, El Dorado. However he is not alone, the famous Spanish conquistador, Alano Balthazar is said to have found the infamous city. Lord Berthold is waiting to waylay the Spanish ship and take it’s booty back to Port Royal, but it has not appeared. Could it be El Dorado was Alano Balthazars last adventure…?

                                    Landon’s Notes

Go to the room (NW) and find an opening in the floor with water. Get the Crossbow and Sight. Climb out and watch out for a knight as he is poisonous, the other one can kill Lara instantly. Get out and in the room next door is a glowing statue. Standing on the card in front of it will give you full health. You can shoot both enemies with one explosive arrow. In the room SE is a crate on the floor, you can shoot it with a normal arrow, but there’s nothing inside. So leave this place and go through the chess-room, back up to the attic, a crate SW contains more Arrows.

Go back upstairs and to the library to use the levers again.

(III0) The Study, the Planted Evidence.

Pull the right hand lever up. (down/down/down/up)

The door downstairs NE is open, go in and meet Landon again.

Landon: There is a secret passage to the gallery that has the letter, but I have forgotten how to open the passage!

Go into the fireplace and use the lever S. A door opens E, follow through avoiding the emitters and get behind another emitter around the corner to get the Planted Evidence. Avoid the emitters, spike traps and a fiery Knight to get back to the library.

(I0II) The Cellar, the Poison.

Use the lever, so they are (down/up/down/down), go downstairs and the door under the N side stairs is open, pick up the Flares and go down into the cellar.

From the room on the right a Knight will approach, better take him out with an explosive arrow as he can bother you big time when leaving this place later. Go E where he came from and pick up some Explosive Arrows there.

Turn back and go through the opening NW, avoid emitters and spike traps to get to a ramp with a barrel.

Jump over the pit and to the right hand side of the ramp; a barrel will go down. Now go up the ramp and get a Medipack and the last Quest item, the Poison.

When you turn back, the ghost of Kedrick will speak to you.

Kedrick: Come to steal my Poison have thee?  I shall give thou a chance to escape before I drain thy life.

Save as soon as he’s done because your health will drain rapidly while you have to get out of here, back through the traps. Your health will come back when you reach the stairs to the main hall. Make a detour to the Kitchen, a crate there holds a Medipack and in the Meat locker are some more Explosive Arrows.

Go back up to the Library.

(0III) Mirror Room, the Room Key.

Use the levers so they are (up/down/down/down). Go down the stairs again and the door SE is open. Go in and right, save and pick up the Room Key on the floor, back flip before the emitter gets you (In case one of the Knights is in here, stand in the windowsill till you see the emitter go down, then quickly go for the key).

Placing the Quest Items.

Go out and up the stairs to the SE, open the door with the Room Key.

Here you have to place the Quest Items, the Ring, Planted Evidence and Poison. Lara will be transported to the Basement where Landon’s Ghost will tell you, you have to place the Zodiac Items back on the pedestals

Kedrick’s voice: So thou think thou hast triumphed?  Nay! NAY! I still hath the power to hold thee here forever!

Landon: The Zodiac Items! Thou must place them around Lord Berthold.

Kedrick’s voice: Miss Croft shan’t get far Landon for I will drain her life long before that.

It’s funny, this is the third time I have killed a Croft!

Young Lara Croft: I don’t think so.

Meanwhile your health will drain, but when you run into the passage E, behind the glass wall, it will come back. The Knight can be avoided by choosing the other side of the room to work in every time.

After placing the 12 figurines, Kedrick will be defeated and Landon set free.

Go towards that blue sphere.

Landon: At last I am free!… But what troubles thee?

Young Lara Croft: This was the first time I had to fight someone…and my first…Adventure.

Landon: I see thou art hast an Adventurers soul and that this will not be thy last quest.

Young Lara Croft: I wonder what the next quest will be? I never found the artefact behind the zodiac ritual. 

Landon: But thou didst, the artefact is the manor, thou have freed the manor from Bertholds grasp.  It is safe forever!

Young Lara Croft: Goodbye Landon Croft

Landon: Fare thee well miss Croft!

Go towards that blue sphere and watch what happens.

Leave the crypt and Winston will be there again as you returned to present time.

Winston: Where on earth have you been miss Croft? It is getting rather late!

Young Lara Croft:  Ahh, Winston it is great to see you again!

Winston: I wonder where your adventures will take you one of these days?  Did you solve the riddle?

Young Lara Croft:  Yes, I did I will tell you all about it over tea!

End of the level.

This last line is for the secret in case you missed it, but it plays even if you have it if you go back to Winston a couple of times.


Scene 5 The Library 2

Winston: May I suggest that you look for the Anglo Saxon king burial instead of struggling to solve that impossible riddle? It would also be a lot safer too.