Bodhissattva’s Cimelia.

Debut level by moon_cn

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

In this level it is all about collecting items resembling the 4 seasons.


Shoot the Tiger and collect Flares near the statue NE, a small medipack near the plant pot on the higher floor. Go into the NW corner and use a rock ledge to the left to jump up to the ledge high up NW. Jump W over the ridge to end up in the next valley. Down S is some Shotgun ammo. Turn W from this pickup and take the small plant from the ground, it is the “Spring” item. Jump back up N and get onto the mound in the middle of the valley. Stand as far as possible to the gap in the rocks E and runjump in there, Lara has to bounce off the side rocks and when you jump to and fro you’ll get to a flat part. A Thug will open fire from down NE, so better first jump up SE and get the Shotgun from the ground. Jump back and take on that Thug, slide down to where he was and get the Medipack he left behind, there’s also some Shotgun ammo SE.

Timed Gate.

Left of the ladder on the N wall is a lever, throw it to open the door above, climb in there and go through to a cave with a pool. Have a look in the pool to spot the Timed gate under the waterfall; you’ll be trying to get in there in a minute or two. Behind the N side pillar is a crawlspace in the wall, get in and drop out the other side. Grab the ladder W and go to the bottom of the room.

Save in front of the lever facing W, then look up to the right to spot the slanted ledge to the right of you. Throw the lever, run forward turning right a bit so you can do a backflip onto the corner of that slanted ledge and jump to land on the corner of the next one, now jump with a hard left curve and keep doing that till you hit the tip of the next slanted ledge. Jump and you will land on the ledge at the crawlspace. Quickly get in and crawl out the other end, at this point a new move, the crawlspace roll should help you as stated in the read-me, but it doesn’t work.

So you’ll have to get out the old fashioned way and then roll to run to the pool, best if you jump from far into the pool, so Lara will already be going down to the gate, swim through and you’ll have to get past the lower passage before the gate moves, otherwise you will be stuck in the wall above the gate. (Video & Savegame)


Turn around and look near the gate for an underwater ceiling lever, throw it and the gate opens back up (as there are no cameras in the level, the lever might have done more than opening up the gate, but it can also be to provide a way back to the Spring item in case you missed it). Swim W and up into the opening above (take note of the doors ahead). Climb out of the pool and go into the Autumn room, shoot the Thugs and collect the “Autumn” from the pedestal S, there are Flares to the right and Shotgun ammo behind the SW pillar. Go get a small medipack near the SE pillar and look up to spot the jump lever above (later).

Go to the ramp NW and look for the crack in the wall to the left. Stand halfway up the ramp facing SW (screenshot) and hop back, jump with a right hand curve to grab the crack at the last moment and shimmy all the way left to a ledge where you can pull up. Go to the other end of the ledge and throw the lever there to open the door at the top of the NW ramp. There’s a door in the passage to the right of the lever and you can open that one with that jump lever on the near by pillar I showed you before. Line up and runjump to the pillar to use the jump lever (we’ll get to that opened door later).

To the Block Puzzle.

So go up the NW ramp again and save just inside the door, carefully step onto the ramp ahead and immediately hop back as a Snake ball comes down. Now go up the ramp and look up N to spot the jump lever. Use it to open the door above and climb up there.

You’re in a room with a glass floor; there are pushblocks to the W, levers to the E and 2 doors to be opened along the S wall. In order to know where the blocks go, you’ll have to visit the room below first after opening up 4 gates with the levers W.

4 Levers for the gates.

From left to right use the second third and last lever to open the gates in the room below.

Getting the Colour Clue.

Turn around and go stand on the symbol tile in the middle of this part of the room, when looking W you can see the three columns changed colour.

Moving the Blocks, a first Fortune’s Wheel.

The columns give the clue to where the coloured blocks go. So the aqua one goes on the symbol near the N column, the green one on the symbol near the S column, and the purple one left of the E column (screenshot). The door S opens up (on the right side from where you came in) and you can get a Fortune’s Wheel there (you might have to jump in and out because of the door collision below).

Opening Secret door and Flooding the lower room.

Climb back up to the exit S and go W down the Snake ball ramp, first jump left around the corner over the Snake ball and push it into that lava pit (hit Ctrl, you might have to re-position Lara a bit before she reacts), the second door in the Puzzle room opens up. Now jump over the Snake ball (lava pit) and go to the next corner, time the blade and go on to the next corner, another blade to pass and around the next corner are several blade traps.

Save and crawl along the left side underneath the first 3 to get close to the low blade. Turn right facing the wall and stand up in the corner where the blades don’t come. Now side flip to the right, or turn E first and standjump over the last two blades. Go through the opened gates to the last room, avoiding contact with another blade and collect a small medipack and Shotgun ammo first. Throw the lever after saving and the room will be flooded. Swim back over the gates and then go up to the ceiling to swim into the wide gap in the N wall. Go down the shaft and out to the S, left around the corner is an underwater ceiling lever. Use it to open the door E and swim out, immediately up and get back to the room with the ramp (no, you cannot swim back to the Puzzle room).

The door closed so you’ll have to get back to the SE lever on the ledge (using the crack) and re-open the door NW. Now that we are back up here, we can visit the passage to the right of the lever, we opened before by using that jump lever.

The Small Pagoda, a second Fortune’s Wheel, the Layer 5 Key.

Down to the lower floor and save. Walk onto the ramp and immediately hop back to let the Snake ball pass by. Go down the ramp and around the corner you’ll have to trigger another Snake ball. Walk down the ramp and jump left onto the higher floor, then jump NE over the Snake ball you triggered and use the lever on the E wall, a door opens at the bottom of the Snake ball alley.

Now get back into the opening W and trigger another Snake ball then jump left around the corner, then jump over the lava pit where the Snake ball came to a rest. Go down and come through the opened door to a small pagoda. Walk straight and just before you go onto the red floor there are 2 water filled holes left and right of the path. Hop in and use the 2 levers to open a trapdoor in the pagoda. Go onto the red floor and down into the shaft.


Surface for air and swim down N, stay close to the ceiling of the cave to find the underwater ceiling lever, it will open an underwater gate in this cave; go back for air.

Now we go for a Secret, face W and swim down, go along the ceiling to the W side of the cave and find a crevice you can go into. On the bottom of the pit is Secret #1, the Lasersight.

The Crowbar.

Go back for air and save as you’re going for a long swim.

Swim down N and into the opened gate, up a bit and straight, follow this tunnel and go left at the intersection, to the end, around the corner and into the first left. Then swim straight and around the corner (right) into a pool with a door. Swim up and climb out N, look in the NE corner between the plants for the Crowbar. Turn around and grab that grated ceiling along the N wall. Swing to the opposite side of the room (you may have to move sideways on the steep parts, use Shift and left/right keys) and find the jump lever there, use it to open the door in the pool.

Get some air and swim into the open door (E in the middle of the wall), follow the long tunnel and go up to an underwater lever. When you use it the place shakes and a block will go up in the pagoda. Swim out of the tiny gap S and get ready to shoot some Thugs. Then climb the block in the pagoda and jump and grab up into the opening in the ceiling to get up onto the roof. Move the golden block away from another Fortune’s Wheel, pick it up and move the block under the marked tile (ceiling) in the other side of the room. A rope will appear N of the pagoda, go grab the rope and turn around facing a corner of the roof, swing and jump to grab the edge of the top of the roof. Now get onto the SE upper (flat) corner and pick up the Layer 5 Key. Jump back to the N side and safety drop from the roof N.

The Revolver and Layer 3 Key.

Go back up the Snake ball alley (N) to the ledge in the Autumn room. For the next Secret you already opened the doors (better check as my doors were closed again), the door NW on the ramp and the Secret door by pushing the Snake ball before, so go back up the ramp NW and right through the door, climb back up into the Block Puzzle room and go to the open door SE to pick up Secret #2, the Revolver.

Back out of the exit, through the door S to the Autumn room.

Go to the small cave N and dive into the water, swim down and W through the door you opened before. In the far SW corner of the room, on the mirror floor is another key, the Layer 3 Key.

Look along the left hand wall (S) and find a pass through wall (you can see a small red line). In that room is an underwater lever, which will open a trapdoor. Swim out and left (W), up along the ceiling you can go up to that trapdoor and climb out. Near the door N, on the E wall is a receptacle for a Fortune’s Wheel; the door will open up. A flyby will take over when you enter the large cave with a multi level Pagoda.

The Monster Revealing Mirror.

E and W of the entrance are 2 Shotgun ammo pickups, crossing the bridge to the N side will get you a Medipack to the right of the structure and more Shotgun ammo to the left. On the terrace in front of the door are 3 Torches, go open the door N with the Fortune’s Wheel. Go to the N end of the room (jump along the left side of the statue in the middle) and pry the Monster Revealing Mirror from the wall.

To the Temple.

Turn around and find the trapdoor next to the statue open, dive in and swim through the next room to the opening W into a dark cave, turn right (N) and swim to the first pillar you see (near the waterfall), around the back is an underwater lever, throw it to open a trapdoor high up in the cave.

Swim back S and climb out on the ledge over where you came into the room. Follow the multi coloured ramp up to that trapdoor and climb up into the room above. Push the button on the pillar and step through the doors to arrive at the Temple.

Lower the Water Level.

Go to the canal and left to a cave, jump NE to the grey stone floor in the middle of the cave and walk N up the left side, when the Snake ball comes down, run aside and wait for it to stop moving. Then push it W over the edge to block the water. Now jump E and up to the grass SE, go over to the S and do the same thing with the Snake ball there.

Now the water lowered and you can swim under the bridge, up on the rock W to operate the jump lever, it will open some doors of the Temple. Swim S a bit and climb out of the canal W using the rock there. Go E over the bridge to the Temple and to the open doors N.

Invisible ledges.

Enter and go right, on the E face of that central wall and hidden in the dark is a jump lever; throw it to open a door in the next room. Go N and look for the ladder around the right, grab it and climb down into the room below. On the W wall is a lever and that will bring out a small flame on the floor, indicating the position of the first invisible ledge above. Climb back up then stand on the NE corner and standjump to the first ledge after checking the position of the flame below. Now standjump to the next ledge (also NW), check the new flame below, next a runjump N and two more stand jumps towards the open door W.

Pushblocks, a Fortune’s wheel.

Enter and follow down to a passage with a golden pushblock. Push it in twice and turn right, pull the block W twice and turn right, go left around the wall (there’s another block we will move later) to come to the same block again (E), push it twice into an alcove.

Turn around and go to the block SW, pull it S twice and turn left to go around the wall to the SW corner where the block was before, pick up a Fortune’s wheel. Turn left and go to the block SE, pull it S twice. Then go to the block W and push it back into the alcove (where you found the Wheel) so you can now go left and go to the new opening you created SE.

Burner pit.

Stand in the E side of the room and spot the ladder on the wall over the pit, runjump onto the slanted floor below and curve right a bit, so you can jump and grab the ladder, go up and left to backflip to a block. On the backside of the pillar SW is another ladder, runjump W with a left curve and roll, through the gap and jump with a right curve to grab the ladder (Video). Climb to the right end and drop down to go into the next room.

Jumping Pillars.

In the SE corner behind the crates is a lever, opening up a trapdoor way up in the room. Go up the ramp E and now you have to jump the slanted pillars. Try to grab pillars where you can, so you can line up for next jumps or save at ease. From the top (screenshot) you can jump onto the far side of the near by pillar, jump and curve left, jump from this pillar with Ctrl so you can grab the next pillar (last one in this direction). Climb to the left and save, pull up and slide/jump left, slide a bit then jump right again with Ctrl to grab the next pillar. Traverse to the right hand side and save again. Pull up and immediately jump from the top with a right curve, grabbing the next pillar about one step from the left side.

Now pull up and slide/jump with a bit of a left curve in the end so you can grab the next pillar. Hang right and pull up, jump right and just keep jumping till you can grab the ladder. Go right around and up to the room above (the lever for the trapdoor is in the room below behind the crates). (Video) (savegame)

Rooftops, a Fortune’s wheel.

Go N and open the doors with the button, but don’t go through, it’s more of a shortcut in case you fall from the roof later. Instead, climb the ladder on the wall in the middle of the room and get into the crawlspace. Pull up N over the rooftop and go N to the right hand side of the N roof. There’s a flat triangle next to the roof. Go stand a bit lower as shown in the screenshot, so you can jump to the triangle and do a running jump (Lara takes only 2 running steps) through the space behind the roof and get to the golden tile with a Fortune’s wheel on it. Climb over the golden wall and head to the E side roof, left side and do the same trick to get to a lever on the golden tile (I could do it here with a side flip too).

The lever opens the big doors in the E side of the Temple. Go back over the roof and drop down somewhere to get to the E doors.

“Summer” and the Eye of Jade, the Layer 2 Key.

Inside the 2 Fortune’s wheels fit perfectly in the slots next to the gates. Pick up “Summer” and the Eye of Jade. The door S opens up, so go there and save in the doorway.

Take your binoculars and look down along the right hand wall to spot an opening just before the end of the slope below. If you can manage to get in there you can get a Secret later on. Just run to the right from the floor, so you slide along the middle of the right hand tiles and jump to the right at the correct moment. Inside is a lever giving you the Secret #3 sound and you’ll see a gate opening up.

Run back out of the room and proceed sliding down the slopes. Run through the mirror cave, the door opens up. But do not go out yet, look in the mirror and you can spot the Layer 2 Key in the NW corner, go pick it up. Go through the open door and you’re back in the room where the Monster Mirror was.

Use the Eye of Jade for the Layer 1 Key.

Go right, jump over the statues and look up E near the trapdoors to spot the crawlspace in the wall. Get through and follow down to where you can use the Eye of Jade. Go down the tunnel and when you come to a corner, you’ll hear some enemies, wait before the corner and you can fight them almost one by one. The enemies leave the Layer 1 Key, 2x Uzi ammo and a Medipack. Through the glass wall you have a nice view over the Layer Pagoda. If you don’t want the next pickups, return the way you came to the Monster Mirror room.

The following part is only pickup time, so you could skip it as you will have to get back the same way. Head S, go down the sloped passage and get more Uzi ammo in the corner. Now go N and when you pass the Pagoda you can see a star shaped object on the wall of it we’ll get it later. Just follow the passage picking up more Uzi ammo to come to a shaft down, grab the ladder and lower yourself, swim through the tunnel looking for a tiny triangular opening to the right, inside are Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Now you have to get back to the ladder, up through the tunnels to the Monster Mirror room.

Take the Torch down, Star of Dragon 1.

Go out of the room to the terrace S, could be there are some enemies if you didn’t take them out before.

Find the Torches again, take one, then jump onto the roof of the Layer pagoda, go down the W side taking the Torch and find an opening in the floor with a ladder. Save, stand on the edge facing S and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch down in the hole so it will fall to the ground floor. The get onto the ladder and climb down to the first level (glass wall behind you), climb off to the left and get the Star of Dragon 1 from the wall. Now get to the ground floor, leave the Torch for now and go around the S side to pick up Shotgun ammo and take out the enemies in front of the pagoda. Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and a small medipack will be dropped, then open the doors to the ground floor level of the Pagoda with the Layer Key 1.

Inside Layer 1 for the Layer 4 Key.

Go around the back to pick up your Torch and ignite it on the big bowl in the middle of the room. Go into the pagoda and light the wall torch left (S), this will open some underwater doors outside. Go outside and just run straight into the water, you will end up where the doors opened and there is the Layer 4 Key on the bottom. Go back into the pagoda, use the Layer 2 key on the keyhole and move the golden box into the NE corner, the trapdoor opens up. Climb up to layer 2.

Layer 2.

Use the Layer 3 Key S and move the box onto the left hand symbol along the N wall. You can open the front doors with the button E. You also can step out and have a look around, but better go up one floor. Open the doors there as well with the button.

Layer 3 for Layer 6 Key

Use the Layer 4 key on the keyhole and move the golden box onto the right hand symbol in front of the doors, the trapdoor opens up.

Step out and go look SE where you can see a glass wall with a pedestal behind it.

Go to the SW corner of the roof, run jump from the left to the slanted ledge S and grab the end. Shimmy if needed left, slide/jump left to land on the next and keep doing slide/jumps, the one under the waterfall is tricky, you have to slide far and jump to grab a flat ledge ahead. Jump the last two ledges along the left side and steer hard left to grab the crawlspace (savegame).

Go in and get the Layer 6 Key, back to the crawlspace and top up the health, as you have to drop a long way down. Return inside the pagoda and go up to layer 3. Climb up to layer 4.

Layer 4.

Same thing here, use the Layer 5 key and move the box to the symbol under the trapdoor and climb the box to get to layer 5.

Layer 5 and the Layer 7 Key.

Nothing more you can do here than open the doors and step out, go left to the N side of the roof and look N, behind that glass wall N you can see the next Key.

Go to the NW corner of the roof and stand facing some slanted ledges below N. Aim for the right hand side of the first ledge, take a step back and standjump down, slide and jump with a right hand curve to the next, immediately jump again grabbing the ledge along the N wall. Go to the E end to get a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Return to the W side and stand on the edge against the wall facing E, hop back onto the slanted ledge below and slide/jump to grab the underside of the ledge which is a monkey climb. Go forward to the other end and turn left to the crawlspace (behind the waterfall), drop and grab to get in. Follow through to a pedestal with the Layer 7 Key. Get back to the crawlspace and drop out into the water below, get back inside the pagoda to climb way up to level 5, or use the ladder on the back.

Use the layer 6 Key and move the block under the flag in the SW corner. Climb up to layer 6.

Layer 6.

Use the Layer 7 Key and move the box to the symbol left of the keyhole.

Layer 7, Bodhisattva’s Cimelia and the Star of Dragon 2.

Climb up to layer 7 and get Bodhisattva’s Cimelia. Look on the W wall, SW corner for the Star of Dragon 2 and make your way down the pagoda or whatever way you want to the ground floor.


Go to the big doors E and open them with the Stars. Walk up the slope a bit, but don’t take out the enemies. Have a look up at the N wall near the entrance, there’s an opening up there, the wall is climbable. Inside you’ll find “Winter” and a button, the button will release 4 Snake balls at the top of the sloped passage, killing all enemies for you. Then go up the passage to an entrance.

There’s a stand to the right of the next entrance, face S and place the Monster Revealing Mirror there. The doors open up to a palace courtyard.

Summon the Monster.

But do not enter yet, in the entrance passage are 2 animal statues in the side alcoves, there are 2 jump levers in there too. It is a bit tricky to operate them, but when you line up like in this screenshot you will be able to use them. (Just put Lara against the fence and start running, then jump) Those levers opened underwater gates on the courtyard.

Now go onto the courtyard and in the SW and NW corners are 2 pools, go in and find the 2 underwater levers in the corners where the gates opened. In the SW pool the lever is SW, in the NW the lever is NE.

These levers will open 4 trapdoors on the courtyard. Go to the E wall and enter the NE trapdoors, get 3 Medipacks down there and climb back out. Go to the SE trapdoors and pick up the 3 Medipacks down there, throw the underwater lever and save before you exit the water.

Slaying the Dragon.

(tip: if the locust show up, save and then reload, they will be gone for the moment)

The Reward for getting the previous 3 secrets will be that you can take out the Dragon before you go place the “4 Seasons”.

Get onto a low block that went up in the S side of the courtyard and jump to the high block with the lever, look up SW and behind that white structure is an opening where you opened a gate before (Secret #3). Now you can take the Revolver and Lasersight and shoot that ball switch inside (if you are out of Revolver ammo; zoom in, aim for the ball and hold that aim, meanwhile hit the #1 key and then Ctrl, you will shoot with pistol ammo). Run to the NW corner pool and climb the ladder W, a door opened in the W wall, get in and push the button to get Secret #4, the Dragon will be a nice pet now

Get back down and get onto the N wall with the lever, throw it and do the same at the S side of the courtyard. Now 4 doors opened up in the E walls, you can reach them by jumping from the low blocks to the high blocks E. Inside the 4 small rooms you can place the “4 Seasons”. The big doors E open up and you can now leave the Pagoda Palace.