Into the Centre of the World.

Level by Tombraiderluka.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions

Shoot the spiders that attack you. Looking down W into the water you can see two underwater gates. Go to the corner where the camp fire is and jump over the fire onto the slanted rock, back flip back and the second gate opened behind the gate in the pool (or stand in the corner of the tile where the fire is, so you won’t get burned).

Go to the tent and jump along the N side ledges to a rock W. There is a button on the wall, push it and the next gate opens up. Dive into the pool, swim through, climb up and kill more spiders.

The Skull Key, a Nature Stone.

Jump up to the ledge up N of the water, because NW up under those grasses is the Skull Key. Go down again and between the big plant W of the water is a Nature Stone.

Four Mosaic Pieces.

Go W, and don’t shoot the monkeys, otherwise they will start attacking you. Go N into the Temple and in the corner right (SE) you will find the first Mosaic Piece. Go out and dive into the pool, go to the NE corner and find the underwater lever that blends in very well with the wall. This opens the trapdoor in the middle of the pool.

Underwater Challenge, a Nature Stone and the Fire Key.

Swim SW and down into the opening, try to lure the snake outside and climb out S so you can shoot it.

Swim down again and NE and in the far NE corner is another Nature Stone. Roll, swim back and all the way S (over a hole in the bottom), take the last tunnel left and find a breathing hole. Better save here.

Face W, dive and go right and immediately down in the opening in the floor.

Swim NW and down, turn right into that small building on the bottom and on a pillar NW is an underwater lever. This opens a gate on the left of you and there you can get the second Mosaic Piece.

Better swim out (to the breathing hole) to get air.

Dive in again and into the floor opening, go SE and dive down to the floor to grab the Fire Key and swim back up to the tunnels, go N, take the first left to the pool and climb out S.

Crate Puzzle.

Place the Nature Stones on the door S and enter.

Go in and go to the movable crate on the right and push it on that lighter tile S.

Next to the crate (E) is a ledge with a button, jump to it and use it.

The crate gets transported upstairs.

Hop N and at the crossing of the ledges you can grab up to the ledge above. Get a small medipack N in an alcove and then head to the crate S and move it to that lighter tile N.

Hang from the edge of the ledge to shimmy left along the crate and jump to the far NW corer to push the button there. The crate gets transported to the top floor.

Run SE off the ledge to the one below and get up the ladder E and now push the crate to the tile E (next to the ladder).

The door S is open; get to the ledge SE and jump into the door opening. Grab the third Mosaic Piece and do a couple of safety drops to get out of this building.

Go W and use the Fire Key on the lock.

Jump Challenge.

Inside this room are invisible ledges and the clue of where they are, is given in the pool behind you, the different textures indicate the position of those ledges.

First is a stand-jump straight into the room, then a second stand-jump to get you on the second ledge. This one is wider, walk to the NW corner of it (hold “Shift”) and face NW. A run-jump will get you to the third ledge and from this one you can jump to the ledges along the W wall. Pick up the fourth Mosaic Piece and save at the timed button on the S side ledge.

Push the timed button and the fire on the closest S ledge will go out, roll and run with a right hand curve to jump top it, you have to land facing the wall so you can immediately side jump left to the ledge where the fire will also go out for a while. Quickly push the timed button there and side jump left again, roll and run with a bit of a left curve so you can jump and grab the wider invisible ledge in the middle of the room. Stand-jump to the invisible ledge towards the exit and from that one to the open gate (could be you have to grab the edge).

(From picking up the Mosaic Piece you can also choose to get back over the invisible ledges as long as you remembered where they are)

Into the Temple.

Once outside go into the Temple N and use the 4 Cartouches N. Go in and at the end through the double door that will open. Go to the opposite side of the bridge and you are standing in front of a timed door. Jump into the water at the opening in the balcony to the right and swim NE to get the Shotgun from the bottom. Swim SW use a timed underwater lever on the right and climb onto the ledge SE, use the ladder, hop onto the bridge and sprint through the door N. At the end look up and jump to the ladder and go up to a bridge leading to big doors, there are passages W and E.

W: Go out of the Temple onto a ledge, jump all the way to the S and just run off the end. Jump W over to the next flat part and slide down (NW) to get to the path one level down, follow the path to the ridge W and jump up NW. Head N over this path and in the end is a rock to the left in front. From the small grassy ledge next to it you can grab up to the rock (screenshot). Hop NE and then jump to the lower area next to that stone pillar and then get to the ledge right next to it. Grab the top of the pillar and shimmy around the corner to use the Skull Key you got a long time ago. A door opens below at the pool; slide down and a couple of Tigers come running, shoot them. Go look for that door near the pool and enter.

Blade Challenge, the Fire Key.

Best way to get past those Blades is to stand before the pit against the right hand wall, turn around and back flip, be sure to stay close to the wall doing back flips over the remaining Blades, you should get through unharmed. Then go on and climb down into the boulder room. Jump over the boulder ramps and get the Fire Key from the pedestal. Go back to the Blades, stand left and walk up to about a block from the pit behind the Blade, now do simple hops over the Blades and pits, keeping close to the left wall and you should get through unharmed again.

Exiting the passage take a left and go up a ridge near that stone pillar. The next ridge seems too high, but when you stand near the small tree, run-jump into that incline SW and keep jumping to and fro till you are on the ledge next to the pillar.

Ocular Part 2.

Run-jump up SW, right of that tree there and jump over the top of the ridge. Looking E you’ll see a rope up at the wall. Go down the valley and make your way to the climbable wall just to the right of the red column. Climb up to the ledge on the left where you’ll find a timed button.

Timed Run into the Gate.

You have to get to the gate above you before it closes.

When you push the button, the camera changes, turn right and hop to the next ledge, do a running jump to the next long ledge and do another run-jump or short sprint. Jump from the end to the rock ledge and roll; take a step forward. Then back flip and jump to grab the ledge above, pull up and run-jump to grab the next ledge. Now do a stand-jump and run almost to the end of that ledge to jump to the rope. Grab it and go down to the end while Lara swings forward. Then only when Lara is back as far as possible, hit the “swing” key and if all’s well she will go high enough for you to grab the top of the ledge ahead. Pull up and run into the open gate.

Go to the ropes S and swing across the room to get to the top of the arch S. Push the button to open a gate NE across the room. Use the ropes to get there and into the open gate for Ocular Part 2. Run out with a right hand curve so you will land on the bridge, otherwise you will have to use the underwater lever again and get to the timed gate to get back up here.

E: Now it’s time for the E side passage, there are zombie ladies lurking here, avoid them and run in straight to where the green light is, turn right there to find the button on the (second) pillar. Push and go S to a pool, from there into the opening E to a room with short pillars. Some spiders will come out (don’t shoot them), but they are more interested in the zombies for now. So head into an opening SW and turn around in the back, grab the ladder and climb up to the ledge above.

Timed Gate, a Nature Stone.

In the far NW corner is a timed button, it will open the gate E. Turn left and run a bit, jump to the nearby pillar, run with a curve to jump to the next pillar and then to the open gate. Push the button near the blades and immediately back flip. The gate is closed, so crawl along the blades (watch the health) into the crawlspace and get back to the room.

Safety drop to the floor, go to the room N. A gate in the E has opened. Pick up a Nature Stone there. Go back to the room S and use the Stone on the wall next to the door E. Don’t shoot the spider unless he attacks you and use the Fire Key inside the passage.

Go W to the pool, the trapdoor in the bottom corner is open, grab Ocular Part 1 and climb out. Go back out to the bridges and combine the two Ocular parts to the Smaragd Ocular and place it on the stand near the tree (facing SW). Save before you enter, as the floor is a firetrap. Look up and see the openings in the ceiling? The tiles under them are save. Stand left and jump to the second tile S (sandy tile) jump to the block at the wall and use the button, the door E opens, jump in there with “Ctrl” and use another button. Then jump to the W side and save at the slide.

Boulder Alley.

Slide down the middle and jump forward before you reach the end of the slope, stand still and the boulder should bounce overhead (Or stand left and slide down and if you “hug” the wall just passed that alcove left, the boulder will pass you).

Slide down one more ramp and now save standing at the last ramp. You have to run after the boulder and get into an opening left. Start when the boulder comes close to you and run after it, you will start to slide. Jump before you hit the end of the bottom slide and run left into an alcove with a gate and a button behind it.

When you are save in that alcove wait again for the boulder to get down and run upstairs to the end of the passage. Use the button and go down to the boulder, the gate in that alcove is open.  After that, go up the ramp again and to the left to use a button near a gate.

Now go back down into that alcove next to the boulder and run E and all the way up the ramps to an alcove on the right, you’ll have to be fast jumping up slopes to stay ahead of the boulder. In the passage up E and to the right there are two buttons to push, a gate will open up. Now it’s back to the boulder and W up the ramp and to the last alcove left, the gate is open.

The Stone of Water.

If everything works well, those spiders won’t attack you if you don’t shoot at them first, keep your cool down there.

Safety drop from the entrance ledge to the floor below.

Push the crate onto the marked tile S. Get onto the block N and pick up the Stone of Water, push the button on the wall there. A gate opens up and after a short flyby the level will end.