Shakespeare Cliff Revised

Level by Die Basis

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


The Cliff - 3 secrets

The Chunnel – 3 secrets (2 secrets bulbs and for one of the bulbs you need a key)

Level 1 – The Cliff.

The Crowbar.

Lara will walk the jetty to the beach, take a left and go all the way N. Stand with your back to the sandy dune next to the fence NE and back flip, jump with a curve to the left to end up on the crates behind the fence (you can also side flip over the fence from that position). Jump to the ground and use the lever, a grate lowers under the jetty. Jump back over the fence and go to the jetty, shoot the fishes and dive under the jetty to use the lever there. Swim W and into the opening, go S and follow through around the corner right is a block, climb onto it. From there take a running jump to the beach. Under the crates is a Medipack but also a nasty spider. SW is a cob web, shoot it and get the Crowbar.

Go back to the water and swim up to the jetty and climb out. Head to the blue crate with the barbed wire on top and go around the back to open the crowbar fence. Use the button and return to the beach. Go into the water and SW is the gate you just opened. Swim in and through that greenery near the bottom; keep swimming till you can stand up again. Get out quick and shoot the nasty big fish. In the water SW is a Medipack. Get out of the water and Lara can stare at the N and way up the dune is a lever. Watch out for the dog.

To the Compound.

Stand with your back to the sandy dunes again (SE) and back flip and jump with a right hand curve over the fence. Stand facing the sandy dune (NE corner) and take a running jump straight N. Jump back and fro with a curve to end up at the top. Hop to the W three times to end up at the lever and a small medipack. Slide down S and jump in the water, go to that grey tile in the deeper part and swim through the crawlspace. Use the underwater lever and go back to the fence. Again a jump with a back flip over the fence and now you can use the lever near the machine. Again face N and jump onto the sand dunes, but once on top slide down to the N.

Shoot the soldiers and both will leave a small medipack behind. Go into the first cage (with the barrels) and into the opening in the ground. Pick up a Medipack between some grasses around the first corner and when you walk further you’ll get a camera shot. Climb the ladder and quickly run as far N as possible so the soldier will stop firing at you, then shoot the soldier from there and get a small medipack N (near the tree). There is another small medipack W (near the barrels). Go to the S and stand behind the fire (face S) with Lara’s back against the fence. Take two steps forwards and jump up forwards to grab the pole and swing over the dune.

The Compound, a Bag of Sand. (You could follow a different route through the first part)

(Comment from the builder: Due to a bug there is a trigger missing for the trapdoor of the hut where you come into the compound, it will open on approach without a key, may be it will be fixed later. As it is now, you can get the Revolver without the Hut key, but if you want to play it all, ignore that open trapdoor for now. But after you've got the hut key, still place it into its corresponding keyhole. Otherwise you will take into the next level and there it will change into a Gold Key.)

Go left and keep going left along the dunes till you see an oil drum with fire. Walk back to the S a bit and there are big barrels at the other side of the fence. Stand at the fourth one (counting from the oil drum) facing W and jump onto the dunes there. Run to the top and jump NW to slide down to the pool area. Go to the small inlet of the sea, shoot the nasty fish, swim to the sunken boat and grab the Bag of Sand. Watch the cut scene. Climb up the beach, up and over the dunes and to the flat spot where you can see that fourth barrel below. Do a running jump straight over the fence. Go E (behind the barrels) and carefully use the Bag of Sand to extinguish the fire in the oil drum (stand at a corner). Crawl under the truck (S) and keep the “duck” key pressed to pick up the Battery. Go to the ladder NW near the burning oil drum, climb up and back flip over the fence.

The Laser Sight, a Trapdoor Key, the Pool Area Key.

Follow the path back to where you entered the Compound and head for that big yellow tank. Go to the W and stand facing the pole (looking E). Look up and you see a jump switch. Stand near the green spot on the floor (screenshot), back flip and then jump so Lara catches the pole, let go and grab the jump switch (this backflip/grab the pole can be tricky). The door S opens, go to the water and get the Laser Sight. A gate opens up S, shoot the guard and go in. There’s a small medipack in the SW and behind the fence is a barrel you can shoot, pick up the Trapdoor Key from it. Go back N to the pool and left on the shed you can use the Trapdoor Key. Go around the shed and jump in the opening and retrieve the Pool Area Key from the desk. Leave, go N and follow the path along the dunes again. Passing blue crates and near a sign, go to the right (E) and use the Pool Area Key.

The Crane Key.

The crate in the NW corner is pushable, pull it away from the wall and use the switch behind it. The door around the corner is open. Go in, shoot the two mechanics and then the two grates in the corners N and behind the NW one is a Medipack. Then go into the opening NE and pull the blue crate once. Use the switch that is behind it and then go E. At the intersection go right; follow through to a floor lever. Go back out and at the intersection go straight (N) and enter an open door. At the end shoot all the grates (N) and pick up the Flares, Revolver ammo and a small and big medipack. Use the button in the last alcove W.

Go back out and at the intersection a yellow door (E) has opened. Go in left and right, watch out for a barrel that drops down, so go immediately into an alcove almost straight ahead. Back on track and take a left, there is another barrel there. This time just run straight ahead (N). Go after the barrel and jump over it to the right. A door at the end of this corridor opens. Two mechanics try to kill Lara. Go to the far SE corner and the block with the logo on it is moveable. Pull it out twice and use the switch behind it. Go back to the entrance (NW) and pull the jump lever there (over the brown crate). This opens a door S. In this small office you can get a Medipack from the desk W, when you walk to the other side Lara looks up. You have to use the switch next to the open door.

Go out and run to the N wall, climb the ladder, as the trapdoor is now open. Climb off left or right, turn around and take a running jump to the other side, in that alcove S. Push the block and pick up Secret #1, 3x Rocket Launcher ammo.

Jump back to the balcony and grab that small medipack near the end of the balcony, SE wall. Go to the E wall near the crane and stand on the higher floor. Jump to the ledge with the yellow crate W and grab it, hoist up. Turn around and look up and use the jump lever. Safety drop to the floor and back up the ladder N and left, as a door near the NW crane has opened up.

Use the button on the right, get into the toilet and shoot out the grating over the bowl, climb in. Crawl through, get out at the end (Alt + forward) and use another button N (This opens a door SE in the main room), then the one S near the door to get out. Go into the door SE and in this office pull/push the yellow block out of the way, crawl into the crawlspace. Shoot the grate and use the floor lever. Crawl back to the office with the yellow crate and the cover on the switch N opened. Use the switch and go out to the balcony and all the way around to the SW corner where that gate opened.

Look SE and shoot the grate and jump into the alcove there (stand back in the corner of the fence). Look N and shoot the pipe (camera shot). The flame where you saw a Key is out now. Safety drop on the floor, head out of the office to the exit W. Through the room with the barrels, keep going W and around the corner is the Crane Key.

Go into the opening NW where you got the Medipack before and use the Crane Key there. Go into the alcove on your right and flip the switch. Camera shot of the flames that are gone so go outside S, jump in the water and use the underwater lever SW. The gate from the camera shot is S. There is a soldier around and he carries the Trapdoor Key.

In the next area pick up Flares from under the wooden boxes NW and shoot the barrel in the back, next to the trapdoor. Use the Key, drop down and up at the other end and use the Battery on the wall W.

The Map of the Mine Field.

Enter the door E, watch out for the drills and jump to the floor outside, Shoot the wooden barriers. Go left (N) and climb up at the pipe there, Crawl under it and run to the other side. There is a timed button. The button opens a door just left of you, so go back and jump to the S opening with the pipe. It is a matter of sprinting as much as you can and stay along the side of the wall so you can run around the corners.

Once inside that passage, shoot the mechanic and he leaves a Map of the Mine Field in the pit. So get back and climb down the ladder and follow the map. Don’t get too close to the side of the safe squares because the dynamite is very sensitive, so save often. Once on the other side go left (N) and into the opening in the fence and pick up a small medipack near the N wall behind the crates.

Inside the Base.

Now you can go to the opening E. Follow through, some double doors close behind you while a small door to the right opens up (Inside you’ll use the Door Disc later). Shoot the mechanic and go E, around the corner and find a button SE. Go into the bathrooms and go to the end to draw out a mechanic who was busy in the last toilet. Go in there and get into the crawlspace over the bowl. Use the switch and get out.

The other buttons in the corridor open up all the other doors and in one of them is a Medipack. In that same toilet you can shoot the grate up E and get into the crawlspace for Secret #2, Rocket Launcher ammo.

Go out and to the right (N), back to the corridor where the other mechanic was and behind that yellow crate around the corner left is that crawlspace from the cut scene. Shoot the grate on the right, go further and find a Medipack on a yellow crate on the left. Pull that yellow crate NW out once and get behind it to push the button, another door opens in one of the corridors.

The Door Disc.

Go back to the corridor, E in the direction of the toilets and the open door is to the left, a mechanic leaving a Medipack and a soldier leaving Revolver ammo will come out. Inside and in the SE corner is a button opening up another door, around the NE corner is the Door Disc on a desk. Go back out to the corridor and take a right to the first corridor and into the door S to use the Door Disc on the machine around the corner.

Go out and into the opposite door (N). Kill two mechanics; go to the W and behind a yellow crate is a switch to move the crane in the other part of the room. Behind a blue crate N (near the switch) are Flares. Go to the E side of the room where the crane has shifted, into the opening N and get a Medipack N, Revolver ammo behind a blue crate W, and a button to open up another door behind the blue crate E.

Go out of the room, back in the direction of the toilets and take a right there (W) to come to the corridor with the open door to the left. Save before you enter!

A Flame, the Grate Disk and the Hut Key.

Upon entering a flame will start going towards a switch on the W wall. You have to get to the switch before the flame reaches it and flip it, immediately backflip away and go flip the switch on the E wall. A door opens in the corridor, opposite the room you are in. This room is for later as you’ll need another Disc there. Go W, around the corner into another corridor to find a door on the right open. Behind the pipe (S) is a button.

This opens the opposite door W in the corridor. Shoot the guard (he leaves the Grate Disk behind) and pick up the Hut Key on the desk NE. Go back S to the next corridor and the first door left is the one where you can use that Disc. Out the door and take a right, in the next corridor back into the left door where you got the Disk and left again, now you can pick up the Drill Activator Card 1 where the grate lowered in the W wall.

This also opens the yellow door N in the corridor, so go out there. Go up the stairs and go either left or right and use the crates to jump the fence so you won’t have to go through the minefield again. Into the drill corridor, down the hole and up again. Go out and to the W and use the Key on the hut where you started this part. Drop down into the opened trapdoor and get the Revolver from the desk in the back. Go back out. Finally you can shoot that electricity box Lara keeps looking at so go to the E at the big tree and shoot that box way up.

Enter the open door, follow through to the end and place the Drill Activator Card to the right, a soldier shows up and after he is dead get his Drill Activator Card 2 and us it E. The grate opens so you can use the switch in there to activate the Drill. Turn around and go to that open door W where you’ll find the Drill, which made a large hole in the ground. First hoot the barriers and pull the wooden cart to pick up Secret #3, the Rocket Launcher.

Now you can jump into the hole in the ground, find the underwater lever and get out on the platform to use the switch, this is a timed switch. Flip it and hop back with a left or right turn, so you will end up exactly on the corner of the platform. Turn a bit more and jump up to grab the platform above, immediately jump forward and grab the crevice, shimmy right till you can crawl in. Use the switch there, crawl out and drop into the water again to swim through the crawlspace E.

Use “Esc” to start the next level...


Level 2 - The Chunnel.

Climb out of the water and go around to pick up 2x Shotgun ammo and a small medipack from the bushes. Then jump from the N side to the ladder on the S side pillar (over the water) and go up to a room with a lever. Throw it, then go E and side flip over a fence, shoot the chest and get the Shotgun. Now go down again, into the opened gate S and shoot the rats in the next cave. Coming into the large area a thug will open fire from a balcony, get some distance so you can shoot him over the fence. Go to the NW corner; stand facing S and backflip onto the slanted N side wall, in a way to get to that jump lever on the pillar S (screenshot).

The Yellow Fuse.

A hatch will open up over a ladder. Get onto that mound SW (some mechanics will attack) and go down the ladder in the shaft. Down there shoot a rat and follow through to a large cave with a pit and a couple of soldiers. After shooting them (one leaves a Medipack) go S and past that burning barrel. Hang from the edge into the pit and shimmy to the right till you can pull up at a platform. Push the button to open the door, go in and shoot two soldiers, leaving a small and a large Medipack. There are Flares left around the corner and then go down the ladder on the N side to the lower section. Cross the walkway and shoot the grate so you can enter, but do not use any of the switches yet. Go to the right and left, in these quarters you’ll find Shotgun ammo, two small medipacks and Revolver ammo. Now go to the trapdoors S and there’s a choice you can make.

Left, harder: Flip the switch and the trapdoor opens, slide and pull out the biggest weapon. Take out the 2 dogs, 2 mechanics and 2 soldiers.

Right, normal: Flip the switch and the trapdoor opens, slide and pull out a weapon. Take out the a dog, a mechanic and a soldier.

Middle, easy: Flip the switch and the trapdoor opens, slide and pull out a weapon. Take out the 2 small rats.

Go into the room E where they came from and side jump over the low fences S to get the Medipacks. Go to the low fence N and side jump diagonally over the corner of the deadly pool into the alcove NW. Flip the switch and leave the room, go left into the S passage and find a switch to open another yellow door (creating a shortcut into this passage). Go back into the room E and jump over the N side fence again to flip the switch in the NW alcove. Go out of the room and then left through that shortcut door into the S passage where the door E now closed, revealing a chest with dirt. Pick up the Yellow Fuse from the chest.

A gate W opened up (and you’ve just seen another gate opening up somewhere), go out of this place and save before you enter the grey passage, run up the ramp and when you hear the boulder, go flat against the left wall and stay put. The boulder will pass by (or roll and run back out). Anyhow, at the top of this passage is a lever opening up a door to the room with the trapdoors. Go back over the walkway to the ladder N and get out to the cave with the large pit, the platform rose so you can now simply jump to the other side.

Look NE for an opening in the E wall and climb the blocks (this is the gate that opened up when taking the Fuse). Go right as you are back at the start and enter the room with the yellow pillars.

The Blue Fuse and a Gold Key.

Place the Yellow Fuse on the side of the pillar with the balcony the soldier was on before. A boulder will drop and opens up an underwater door so a pit floods between the blue pillars E (A yellow crate also dropped to the ground floor). Dive in and use the underwater lever, a cover lifts from the switch just above, climb out and use that switch (another fuse box becomes available). Now go to the entrance of the room and stand facing S and just next to that balcony where the soldier was, backflip onto the slanted floor over the entrance and jump with a hard right curve to land on the balcony. Get the Gold Key and use it on the lock under the yellow structure. The hatch to the upper level of the structure opens up. Pull and push the yellow crate under the structure to a marked yellow tile in the far NE corner of the room and the crawlspace next to it opens up.

Go in and shoot that chest to get the Blue Fuse, go back out and to the yellow structure and climb up where that hatch opened up. In the NW of this platform is some Shotgun ammo. Place the Blue Fuse up there and a fire goes out E. Take a running jump to the other side (E) and another one (NO Ctrl and holding the forward key down) to the waterfall.


Lower yourself down and shoot a grate NE. Get in and on the left shoot out another grate and get behind the fan (to the N and behind a fence you can see a blue bulb). Open the trapdoor, climb down and follow through, jump up facing S at the end to open the hatch over the ladder and climb out. NE is an opening; flip the switch in there. A gate S outside opens, go through and into the opening SW, at the end, jump down and get a small medipack NE and use the jump lever there (up S). Go S to a floor lever and use that, this opens a door on the left. Shoot the mechanic who leaves a small medipack behind.

The Washroom.

Go into the washroom and find Revolver ammo NW and Flares SE. In the NW corner if you turn to the E, you can shoot the mirror looking block and use the switch in there, opening up a door. Go out and now go N and use the switch. Look up S at the switch and climb up, crawl in to get Secret #1, Rocket Launcher ammo. Go back to the switch in the washroom and open the yellow door again. Go out and you’ll see the gate you just opened straight ahead.

A Timed Climb to the Copper Key.

There is a ladder N, climb down and shoot the dogs. There is a moveable cage on the bottom, push/pull it on the grate on the floor. You will fall though a trapdoor. Go S, and in the small room climb the ladder till half way and shift to the right. Then take a running jump to grab the timed jump lever N. Back on the ladder and halfway up, traverse left and jump up to climb into the opening up S (best on the left side of the opening- Video). Shoot the mechanic there and grab his Copper Key. Use the switch N, go out the door left of it and you are back on top of the pit. Back down the ladder and use the Key N.

The Access Key for the Secret and a Silver Key.

Go in and right around the corner is a crawlspace, first shoot the grate and climb in. Use the switch (camera shot of an expanding grated block) and then go out again. When you walk N a barrel will start to burn at the N wall. Up behind it is a dark panel, shoot it and do a running jump from the side to get in safely, pick up the Access Key for the Secret (a camera shows where to use it). Jump back out and go W to the waters edge. Climb the block and use the monkey climb to go straight and then to the right and use the jump lever to turn off the electricity. Swim to that poor dead diver and pick up the Silver Key (it can be a bit tricky to get up onto that rock, face NW and walk up to the key). Then look behind the plant S of the dead guy and swim into the small opening, follow through to get Secret #2, the Yellow Bulb for the Secret Room.

Backtrack for the Blue Bulb.

Go back out of the water and out of this place to the pit and grab up to the ladder N, go up and leave E, turn N and follow back to where you can climb up to the right, pass underneath the Fans and go into the passage E, left and use the Key in the end, go in to get Secret #3, the Blue Bulb for the Secret Room.

A Yellow Fuse.

Make your way back to the pit where you left off and go back down where you can use the Silver Key S. Jump on a block in the SE corner and shoot the grate W. Standjump up forward to use the monkey climb to get to that switch and flip it. Back on the block where the door opened and follow through. Crawl through and shoot another grate. Lower yourself down into a cafeteria, first go to the button S. In this hallway shoot the grates on the left and enter.

Timed Platforms.

You are in a big hall and NE is a small medipack. NW is a button; this opens a door back to the cafeteria. In the SE corner is a timed switch. This raises some platforms. Go the other corner (SW) and do a back flip onto the slanted floor to jump and grab a ladder so you can get onto that platform, a running jump E to the other side and then left to the pillar then another jump W and use the switch here (Video). Lower yourself down and run to the cafeteria, take a left and around the glass wall till you reach a pool. Around the corner to the right is the block that lowered. Use the large button in there and the pool will be drained. Get in and flip the floor lever. Go back to the hall with the timed platforms and climb the block E. Face W and pull up, run across and open the trapdoor at the end. Take a jump (with Ctrl) to overshoot the cooker and land safely on the floor. Then shoot the soldiers and get a Medipack from one. On the NE corner of the cooker is the Yellow Fuse. Use the button N to get out.

Another Copper Key.

Go S into the corridor and use the Fuse on the right. Follow this passage to the end and slide into the tunnel. Go right (W) and find a switch next to the yellow door on the left (S). Go inside and take a running jump to the ladder (hold forward key down and grab at the very last moment). Traverse right over the fence and drop down. Jump on the block and use the button left. Take a running jump and grab the ledge E and hoist up. Go over this bridge and halfway on the left jump to the gratings on the pillar there (N) to climb to the bottom.

In the E you can pick up Revolver ammo, use the Revolver and Sight to shoot out a grating SE and up (E wall) and climb in, shoot the mechanic and get his Copper Key. Back out, and climb the ladder N till you are halfway the last block and back flip to the bridge.

And a Silver Key.

Go E and use the Key. Climb down a ladder and left around the corner to the bottom. Jump N over the deadly shallow pool to grab the Shotgun ammo. Then jump back and pull up into a crawlspace S and down at the other end. Pull down the ceiling hatch W. Get up and pass the steam vents. Open the trapdoor at the end and jump down. Follow through and use the floor lever NW (camera shot). Turn around, pick up the Shotgun ammo S and then notice the cage is also gone so use the button N to open the exit of this room. Safety drop down W and go to the water and swim through the opening there. Get the Shotgun ammo SE and Flares W, proceed W and at the end up, get out and grab the Silver Key from the chest. Jump in the water next to it and up on the other side of the fence. Climb up in the NE corner and use the Key, up the ladder and use the Revolver and sight to shoot the red light on the fuse box NE (opposite side of the tunnel, possible with pistols) to open the door next to it. Slide down and watch the fly by.

The Disaster Zone.

Go E and use the switch on your right to open the door to the room with a quad bike. But first we need a Card. Go along the S side to where the train crashed down into the pit and stand against the train. Now slide down to a small flat ledge and do a curved running jump to the ledge S (losing health) and hop to the broken steel bridge spanning the pit. Jump from here to the SE corner and use the jump lever on the pillar (look up W). Line up for the newly opened gate E and jump with a bit of a right curve and grab in the end so you will land inside.

Follow through and flip the switch in the end to open a door at the big pit. Return and jump out left to that ledge again. To the bridge and make your way over to the open door N and go up the steps till you are at an old gate to the right. Shoot it and get Shotgun ammo, Flares and a Medipack inside. Go up the rest of the stairs then left around the fenced off room to a switch opening up the yellow door. Through the door you will come to the other end of the tunnel. To the left on the pillar near the fence is a jump lever, opening up the gate to the left. Inside, shoot the mechanic and save at the button on the control panel after you picked up the small medipack.

Timed Platform.

Push the button, holding down the “Look” key, backflip roll steering left to run back into the tunnel. Go straight down to the pit a bit left of the middle and slide down to the lower ledge, run and jump over to the platform S and quickly throw the lever to open a door (Video). Jump back to the ledge you came from and jump on the left hand side up to the tunnel where the door opened to the right. Inside is a switch to open up a blue door. Go out and into the opposite yellow door to that fenced off room you can now enter. On the back of the instrument pillar is a button, push it to lower a platform back in the pit. So, back down to the pit it is, hang from the edge and drop to grab the switch, do safety drops down to the ground floor.

Bottom of the Pit, the Professor’s suitcase and a Trapdoor Key.

Go to the SW corner and up left of the blue pillars W is a grating up in the wall, shoot it and climb up. Flip the switch and drop back out to dive into the opened trapdoor left of you and throw the underwater lever down there. Climb out and get into the now flooded hole between the wreckage and swim to pick up the Professor’s suitcase and a Trapdoor Key. Climb back out and go for the Revolver ammo NW. In that same corner is a keyhole W, next to the trapdoor and a trapdoor lowers somewhere over your head. Climb up the blue pillar left of you (face W), traverse at the top left and climb up. Jump to the bridge S and enter the opening S, shoot the mechanic to get his Gold Key and use it S next to the small door. There are some Flares to the left of the door.

The Quadbike Card.

Open the next door with the button and shoot the soldier inside to get his Quadbike Card, then pull the yellow crate SE till it stands S of the central pillar so you can climb up into an opening up S. Flip the switch, get back down and leave N, turn left past the yellow door and carefully go up the new passage, side flip onto the slanted side and keep jumping till the boulder passed. Repeat in the next passage and flip the switch at the gate. Go left around in the next room and find the Card reader where you can use the Quadbike Card.

Take the Quad out and go left, then turn the bike around because you’ll have to start the run from the room and take a right up the ramp picking up speed so you can jump onto the steep ramp under the opposite door (you opened by shooting the red light). Once inside, keep the throttle open, as you have to jump another pit. Go along the right hand wall passing the next pit and stop there to get the Shotgun ammo near the door left. Then get on the Quad and run over some mechanics W. Park the Quad there and find the jump lever left of the gate S.

In a passage up W is a button that will turn on the light at that jump lever, in case you might have missed it. Take the Quad through to the next tunnel and take a right up the steep slope, leave it near the yellow doors.

If you haven’t got the two Bulbs for the Secret Room:

Message on your screen: Leave here if you haven’t got the secret bulbs.

Go to the right hand door and place the Professor’s Suitcase on the pedestal. A Map will show up, you can pick it up and the door will open up.

“Well, let’s go adventuring”

Go through and follow to where the level ends.

If you have the two Bulbs for the Secret Room:

Go to the left hand door and place the two bulbs to open it, go in and jump over to get the Medipack. Then turn NE and jump over to the slanted rocks, grab the edge and shimmy right, passing a fire emitter till you come to a ledge over the lava flow. Pull up and shoot the Pteranodon and jump SW to a safe spot between the lava, grab the edge and shimmy to the left along this side, around the corner past the flame, keep on shimmying till the gravel field and pull up. Pull up and shoot the Pteranodon and jump SW to a safe spot between the lava, grab the edge and shimmy to the left along this side, around the corner past the flame and pull up on the grey rock. Backflip and roll grabbing the edge of the rocks again, go right till you are opposite the gravel field and pull up. Backflip to the gravel field (it is also possible to just shimmy all the way around to the gravel field; you might have to pull up and grab again to get around the last corner).

Run into the hole (N) and swim through to a larger area. There is some Revolver ammo SE on an underwater ledge. Go up to climb onto the metal ledge and turn around and jump to the ladder, climb up and to the left. Use the Revolver and Laser sight to shoot a grate way down below at the right (SE). In that small underwater alcove is an underwater lever, a gate opens up. Back out and climb onto the low platform, hop E onto the other platform, and up onto the roof. Go through the open gate and use the switch. The cage around the pedestal is gone so slide down to it. Place the Suitcase there and grab the Map.

“Well, let’s go adventuring”

Dive into the water and swim into the opened gate. When you reach the yellow door in the end, the level will end.