TR Excavation Site. 3 secrets

By Centaur.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Slide down and jump over the grating to the S. Down onto a block and to the ground floor.

First for some pick-ups, go to the NE and find an opening and shoot the two large panthers. Go in the next room. Behind the mummy W is a Medipack. This wakes up the mummy though, shoot it till it explodes.

Go to the N wall and climb the ivy on the wall. Almost at the top back flip/roll and grab the edge and shimmy to the right. Pull up and turn N to find another wall with ivy, jump there and climb all the way to the top. On the wall left is a wall lever. Pull it, turn to the S and jump to there. Go through the open gate and take a running jump to the opposite ledge and pick up the Uzi ammo and Pistol Clips on the right. The left side pick up is a trap.

Safety drop down into the room below, pick up the Flares SE and go back W and to the start. Push the block once to the N, climb it to use the lever and a gate up in the NW opens. Climb up and take a running jump to that wooden ledge and step inside. You can climb down to the bottom floor and find 2 x Uzi ammo NW (there is a vine on the left of the E wall to climb up and down). Go to the block with the spikes and face N, there is a lever. This triggers also a mummy. Go to the E wall and find a gate that is open now.

Go in and left and into the opening you see there (N). Once inside shoot the crocks and dive into the water. Go to the NW corner and swim in right around that pillar to get the Flares there, go get some air. Swim back into the NW corner and into the opening W, go left at the fence. Watch out around the second corner are some nasty knives (they move up and down). Pass them and safe first before you use the Timed underwater lever and quickly swim back out. To the pillar in the water with the flames on it, they are out, so climb on it and roll, then take a running jump plus grab into the structure W. Go to the slanted block (face N) and use the lever. This opens a door N and a few panthers try to bite Lara.

A Timed Secret.

Now the door is opened, you can go for the Secret, you have to get back to the underwater lever and use it again, this time swim to a platform raised at the S side of the structure, climb out so you can immediately jump up into the structure and sprint into the open door, take the first right into the timed gate.

Watch out for the deadly tiles and jump to grab the slanted block NW, hang at the left corner, pull up and backflip. Keep jumping to a platform and climb up. Jump to the slanted block N and then get to the SE corner to use the lever opening up the door down SW. Get in there and follow to where you jump to the top of the structure and get Secret #1, a Familiar Artefact and 2 x Pistol Clips.

The Silenced Pistol.

Drop from the S side onto the platform below and go back into the door. Go in and behind that coffin S in the first room are Pistol Clips. Turn W and just around the corner of the left pillar is a jump lever. The door NE opens, in there get the Silenced Pistol and 2 x Pistol clips.

Go out, proceed W and follow through, and before going up some steps, behind the pillar are more Flares. Now go up the stairs and to the right, and at the end watch the fly by. Go in and pick up a small medipack and Flares near the N wall. Then go W into the passage and jump straight ahead and grab the corner. Shimmy around slide down, grab the end and jump/roll and grab the vines. Hoist up and walk to the other side and climb up the vines there and climb off on the right. Jump down and find the lever on the middle block (facing W).

Of course the gate opens so shoot the two panthers. Go in and the door N opens. Pick up 2 x Uzi ammo and save your game. Now you could go for the next Secret, but it is a tight run. You have to go into the passage N anyway, so why not give it a try…

Timed Run for the First Sapphire Key.

With the Secret:

Sprint inside to flip the switch, roll and sprint out again (flames are travelling alongside you and spikes will pop up if you are not quick enough).

Keep right a bit while you sprint back into the room S. Go along the right hand side of the block and into the opened door behind it. Slide down and turn around, throw the lever and walk to the water, get onto the platform and grab the monkey climb to get across to the open door. Get Secret #2, another Familiar Artefact and climb the vines S. Backflip off and go up the vines E to slide back to the bridge, get into the opening E again, go N and continue below…

Without the Secret:

Sprint inside to flip the switch, roll and sprint out again (flames are travelling alongside you and spikes will pop up if you are not quick enough).

Continue; The crawlspace E is open now, so avoid the emitters and crawl in.

In the boulder room you have to get to the lever N, just follow the left boulder end curve to the right and go use the lever. There is a small medipack near by.  Go back doing the same trick and go through the gate S. Go up and jump to the platform and face S pick up the First Sapphire Key from the bright light.

You can get down in the NE corner, and through the open double doors S. Save your game. First collect Flares NW and Pistol Clips SE.

There are 4 levers to pull on the central pillar and kill the mummies that might wake up (no need to fight them if you are fast enough). Better start with the lever S and go clockwise. Then jump up E on that middle structure and spot the jump lever in the shaft there. Try to catch that lever without getting electrocuted.

Let the current take you and after the spike alley (deactivated by that jump lever) there is a Medipack SE. Swim further E, and get a nice breather at the end.Climb out and go S and to the left. Pick up the Flares and Uzi SE in the next room, and use the lever N.

Go through the opened door; jump to the bridge and then through the open gate left or right of the cat statue. Go W and pick a Medipack, climb the vines SW and when Lara’s feet are on that second horizontal stripe, save and back flip twice as there are spikes popping up.

There is a small medipack under the pushable block S; push (or pull) the block onto the crack in the middle of the pool and you’ll drain another small pool (below). Some Pistol Clips are to be found near the W wall. Jump through the spikes to the ladder and climb down the vines, go into the now empty pool and use the lever there. A door W on the right opens.

Enter and go to the end and run through the spikes that will pop up and jump to grab the rope. Then swing to the other side and use the lever. Watch the cut scene. Go back to the rope but now swing to the second rope N (I had to aim a bit right of it) and then to the trapdoors in the left corner. Take a running jump with grab at the last second to the ledge N. Go in where those gates blew up. Jump over the water and turn around, again a jump over water (S) but this time up as well.

Then to the trapdoor on the left, stand left and from there jump to the arch. Look to the left (SE) and take a running jump with a curve to land on yet another trapdoor. Jump on top of the cages and the opening S is a way to get down on the ground floor and up again.

For now go SE and follow through.

The Electric Room, the Second Sapphire Key.

Save when you are at the next room. The ledges are shifting and electricity is not making it easy. The rough looking tiles are save ones so try to stand on them while you look around. In every corner are levers but also shifting floors and electricity. So this is a matter of timing.

SE; wait for the tile to almost appear and then jump, use the lever, hop back and jump on the reddish blocks S and to the right of the lever.

SW; jump down on a safe tile and jump to the lever when the tile will appear, use the lever and side jump left.

NW; go to the W wall and jump to the lever and back.

NE; it is the hardest of all and best is to jump to the lever a millisecond before it appears and hop back once when you pulled the lever, then a backflip, hoping you timed it right.

Go to the reddish blocks S and climb up on the left. Jump to the roof of that middle structure and get the Second Sapphire Key. You can jump down standing facing W with Ctrl and end up in the passage where the door has just opened. Follow through, and the lever on the block in the next room, opens two gates. There are two panthers lurking around, so watch your step. In the E passage you find some Flares.

The Karnak Sapphire.

N passage, follow through and jump to the ledge on the left. Use your Key there, the second Key goes next to it.

A door N on the ground floor opens. If you look down you can see a block from which to drop down to the ground floor. The opening left is the place where you already were so head through the newly open door N. Pick up the Karnak Sapphire and if you have them, place the 2 Familiar Artefacts next to the door W. Go in and pick up Secret #3, Pandora’s Box?

Leave this room and continue N. Go around the corner and here the level ends.