Lance of Oberon.

by TombMaker.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Level 1 - Arctic Catacombs. 3 secrets

Go into the icy cave and find some Flares. Also shoot a couple of wolves. From the big crystal go to the SE and find more Flares behind a pillar, look up S and spot a crawlspace. Jump up to get into the crawlspace and find Secret #1, Flares, the Uzis plus ammo and a small medipack.

Crawl back out and continue E, shooting more wolves. You get to entrance of a temple of sorts and around the corner right is a lever. In the SE corner you can pick up some Revolver ammo and a Torch. The Torch is here to give you extra light.

Ignite the Torch if you like and follow the stairs all the way to the top. Halfway on the stairs is a lever, this ignites some lamps in the big hall. In the SW corner you can find Shotgun ammo.

In this big hall is a closed double door E, and two wide corridors N and two to the S.

The 4 Icen Keys. (There’s no particular order in collecting the keys)

Left hand corridor N wall, the Icen Key #3.

Go up the stairs; use the lever on the left. Avoid the darts in the corridor and go to the pool. Shoot the two knights and dive in the pool and grab the Poison Arrows in the SE corner and flip the underwater lever at the E wall (this is for a secret), get out of the water.

Climb one of the blocks N and jump over to the walkway. Save and when you use the timed lever and you’ll hear a trapdoor falling (the one up N). Backflip/roll, run to the pole and jump up, grab and climb the pole and when Lara her feet are in the white band on the wall, do a back flip. Hop back and take a running jump to the ledge N and climb up the ladder. From there another running jump to the ledge SW where you can grab the crack W and shimmy around the corner. When Lara puts her feet up, back flip/roll and grab the other ladder. Climb up to the last white stripe and back flip/roll/grab again to get on top of the ledge, go and pick up a small medipack near the wall.

Little shortcut: Get back on the ladder and go up even higher (feet above the ladder textures) to backflip and roll to grab the upper ledge.

Intended route: From the ledge with the medipack, use the monkey climb to get to the other side and climb up one more floor.

Avoid the darts and the chains and look to the S side. Jump into the opening there and grab Secret # 2, the Grenade Launcher. Go back to the ledge and continue W. Run over the breakable tiles, grab the Old Key and the Icen Key #3 from the pedestal. A trapdoor opens. In the SW corner of this small balcony is the Laser Sight and in the other corner a Medipack.

Now jump to the ladder W (left or right) and climb down, shimmy to the middle ladder and let Lara touch the lava floor and back flip. Pick up the Crossbow and Arrows.

Take a running jump to a safe tile E and from there another running jump NE. Turn around and use the Crossbow and Sight to shoot a ball up in the SE direction(over the balconies). This raises blocks so you can get back at the stone steps S.

Go back to the chains and drop down to the ledge, use the ladder N to climb even lower, safety drop down to the ground floor, or jump in the water below.

Use the Old key near the door and you can get back to the big hall.

Right hand corridor N wall, the Icen Key #4.

Go down the stairs, and in the room with the shallow pool, use the lever you see on the ledge straight ahead and on the right. This opens a trapdoor in the shallow water. SE of that trapdoor is some Revolver ammo hidden in the plant.

Underwater Maze.

Jump in and swim to the bottom. Go left and around the corner and use the underwater lever in the SW corner. Go left around the corner to the end (NE) and find a gate open. In the back on the right is another underwater lever.

Swim out and straight (W) and into the gate on your left, and up for a breath of air. Climb out into this room to flip the lever E. Jump in the water facing W and swim straight out and to the opened gate in the SE corner of the maze, there is another lever on the left (N wall). Swim out and now go to the opposite side (W wall), swim up, as the trapdoor there has opened.

Climb out S and follow through. Save here, then take a running jump and grab the slanted ledge in the lava room. Pull up, slide and jump/grab the crevice. Shimmy around the corner till you are in the middle, let go, slide and jump/roll to grab the pole. Turn to the left so that Lara is looking at the wall and back flip on a safe ledge. Turn and jump to the steps.

In that small passage is a lever, push it. This opens a trapdoor on top of the ladder in the previous room. Jump back to the safe tile in the lava and from there to the ladder. Climb off on the left and be prepared to battle with a knight, so better run away from the hole first. Climb the long, long ladder and climb off to the left. Get to the end and take a running jump to the other side. Shimmy in the crack to the right and pick up the Fire Gem in the crawlspace. Get out, and shimmy back to the ladder, climb down as far as possible and drop down into the shallow pool. The Gem you just found fits nicely into the receptacle NE (opposite the lever you used).

Get back into the water and swim almost to the ground floor E is the door you just opened. Swim in, around some corners and up and get the Icen Key # 4. Back to the water and out and up and go back (W) to the big Hall.

Left hand corridor S, the Icen Key #2.

Go up the stairs and in the end where an avalanche closed this passage is a lever (N). Go back down and find an opening on the right. You end up on a balcony over a pool. There is a wolf prowling around. Climb the ladder NW, pick up the Uzi ammo around the corner and use the timed lever a bit further. Retrace your steps a bit and go through the door S. Follow through and jump to the jump lever at the end. Lara falls down in the water, SW are Flares and the door N is open now.

The Sapphire Key.

Make a saved game first then swim in and straight and get the Sapphire Key. Roll swim out and see on the pillar left lever # 1. Around the corner (NE) is lever # 2. In the NW corner is a Medipack, roll and the last lever is straight ahead on the last pillar left is lever # 3. Swim quickly to the now open door S and get air. (Also possible to first re-open the door by using the 3 levers; go back for air and back in for the Key)

Get out of the pool and use the key on the double doors E. Watch out for the wolves though. Go in and take either a left or a right. Go to the middle of this room where you will find a block that will rise when you approach it from the N.

Climb it and face S, there is a brass ball hanging there, you can shoot it with your pistols. Climb up W and jump to the crevice W, and go to the left (S) and at the end jump to the W again. Shimmy left and pull up, jump over the fire lamp E, pick up the Uzi ammo and jump now to the S. Get the Icen Key # 2 and you’ll set loose a wraith.

Best is to get out and safety drop down and I ran to the W out of the doors into the pool. Either shoot the knight now or later.

Go back in and get on that raised block again, jump again W but now shimmy to the right. When you can stand jump to a crevice W and shimmy right again, hoist up and turn around and grab the monkey climb. Follow through and almost at the end turn towards that block and let go and grab the crack, Shimmy left to the end and hoist up. Now jump to the E. get the Revolver Ammo, a small medipack and the Shotgun as Secret # 3.

SW is a hole in the floor, jump in and you are back at the room with the raised block. Leave W through the doors, go up the stairs and through the door, down the stairs to the big Hall.

Right hand corridor S, the Icen Key #1

Go up the ramp, stay in the middle and the left boulder will drop first. Avoid them both by side flipping (or trigger them by hopping back onto the slope, and running out quickly). There is a pick up where the boulders came from, but better save here as there is another pair of boulders. Pick up the Medipack and Uzi Ammo and then go into that passage W. At the intersection be careful for another pair of boulders. Go S and jump in the water. Swim S and left and up. Get a small medipack N, then go to the S and down a ramp. Shoot the knight, and come to a room with a balcony.

There is a pushable globe N and that has to go one floor down on the marked tile near the ladder in the SW corner. You can safety drop down and find the lever on a pillar on the N side of the room. This will raise two blocks. Jump over the pit and climb the ladder. Now push and pull the globe over the path you made to the raised block near the double doors S, get back to the lever and use it again. Jump over the pit and now push the globe on the marked tile near the ladder.

Once the double doors are open a knight attacks. Jump over the pit, avoiding the chains and climb the block. Climb even higher (S) and higher E. Look N and down and jump to that jump lever.

You’ll see a camera shot of an underwater door. Jump back over the pit, get out, up the ladder left, over the balcony to the other side. Go up the ramp to the N and jump in the small pool there, swim to the left and the gate left (S) has opened. There is an underwater lever. Pull it and swim back, get out and go S, down the ramp into the now open gate. Get the Icen Key #1 from the pedestal.

Turn around and go back N and in the water, swim down the ramp and climb out at the end. Run up and down the ramps to finish in the Big Hall.

Now insert all your four Icen Keys in the locks and go through the opened doors.


Level 2 - Sanctum of Oberon. 1 secret

Stand on the breakable tiles and fall into the water. Do NOT pick up the Flares you see there but swim right away into the opening NE and up and follow through to the end (you will pass two ceiling trapdoors). There is an underwater lever on your right and immediately swim all the way back, and get air. Now you can pick up the Flares (NW) and swim into the opening a bit higher in the W wall. Follow through and pick up that small medipack N. Swim a bit further through the now open door and you can get some air here.

Throw the underwater lever and go back to the start for air. Swim in again NE, to the second trapdoor which is now opened and climb out (You can pick up and light the Torch lying on the floor near the wall torch, if you want extra light). Go down the ramp, passing a nasty animal locked behind bars, another ramp down and at the end climb down the ladder. Jump E on a slope and grab the end, shimmy to the left and pull up, pull up and backflip to slide down another slope. Follow through; slide down two slopes and better save your game.

The Yeti Cage Key.

Have a look around the left corner and then try to run off onto the slide and jump to grab that jump lever. Slide and jump again to a now safe spike ledge. Turn around and jump to the safe tiles E. take a curved running jump to the other side (W) and flip that lever, trying to avoid the emitter. You probably get on fire but when the trapdoor opens you fall into water.

Next you see three levers, take the middle one first, then the right one and next the left one (trial and error). Enter the open door W and get the Yeti Cage Key.

Turn around and jump in the water at the end of that small passage. The current takes you away and you end up in the underwater part you were before.

Swim to the NW and under the trapdoor up to go to the Yeti Cage.

Use the Key on the lock next to the cage, two Yetis come out. Once they are dead, enter the cage; get the Shotgun ammo NW and a small medipack SE.

This opens a door somewhere and releases yet another yeti.

Go out and to the right and straight, the double doors there are now open. Go up the steps and near the double door turn around and shoot the brass ball that is near the ceiling S. This opens an underwater door in the pool on the right (W) but be quick about it, the water is icy could. Get Secret #1, Revolver, Medipack, Revolver ammo and Arrows and get out as fast as you can. Go to the NE corner of the room and get the additional Uzis there. Get to the near by door E, it opens when you approach.

In the next room use the lever E and then go to the NW corner where you can climb a block that appeared. Use the wall lever for another block (NE) and climb on top of it to flip yet another lever.

Go back to the first block (NW) and flip the lever again, the second block disappears and reveals an open door. Better make a save game here. Flip the lever and go back to the first block jump in and stand in the (NW) corner as the door is timed. Also there are emitters right behind it. Go up some wonky steps and jump to the ledge on the left for a small medipack. Jump the rope and swing towards the building to that lever (W). You can jump back to the ledge and shoot the Yeti from there. Jump to the corner of the building and then side flip and shimmy to the left. Hoist up and take a jump/grab to the ledge W. There is another rope there, use it to get up on that block E and get the Medipack.

Jump back to the ledge and a safety drop to the floor and enter the open double door.

Follow through and watch the flyby. Grab the Lance Head and Lara makes the longest fall ever.

Level 3 - Escape.

Torch Puzzle.

More yetis’ roam around in this place. Climb to the top tier and get a Torch in the NE corner. Ignite it in the opposite corner. Then enter the opening S. In that corridor use the Torch on the two wall torches and the door opens. Take the Torch with you and there are three more wall torches to be lit. One on the N wall next to the door, another one at the W wall, near some more Torches on the floor and the last one going E in the pillar there. Turn around and jump on the block there, taking the Torch with you.

Jump up the block with the Torch and one more up.

Now face N and start jumping the pillars, go all the way around (avoiding the fire emitters) until you are on the last pillar (SE). Be careful with igniting the pedestal, standing in the corner will do the trick. Jump down to the ground floor leave the Torch there and start pillar hopping again, a block has been raised in the N on top of the double doors.

Face E and jump to the ledge with the emitter (you can stand safely in the corner) and take a running jump/grab to the next ledge S, timing the emitters.

Jump up to grab the monkey climb and go to the other side, avoiding the other emitters by passing them left and right on the monkey climb. Then jump a couple more ledges to the S wall and into the opening to flip a lever. Turn and jump into the pool, grab some Flares and climb out. Head into the re-opened door.

Climb the block in the corridor and up again (W), watch out for darts and use the monkey climb to get to the other side.

Dragons Den.

Flip the levers S and N and grab the Shotgun ammo SE. You also can get a small medipack NE. Climb on the block in the middle and get transported into a water column. Swim up and you find yourself in a small pool. Get out and slide to the end of the level.