Debut Levels by Wrebbit.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

There are different ways to travel through this game. You travel back and forwards through the different levels.


Go straight into the main area with the obelisk and to the broken wall E of the obelisk, first face S and take a running jump to the stone bridge and again one jump to the S for some Uzi Ammo. Drop down in the room where you started and now go back to the blocks E and climb the first block and turn left to climb up N, jump to the NW ledge and from there NW to the roof N, pick up the small medipack and jump to the ledge W, drop down and go up the blocks to a crawlspace up in the NW corner. Into the crawlspace, and slide to the next level..


As soon as you get control back, jump with a roll and grab the edge of the slope as you slide off, drop and slide a little bit, then jump and grab a crawlspace, get in for Secret #1, a Shotgun. Drop down to the room below, losing some health. Pick up the Flares.

Push the 3 pawns onto the marked tiles (sandy tile), one E of the statue, one SE of the statue, and the last one W of the statue.

Doors open E, watch the flyby when you enter.

Hall of Mirrors.

In this hall are 4 mirrors, one light beam is already activated; you have to activate the others in no particular order.

South Door - Water section;

Go into the S door and slide down into water. Up the stairs, shoot the vases for a small medipack.

A Labyrinth.

Go SW into the water, face S and take a left (E), keep going to the right. In the end you can go down for 2x Uzi ammo. Swim back up, go around a corner and keep swimming straight (S), almost at the end, go left get air and climb out.

Pull the lever in that room (opens a door for later) then get back in the water. Swim back along the left hand wall and come to a shaft going down, swim in and just keep going to the right down there to end up at a Medipack. Turn around and swim the tunnels going to the right everywhere to get to a shaft up to blue light. Go into the next room (there was a door here you opened with that lever), and to the NW corner and facing S you can climb up the stonewall to an aqueduct.

On a ledge NE is some Shotgun ammo, now jump go the other side on the ledge SE and stand near the wall to grab the monkey climb and get to the top floor. There is a lever W, flip it and get down to the ground floor. The gate NE is open now. Climb this long ladder and find yourself in a room with a fountain. Jump and grab up to that block with the statue in the middle of the pool, look for a crawlspace in the wall SE of this block and run with a curve to grab in there. Get Secret #2, Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Get out, climb out E and enter the next room to use the floor lever to activate the light beams. The door behind Lara opens up, slide down and you are back in the Mirror Room.

Hall of Mirrors, East Door – Tombs of Amenhotep;

Go N to the mirrors room and now take the E room. Slide down, enter the large hall and go to the S wall into the opening there. Around the corner right is an opening in the floor, jump down, keep going to the right where possible and climb up into a room with a cartouche receptacle in the E wall.

Pull the chain, go back down into the passage and go sort of straight, to the right (N) in the end down a small slope and climb up straight. Pick up some Flares. Turn to the N and jump over and follow through to the new room.

Go to the dark SW corner, get behind the vegetation and follow through to get the Light Cartouche. Back out through the vegetation and to the NE, jump down, go left (E), left and sort of straight to get to the Cartouche room. Place the Light Cartouche.

Go to the S wall of this room, that is where the door opened, shoot scorpions on the way, jump up W, and again. At the end jump up to grab the monkey climb; go to the NE corner to a ledge with a lever. The lever opens the double doors below as you can see. But something else opened too: a door to a secret.

Drop from the ledge; go into the room W and into that dark passage SW once more. Follow up to the room where you got the Cartouche and a door in the S wall is now open; go get Secret #3, a Grenade Gun. Return to the main hall where the big doors opened.

There is another pick up you can get, go first to the opening N and around the corner left and shoot the vase to get more Flares.

Go out and now you can go to the double doors you opened.

Avoid the boulders, stay in the middle and side step when one comes down. Climb up N (or S) and kill the warthogs. NW is a small room with a lever to activate the light beams and the exit opens up W.

Go to the mirror room and now take the N stairs.

Hall of Mirrors, North Door, a First Golden Vraeus.

Slide down and run to the middle of the room where you can jump up to grab the monkey climb. At the pillar take the left side and again left and drop into the passage.

To the W you can see the ledge you’ll have to get to, the floor of the room has spikes, so don’t drop on the floor but use the slanted blocks to get around. On the last slopes you have to jump to and fro with a curve to get onto the flat ledge. (If you happen to grab the first of the last 2-sloped blocks, just pull up near the wall and immediately jump from the top with a right hand curve (video))

Climb up S and first go to the NE corner, time the emitter to pull the chain (a rope appears). Get back and now just jump and grab the rope to swing to the NW corner, this chain opens the gate up S. Run E off the ledge and land on the sloped block below, jump and grab the next sloped block again and pull up to jump right onto the flat ledge again, go up to the ledges above and jump to the gate SE.

Boulder Challenge.

Get in and up, climb up S and safe, as there is a pit. Jump over and avoid the boulders, it is not hard, just stand on the save spot near the pit and trigger the first one. Then trigger them almost one by one by walking up the side slopes. Use the lever in the room up there to activate the last light beams and go out the now open door E, back to the mirror room.

The trapdoors in the corners behind the statues are open. Drop down and shoot the vases, pick up the First Golden Vraeus. The doors W opens so get in and go to the next level.

Level 3 - LAKESIDE TEMPLE part 1.

Watch outs for crocodiles. When you arrive at the lake, you can see a building W. This is the building where you need to place 4 Vraeus later. To the N is a small passage leading to another Golden Vraeus, we’ll get there later.

For now go to the SE corner and go into the passage S to the next level.


The Archaeologist’s Key.

Climb the block E and down at the other end, go S and enter between the big statues, climb up E and drop down E. Three ninja’s attack when you start running around and one leaves the Archaeologist’s Key and another some Uzi ammo.

Climb up NE and jump/grab S and shimmy along the ledge past the pillar. Get the Shotgun ammo E.

Safety drop and now go W into a crawlspace. Drop down, shoot scorpions and get the Medipack.

Once back out another ninja attacks when you approach the gate E, leaving Uzi Ammo (could be he showed up earlier). Go back SW, up W and climb over the wall, leave through the W opening, For another pick up climb the sandy hill NE and once on top look to the S and get the Flares there.

Get to the ground floor and use the Key on the gate E. Go in and left at the crossing.

Raise the cage (top level).

Go up some stairs and halfway left (W) is a button behind the pillars. This raises a cage for later. A ninja will attack. Go up the stairs and follow through.

At the end if you go right (S) and follow through to the end, you can get the Revolver near the W wall. Go back and straight into the other opening (N).

Head up a ramp to a three way crossing.

E side; Raise the cages (push puzzle for a secret).

First go straight into the dark passage E and look for a jump lever on the third pillar S. Use it to raise some cages for later. Next to this pillar are some Flares. Go out and go the left (S) into a huge room.

S side, push Puzzle for a Secret.

Go to the W wall and find a block, climb up and jump to grab into the opening in the ceiling. Jump S and push the statue over the cage you raised onto the marked tile (screen of a door).

Jump back to the ledge and get to the statue SE to do the same, the Secret door opens.

The Second Vraeus.

Jump back N, go N and jump diagonally to the ledge NW and then E to the cage you raised before (see: Raise the cage (top level).) Climb up to the top level, go over to a button SW and push it, get rid of the ninja and get back down to the ground floor.

Leave N and go left (W) at the crossing, down the ramp and go straight to where you got the Revolver before, jump in the water and swim to the right (E).

Keep going and climb out to find Uzi ammo, Revolver ammo and the Sight. Go into the opened door W and get Secret #4, the Uzis and a Medipack. Go stand in the middle of the room and shoot the 4 vases (look up). They trigger doors to open, but some harpies as well. Go in S and push the button, and do the same in the N. Another door W opens.

Go in and follow to the end. Jump to the middle ledge W and again W. Go down N, and get the Second Vraeus. Drop down the opening in the floor SE that appeared, and a gate opens up to the W, don’t go there yet, but turn right and go up the stairs again (N).

Boulder Challenge, the Third Vraeus.

At the end left (N) up the ramp and at the intersection straight (E), passing the jump lever a trapdoor opens in the back, get down and the door W opens when approaching, now you have to get the Third Vraeus without being squashed by the boulders.

Wait till the first boulder goes to the left then run (don’t jump) to the Vraeus and pick it up then run jump forwards.

Follow through, shoot scorpions and the door S opens when approaching. Walk through the middle and go to the side when the first of the boulders comes down. The door on the left opens.

The Door Maze.

Go straight E, take the second right and get Uzi Ammo S.

Continue E, at the first intersection go left (S) and left again, right and all the way to the N end where another door opens, in the passage to the left (N) a door will close. It is the door at the start of the maze and it is now in the right position to continue there. Do not go E over the sandy tile or the door will change position again. Turn back W, around the corner the first left and straight through the door there, go left-right and follow back to the start of the maze, go left (S) and end up at water.

Get into the water and swim all the way to the end, use the monkey climb to get to the other side and the door opens. Go in and a flyby starts, after the flyby go left into the SW corner and push the button.

Shoot the two demi-gods and go up the stairs and you are back at the great hall with the cages above the statues.

Get to the ground floor and go out and N at the end in the last room a door has opened on the right. Be careful as a boulder comes down, better run straight through the room first and then pick up Secret #5, a Medipack, Grenade ammo and Uzi Ammo in the corners.

Go back to S the crossing, take a right and follow down the ramp, go right (W) to the stairs, down the stairs around the corner right, through the gate and go up in the sand dune in the NE corner of that square. Jump to the ledge E and get the Flares. Go back down, climb over the blocks W to the area with the obelisk. Then run around right (N) to the next level.

Level 3 - LAKESIDE TEMPLE part 2.

The Fourth Vaeus.

Climb up the sandy hill NE and right in front of you and go left (W) over the sandy ledge, jump up the roof, right around the corner and to another roof NE.

Go into the opening, slide down to a hallway. First go E into that small opening, all the way down and pick up Flares.

Go back up to the hallway and go left to the S stairs and battle two horsemen. Get their, 2x Horseman’s Gems (and if you are quick and shoot the horseman on the left first so he has no chance to climb the horse). Use the Gems on the door S. Go inside and use the jump switch W.

Go back out and to the hallway and now take the stairs to the N. The double doors W are open so you can grab the Fourth Vaeus. Go out the small door W and jump in the water, Swim to the other side and place the 4 Vraeus.

Go through the opened door into the Burial chamber of Amenhotep.

End of the level.