Tomb Raider Expedition.

Debut level by LaraCablara.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions for the original version released in 2009,the level has since been revised and changed, walk for the revised version is here

The Main Area.

Lara falls into an underground area, loosing some health. So first take a medipack and shoot the wolf.

Go ahead along the left hand wall and youíll go up some small steps (near a little campfire), get behind the vines there to get Secret #1, a Golden Skull. Go out, left and all the way to the back (near the waterfall) to a sword lever on the skeleton Lara is looking at. Use it to open two doors to the sides. Before you go in, walk along the water and find a skeleton in the S side of the room. Pick up the Flares the poor soul left behind.

The Dart for the First Ruins Key.

Go back to the lever and turn left (S) and enter, just around the second corner is a Skeleton on the floor, pick up the small medipack from under it. Proceed and Lara will drop into a flooded place.

There are breathing holes in the corners of this huge place apart from this NW corner. After the flyby turn towards the wall (W), swim all the way down and look behind the vegetation (W wall) to get Secret #2, a Golden Skull, better get some air.

Swim to a deep part in the bottom in the middle of the room, there are those floating broken spears and on the bottom near by is the Dart. Get air again and swim diagonally across the room (SE) to the far corner where youíll find another air pocket.

Turn left from (E) coming there to face the wall with the big door. If you look straight down you can see a triangular opening in the wall below, swim down and in, then up into that room to throw the underwater lever. The door opens up in the opposite wall of the large area, so swim out of the triangular opening and straight to the opposite wall (W), up a bit and to the right is the opened door. A Snake might pester you, just swim past it and into the doors, swim up and climb up onto the slanted block, back flip onto the ledge.

The Hammer.

In the middle of the room is a large Hammer, hung by a rope. Jump straight ahead and the area behind the fence up ahead is where you go first, go left and to the far corner where you can climb the blocks (NE) and get over the fence. In the corner is a wooden gate; use the Dart in the little pole just to the right of it and the gate opens up.

Throw the lever inside, the Dart is fired, hits the rope and the big hammer comes down onto a trigger tile. Get out and back over the fence, find the blocks in the opposite corner of the room where you can get over the fence through a crack in a pillar. Go into the opened door in the wall and pick up the First Ruins Key from the floor, a camera shows the other door in the water area opening up.

Get back to the water area and swim straight to the other door (E), just inside and up right you can see some light coming from above. Thatís where you can swim up, climb out to the left (N) in the next cave. Shoot the rats and go to the back and left (NW), where you can climb the vines up to the top of the pillar, jump ahead (S) and once more, slide and jump to grab the crack in the wall over the water. Shimmy left and then pull up at the end, turn around to jump to the pillar, turn left (W) and jump to grab up to that beam in the middle of the room. Go to the slanted end (N) and grab up to the monkey climb above. Use it to get into the opening ahead, slide down into the hole and shoot the wolf. Go out of the small room and immediately to the left (W) is a crawlspace, get in and stand up.

Some Explosives.

Straight ahead you can see a Medipack on a ledge, the pit has a breakable floor, so jump to the far side and pull up quick, get the Medipack and hop back into the pit, just wait and slide into the lower room. Straight ahead (E) are some Explosives on the floor, get those and climb the block just right (S) of the explosives, the camera changes. Face that cage (E) and jump up to shoot the wooden beams over the cage.

Spikes will pop up, now carefully pull up onto the spike floor and walk slow to get to the ladder behind the cage. Only use Ctrl and up to climb the ladder and climb off to the right. Go back through the crawlspace to the cave where the wolf was and towards that wooden gate (N), carefully as thereís a nasty pit you can barely see. Go to that wooden gate and place the explosives after you saved, quickly roll and run-jump back over the pit, a bit to the right. Now you can get out and youíre back in the Main Area. Go straight to the opposite side (N) (not up the steps just yet) and into a large opening.

The Stables, a Torch for a Rotten Egg.

A flyby takes over, go to the back of the square and in those stables is a dead bear and some chicken roam around, go to the back and get the Flares from the skeleton. Climb up to the floor above and get one of the Torches (E). Go back out and to the Main area, turn right (W) and go back to where you got the secret at the beginning. Near by is a campfire, ignite the Torch there and return to the stables. Throw the Torch on the wooden floor (donít stand on that floor) and wait till it breaks, go down and get the Rotten Egg near the dead chicken. Find your way up again and go back out to the Main Area.

The Second Ruins Key.

Go back to that lever at the skeleton and left into the second door you opened before (N).

Go straight and crawl through till you come to a big room with a hanging cage. To the left on a block in the corner are Flares, you can go get them later by climbing and jumping the blocks in that corner.

Drop down again and go to the corner (SE). Climb the blocks in the corner to get to a large button. A door will open up on the bridge nearby (S wall), jump there and go in. In the trench below is a push block, move that to the middle of the room so you can move the push block under the entrance to the pillar with the lever. Climb up and use the lever to open a gate on ground floor of the main room with the cage.

Get back down to the ground floor with a safety drop, go to the W wall to the open wooden gate under the entrance bridge. Pull the block through the trench and put it on the marked (trigger) tile. Go around the central pillar to the other side (E) and find a skeleton lying in a trench. Pull the skeleton onto the marked tile. Go to the S side of the central pillar, stand on the trigger tile there, face S and use Ctrl to place the Rotten Egg. The smell will lure a snake out onto the trigger tile.

Now go to the E wall and look for some vines (NE) to climb up to a small alcove in the wall, run onto the slanted black rock and jump over to the block with a second large button (N). Push it and turn left (W), jump over to grab the bridge and go into the open door there.

Moving Blocks.

Hop backwards into the lower room, grabbing the edge so you avoid the darts, also avoid the lower parts of the floor here. Turn left (E) from facing the entrance and jump to the corner, to the right is Secret #3, a Golden Skull on the only safe lower part of the floor. Turn around and hop the ledges to the other end of the room (E) where youíll find a Medipack. Turn left, jump past the block and get up into a niche in the middle of the back wall, throw the lever to open another wooden gate in the Main Room. Get back out of the room and to the bridge in the Main Room. Drop from the bridge and pull the block out of the room under the bridge (N) and put it onto the marked tile. The cage over the central pillar will now have dropped its content. Make your way up there and grab the Second Ruins Key. The last door on this level opens up (E), go in and push the large button, jump up onto the ledge above the button and crawl through.

The Poisoned Pit.

A flyby shows a bird dying. Run out with a right hand curve to slide off the block, grab the edge and pull up to back flip with a roll and grab the block with the spider. Grab the crack in the wall and go left, around the black rock to a ledge. Jump to the slanted rock and slide over the top. Jump to grab the block ahead. Pull up and use the monkey climb to get to another slanted rock. When the camera changes, try to get to the left of this monkey climb as possible before letting go. Drop, slide and jump with a grab up to a niche in the corner pillar, look down left and jump down to the ledge to get the small medipack. Now hop down onto the waterfall next to the ledge (N) and just slide down. Follow through (N) climb up some vines and throw the lever, climb up onto the ledge behind the lever and crawl through to a room with platforms and pulleys.

Lava Room with platforms and pulleys.

Go to the near by pulley and use it to prepare the platform above for the upcoming task, then go on to the second pulley and use it too (it will stabilize the platform above). In the back of the room is a closed gate, to the left of it a dark block (SW). Hop onto the block and jump up into the niche in the corner of the room. Turn around and jump to grab the vines on the pillar, climb to the ledge above. Hop down onto that near by pillar under the wooden beam (SE) and stand back. Now jump onto that platform and do a running jump to grab the pillar on the other side of the room (NE). From this pillar a jump onto the next platform, which will rise, so wait and jump to the ledge with the lever (E). Throw the lever to open that gate below. Stand next to the lever and jump back to the platform, to the left is an alcove (S) with Flares.

Back to the platform with a stand jump and now jump to the triangular crevice in the opposite wall (NW). Inside is Secret #4, a Golden Skull. Drop out onto the pillar below and jump back to the platform; look for a slanted pillar below (SE) and jump onto that pillar, grab/drop and slide to the ground floor. Go to the other side where the gate opened up (W) and through to a Fiery Room.

The Fiery Rooms.

Jump to the lower ledge in the lava to the right (NW) and go from there to the block at the wall, the trigger tile will extinguish the flames in the crack. So now you can shimmy along the crack. Once hanging from the pillar, go just around the corner (where the camera changes) so you can drop, slide and back flip onto the corner of the central block with the burner. Turn around and spot a block that is laying on the side along the opposite wall (S); jump to the slanted block SW and slide/jump up to the fallen block. In the wall you can see a broken wall part, shoot it and jump onto the new opening to throw the lever. A block will rise in an opening in the far wall. Get back on the fallen block, turn left and jump into the niche in the far corner (SW), turn towards the room and hop over the slanted block, slide and jump to grab the block with the fire on top. Shimmy around till you are on a ladder and back flip to the block in front of the opening where the block went up. Go in and push the large button to let another block fall from the ceiling. Go out, jump to the new block and turn left to jump and grab the jump lever on the wall. The exit opens up; slide and back flip to the block again, jump back into the passage with the button and save.

Run jump a bit to the right (SW) and over that dark tile (trap) into the next passage, hit grab to land safe into the opening. Jump up left (E) and get the small medipack there, then look for the triangular opening in the other wall and get through to another Fiery Room with the remains of big dinosaurs.

Hop over the first slanted part and go straight over this ledge to the next slanted part, run onto it with a left curve and slide/grab the edge. Drop onto the ledge below and make your way over to the N wall under the entrance. Thereís another one of those shootable walls, shoot it and jump in to get Secret #5, a Golden Skull. Jump back to the ledge where you dropped down before and turn right, make your way to the ledge at the W wall with the crystal above, shoot the wall there and get the Flares, jump out, go to the ledge with the vine (to the right), climb up and back flip to get back up to the central beam.

Turn around and jump over to the E on a dark block (behind the plant), and then SE into the crevice in the wall to get Secret #6, a Golden Skull. Jump back to the block NW and then face N, jump onto the dark block N, go right around and climb the vines. Go right (W) and spot the crack/vines in the opposite wall.

First jump to the rocky ledge below and right, then grab up to the crack and go all the way left till you can drop to a ledge around the corner. Jump to the next ledge at the S wall and climb down the opening to a dark cave with a lever.

Throw it and a block comes up in the lava, climb back up and look to the right into the room (W). Jump to the ledge with the dino skeleton. Jump to the alcove far right and climb down the opening there, throw the second lever and face into the room. Jump with a right hand curve (NE) onto the black-sloped rock and grab the edge as you slide off. Pull up and back flip onto a ledge in the lava below. Now you can jump S to the blocks through the lava tunnel and climb up in the end. You are back at the Main Area where the level started, Go straight across the room (S) and to the doors you can open with the keys you have. Go down the hole and pick up the Sapphire Gem. Turn around, walk back a bit and watch the end flyby.