Return to the Catacombs.

By Peter Graveney aka Bedazzled

G&D Procuctions.

Shotgun, Revolver and Sight.

Watch the opening flyby and go W to the fountain area. Then go the end (NW) and climb up and around the corner left pick up the Shotgun. Drop down to the floor again and jump to the E side of the pit. Watch out skeletons. Drop down till you are at the bottom. Pick up the Blue Gem in a corner and Secret #1, a Jade Dragon and the spikes in one corner are gone so you can get to the Revolver.

Go to the East and use the pole to get down. In the W get the Laser Sight from the pedestal.

Combine the Sight with the Revolver and shoot two pairs of bones, one SE and one in the pool, this opens the door N.

The Big Doors.

Run down and go W and crawl into that crawlspace in the corner. Get the Revolver Ammo and crawl back out. Go to the N side on the right and climb up. Around the corner stand behind the wheel and push it once to the E. Get out of here and open the trapdoor. Follow through and at the end, pull that column on the tile you raised. Get back up into the opening N and push the pillar on the tile around the corner. The doors NW opens, and before entering go the right behind the wall torch, jump up and grab the wall, climb up (the wall is climbable) and on the ledge, get Secret #2, a Silver Dragon.

For a Crowbar.

Drop down, enter the big doors and jump to the first ledge ahead. On the right is a Medipack. Jump back and get some Shotgun ammo S.

Go to the rope and swing to the other ledge and you can kill the skeleton if you want though. Quickly run to the left (W) and grab the alcove and retrieve the Crowbar.

The Maze, a Golden Star.

Use the ladder and get down to the ground floor. Go S and push that pillar to the marked tile. This opens the door W and releases a wraith

Under the pillar is the Torch (this is only to give you some extra light).

To get rid of that pest run N and then go left and you find around the corner a statue thatíll help you.

Go back and on a pedestal at the W wall get the Shotgun ammo and pick up the Torch and ignite it on a wall torch E. Then go into the open door.

You are in sort of maze, with pits and spikes (and some enemies), so watch your steps. Go left and jump over a pit. Around the corner left jump up and get the Medipack lying there.

Go W and jump down (with the torch I should hope) and ignite the one wall torch. In the NW corner is a Golden Star, so pry it off the wall. Pick up your Torch for some extra light or leave it here, and go SW and go straight, jumping over a pit. Keep going around corners to the right and find another pit in the NW corner, jump in and get down and find Secret #3 , a Golden Dragon. Go back up keep going left, clear a pit, go straight and around a corner, to the right, and back out of here.

Now go to the NW again where you lured the wraith as on the right is a pool and on the S wall is a receptacle for the Golden Star.

This opens a trapdoor in the extreme cold water so watch your health.

Deadly Waters, the Guardian Relic.

Swim up a bit and to the S and swim into the opening there, get out and use the lever. Watch the fly by and climb down the ladder and jump down in the now empty pool. Use your Crowbar on the door W.

Go in and to the S wall and see a block you can climb on. Jump to the SE corner and use the monkey climb to get into the opening up and SW. Use the button you find in here. Get down and swim to the N wall, climb out on a ledge and up the ladder. At the top shimmy left and back flip. Use the wall lever and enter the new room.

Get the glowing Guardian Relic, and in the NE is a door, use the Blue Gem to leave these catacombs.