Castle of Anxiety.

Level by QRS

Walkthrough by Dutchy

The Sword of Fithos and the First Face.

Lara slides down into a large Hall. Dive into the nearest pool (SW) and swim through the hole in the bottom, follow up to where you can climb out. Light a flare and jump over the spike trap, slide down and use the lever on the W wall, an underwater gate opens. Jump back up the slopes and over the spike trap. Jump over the water to the small balcony and drop down from the S side and get into the opening S. In the back room are Flares to the right and in the opposite corner is the Sword of Fithos (crowbar). Now look for a lever in the vegetation on the S wall, it is a timed lever and we’ll be back here. Go out of the room NE and jump over to the central walkway, go to that face on the floor near the big pillar and stand near the mouth, facing W to use the crowbar on it. A block lowers in the pool.

Timed Gate and the Second Face.

Now go back into that room with the timed lever and save in front, the gate is in the NW corner of the big Hall ground floor. Pull and run back out NW, run left over the corner to the W balcony and hop back, grabbing the edge in the corner. Drop, so you will land on the sloped corner below and run to the N, jump up onto the ledge under the gate and one more hop will get you in. This will cost you some health, but it was the fastest way I found. Follow the dark passages to a balcony in the Hall and go left into the next room, go left around the corners and find a lever. This one will raise the platform up S in the Hall.

Go out the opening to the walkway in the Hall and use the sword on the face. Another block down.

The Third Face.

Dive into the pool below and get the Flares (NE) before you swim into the tunnel W, follow through and go to that face on the central walkway to use the sword on the face. Another block down. Dive down into the pool and swim to the SE pool.

The Fourth Face.

Head into the open gate S. Follow through and time the jump over the lava pool so you can immediately jump forward after landing when the spikes are down. Careful, there are more spikes around the corner. Jump over the spike trap to the platform NE. Jump over the spike trap onto the next balcony and go hop over some lava pits to get into a dark room. Walk slowly and let the boulder come to rest before moving on. Go left through the cob webs onto the balcony and get over to the face on the central walkway to use the sword on the face. Another block down.

The N side Platform, the First Stone Cross.

Dive down into the pool below and go around the central pillar into each of the 4 openings and use the underwater ceiling levers to raise the platform under the ladder up N in the Hall. Now you have to get back up the same way as you did to get to the last face lever. From the SE pool into the opening S, over the lava to the platform, over the lava pits and passing the boulder all the way to the end of these passages. On the left you can get out onto a balcony and jump over the spikes to the platform under the ladder. If you want them, there are Flares on the balcony NE of the platform, but more important is that Cross on the balcony E, Jump over there and pry the First Stone Cross from the wall. Jump back to the platform.

Up the ladder.

Go up to the ledge above and turn left to jump onto the walkway to the central pillar. Climb the blocks and jump around to the S side, go to an opening in the fence and do a running jump with a curve to grab the ledge S. Go to the right and hop to the W side ledge.

Timed Block and the Second Stone Cross.

On the pillar is a lever (face S) and it is a timed one, pull it once and turn around to spot the block coming out of the wall on the walkway N of where you are. Save and pull, backflip with a roll, do an in-between runjump (or sprint) and jump to the block, turn left and jump up to grab the jump lever. Spikes de-activate on the ground floor of the Hall. To get the next Stone Cross you’ll need to use the Timed lever again, so head back to that lever SW and run to the block, this time curve left and jump to the next ledge NW. Jump over to the one N and get the Second Stone Cross from the NW pillar there. Go E, jump onto the walkway and go over to the E walkway. From there up onto the ledge SE, climb up N and go up the ladder to the next level, climb up N and follow to the N till you can go left through the fence. Walk over that stone ledge to the central pillar and jump to the platforms on the N side of it.

The Third Stone Cross.

Hop onto the stone ledge going NW and go into the cage N, just left around the corner is a jump lever up on the wall. Use it and see spikes de-activate on the ground floor of the Hall. Now turn around, go E and right around the pillar to find the first of 4 blocks you have to get to the ground floor of the Hall. Just push it over the edge of the floor. Follow these passages through to the far E side of these cages, climbing over blocks and get the Third Stone Cross in the end. Go back to the W end and over the stone ledge to the middle of the room.

Opening up the Way to the Top.

Jump from the stone ledge S to the stone ledge going SW. Follow into the opening W, go N and over a block to throw the lever. A platform opens up over a ladder. Go back to the middle of the Hall.

The Fourth Stone Cross.

Jump to the stone ledge E and head SE, into the S side opening to get the Fourth Stone Cross there on the W wall. Go back out and into the opening E to use the jump lever on the N wall and see spikes de-activate on the ground floor of the Hall.

To the Top.

Back out and over to the far NW corner of the Hall, into the opening W, follow over the blocks and climb the ladder up to the Upper ledges. Go N and place the 4 Crosses, first one lowers a block, second one raises a platform, third one lowers another block and the fourth raises the platform at the pushable on the central pillar.

The Remaining Blocks.

So now you are all set to finish things up. Go to the pushable in the W wall, hop onto the platform behind it and move it to the lowered block a bit to the S so you can hop behind it and push it over the edge.

Go to the S wall, down a ladder there and push the block over the edge, then go W and over the block to get to the fourth jump lever de-activating spikes on the ground floor of the Hall.

Go back to the Top, down that ladder at the W wall and go to the middle of the Hall, climb the ladder to the top of the central pillar and hop onto the platform behind the block. Push the block straight off the N side and climb down after it, it rests on the platforms. Go to the NE and follow in S to climb down the ladder you initially came up from. Head over to the ledge NE, E side over that fire spitting gargoyle and throw the lever to get the block down. Throw the lever once more to get the raising block next to the pushable up and go to the pushblock. Move it onto the raising block and get back to the lever to lower the pushable. Move it to the opening in the fence N and push it down.

Now go over to the S side walkway as the last block you pushed from the Top is on that walkway, pull it to the opening in the fence and push it over the edge.

Down Again, the Skulls.

Jump and do a nice swan dive down into the pool wayyyy below. Climb out next to that last block and move it onto the grey "trigger" tile E. A Skull appears on the spike corner of the central pillar. Do the remaining blocks too, there is one grey tile in each corner of the Hall and collect the 4 Skulls. Place them next to those big doors N and hop over the lava pit to leave this place.