Almourol Place.

By LadyLara

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Lara slides down into a large outdoor area, head NW to a pool there and get the Flares from the ledge. Now head to the E wall, turn right and climb the ladder on that wall. Get Lara to hang feet down on the top of the ladder and shimmy along the wall to the right, pull up in the end. Go over top of the wall to the NW corner ledge and step on the “trigger” tile there, a rope comes out from under a block. Go back over the wall and spot the Flares in the NE corner, go fetch them and return to the roof of the central structure, stand on the SW corner and jump to the snowy ledge W, to the next ledge and then to the rope, swing to the ledge SW and jump to the lever, use it to open a gate below. Hop back to the ledge and climb down the ladder to where the gate opened.

Burial Chambers.   

To the left of where you enter is a gate, for now proceed through this passage and jump the deadly pits. Go straight through into the Burial Chamber and get to the SW corner where you’ll find a lever. Use it to open a door NE, go into that room and climb the blocks to the left, then up the ledge E. Face the spikes and take two steps back. Hop to the spikes and do a running jump to grab the slanted block ahead, pull up over and slide to jump with a grab to the ledge, jump NW to the ledge with  Secret #1, a Medipack. Drop down, go back to the Burial Chamber and out N, turn left and follow the water to the next large room.

Make it over to the ledges SW, next to the burning tiles and jump to grab a crack in the wall N. Go right around and pull up, then go over to that block in the next part of the room N. From here you can go two ways.

1-    Jump over the slanted block E and slide to safe ground, go left around the pool to the ladder.

2-    (Shortcut) Stand on the NE tip of the block, hop back and run to jump with a roll onto the slanted wide block in the deadly pool, then immediately jump with a right curve to land near the ladder you have to climb.

Notice the “red” gate with the symbol above, then climb up and backflip to a ledge. Jump SE to the slanted ledge and grab to shimmy to the ledge on the right. Jump over to the E side, grab the crack in the wall to the left and shimmy over to a ledge N with a Medipack. Go back and jump to the S arch, from there grab the crack in the wall SW and go left to get to the “trigger” tile S. The red gate at the ladder will open up. Go W and passing a “blue” gate go over the W ledge to the N and get some Shotgun ammo. Hang from this ledge and drop down to the one below. Get back to the NW corner where the open gate is. Follow through a come to the Main Room.

Main Room, going up.

Go up the steps SE and turn right to the end of the steps, jump over into the alcove W, then to the right onto the broken pillar. Jump W and back to the S again. Hop W and grab the slanted block, pull up over, slide and jump. Again a slide and jump to get onto the ladder. Climb up, turn left and go up again, to the top of this ladder, backflip to the central structure. Go jump over to the middle and find a “trigger” tile out on the lower SE corner ledge.

Timed Run, W entrance, the Hand of Orion.

Face N, stand back and run over the tile, jump up to the higher floor, turning left, do running jumps to the W and jump over the gap to the entrance where the Timed door is. Proceed and come to a flooded corridor, down left is a gate leading to a Secret. Swim across to the other side and climb out.

For the Secret you’ll have to perform a Timed swim, do as follows: Face W and turn left a bit, standing near the “trigger” tile and backflip onto the tile, immediately run off, turning left and jump with Shift to dive into the water, keep to the right and swim into the gate, follow through and climb out to get Secret #2, the Crossbow (video).

Swim back out, left and get back up to the ledge where you left off.

Go into the opening W, grab the ladder on the left wall and go all the way to the right to where the ladder ends, go down to the water and backflip onto a ledge. Go left and jump over to a gate that will open up, go through and run off to the right to get the Hand of Orion (a screenshot shows a door in the Main Room). Turn around and jump onto the slanted block in the corner, slide and jump to grab a ladder, first climb left against the wall and then go up and over the top, slide far and jump left onto the block there, another jump will get you to safety. Hop to the opening S and get back to the Main Room. Go over to the E side of the central structure and from there jump on top of a pillar against the E wall, safety drop down onto the wall below and go to the entrance with the lions in the N wall. Open the door by placing the Hand to the left.

Ropes for the Hand of Sirius.

Go left inside and grab the monkey climb leading from that ledge, from the end, jump N and follow through to a room with arches. Go S and around the right of the last pillar is a ladder. Go up and shoot the vase on the opposite ledge to get the small medipack. Jump all the way N and then go up another ladder, backflip to the upper arches and jump back S. On the last arch is a trigger tile opening up the timed gate SE, get in there and step on the trigger tile inside to get a rope out over a pool. Go out, drop from the ledge to the block where the medipack was

 and go back N, follow through till you are back at the deadly pool. Go in E, next to that pedestal and come to the pool with the ropes, run to the trigger tile on the E side of this ledge to get a third rope out. Swing over to the other side of the pool and get the Hand of Sirius. Swim back and go back over the monkey climb to the Main Room.

Burning Floors, Nasty jumps, Ba Cartouche.

Go to the NE corner and open the door there. Run and jump onto that ledge across the room and jump the blocks to get to the ladder, climb around left and backflip off. Follow through to a small room with a gate, opposite the gate is a niche with a trigger tile for the gate. Turn around inside and use the crack in the wall to shimmy along the deadly pool. Jump over a spike trap and go left into the next room, jump to the ledge SW. Jump along the left side of the slanted block to grab the ladder on the pillar and climb around to the right. On the last ladder, go up three steps from the water surface and hang a bit left of the middle. Backflip with a roll and slide, jump hard right and one more slide, jump hard right to get to the ledge. Go inside and in the end you’ll find the Ba Cartouche. Go back and find the gate to the left has opened, go in and to the next gate S so you can jump and grab the ladder there. Go up and then jump with a grab onto the lower side of the slanted block ahead, jump again with a hard left curve to get onto the next block and jump back to the ledge. Follow through S and jump over the spikes, shoot the vase on the ledge and climb up to grab the monkey climb there, go back S and get back to the Main Room.

Statue Push, the First Eye Piece.

Go back up to the central structure the same way as before (the steps SE, jump the ledges W to get to the ladder W) and now go N from the central floor. Jump over into the opening N and place the Cartouche. Go through the opened door and turn right inside, climb the ladder till you can climb left around onto a ledge. As soon as you drop onto the ledge, the flames on the ledge E turn off (timed). Jump and grab that ledge, pull up and immediately jump and grab the next ledge. Then jump to the floor with the statue and go right around the corner to find a second statue in the distance. Pull/push it all the way onto a trigger tile next to the other statue. The gate opens below, hop back and safety drop down, go in and use the lever, a door opens in the Main Room. Pick up the Eye Piece to the right and head back to the Main Room. Drop out of the passage onto the ledges below the entrance to get to the ground floor.

Second Ba Cartouche, back to the start.

Go to the open door NW and use the monkey climb to get across the pool, jump to the ledge with the Shotgun ammo and then jump back to proceed to the last room where you can get another Ba Cartouche. Throw the lever to see a gate open up.

Go back to the Main Room.

Head up the steps SE and this time climb the ladder on the E wall there, follow through and come to a familiar room, jump SE to that trigger tile and drop down to the floor below to leave SE and go back through the water to the passage with the deadly pools. Follow to the N and back to the outside area where it all started. Go to the NE corner and up the block to place the Cartouche, the gate opens up. Step into the next area and head to the entrance SW, follow through to a close door and go to the right and straight E to the end of the next room, to the right is a gate and in the corner through the opening to the left is a ladder, climb the ladder and off to the left. Hop to the next ledge and shimmy passing the burner tiles. Pull up on the other side and jump to the ledge SW, crawl through the crevice to the W and face W on that corner ledge, time the spikes and run to jump to the spike ledge, a running jump onwards to the ledge ahead. Crawl through and use the lever to open that gate you saw. Drop down to the ground floor and go SE to go into the opened gate.

Timed Runs, another Hand of Sirius.

Stop a bit before the “trigger” tile and turn around, hop back onto the tile and sprint out, left and straight W, back to that door in the end to the right.

Follow through to a crossing of corridors, to the left a pit, in front a closed gate and to the right a passage, go into the passage and on the block to the right is a trigger tile for the gate, save behind the trigger and run over it, jump from the block and jump up to the right into the gate. Throw the lever to get a rope out over the pit, then get the Flares and the gate will open back up. Go to the pit and swing across, go up the ladder and backflip off, use the monkey climb to get across the next room and get the Hand of Sirius (screen of big doors).

Go back and down to the pit, where the rope has disappeared. This time you have to stand jump and grab forward to the monkey climb ceiling to get back to the other side. Go to the E end of the passage and up left behind the lion is a crawlspace leading to Secret #3, a Medipack. Go back out and into the opened gate S, slide down into a room. Go left and time the flame at the lion to jump from the lion ledge and grab the crack E, shimmy to the right and pull up (You can also save and reload before you jump to the lion, so the flame is out). Go through and jump to the ladder on the N side pillar, climb around right and backflip with roll to grab the next ladder, go left around. (I jumped from standing on the block near the N pillar to the ladder on the S pillar, small harmless shortcut)

The Big Lion Room.

In the next room, jump onto the fire ledge and run to jump to the ledge SE, a timed door opens, so immediately run through to a huge room, to the right are doors. We go SE, over the deadly pools to an entrance between 2 lions S, go left around the corner and up the ladder. Go N and jump around to the right, onto the ramp, use the monkey climb to get passing the flames to the ladders and go left around to the end. Backflip to a pillar and jump the pillars to get to the next monkey climb, go to the steps at the end of it and use the lever there to open those big doors below. Grab up to a monkey climb going W and just go straight to the end. Hop back and go down the ladder, drop and grab the block and get to safe ground. Go N to the lions and left inside the new rooms.

Left and up around the corner is a gate, go to the room N and onto the low wall there to find a trigger tile for that gate (in the dark). Hop onto the tile and go S to get into the gate to collect the Medipack. Go out and left (S) up the stairs, turn left where you see the deadly pool and around the left corner is a crawlspace, get in and get the Flares from the trigger tile, climb back out and the gate straight ahead S opened up, jump and grab the crack, go around right and pull up in the end, grab another monkey climb by jumping straight up and you have to wiggle a bit to get moving here, drop to the block and jump to the next and then to a lower ledge behind the pillar S. Jump up to the trigger tile S and a gate opens.

Now jump back to the previous ledge and jump to grab to the slanted block NW. Go hang to the right and pull up over, jump to the next and then a hard right curve to the next block, one more jump and you are on a ledge, go to the corner (ignore the gate, it leads back to the entrance of these rooms) and left to the end of the ledge. Jump over the slanted blocks to get to the ledge with the burning tiles and shimmy along the ledge to get to the ladder in the end. Climb to the ledge above and turn around, jump to the crawlspace and get through. On the other side climb over the block and slide far before jumping to grab the crack ahead, pull up on the ledge to the right and jump N where you’ll get a screen of a door.

Timed Run.

In the corner is a gate and opposite the gate a trigger tile, face E standing close to the left wall and run diagonally over the tile onto the ledge sticking out into the room, jump to the thick ledge S, curve left and jump to the E, now run turning left a bit so you can jump diagonally over to the ledge next to the timed door, hop through the opening (video). Go in and use a monkey climb to get through a red hot tunnel and use the lever in the other side. Go back and jump the ledges back W to where that gate is. Go in and follow in left, go into a passage to the right, follow through to a room with a deadly floor, look up on the ceiling to spot which tiles are safe (the earth symbol tiles) and get across to the ledge with the lion and then into the opening W.

The Small Lion Room.

Go left and to the lion SE, hop up onto the ledge left of the lion and crawl into a crawlspace for Secret #4, a small medipack. Get back out and go SW from the lion, jump to grab the slanted block W and pull up over the top. Jump NW and 2 more jumps to grab the ladder. Climb around left to get to the central ledge and from there jump to the block NW, Turn around and jump back but this time to the upper central ledge. Jump into the blue passage N, careful you don’t drop into an opening and jump over to the ledge at the N wall, go right and jump over to a pillar, then go left into the corner and throw the lever there, go jump back to the passage and drop down into the second opening (the smaller one).

The Second Eye Piece.

The opened gate is NW, step out into the passage with the deadly pools, climb up to the right and cross the outdoor area to the NE corner. Go through to the next area and up the steps along the E wall up to the big doors you can now open up. Follow this passage to the end and jump the ledges between the pillars diagonally to the other side where you will find a ladder to the left, go up and here jump only the pillars without a fire symbol to get to the trigger tile, a gate opens up? Drop from the ledge, go E and look up right, there is a crawlspace up in the wall, get through, go down the steps and jump the ledges to the trigger tile. Go back upstairs and find the open gate a bit to the left in the N wall.

Go in and keep right to come to a room with deadly water, jump and grab the slanted block, pull up over and slide to jump and grab the ladder, go left around the corner and 4 steps up from the water level, backflip with roll and slide jump hard right, then jump left and one more jump will get you to the ladder. All the way to the right and again up, just backflip to the block behind. Grab up to the monkey climb and follow to the end where a trigger tile awaits. Stand back against the wall and jump to the spike ledge, then a standjump forward to grab the edge of the opening under the gate. Go in and get the Second Eye Piece.

Go out of the gate that will open up and go left to the outdoor area, down the big steps to make it back through the opening SE and back to where it all started. Go to the Horus door W and combine the 2 pieces of the Eye to open the door. Run and jump through the spike trap to leave this place…