The Ancient Knowledge.

By Danilo Rocha.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Level 1 – Ruins along the Nile.

The First Eye Piece.

Proceed to the Nile valley and have a look around, to the SW is an island with an ancient Temple. W is another ruined Temple. Don’t get into the water yet, but go to those ruins W and grab up to the terrace with the columns. In the opening to the right are Flares. Proceed to the W, jump SW to the next terrace and then go NW towards another opening, this one leads inside. Follow through to a cave with a pool, dive down into the water and swim to the S side under an opening up in the wall. Face E and swim against the slanted rock. Right hand shoulder against the wall and pull up, backflip with a roll and veer to the left so you will just hit the slanted floor of the opening. Grab the edge when you slide off, shimmy to the left and pull up, follow the tunnel to a fire protected lever. Just to the left of poor Indy is his Shotgun, take that first and stand between him and the flames, hop forward as the flames go down and pull the lever, immediately side flip away.

Go back to the pool and dive in, swim into the tunnel leading down W, a gate opened here, follow through and wade up into a room. Hop onto the rock SW and then jump SE into a hidden place. Throw the lever and see a gate open up back in the cave. Jump back out and go into the passage E leading to the cave. Face SW and hop onto the rock ledge, turn around and jump to grab the upper ledge N and go in to get the First Eye Piece. Go back and jump into the pool, climb up E and jump up to a ledge SE, climb up E and return outside to the Nile valley.

Now you could go for the Secret, go SW and stay on higher ground, then follow the rock ledges to the end and shimmy past the steep part to get to Secret #1, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Now dive NE into the water below, or else the current will take you. Swim N and there are some goodies to collect from the bottom of the Nile. Swim along the left bank and under an arch like structure is an Ancient Opium Medicine (small medipack). N again and turn right in the end, in front of that Temple ruins, behind a pillar is Shotgun ammo. All the way NE near a fallen column another Ancient Opium Medicine.  

The Big Temple.

Now swim to the beach of the island and make your way over to the entrance of the Big Temple, first head W and climb over the wall to get another Ancient Opium Medicine there. Go back over the E wall, right around the corner and over a low wall E are Flares. Go back to the entrance and open the doors with the lever; enter the large Hall. Around the corner to the right is an Ancient Opium Medicine, then go up the stairs and to the N side, step on the tile in front of the gates to open them, go outside, to the right and get another Ancient Opium Medicine. Back inside and then over to the dark SE corner.

The Golden Sword (Crowbar).

Light a flare to spot the crawlspace and follow into a room, go right around the room to the W side and find a jump lever on the pillar there. Now drop down into the lower part of the room and get the Golden Sword where the spikes retracted. Go to the Hall and upstairs.

The Golden Stars.

Now we have to collect 4 Golden Stars and they are in the rooms E and W, no particular order, but I started W.

W Side - Go into that gate you opened W and go N over the ledge and hang down from the N side, drop down into the water below. Swim down into the NE corner and find the under water lever on the N wall, 2 doors open up.

Fire & Boulders, 1st Star:

Swim to the S side and climb out to enter the door there, go in to a pit with a fire, stand left or right, slide and jump up to the ledge in front. Save at the dark passage. Slide and jump from the last part of the slide, run and go right around the corner, jump over the pit and grab the other side. After the Boulders dropped down into the pit, jump back across and go straight at the crossing, turn around at the steep part and backflip, jump and grab the jump lever (this will open a door to exit from). Go back over the pit and go get the Golden Star in the room W. Walk back out and look left in the N wall for an opening you can jump into. Follow up and go left in the end, hop over the steep part to where you opened the door with the jump lever.

Spikes & Fire, 2nd Star:

Drop down and swim N around that rock, climb out left onto a ledge there and get onto the rock so you can grab up to the ledge above. Enter the passage and stop in front of the spike trap, you have to run through, turning left and jump over a spike pit around the corner. Then slide down the left side when the Fire will be down and side flip away. Go down to spike rooms and run in when the first spikes go down, wait a bit on the middle tile and then run through the third spikes when they are up, taking a bit of health loss. The next room you can just run after the spikes going down and come to water and a ladder. Go up the ladder, backflip off with a roll and go get the 2nd Golden Star. Back to the ladder, down into the water, swim W and throw the under water lever on the W wall, swim back and into the open door left of the ladder, follow out to the pool. Go back N and make your way back up to the ledge at that N passage, now you have to get all the way up. Jump NE to the ledge N, then turn around and jump up to the one SW, from the S end over to the ledge along the E side of the room and go to the S end and jump to the rock SW. Climb up S and go back E to the Hall.

E Side – Go to the gate E and step on the tile to open it, go in and dive down into the water. In the middle near the S wall are Flares, then swim straight to the middle of the N wall to use the under water lever there, 2 doors open up. Swim to the ledge W on water level and look down left to spot another Ancient Opium Medicine in the niche. Go get it and climb out onto the ledge.

Teeth Door & Spikes, 3rd Golden Star.

Get through the door and wade into the pool, swim straight across, time the spikes in the tunnel and get to the underwater lever to lower spikes in the room above. Swim back out and get onto the W side ledge. Face N and grab up to a crack in the pillar, go right around and drop to the ledge where you can go get the 3rd Golden Star, near the pillar E is an Ancient Opium Medicine. Dive into the water and swim out through the opening E and straight through to the large opening E in the next room, go left there to where you come out into the Nile. Swim left and wade out onto the bank, go into the entrance of the Temple again.

Teeth Door & Fire, 4th Golden Star.

Upstairs and into the E side room, standing at the edge of the floor, near where you came in you can see a ledge down S. Standjump and grab to get onto that ledge and follow the passage in to a Flame, stand on the left corner and time the Teeth Doors to slide through them. The next room is quite difficult because of the Spike wall, stand opposite the lever you can see E, run down and get to the lever fast, throw it and backflip with a roll, veer left and run into the opened trapdoor.

You can do it like this, hop backwards from the floor, grabbing the edge and quickly climb back up to the ledge to let the Spike wall pass. Then use the lever and get into the opened trapdoor.

Slide down and face E, backflip onto the slanted floor and jump to grab the upper floor. Go get the 4th Golden Star from the S wall, leave N and follow back to the pool room, dive in and swim through the wide tunnel E to get back to the Nile again. Get back into the Temple and go place the 4 Golden Stars on the S wall of the Hall. Then enter the passage S and go through the opened gates to the inside of the Temple.

Level 2 –  Inside the Complex.

Shoot the NE little bench in the next room and get the Ancient Opium Medicine, proceed and go right around the corner in the next room, hop over the ridge to get Secret #2, 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump back and go S again into a room with block and spikes, Jackals attack. You have to get to a ladder up N, jumping from the highest block. Stand between the s blocks S, face N and stand against the left hand block. Side flip right onto the lower block, side flip left and then jump forward onto the highest block, do a running jump to grab the ladder (video).

Go up and backflip off. On the E side of the floor is a trigger tile, raising a platform W, another trigger tile is just below that platform. Stand between the opening in the floor and the E side trigger tile facing W and hop back onto the trigger, run and jump over the hole in the floor and run as far as you can, then walk up to the edge of the floor, grab up to the platform and run with a right hand curve onto the second platform, from which you can jump to the floor above (video).

Jump over to the N and go into the passage, use the lever there and return, jump over to the S and enter the opened door. Go up some big stairs and shoot the SE little bench there to get the Shotgun ammo. In the next room you can grab up SW to the ledge above and go into the passage W.

The Huge Room.

On the ledge a short flyby starts, no where to go but… DOWN.

When you aim right and jump with shift you can do about 2 and a half summersault before hitting the water. Climb out N and go into the passage, open the door with the lever and come to the trapdoor pit (all the way down is a trapdoor). Jump via one of the ledges to the lever N and throw it to open both gates behind you. Only need to go into one of them as they both lead to the same place. So take your pick and follow through to a room with a pole, go down to the room below and shoot the Jackals. SE and SW are ladders, again leading to the same place so go down either one of them and go to the N side where you can go down S into a staircase. Go down into the next room and throw the lever to open the trapdoor in the trapdoor pit, as you can see through the fence. Make your way back to the top of the trapdoor pit as you came here and look down into the pit.

Down the Pit.

Hop back and just run straight off the ledge to land in the open trapdoor. Pick up Shotgun ammo and Flares and climb out, hop up into the passage S, down into the next room. Go over the ledge into the passage ahead. When you come to the water, jump and grab the crack in the pillar to the right. Shimmy right and pull up, turn around and jump over to the E side to go up to a chain. Pull the chain and watch the flyby of a trapdoor opening up in the bottom of the Huge Room. Turn back and drop into the water, swim up in that room (with the cracked pillar) and go up to surface in the Huge Room. Swim to the E side of the central structure and pull up onto the ledge, jump to the lever E and throw it to open an under water door E of the lever. Dive down and into the opening for Secret #3, a Medipack, another Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Get out and swim down into the central structure again, down the trapdoor and go S, down the tunnel and surface N in the next room. Hoist up N and throw the lever there to open the door S. Go in there and find Flares SE in the room with the pillars and ledges.

Then go into the SW corner and pull up left onto the slanted block, from against the wall. Slide and jump to get to the next block, jump again and grab the ledge. Stand near the W side pillar and jump to the ledge N, now you can find your way, just look for the highest block or ledge on each level and make your way up to the opening W. Follow to a room with a swinging axe, climb the block NW and jump to the right hand side of the block with the axe. Then jump into the opening N, first go straight and get the Medipack from that room.

Jump back with a grab from the block to the exit and return to the crossing and go right to come to the middle level of the Huge Room.

Push block.

In the SE corner, E wall is a push block, get it out and move it all the way to the other corner of the ledge, under an opening so you can climb in later. First enter the passage SW there, drop down in the next room and get the Flares from the S side, go back and climb back up to the entrance ledge. Turn around and jump to the ledge W, then follow jumping the ledges to the passage S and follow through, one of the little benches holds Shotgun ammo. Get through the Teeth doors and come to a room with a pool below. If you want an Ancient Opium Medicine and some Flares, get into the water and swim all the way S into the next room, to the left and right are the pickups. Get back and climb back up to proceed to the Boulder Room S.

The Boulder Room.

There’s a ledge around the left of the first Boulder, so face NW, hop onto the trap and a running jump left to that ledge. Then face NE, hop curved left onto the trap and immediately another hop curved left to (grab) the next ledge (notice the door E). Next two traps, same way, only this time the safe ledge is on the right hand (E) side. When across, climb the ladder to the left and turn SE to jump into the opening there. Use the two ropes to get to the lever (I had to aim a bit left of the second rope), the lever opens the door and the Boulders stop. Jump onto the nearest boulder slope and slide down, jump to the opened door, follow through and drop into a room, pull out a block from the S wall and put it in the middle of the room, climb up and jump into the opening E, follow through to the N side middle level of the Huge Room. Enter the passage N, climb up in the next room to proceed to the N. In the next room you have to shoot two Demigods (you know the drill, get up close, duck and shoot with pistols).

Moving Blocks.

Go climb the ledges, starting from that little obelisk NW and jump over to the one SW, between the pillars is a jump lever opening up a door in the W wall, you can jump in there with a grab from the ledge you are on. Go into a labyrinth of rooms. Hop on top of the mound in the middle and grab up to the ledge, jump to the ledge NW and go into that room, up the mound under the ledge N, face W and backflip, then jump and from the ledge above jump to the SE opening, walk back into the previous room and from the ledge there a jump onto the top of the central pillar, jump S and go down into the S side room. Head E and come to some Moving Blocks and a spike trap. Stand back from the Block and if you time it right you can just sprint through the three traps in one go (video). Use the lever to open the next door and step out into a higher level of the room with the deceased Demigods.

Spike Wall, a Small Box.

To get to the lever N, jump over to the ledge with the door and from the NW corner a curved jump and grab the ledge with the lever. Open the door with it, but if you want the Secret, don’t jump back yet. Grab up E, jump over to the W side and grab up to a crack in the N wall, shimmy to the right and pull up an a niche to get Secret #4, another Shotgun. Drop down and drop down to the ledge with the lever to jump back to the ledge with the door. Go up some steps and in the next room is a breakable tile, run over it and save before you go down as you have to get into another breakable tile opening before a spike wall hits you (After opening the first floor I ran down facing S and then you will land on that second break tile before the wall even starts to move). Just slide down the slope and get down into the water of the next room, dive to the bottom and get the Small Box N. Swim into a short tunnel SE to get an Ancient Opium Medicine. Then go to the NW corner and swim through a tunnel to a shaft with pillars. Go up and climb out E, turn around and jump across, turn around once more and jump E, go into the room with the statues. Step onto the trigger tile to the left and see a trapdoor open up (in the room with the deceased Demigods).

Jump over to the E side and get an Ancient Opium Medicine after shooting the scorpions. Go back and in the room with the trigger tile is a ladder to the left. Use it to go up to the room with the deceased Demigods. Exit S, go down the next room and S again to the Huge Room, head W and follow through the passages, Boulder Room and the room with the push block to make your way back to The S side middle level of the Huge Room. Climb the push block you placed into SW the corner and get into the passage W and follow through, climb the blocks W and jump NE, then up S and finally N to grab the floor. Turn around and grab up to the monkey climb above to go to the small corner ledge SE, run diagonal and jump W. Immediately draw the Shotgun and run into the passage N, turn around and shoot the Scorpions as they follow you through the narrow passage. Look N and spot more of them, just shoot them with pistols from standing in this room, they probably won’t come in here. Then go in and climb the ladder N, backflip to the upper floor and pick up the Small Key. Return the way you came, and jump back over the pit from the NE corner to the ledge NE (there was no need to use the monkeyswing).

The Sphinx.

Get down to the ground floor and leave E, back to the Huge Room. Go into the passage SE and come to a place where there are 2 receptacles on the wall, seems like Indy placed one object already and you have the other one. Combine the Small Box with the Small Key and place the Cog Mechanism. Enter the large Tomb with the Sphinx. Climb the low pillar NW and jump S, face E and spot the striped triangular block on the Sphinx statue. Jump with a roll onto the slanted surface to the right of it and jump again to grab the ledge above the pillar you came from. Climb the pillar N and from there up to the ledge N. Go in W and find the passage N, leading to a lever that will open up that door under the Sphinx. Now go back to the previous room, jump the blocks to get up to the ledge above S and jump to the SE corner ledge. Look SE around the corner and spot the crack S, jump and grab it, shimmy left and around the corner you can pull up onto the statue. Jump forward to grab up to the top of the statue and go over to the lower part N. Jump to grab the rope E and swing to the E room, drop down one floor inside and go into the passage N, leading to a lever that will open up the second door under the Sphinx. Go back, find a nice spot to jump and grab the hair of the Sphinx and do safety drops down to the ground.

Under the Sphinx, the Fire Challenge for the 2 Guardian Keys.

Go between the legs and enter the passage, go all the way down the steps and straight between the two textured beams, a door will open up. Shoot the Scorpion, proceed to a crossing and go E, shoot another Scorpion, look in the left hand wall at the end of the passage and find a block, push it twice and climb it. Turn around and jump to the jump lever. Now go do the same thing at the other end of this place and go back to the crossing, N and behind that cage a door opened up, go in and shoot the Harpies.

Drop down to the floor below and go E. Near the door, run off the N end and from that ledge, standing back a bit a hop to the corner of the nearest Fire ledge, wait for the fire to go down again and run to jump to the ledge W. Stand in the centre of that ledge and hop to the Fire ledge S, a running jump through to the ledge with the lever S.

2 Doors open up, E and W and you have to visit both. Stand next to the lever, back to the wall and run to jump back to the Fire ledge, immediately a hop to the safe ledge N.

I went W first, a run and jump right around the pillar to the far corner of the Fire ledge there. Hop back when the Fire is down and then wait for a jump to the ledge NW. Jump to the door opening, climb up in the next room and jump to the opening W to get the 1st Guardian Key. Go back out to the previous room and jump into the opening in the E wall. You are back in the large room. Go straight across into the opening and jump to the ledge on the right. Jump over to the opening E and get the 2nd Guardian Key.

Place the Keys, lower the Cage, the Second Eye Piece.

Back out, jump to the NW ledge and from there a right curved jump (no grab) into the exit. Go to the middle of the room, up into a niche N and turn around to grab up to the floor above. Now we have to go all the way up, go E or W, makes no difference. Jump to the wide ledge and jump to grab up to that Fire ledge to pull up on a corner, turn around and jump to grab another ledge above, shimmy around the corner passing a Fire trap and pull up around the next corner. Now jump and grab from the end of this ledge to a bridge spanning the room. From this bridge to a bridge higher up and go E or W. Jump to a ledge along the E or W wall and next to the swinging axes above. Jump to the axe ledge and jump over to an opening in the N wall and place the Guardian Keys there. Go out and see a door has opened S. Get down to the bridge below and go S to jump into that room. Use the lever to finally lower the cage at the Eye Piece. Make your way down the room by and go out S. Pick up the Second Eye Piece.

Go back S and straight, up the staircases and straight out of the Sphinx room. Again straight and when you are going down a dark staircase, look up in the NE corner, get into that crawlspace and follow through, shoot the dogs and go N passing some Teeth doors. In the next room is a lever, throw it when the Fire goes down and hop back. Then go back to the crawlspace and drop down in the dark staircase. Go N again and come back in that room with the Blocks and spikes. You HAVE to go up the ladder again. So jump the blocks once more (video) and climb the ladder to backflip to the floor above. Go into the passage N and drop down through the opening in the floor of the last room, go N and follow through.

Level 1 – Ruins along the Nile (part 2).

The Knowledge of the Ancients.

Go outside and left of the pool is a block, combined the Eye Pieces and place the Eye of Horus on the block. The pool will drain and you can go down. Just drop down and in the room below, wade or run S. Just out of the gray passage is a lower pillar to the right, climb it and turn around to jump up N, then jump to the ledge S and go to the NE corner of that ledge to find a push block in the wall. Get it out and move it over to the far S side so you can use it to jump into the passage S. Follow in and go to the left to get The Knowledge of the Ancients. A trapdoor opened up, go back and just a bit down the second step is that trapdoor up in the ceiling. Go up, backflip into a passage from almost at the top and follow through to where you exit the Temple.

End of this adventure.