The Chamber.

Level by Michum

Walk by D&G Productions

With this level you really have to keep your eyes open to fully understand what it is all about…


"Will you please excuse having to wait for a moment? The landlord is beside himself with grief for the disappearance of his beloved wife. He is already widowed several times, you know. The poor man."

Hit Esc to continue.

Once locked up inside in the room, pick up the Shotgun ammo from the cupboard and crawl underneath the clothes in the wardrobe and find the Lost Letter.

Lost Letter:

"My dear! It makes me so happy that you offered to have a drink with me for our reconciliation. We should never quarrel again in such a terrible way."

Crawl further till you are standing behind the mirror and you see something changed in the room, so return there.

Go to the small table next to the mirror and pick up the glass.

Place the glass on the shelf in the opening behind the couch. To get back out of there, better do a sideflip over the couch.

Go stand facing W at the border of the carpet and grab up to the chandelier, turn around and climb up the loft facing E.

Pull the block NW once, go back to where you climbed up, jump NW and mover the block into the SW corner, turn around and shoot a crate NW to get the Old Diary.

Old Diary:

"I can't stand this any day longer. Tomorrow I'll return to my mother. He will not hold me back, no matter how upset he will get."

When Lara walks around to the NE corner she looks at something through the floor (a hanging skeleton).

Get down the chandelier and shoot the hanging skeleton.

The skeleton on the attic is awake now. Get down on the ground and pick up the Shotgun from the cupboard S.

Climb back up to the loft and shoot the skeleton down from the loft.

Go get the Knife from the spot on the loft where the skeleton was lying before.

When you go back down you will fall through the chandelier and the glass of the mirror will brake. Go to the table in the corner to get the Scrap of Paper.

Scrap of Paper:

"What dark secret lies in your soul? Oh, what do you hide from me? Foreboding makes me restless day and night... who wants to prevent me telling the constable about my suspicion, so they search this place thoroughly!" [/color]

Go to the NW corner and use the Knife on the wall there.

Jump over the skeleton and grab the crack up in the wall, shimmy to the right to climb up on a ledge. Use the valve wheel to open the water, and get down again.

Swim out and pick up the Torn Sheet from the floor of the room.

Torn Sheet:

"Aug 19

He is going to kill me, I know it. I'm so frightened. Maybe I can hide in the basement. Although I know that this is no way out."

Swim S and into the crawlspace behind that small cupboard. Swim down, turn around and then go right and open the underwater door to the left. Swim in and a skeleton floats out, watch out, contact with that skeleton is harmful.

Swim to the right and up in an air pocket, quickly climb out as a Sea Hag comes for you. Find the right position from which you can shoot the Hag (duck near a wall and use pistols, when Lara starts to aim at the creature, keep holding Ctrl and stand up shooting). Now face W at the water, jump and grab over to the jump lever and a fence opens up below.

Swim S and open another underwater door, go high up and right at the skeleton, then left, pick up a small medipack and swim back to the S, up to the room.

Light a flare and spot a dark square on the floor just in front of the cupboard. Face E and open the trapdoor and get out a Secret, a Medipack and Flares.

The fire in the fireplace is extinguished, left of the fireplace is a Note on the ground.


“Once again he has just locked me in here.

"Once again, he just locked me up here. He said he would be back in a few hours. I have found a way to escape - I am sure there will be enough time until he returns."

Go into the fireplace and climb the back wall, save up at the slope as the top of the chimney is filled with toxic fumes. Pull up, backflip and jump with grab to get to the monkey climb ceiling. Turn left and go against the wall, drop and grab twice to get to a crawlspace, get in fast and follow through. Hop onto the higher part and pull the skeleton away. Hop back to the lower part first to get some “fresh” air before you go and pick up the Gold Ring (wedding band).

Get back down the chimney (drop from the crawlspace) and the room is dark.

Go to the cupboard between the window and the couch and pull it once, pick up the Book of Fairy Tales which was underneath.

Book of Fairy Tales:

"When silver moon raises to the highest point and shines through the window, the time is right for magical spell to relieve and set free. Then hurry, don't hesitate! If the moment is gone, the restless wandering will seek their revenge,

disappointed, unredeemed, lost and drifty, forgotten by the world."

Walk to the window. If you wait for the right moment the moonlight will show you where to place that ring. After a short time the light vanishes and you will see the bad ending of the story... So do not wait and go to where the beam of moonlight hits the wall near the door and use the wedding band. The Undead are waiting, go to the SW corner and pull the chain. Light comes back into the room and so are the Undead. Go to the cupboard S and get the Record.

Record label:

"Do you remember how we met? Play this music for me again. So that I can fall asleep. Finally sleep..."

Put the record on the player and see all the murdered wives start to dance, just watch them and they will one by one pass over to the other side… Then the Butler comes back in, Lara sits thinking about what to say to his Master.

It's up to you to imagine what her next conversation with that Cultivated Honorable Man will be about...