Tut’s Golden Armour.

BtB2009 – mugs.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara starts falling down a trapdoor, once on a rocky ledge face E and jump up as far right next to the wall and crawl in. Face N and get into a crawlspace and grab Secret #1, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Crawl out and crawl onto the ledge to drop into that cave below. Hop into the pool and get the Lasersight from the bottom. Climb out and get some Flares behind the lever, you can throw the lever to open a trapdoor S. Find the crawlspace up in the wall W of the pool and get in to grab the Revolver while under fire from a soldier. Go back and go to the open trapdoor S and look up NW to see if the Sentry gun there is facing you, otherwise you will have to jump up once to get it to aim. Go back and step on the tile in the passage N and watch the flyby of the tunnels, ending with a raised block under a higher passage. Step off the tile and look into the crawlspace right there (NE) till you see the red block go down. Now save and hop back on the tile and run jump into the passage E, go left and follow, time a flame to hop over a flame pit and go left at the intersection. At the end jump left onto the raised block and quickly grab up W. Follow through to the upper level of the cave again from where you can look through a crack N and shoot that Sentry gun.

Run off S and slide into the pool below, go up through the trapdoor S and pick up Revolver ammo, throw the lever to open a trapdoor and go back down. Get back into the crawlspace W and from the corner you can shoot a Guard and 2 Sentry guns. Drop into the room, shoot more Guards and get the Nitrous Oxide Feeder, some Flares, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. The rest seems to be out of reach.

The next part can also be done without the bike: Go up the ramp all the way to a gap and jump over to the W side, climb the block on the left side and look up to spot the ceiling hatch. Open it and get Flares and the Crowbar up there. Go back E over the gap and when you reach the pit (SE) look up (NW) and spot the Sentry gun. Outwit it to destroy the gun. Go back down the ramps and shoot the Guard.

Take one of the bikes, fit the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on it first and go S up the narrow ramp, left around corners and make some speed to get over the small gap. Then with speed around the corner where the crowbar was and through the wall (right hand side) to jump the pit there. Park the bike and open the crowbar door, then go back and climb into an opening up SW and get the Revolver ammo there. Take the Bike through the door and jump the gap over the ramp below. Save on that wooden path, near the intersection. The path left has a collapsed bridge.

Go on foot into the next cave (E) and a Sentry gun opens fire, quickly go up S and duck into the crevice. Follow to the E and from the opening there, you can shoot the gun and maybe the Guard on the platforms too. Go back to get the Bike.

Drive straight and with speed through the cave, left after the jump and run over a Guard (if you didn’t kill him yet). Go into the green opening and hit the brakes. Go slowly through this cave and left around the corner in the next, you could use the bike to kill the 2 Guards there. One will drop his Revolver ammo. There’s a Sentry gun NW, no way of shooting it from here, so dive into the water along the E wall and swim N to a ledge around the left corner (behind the wooden ramps). You can shoot the gun from there and look for a lever on the ramps S, jump there and save. 

Timed Block.

Looking N and left of the lever you can see the lowered raising block, pull the lever, step left and standjump down to the ledge you came from, a running jump and grab the right hand corner of the block. Turn right and standjump to grab the wooden ledge, jump to the alcove E and use the jump lever there to repair that bridge way back at the intersection. Hop into the water below and swim back to the bike S, climb up onto the ramp and look for the opening in the W wall, jump in there and get behind the rocks to get a Medipack. Now you have to take the bike back, because there is the steep ramp in the cave S.

So carefully line up for the jump over the gap in the cave where the Sentry gun was. Once out of the cave the right hand turn to the bridge N can be hard, but you can also go past the pit there and ride the bike along the slanted rocks N of that pit. Follow the next tunnel and just kill the Guard with the bike. Leave it here for now and go up the ramp W on foot. You’ll come to an enormous canyon, take note of where you have to jump with the bike later. Turn around and look up E, there’s something up in a crack. Grab up to the crack left from facing E and standing close to the sandy path. Shimmy to the right till you can pull up in a crawlspace and get Secret #2, Flares, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Drop down and go back to the bike, hit the Nitro and jump over the canyon.

Shoot the 2 Guards N take a small medipack that is SW near an opening in the rocks W and dive down into the water below. Swim into the far NW corner and climb up S onto a ledge, grab up to the crack W and pull up in there, follow through to a sloped tunnel. Slide into the water below and swim N, climb up E and follow through. In a small cave with some Flares is a jump lever NE, go S and left to climb up through the opened trapdoor.

The Big Treasury Cave, the Right Greave.

A flyby of a complex cave system starts, go S over the ledge and turn around. Grab up to the ledge above (N) and head N, shoot that Guard at the entrance to the treasury E. At the N end is a slanted block, turn around and backflip over the top, grabbing the edge when you slide off. Shimmy left to the wall and pull up, turn around and jump with a grab into the opening W, get the Revolver ammo and stand in the higher NE corner facing E to grab up to the ledge above. Under the low rock S is Secret #3, the Shotgun. Go through the crawlspace NE and drop into the next room. Go to the NE corner and from there you should be able to destroy the gun standing behind the crates. Open the small door and go in, shoot the Guard and get some Flares and a Medipack. Through the next door to a tunnel, crawl along the right hand wall and down into some mud a Sentry gun takes aim. In the NE corner you can grab up N and follow the crawlspace to where you come to the room with the gun. Shoot the gun from the crawlspace and go get the Right Greave. That’s all I found here, so turn back through the 2 small doors to the room where that gun was, run straight against the rockwall S, look up left and spot the crack. Grab up to that opening S (left), crawl through and drop down on the other side.

The Left Gauntlet.

SE are those 2 guns, you have to run SE and left around the corner, jump onto a slanted surface below and grab the edge when you slide off. Drop and grab again to pull up into the crevice, crawl E to where you can stand again and face S, stand right and standjump down onto the block, 2 jumps over the block and a grab up to the ledge there. Now face E and hop onto the right hand side of the block, do a left curved run and jump to grab the ledge up N. Get into the opening in the E wall and shoot the Guards in the next cave. Get the Flares and shoot that fuel can, pull the dead Guard away to get the Left Gauntlet.

Go up a small ramp along the E wall (near the SE corner pit) and face S, run-jump to grab the ledge of the upper room. In the corner is a trigger tile, roll onto the tile and run down the hole, quickly get out the room to the big cave and jump left with a grab onto that ledge, another jump with grab to the ledge S where the blocks went down. Jump and grab to the crack in the S wall and shimmy to the right to pull up in a blue cave, run left and in the SE end is a hole with water to get rid of that pesky Wraith.

The Left Greave, Right Gauntlet and the Breast Plate.

Walk back W a bit and climb the block N, jump and grab the ledge up N and go to the NE, jump over to the ledge N and then to the ledge under the jump lever, the lever will open up a trapdoor back in the canyon. Jump back E and crawl into the crevice. There’s an opening in the ground to the room below, maybe the Guard is still there, shoot him. Run into the hole facing E and run into the treasury, shoot another Guard. Walk slowly back out along the left wall so you can shoot the N side gun. Run out and right around the corner to use the jump lever there, lowering a block.

Go back into the treasury, get the Revolver ammo SE and go to the SW corner where you will go down into the gold. Crawl through and get Secret #4, the Left Greave, Right Gauntlet and the Breast Plate. Go into the next room, pick up a small medipack and throw the lever. Return to the treasury, run out to where the gun is and face N to grab up into the opening above. Crawl back NW (save first because you can get stuck) and from the ledge where she looks at the lever a jump with grab to the S, go over the ledge to the W and face NW to jump with a grab down to the greenish ledge. Go S and drop to the one below, follow back W through the trapdoor and the caves to the one with the pool and swim to the yellow ledge NE.

Climb up and hop into the alcove E, face SW and runjump out with a left curve to grab the ledge, shimmy to the corner and pull up. Jump W and then SW, look S and spot the Revolver ammo in the niche, hop to the ledge SW and run through to jump and grab to that niche. Drop down in the water and make your way back up to that thick ledge W, face SE and spot a swinging target. Shoot it and a rope drops from the ceiling. Use the rope to swing and jump to the middle of that tunnel you came sliding down from before. Go up and down the hole to crawl back out to the canyon. Dive in and swim right around the corner to an opening in the rocks (W). Follow to a ladder where a trapdoor opened up before and climb back up to where the bike is. Take the bike or walk SW into the tunnel and follow through the opened gates to where the level ends.