Finding Zorba.

BtB2009 – Thierry.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Red Room.

Go straight through the opening to the room of the flyby. Go to the waterfall SE and stand facing S, run along the shallow part and curve left to jump to the ledge E in the Boulder room. Go up the boulder slope S along the one in the middle and hop to the right over the hole at the ladder. Save standing on top of the slope on the W side and run down. As soon as you hear the boulder coming, jump onto the higher side and clear of the boulder coming down. The boulder will trigger a door to open up. Go down the slope to the red ledges and head into the NE corner where you’ll find a slope down to a pole below. Slide down and jump to grab the pole. Turn around to backflip to the slope behind and slide to a ledge. Jump to grab the next pole SW and turn around to backflip to the open door Go down the passage. (If you happen to fall into the water you can swim back through a tunnel NE, follow through a large room and left through another tunnel to where you started).

The Green Room.

Get down to the floor below and jump over to the ledge E, crawl behind a block there and get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo. Now get over to the W side of the room and

Hang in the hole in the floor there. Shimmy till you face N, drop and jump to grab the pillar. Pull up over and slide down the next ledge too, jump to the long slopes and keep jumping to the right. Do a roll and now jump left of course, when you are at the end slide far down and jump left to get onto the flat block. Runjump E onto the slope with a right hand curve in the end, jump and grab the fire ledge. Go shimmy all the way around to the other side where you have a flat ledge below, jump over to the ledges S and follow to the W end where you can jump NW to the block behind the pillar. Grab up to the ledge up W and follow left around to a lever behind some blocks (Spikes will retract).

Walk back S a bit and look down to that ledge with the fire, there’s a slanted block in front, stand back against the wall up here and save. Aim for the right hand side of the slanted block, hop down and jump to the right from the block onto another slanted block. You will land on the spike ledge, so side jump to the right (you have to be lucky or time the spikes correctly). Face N and jump to the left slanted block, jump again with a right hand curve to get to the ledge with the columns.

Timed Run.

Stepping on the lower trigger tile will open a door and start the nervous music of the timed run. Stand back from the tile facing E, left against the wall and save. Run diagonally over the tile to jump onto the right hand side of the high slanted pillar E, slide and jump to the next one, slide far and jump to grab the ledge ahead. Run to the end and jump to that slanted block, a slight right curve in the end so you will slide forward, jump and steer left to get to the ledge behind the fire ledge, run to the end and jump left to the ledges you’ve visited before. Jump to the last and then to the ledge behind the pillar, a jump to the left hand side of the slanted block straight ahead N and jump left to the ledges there, running jump to the floor at the timed door and sprint in.

The 2 Sebossabrilles.

Right around the corner is the Shotgun, then go N to the catacombs, shoot the vases to the left to get the Shotgun ammo. In the W end is a door, but first we go N and the flyby shows a bunch of skeletons. Climb the pole W and backflip to the first floor. Shoot the skeleton down and go E to those vases for Shotgun ammo and the Crowbar. Go up the pole E to the second floor. Shoot the skeleton down and go up the next pole, more skeletons and then pry the 2 Sebossabrilles from the wall. Go down one floor and place them, a door opens up. Drop down to the ground floor, go S and then W to the next room

The Keskela Handle.

Jump along the base of the columns to the ledge W and get the Keskela Handle. Jump back and now you have to jump onto that pillar in the middle. I stood in the middle, waited for the right interval in the burner sequence where both side burners were off and jumped when I expected the one in the middle to go out, run against the wall and jump up, grab and pull up, immediately run forward. Get a Medipack from the room N and go all the way to the E wall. Jump up, pull up on the slanted block and jump from the top to grab the ladder in front. On the upper floor is an opening, jump in there and go up the ladder, throw the lever to release another boulder and a second door will open up in the Red rooms. Go straight and slide down then go to the N wall.

Stand back from the spike block and hop onto it when the spikes are just down, immediately hop into the passage. Go through the next room and climb through an opening NE, throw the lever to open a door. Hop back over the wall and go through that door W. Take care of the skeletons, get a small medipack behind a block W wall and find 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack down in the pool. That fat column has to go to the far SE corner in front of the face tile. Spikes retract in the room E. Go back through the door and go onto the higher ledge S, in the middle of the room are monkey bars. Grab them and follow through to the ledge where those spikes went down. Drop and grab, pull up to push the large face button to open up an underwater door.

Go back out through the opening S and hop over those spikes. Get into the water to swim through the tunnel NE, follow into a large room and get the Flares along the N wall. Swim into the open door a bit farther N and go up for air. Swim into a tunnel in the upper NE corner to a room with boulders. Swim a bit left of the middle and time the boulders to get to an opening up in the ceiling. Climb out and go to the NE corner. Hop onto the slanted block and backflip, jump once more to grab the grate ledge. Shimmy left a bit and backflip with a roll to grab the ledge behind. Jump towards the grate NW. Go backflip onto the slanted ledge behind, jump again and grab the upper grated ledge. Pull up on the ledge to the right and jump to the E side of the room to use the Face button. The door opens, but is too far away to jump from here, so go back to the N ledge and jump to grab the grated ledge in the middle of the room, shimmy around right to a ledge in the end. Turn around and grab the monkey bars to go over to the ledge S. Hang from the edge to shimmy past the door and go in.

The First LBB New Tribune.

Pull the pillar S away from the crawlspace and follow through to another room with fat columns. Move that NW column around the pillar into the side passage W and move it to that tile S in the middle of the room. SE some doors open up. Go in there and get the First LBB New Tribune. Head out through the now open door W and in the next room is a lever on a ledge, throw the lever to let the last boulder fall (looks like it needs another push, but drops anyway). A door opened below, so drop down into a room you’ve visited before and go N. Hop over the hole and go up the slanted passage carefully, roll and run, jump out over the hole. The boulder will lower the raising block down in the hole and you’ll see fire on ledges. Now first go where the boulder came from and turn around in the end, grab up to the passage above and get Secret #2, a Medipack, go back down and to the hole.

Fire Ledges.

Climb down the ladder in the hole and turn around on the ledge below, drop and hang from the ledge to drop onto the corner of the fire ledge. Turn left and drop to hang from the ledge, shimmy to the right (or left) to an opening in the N wall. Go left and you’ll find a Timed trigger tile for the fire ledges. Save facing W and run over the tile, left around the pointy block and jump to the first fire ledge. Standjump to the next and a running jump to the left side of the one under the block, a curved running jump to the next landing right and turn left to runjump to the last. Another running jump will get you to safety (Video). Push the face button to open an underwater door. Swim through and follow the crooked tunnel to a room with a closed door at the end, swim up in the opening just in front of the door and climb up to the lever NE to open that door below.

The First Sebossebleu.

Swim into the door, time the spikes and you can wait on the safe spot in between the 2 sets. Go up in the next room, climb up a bit then jump up to the right block, running jump to the ladder to the top. Run/jump/grab over to the lever to open the door W. Get back on the ladder, hang on the lower end and to one of the sides, backflip and immediately jump out with a curve to the side as a boulder will come out. Get back on the ladder and into the open door, get the First Sebossebleu.

2 more Sebossebleus.

Back into the water and over the boulder through the spikes. In the next room swim up into the first opening in the ceiling to the one where the lever is and get into the opening SW. Follow through to a room with grates. Go to the one NE and look down E to spot the small medipack. Hang from the grate, drop and grab and get in there to pick up Secret #3. Drop down into the room below and swim/wade to that roof like thing SW, swim under the roof and get the Second Sebossebleu. Go to the far NW corner of the room and dive under the block to get the Third Sebossebleu, you can place them on the ledge SE, spikes will retract on a block just SW of here.

The Second LBB New Tribune.

Climb that block and use the face button to extend a block from the wall SW in the room. Climb up to a crawlspace and follow through to a bright room. Jump to the floor ahead and go down on a slanted ledge on the W side, turn around and jump to grab that crawlspace you see, get in and around the hole to get the Second LBB New Tribune, crawl backwards and drop to the floor below.

The Magueul Effigy.

Drop into the hole in the floor; climb out into a room where you can place the LBB Tribunes. Get into the water again and through the opened door. In the next room you can pull up in the hole above, keep jumping till you reach a flat corner and pull up to jump to the other side of the room. Get the Magueul Effigy and get back down into the water, swim into an opening S and climb out in the end. Follow the passage over 2 pits to where you have to combine the Keskela Handle and the Magueul Effigy to use the Keskelamagueul (thanks god for copy/paste) to open the door. Go down the slope and a flyby kicks in, you’ve found Zorba, but will you live to tell…?