Just a Bowl of Cherries.

BtB2009 – Neso.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Crowbar.

Swim to the hall and climb up on the ledge. Go left (S) and shoot the box for the Crowbar. Look SE behind that dark pillar and spot a crack in the wall, jump and grab that crack (requires a curved jump). Shimmy left to a crawlspace and go through to get Secret #1, a Gift for Hathor. Back out and drop into the pool, pick up a Medipack in the NE before you climb out.

The Portal Key.

Go back to the hall and straight into the passage N, turn right, go straight (E) into a room with a sarcophagus (empty). Go left down the stairs to the room with Flares on a wooden block (the box is empty), jump into the passage W. Get the small medipack NW in the next room. On the pedestal is the Portal Key. A Demigod is released.

First Black Beetle.

Go back (E) to the previous room where a block raised W, climb up that block and even higher to an alcove and use the monkey bars to get to the E side. Be careful at the spikes, and follow through to a room with the First Black Beetle. Go back and use the monkey bars again to get across, go into the passage W and shoot the Demigod where you meet him. Blocks lower again so you can leave S and down the steps, to the hall. Jump in the water and W and right around the corner is the receptacle for the Portal Key, doors open up W.

The Crossbow.

Go into the wide passage and take a first right, you’ll run straight into a closed door. Go left and then right to a larger room with a pool, in the N is a sarcophagus with the Crossbow. Turn around and near the water edge is a small medipack. SE in this poolroom are Arrows and there are also 2 Harpies flying around. Don’t get in the water, as apart from empty passages there is nothing to find, so leave S and take a first right (W) into another room.

The Second Black Beetle.

Pick up the Flares left and go into the passage leading down W. Take a right and shoot a skeleton and the boxes to get a small medipack. Go into the room left (E), shoot the skeleton and pry the Second Black Beetle off the N wall, the other one S is broken. Notice the block in the E wall, but for now go out to the previous room.

Go W and use the jump lever on the wall ahead (that door you saw opens up). Roll and take the first right, shoot the skeleton, get the Arrows and climb into the crawlspace SW. In the next room is a sarcophagus with another Crossbow and a passage leading down E. Take the first right and you are back in the rooms you’ve visited before, go straight (E) and in the opposite passage is the opened door to the left.

The Third Black Beetle.

Watch out for the pit and get the Medipack. Find the crawlspace up N and get in and drop into a small room, get the small medipack and also the Arrows from the box and head up the stairs to get the Third Black Beetle from then wall. Go back to the room with the spike pit. Out and turn right, go straight and then to the left at the next crossing to come to a large hall with 2 pools (W).

The Fourth Black Beetle and the Hathor Handle.

Dive in and open all 3 underwater doors.

- Swim in SE, go right and down for another Crowbar, turn back and go N, up in the air pocket. Climb up W for the Fourth Black Beetle and dive back in, swim S and follow the tunnel back to the pool (there is nothing N).

- Swim in N, go left and down in the next section to get the Hathor Handle. Swim back to the pool.

- Swim in NW, to get the Flares from that tunnel. Back to the pool and climb out.

Go to the NW corner of this hall and find a jump lever on the W side of the pillar there, use it and head back to the 2 pools. Go into the passage E and left are more Flares. Then look for the block (S) raised by the jump lever, climb up to the room above for Secret #2, another Gift for Hathor. The box is empty. Go back down and W to the hall with the pools.

Go S from the pools and get more Flares from a box. In the SW corner is a lower passage where the Mechanical Beetle has to be used. Go to the ramp and left of the ramp shoot the box for some Arrows. Now go up the ramp W, find some Arrows near the S wall in an alcove. Go into a room SW where you’ll find the Pyramid.

The Hathor Effigy and the Winding Key.

Place the 4 Beetles, step in and get the Hathor Effigy (that block lowers). Use the reach in holes S and N of the Pyramid to get the Winding Key and a small medipack.

The Scarab Beetle.

Go back down the ramp to the lower level and head N, passing the pools (grab the binoculars behind the wooden poles E) and left just before those 2 fat pillars, go down the passage W and right, right again in the room below and almost straight into the passage E where the block lowered.

Follow up a ramp through to an opening to the room with the pool. Go down onto the balcony and grab the monkey bars to get to the room N. Pick up the Scarab Beetle from the sarcophagus and go back through the Bird blades, make your way back to the S end of the palace (down the ramp) and down into the SW passage to use the Beetle there (combine the Key and the Scarab) Go through the de-activated traps and use the pulley at the end. Pick up the Beetle and go back to the central hall of the palace (at the 2 pools).

The doors opened W. Go in and jump the spike pit where the level ends.