Just another Raid.

BtB2009 Debut level by Gerty.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Hand of Orion.

After Lara slides down into the water, climb up E, get the Flares on the S wall and shoot the two ninjas. On a block N is some Shotgun ammo. On the other side of the water also on a block grab the small medipack. Get into the water and swim into a small opening in the S wall. Get in, swim straight around some corners and pick up a small medipack. Swim back to the opening and go right and right again to get the Hand of Orion. Get out and swim to the opposite side (N).

Swim in, straight towards the end and get Secret #1, the Shotgun, swim out go left, left and up. Use the lever. Back to the water and swim E through the now open grate. Follow through, pick up Flares and shoot the scorpions.

Go up the stairs and into a crawlspace in the far right corner (SW). Slide down and jump at the end over a pit. There are two more pits, this time with spikes to jump over.

Boulder Hop. 

Take a running jump to the first pillar (face NW), then hop over the next, slide jump to the one after that and jump immediately again to the next pillar. Boulders are dropping. Go the ledge N and flip the lever there. Jump to the SW, walk to the corner, take a standing jump (flip back or jump again to the ledge ahead on the right hand side. Take a jump forwards but immediately jump back as another boulder is coming down. Face N and use the ladder, two ninjas are down there, shoot them and get the Revolver ammo in the far end of the room SE. Near where a boulder fell (S wall) is an opening in the floor, Scorpions attack, get Shotgun ammo on the left. Go back and E and around the corner you can get Secret #2, a Medipack.

Ropes and Boulders.

Climb out and up the ladder and into the open gate. Light a flare and slide down, once in the water swim forwards as a boulder is coming down. There is Shotgun ammo in the floor in the middle and swim back up and shoot the ninja. Pick up some Flares (W wall). Go further and get the Medipack. Take a standing jump to the rope and swing only once to get on the ledge. Watch out for the darts. Take a running jump to the next ledge and jump to the next rope. Swing twice (at least) to get to the last ledge. Shoot the ninja.

Into opening and climb the pole, when you see an opening on the left, back flip and grab the Shotgun ammo. Now stand facing the opening and take a running jump with grab to get there and jump to the slope, run forwards and to the right in an alcove to avoid a boulder. Keep to the right and trigger one boulder, go to the left and wait till it passes, go back and now it is save to walk up.

Statue Push.

Climb into the crawlspace and look to the room below, turn around and climb down the ladder. All the way in the end is Shotgun ammo. Push the left pushable statue opposite the other statue on the right facing each other. A door opens way above. Get back to the ladder and jump to the crevice on the left and shimmy, pull up, get the small medipack and face the now open gate. Take a standing jump and a running jump to the ladder and up.

Shoot the ninjas and scorpions, keep as much to the right to avoid boulders and pick up 2 x Shotgun ammo on the way. In the far away corner SW is a crawlspace. Shoot the scorpions and get a small medipack NE and Shotgun ammo on a block.

Get into the crawlspace in the S wall. Another ninja and even more scorpions are there. Go down the steps and prepare for another fight. Get the Shotgun ammo in the NW corner of the last room. Get through the opening SW and get in the water and swim left into a crawlspace NE for Secret #3, Shotgun ammo.

Deadly Pillars.

Get out of the water and jump to the first pillar, jump back immediately for a boulder will fall down. Jump back and to the next, back flip. Now back to the second one and the third, the fourth has is save and the fifth has another boulder. Get to the ledge and pull the timed lever. The door left opens. Take a running curved jump to the last pillar you came from, curved running to the next (left) and another to the last pillar. Shoot more scorpions and a ninja and crawl through. Shoot scorpions and climb the ladder on the left. Back flip on the top and slide down. More enemies down the ramp, one leaves a small medipack, SW are Flares

The Hand of Sirius.

NE is a lever, flip it and a gate near the SW corner opens. Jump to the pillar top on the water and face left to the roof of the building and jump to it. Go up and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go out, face N and jump in the water, turn and into a crawlspace to get Secret # 4, the Revolver.

Swim to the E wall and follow through. Go out of the water and place both Hands in their receptacles N. Shoot a scorpion and pick up the Flares, use the lever and jump to the crack on the other side and shimmy to the left. At the end drop down twice and get into the crawlspace. 

Eye Piece #1. 

Follow through and the door will open at the end of this passage. Get back to the water room and swim SE and into the open gate and up.

Push the two statues on their places (the walls have the clue on them) and both gates will open. One has the one half of the Eye Piece, the other has a small medipack and a lever. Get back to the water and swim to the bridge. In the water is some Shotgun ammo and on the roof of the small house S has a Medipack. Jump over the corners to the flat part of the roof nearest to the pillar. Take a curved running jump and to the next a running jump with grab. Another running jump with grab to the ladder on the wall and use the monkey swing to get over to the other side.

There is another boulder alley ahead, stay on the right and when you trigger the first one side flip, and wait till it passes, then go back to the right and you are safe now. Climb up at the end, grabbing the small medipack there and use the lever.

Eye Piece #2.

Safety drop in the opening in the floor, shoot the ninjas down stairs and go into the open door. Go left and around the corner and push the statue on that marked tile. A gate opens SE. Better get there first. There is another pushable and a spike pit. Get into the crawlspace and get the other half of the Eye Piece.

If the mummy bothers you shoot him a couple of times. Crawl back and go back to the gate and the other pushable (W) and use the timed lever there. Run/sprint/jump E and through the gate on the left hand side of the room, around the corner, over the spike pit around the corner left through the gate on your right.

Combine the two pieces together and use the Eye of Horus on the door.

The level ends.