Passage of the Amulet.

BtB 2009 – Tweetygwee.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Pick up the Amulet of Horus in front of you and go E along the left hand wall, push the button in the end to lower a cage underwater.

The First Golden Vraeus.

Dive into the pool SE and open the underwater door, swim through and step onto the trigger tile in that room to raise a block. From the block you can reach the higher pillar where you’ll step on a trigger tile opening up a gate outside. Return to the valley and go up to where you pushed the button before, grab up to the ledge above and from the block at the end a jump to the grid S and then to that bright roof ahead. Head W jumping the ledges. From the last one run-jump to the slanted block ahead, grab and shimmy around the corner, pull up and backflip/roll to that tiny ledge. Stand on the S side of the ledge and grab up to the monkey bars above to get to the opening N. Get the Golden Vraeus inside and go back out to the valley.

The Second Golden Vraeus.

Head E and into the passage there, push the button to raise the cage and climb up to the floor above. Go down into the next room and push the button on the far side (N), which raises a cage. A Ninja appears, he will leave behind some Flares. Go into the passage E and use the reach-in switch to raise another cage. Go out and find the button S. Save and use it. A scorpion will appear, shoot it before it reaches that Death tile W or the whole room will become deadly (push and sidejump left twice to shoot it in time). Climb up the S wall; jump the cages to the Second Golden Vraeus and Uzi ammo. Want a Secret? Jump back to the cage and look W, there’s a vase in an opening, jump and grab to get in there and shoot the vase to open a door down in the NW corner of the room. Go in and get Secret #1, Grenades, a small medipack and the Grenade launcher. Get back to the valley.

N are the gates you can open with the Golden Vraeusus, get that small medipack W of the gates before you enter. Go in and a bunch of Ninjas will attack, get them all together so you can blast them with a Grenade. Pick up Arrows and a small medipack from the dead ninjas. Go W between the structures and turn right into an alley to get some Flares.

The Lasersight.

Now go into the structure NW, the one with the pool and the 2 doors N. On the ledge in the pool are blue trigger tiles, step on those and the left hand door opens up. Go in and go down to the ground to get the Uzi ammo on the floor NW after taking care of the scorpion, then climb back up to the ledge under the entrance and hop onto the trigger tile E. This will open up the Timed door above in the E wall. Run over the ledge, jump the blocks W and then up to the high pillar from where a jump and grab will get you to the door. Go in and push the button, the room shakes. Go back to the pool and left to find the other door open, go in to get the Lasersight. Back out to the pool.

Head S, go left around the pool and along the front of the building to the NE corner and climb up onto the roof from the mound in the NW corner. Get the Grenades and Arrows, drop down and enter this structure.

The Crossbow.

Dive into the pool and swim SW to the mound in the far corner, on top are Grenades. Swim N and left into a cave on the W side, shoot the Croc and wade to a piece of trigger tile in the NW corner to raise a cage. Go out and swim S to climb the cage, go up the vegetated wall and E. Jump the ledges along the E wall to the wide blue ledge. Jump and grab the crack ahead to shimmy left and get into the alcove E. The trigger tile NE will lower the glass wall at the Crossbow, the other one will raise it again, so be careful. Go down into the water, take note of the opening in the bottom with a closed door, swim back to the cage and go up to get the Crossbow. Go out, into the pool and to the NW corner to climb back up to the entrance ledge. Jump over the ledges to the far S end and shoot the vase you see SW (could be you have to look for the correct spot for shooting the vase, I had to step back from the edge a bit).

Go out of the room and back to the outside. In the far SW is a kind of stepped pyramid, climb it and look down inside from the SW corner, shoot the vase below from standing on the wall and the grate will disappear. Climb down from the SE corner and shoot the scorpion. On the ledge N are Grenades and in the other corner is a button opening up 2 doors. Climb back out of the pyramid and when going down NE, I got a screen of that underwater door in the pool of where we got the Crossbow. It’s for a Secret, go NE and into the building again, into the pool and to the hole in the bottom N, inside is Secret #2, a Medipack, Flares and Arrows.

The Pit, Canopic Jar 1.

Back up to the entrance and outside, right around the corner of the building to a pit N where the 2 doors opened up. Inside you can drop to a block below, face E and run off onto the block in the corner. Hop back and drop to the block below and get down to the ground floor. Push the button on the block near the cage SW and see ledges come out. Climb back up the vegetation on the blocks on the S wall. Jump to the W and to the lower blue ledge, grab up to that pillar NE and go down behind it to get the Shotgun ammo NE. Back up and jump to that alcove W to use the reach-in switch. Gates open up halfway down the pit. Get down via the blocks and jump into the opening E. Run over the 3 Face tiles (First the ones left, then the one to the right) and then quickly into that passage W. Pick up the Medipack and jump out before the flames start again. Jump to that face tile on the deadly floor and jump to the last one N. Look E and shoot that vase in the niche, the cage lowers so you can get to the N end. Get the Flares NE and then go W into the passage. Hop up to the higher floor and shoot the 2 scorpions, two crocs and one ninja (who leaves the Shotgun behind). Look about the room for 2x Shotgun Ammo and get Canopic Jar #1.

Canopic Jar 2.

Climb up through the opening S from where you got the Jar and carefully jump up the ledges, standing safe on corners. Follow the passage and slide backwards down the slope, grab the edge and drop into the water. Climb out and go back up the blocks S, jump W and then to the blue ledge, hop onto the slanted ledge NE and drop to a ledge below. Jump and grab the crack W and shimmy left to the opening. Go to a large cave with a pool, step on the cat face and flames extinguish on the first 2 cages in the pool. Hop on those, then jump and grab the ledge N and get the Arrows there. On the upper level is also a broken trigger tile that will lower the cage E. Get the Shotgun ammo on the W end of this ledge and runjump from the E end to the blue floor. Step onto the second trigger tile to get rid of the flames on the last cages.

Climb the block NE and stand on the highest point, use only Ctrl to let Lara grab up and get into the passage onto the trigger tile, get back out and one more cage raised in the pool.

Jump on the nearest cage again and make your way to the one SE, jump to grab the crawlspace and get in for Secret #3, the Uzis and a small medipack, drop out, swim N to get more Shotgun ammo in the water near the first cage, you can climb back out E to the blue ledge near the first cage.

Now jump the cages to cross over to the other side (W) and get the small medipack left, go around into the passage SW and follow through to a room with Canopic Jar 2. Shoot the Ninja and go into the adjoining room S. Step on the trigger tile and go back to the hole in the floor in the room where the Jar was, follow through and you’re back in the pit. Go into the door N. Jump down W and jump to get to that broken trigger tile. You get a camera view of a cage. Shimmy left along the wall, pull up and run-jump to the brown rock between the sandy ones, then jump further until you reach the trigger tile in the far SE corner (beware of illegal slopes throughout this section). Dive into the pool and another trigger tile is placed under the ledge SW (ceiling). Climb out onto the sandy ledge with the trigger tile underneath. Go E, jump on a slope towards a climbable wall on one of the pillars in the central structure, climb on top and go to the trigger tile. The big pillar sinks into the water. Dive down W and climb up to where the cage lowered. Place the Jar and go around to the other side to do the same. You can now walk on the water, so go to the entrance N and climb up there. The level ends after a flyby.