BtB2009 – Mr XY.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Turn around and swim up, so you can get a lungful of air. The next part can be done but is quite hard. Face N and swim through the tunnel, swim through the small opening ahead and again N through a small opening. Right around the corner is a block and behind it are the Uzis. Quickly roll and swim back through the small gap, turn right and you could get the Uzi ammo shown in the flyby a bit farther on the left-hand block. Head W to a crossing, keep to the right and just around a pillar there is some Shotgun ammo, roll and swim S, keep right a bit to go over that block at the crossing and come to a cave with air and a kind of structure. Wade through but stay on the flooded steps to wait for a Croc, shoot it and proceed, swim under the floor and through the opening. Go left into the tunnel and left again to a cave with pillars.

Timed Jumps, the Blue Gem.

Climb out S and shoot the Crocs. N you can see the Gem, on this side is a trigger tile, stand behind the tile and save, you can go for a small medipack on one of the pillars first. Run and jump from the tile to the first pillar, a running jump left to the second pillar where the medipack was, curve right and jump onto the lower end of the slanted pillar. Jump and grab the next ledge, pull up and immediately a standjump forward to grab the ledge at the Blue Gem. Swim back S out to the tunnel and turn left, follow this tunnel and the current over a trapdoor and at the white pillars go straight into the opening W. Swim up and place the Blue Gem W. A trapdoor opens up and a gate behind you is also opened.

The Crowbar.

Go into that gate to get the Arrows and dive into the water, swim out and left and take a right, go get some air in the room where you got the Gem before, swim back out and left again to get to that trapdoor, straight down and turn right immediately around the pillar to get the Crowbar there. In the NE corner is Uzi ammo. Swim back up and head W, to the white pillars; swim through and immediately right and then left, towards that ladder (W). Climb up into a room with trapdoors on pillars.

Timed Trapdoors.

First we go up to the lower opening N, stand back against the W wall facing E and run jump over the first trigger tile to the third, turn sharp right and jump onto the trapdoor S behind the pillar, backflip and roll onto the higher one, run and jump to grab the one N, pull up and standjump into the opening N. Open the crowbar gate and go through, pick up the Flares and drop down into the room again. This is the way to the next series of jumps, it is the one you see in front and one left around the pillar, then jump to the one at the E wall with a grab, pull the pistols and shoot the barrier to get into the opening (Video) showing the first part of the run and this is to the only Secret, 3X Uzi ammo which you should go and get first if you want to try).

The Shotgun.

Crawl backwards turn around jump down, take a left and run to the edge of the floor, quickly get the Shotgun and backflip over the Skeletons, blast them into the water. From the crossing (save first) then take a side jump E over the spike trap to get the Medipack. Side jump back over the spikes and then head S, stand about 2 hops back from the spike-traps and start to run-jump in when they are about to go up, a running jump to get out. Run-jump to grab high up on the ladder and go up before the flames torch you. Climb all the way to the top and a flyby of this coastal area starts.

The Ruins.

Upon entering go left (NE) of the structure you came up through is a hole in the ground (left of the palm tree) and in the hole are Arrows. Go back to the beginning of this area face SW and get the Uzi ammo on a block, near an opening left with a closed gate.

Head NW and jump to where the skeleton lies. Shoot him into the pit and get the Shotgun ammo, another skeleton is on its way over so wait for it. Go out of the structure, down the slopes to the sea and shoot every Croc showing. From the large pillar standing near the jetty and almost straight E is a hole in the bottom with some Flares. Swim to the far SW corner and behind a block is a hole in the bottom. Dive down, follow W and climb out.

Danger Alley, Big Hall with Trapdoors.

Save at the slide, top up the health and slide far, jump and jump again to get to the pool as fast as possible, pumping small medipacks (according to the builder this can be done without catching fire; you have to slide down the most right hand side and jump to land on the far corner of the second fire ledge). Climb out, go around the room and get the Flares SW.  On the W side of the pool is a trigger tile, stand on it and see the flames in the Danger Alley turn off. Run there to get the Shotgun ammo, backflip away or jump forward onto the slanted passage slide and backflip over the flames.

In the niche S is a small medipack, get it quickly and backflip before the spikes go up. Do the same for the Uzi ammo N after you shot the skeleton into the pool.

Switching Trapdoors, for the Handle and Lasersight.

Go to the pillar SE and climb the S side, backflip to the ledge and face the switching trapdoors. Stand close to the right hand wall so when you jump to the trapdoor you land close to the second trapdoor, a slight right curve in the end of the jump will allow you to immediately hop to the second trapdoor, do a slight left curve in the end of the jump so you can hop to the third and a running jump into the alcove ahead. The jumps have to be almost in a straight line (Video). Pick up the Lasersight and Handle.

Target Shoot for the Golden Star. (Using the Uzis for some targets could make the task easier)

S - Dive into the pool and go down into the S tunnel, swim through to a room with slanted pillars. Stand at the corner of the NE pillar; face S and turn slightly left. Save and jump onto the corner of the low block, jump from the slanted pillars to end up on the SE pillar, facing the ladder, grab it. Go right around corners and drop onto the slanted surface, grab the edge. Hang left and pull up, wait a millisecond before you backflip roll grab the crack (you cannot see) in the pillar behind you, and shimmy to the ledge. Shoot the target E from there. But you can also shoot the target with the shotgun from standing on the mound SW, use the look key to aim.

Get to the floor and in the water to swim back to the pool.

N - Swim in N and go back as soon as you see the Croc to take care of it in the pool. Back in and left, up into a mirror room (the tunnel to the right is back to the sea). Look for the Uzi ammo N and jump onto the block to shoot the target N. Go back out to the pool and get some air before you dive in W.

W - Save down below and time the spikes to get through. Go up and I advise you to save again, pull up and backflip to land on a spike trap, hop back and grab the ladder. Get down a bit before the spikes come up. Save again at every step from now on. Backflip and roll onto the slanted ledge, slide a bit and backflip to the spikes, jump forward to the timed trapdoor, you have to repeat this till the trapdoor stays up long enough to jump forward from the trapdoor and grab the ledge in front. Pull up and backflip roll to grab the ladder behind, go up a bit and hang left so you can spot the target. Now backflip and draw pistols ( or Uzis), jump from the slanted ledge and shoot the target. You will land in the water below, hopefully not spiked (Video). A gate opened up, so swim back to the pool and up, climb out and enter that gate W, pry the Golden Star from the wall.

The Head and the Crossbow.

Go into the pool, swim in N and take a right, follow through and up and get out. Drop down at the end; go into the water E and swim E and up to the sea. Head NE and find the jetty where you can climb out just behind that large pillar structure. Go up to the structure NW where you picked up the Uzi ammo before, Place the Star near the palm tree and climb the mound left of the receptacle, jump over to the block N and go up to the roof. From the SE corner a jump to the ledge at the rope and get on the rope. Swing over to the structure E and get the Crossbow, on the other corner is the Head. Drop down and go W to the entrance; combine Head and Handle to use the Statue for opening the gate. Go in and shoot the lock from the trapdoor with the Crossbow. Go up and slide down to a hall with shallow water and some Crocs.

The Torch.

Walk in between the pillars on the W wall and grab up to the lower one, pull up and backflip. Turn around and jump to grab the slanted pillar S, backflip and roll to grab the ladder. Climb right around one corner, go up 2 steps from the bottom and backflip roll to grab the ladder behind, go around 2 corners and backflip onto a slanted pillar, slide and jump to grab to the ledge with the Torches. I threw them all down into the shallow water. Take one, go N and left, hop onto the block W to hop over the broken wall. Outside are some Arrows in the NE corner. Ignite the Torch carefully and jump over the blocks onto the wall. The camera changes, but you can just see a ledge, hop onto the ledge with a standjump. There are 2 fire baskets you have to ignite, do the one on this ledge. Stand facing that trapdoor with the basket to your right and hop back. Runjump to the trapdoor when you expect it to be up on landing there, roll and run with a right hand curve to jump to the second basket. Ignite that too and the gates N will open up. Drop the Torch. Run down NW from the ledge to land on the fallen pillar and head to the gates.

Doomsday Room.

Pick up Shotgun ammo, a Shotgun, a small medipack and the Ancient Artefact from the trapdoor as last as it will open up dropping you into the room below. After a flyby all the Skeletons will come alive. You cannot run anywhere so you have to take care of them from where you are (try to hit them while they are jumping towards the ledge).

On this ledge is never ending Shotgun ammo (replaces itself whenever you run out).

Here’s the drill, inside every room N,S,W,E is a target and after shooting it Skeletons will come for you. Take care of them, do not forget to save in between and shoot the next target. Better start shimmying to the SE corner at that skeleton and look SW where you can see a 5th target. Shoot it and jump forwards over the skeleton with a roll to shoot it off the ledge. Now go shoot the other 4 targets in the rooms and take care of the 3 skeletons each. (Tip: check the ammo before you shoot another target, maybe better empty the shotgun if you have little left and pick up the new 6 pack)

After this ordeal a trapdoor will have raised under the gate below E, jump down and open the gate with the crowbar. Follow through and the level ends.