That One Door.

BtB2009 – Dutchy.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara slides into a room, shoot the box and get the Shotgun Ammo. Proceed into the passage E and go to a sarcophagus N. To the right is “that door….” It still won’t open.

The Crowbar, a Shotgun.

Open the sarcophagus to get the Explosive Arrows, a screenshot shows the room you came from, so go back and the bird blades start clanking as

you approach. Get through and go into a passage NW, shown by the screenshot before. Get the Flares and find a lowered block at the end. Climb down into the room below and shoot the boxes to get a Shotgun. Look for the all important Crowbar under the plant S and climb back out of this dark room, go back to where the bird blades are and find a swarm of Beetles on your path. There’s a water hole near the bird blades, so get in there to lure the Beetles in and while in there you can pick up a small medipack.

Climb out and go to the door next to the sarcophagus, pry it open with the crowbar and follow through. In the passage ahead are 2 closed doors, so take the passage E, pick up Flares from under the plant and look for a jump lever on the ceiling in the NE end to open a door SE. Go in there and pull the chain, turn around and find blocks lowered in the N ends of these passages. Go there and down into the lower room where you’ll find Spike traps and a receptacle for a scroll. Nothing to do here yet, so head up the ramp N and a flyby will show you the Main Hall and surroundings.

The Main Hall.

A Skeleton showed up, you can get rid of it by shooting it into a hole NW. Go SE a bit and open the sarcophagus next to the wall to get another Shotgun and the Shotgun Ammo. Find the opening on the W side of this structure the sarcophagus is standing against and run down onto the sloped surface, grab and let go to end up in a flooded cave. In the cave is a door N, when you approach it you’ll get a screenshot of a jump lever. Find the tunnel NE and swim through to a large room.

Jump Room

Climb out at the ledge S and go up the ladder, climb left and drop onto the ledge. A flyby will start, then go to the E end of the ledge, jump onto that thick striped pillar and shimmy left around the corner to the left end of that side, pull up and backflip with a roll to grab the ledge behind. A Harpy was activated in the other end of the room, it is a bit reluctant to come to you, maybe you can shoot it from here, or wait till later.

A Secret.

Look for that jump lever on the N wall and use it. Now the door opened in that flooded cave, so dive back down and swim back to that cave to get Secret #1, a small medipack.

A Cleo Gem.

Get back to the Jump room, up the ladder and jump over to the N side again, now go to the NW corner, grab up to a crack in the pillar there and shimmy left around to a pedestal with a Cleo Gem. Picking up that Gem will cause a block to lower in the far NE corner. Go back around the block and grab up to the slanted block on the E end of this ledge, hang right and pull up over the top. Slide far and jump with a right curve to grab the lower ledge ahead. From there to the tip of a slanted block SE and jump with a right hand curve to land on a ledge along the S wall. Head E, jump and grab the crack in the pillar E and shimmy 2 corners around left.

Ropes, The Mechanical Scarab and Black Beetle #1.

Climb down a bit before you backflip, so you won’t land in the burner. Jump to the ledge NE and find the reach-in switch to lower a block in the passage S, behind the burner. Jump back and walk onto a corner of the burner tile, then a standjump forward and up into the opening S. Go through, climb the block and look for the rope. Jump and grab it, turn a bit to that block on the Spike bridge. Don’t go down on the rope so you won’t jump too far and miss the block. Now line up for the second rope and jump to grab it, swing to the ledge NW and go in carefully as a skeleton awakes. Wait for him, get past and roll to shoot him down into the pit. Follow the passage to where a camera shows the Mechanical Scarab on a pedestal. Get that and don’t forget to pry the first Black Beetle from the S wall. Go onto the balcony and safety drop down into the Main Hall. 

Now there are 2 routes you can take, it’s up to you which one you take first:

Route 1: The Hathor Effigy, Black Beetle #2, a Cleo Gem.

Go S and left up the stairs to a room with a fountain. On the E wall you can use the Cleo Gem to open the door. Go in and head up the dark staircase to a room where you’ll find a passage E, follow through to come to a courtyard where a Demigod will attack, get the small medipack he will leave behind. Then pick up the Hathor Effigy from the pedestal S and some Shotgun ammo SW. Proceed through a passage NW, careful, there are quite deadly darts shooting from the walls. Better crawl underneath and follow the passage to a complex of passages around a central courtyard. Through the windows you can see the Ornate Handle, go around to the W side and into the next room.

The Secret Scroll.

Stand facing N in the NW corner and back up against the slanted block. Jump up forward onto the block N and keep jumping till you are on the ledge. Look E and spot the ledge where you have to jump to with a sharp left curved jump. Light a flare to spot the reach-in hole and get the Secret Scroll from inside. Jump over to a ledge SW and crawl through the opening to drop into a room looking out to the Main Hall. In the NW corner you can find the second Black Beetle and the fire on the pedestal will stop so you can get another Cleo Gem. Go to the S end and safety drop down into the Main Hall.

Route 2:  Black Beetle #3, the Ornate Handle, a Cleo Gem.

Go into the opening N (near where you land) and open the doors with the Cleo Gem. Go through and jump over the Spike pit. Get the Flares and Shotgun Ammo from the block NE and then enter the tunnel N. The passage left will be an exit later, so just go straight and jump another Spike pit in the next room. Go to the sarcophagus NW and get the small medipack. Look for the opening in the floor NE and hop in. A flyby shows you the oily pool in the next room will turn deadly. You’ll have to get into that opening up in the E wall. The ledge in the pool is too low, so step on the tile SW, facing that now raised block and save, run to the edge of the floor and jump to the raised block, immediately run through and jump into the opening ahead.

A skeleton jumps out of the passage, so quickly get out the Shotgun and deal with him. Get a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo around the corner and then jump out to grab the block S, then to the next and grab up into the opening S. Jump SW and then over to the E ledge, get the Cleo Gem and a Medipack. Jump SW again and pry the third Black Beetle from the wall. Now jump SE and then over to the W, into the opening and swim through to a pool in a courtyard. Climb out and climb onto the ledge next to the pool to get the Ornate Handle you saw before. A door will open up N, go in and follow through to a mysterious room. Go to the Shotgun Ammo in the other end and save before you pick it up.

The room changes and a Lara double appears on the other side, heavily attacked by 2 Harpies. Better get there quick and be sure you do not shoot the Lara double

After the battle you can go to the opening SW and slide backwards down to safety drop into the dark end of the tunnels. Open the sarcophagus to get Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack and head SE, turn right at the crossing as you have to get back to the Main Hall. Two skeletons appear at the crossing, you can take care of them at the Spike pit.

The Winding Key.

Go to the NE corner of the Main hall and combine the Handle and Effigy to get the Key Guardian and place it on the stand near the door. The door opens, go in and take the Winding Key from the room. Back to the Main Hall and down the ramps SW where you came from in the beginning.

A Secret.

Place the Secret Scroll on the receptacle on the column and see a door open up. Go S and climb up the right hand ladder, straight past the door on the right and into the next opening right. Pull the chain there and another door opens. Go out and left, then left into the room where you can get Secret #2, a Medipack.

Go back down the ladder N and to the higher floor W, combine the Mechanical Scarab with the Winding Key and place the Clockwork Beetle on the Beetle tile, it will run the Spike traps, activating them so they turn harmless.

More Secrets.

Not only the Spikes in front of you are gone, also a set behind you, on the other side of this room in front of the crawlspace, go there and get Secret #3, a Medipack. Go back and into the passage after your Beetle and pick it up, then climb up NW, the doors will open for you. Go in and fight the Demigod. Then go to the SW corner, find the block you can climb S and get into the room behind it, light a flare to spot the receptacle and place the Cleo Gem you still have. A block will lower next to you. Get Secret #4, Shotgun Ammo there. Climb back out and deal with the Harpy. Then go to the N end of this place through one of the openings NE or NW. You have to take care of the 2 skeletons appearing, take them to the room in the middle, the one with the pool and shoot them off the wooden walkway. Head back into the N side room. There’s a small channel with a small medipack in it, you can only take it now, later the water will be on fire. So get Secret #5, the small medipack.

Black Beetle #4.

Go back to the S side room and go to the Beetle tile in the middle of the N wall. Place the Clockwork Beetle on that tile and watch what happens. A whole row of Spikes on a bridge turn harmless, but when the beetle stops a flame will set the oily water on fire. Go through one of the openings, NE or NW and in the next room you can see that bridge with on it the Black Beetle. Jump to the ledge in the deadly pool and then to the bridge to get the fourth Black Beetle. The other one is a Useless Beetle. Go back and head into the N side room, go get your Clockwork Beetle as you’ll need it one more time later.

Head up one of the ramps N and follow that passage to the top, climb up S there and you’ll get a warning in case you forgot to take the Beetle. Stand on the block and face S, backflip onto a slanted ledge and keep jumping till you can grab the last, flat ledge. Shoot the box and get additional Shotgun Ammo. Turn around and jump into the passage S, slide down and end up in a room with ledges on columns. 2 skeletons awake on these ledges, shoot them down while jumping to the other side.

The Palace Pillar.

Get into the passage and follow to where you can use the Clockwork Beetle a last time. (In case you got here without the Beetle, you can return to where you left it by backtracking as the sloped passage collapsed and is now climbable)

No need to pick the Beetle up again as it can only be used 3 times. Go into the next room and drop down to where the Pyramid is, place the 4 Beetles and the Pyramid opens up, step in and the cover lifts to reveal the Palace Pillar. Take it and head down the steps E, back in the Main Hall you can now go SE and up the steps to the right, in the Throne room are doors you can open with the Pillar.

Go in and shoot the box to get the Crossbow and Explosive Arrows. Head further up the sloped passage and have some fun with the skeletons, then head to the sarcophagus N for some Flares. Go S and into a hall. Walk to the edge of the pit and turn around, drop and grab the edge to shimmy to the ladder. Go down and drop and grab to get into the opening. Follow through and turn around in the higher room. Jump up to use the jump lever and climb the wall N. Go to the opened door N and you’ll get a screen of the pillar in the pit. Step on the trigger tile behind it and turn around. Run out, turn right and jump onto the raised block on the pillar in the pit. A running jump will get you to the jump lever on the W wall. Slide and backflip to the pillar. Go over to the opened doors S and go up the sloped passage where the level ends….