The Killing Zone.  

BtB2009 – Marksdad.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Watch the flyby where Lara gets out of the chopper just in time. Then face S and jump backwards and grab, let go slide and grab again. Let go, then grab the crack and shimmy to the right around the corner. Let go and grab, pull up and back flip roll grabbing a pillar behind you, pull up and you are safe for the time being. Shoot a bat, face N and drop backwards and let Lara slide in the dark repeatedly grabbing ledges and she ends up in a small pool of water.
Climb out and go right (N), right around corners and climb the block you’ll get to, next to the block in the hole are Flares. Go N again and right around corners, make you way to the S wall and get the Shotgun ammo in the SE corner.

Make your way up onto the blocks in that corner and find the jump lever on the N wall there (opens a door in a far away canyon). Drop backwards to the ground floor and head in a NW direction, as in the far NW corner is a crawlspace up in the wall. Get in and crawl through. At the end climb up and slide down in a canyon. Go N shooting more bats, walk into the passage and a bit of crawling and go to the next room.

 “L” Puzzle.

Jump down and collect 2 small medipacks in the next two rooms. Then have a look in room 1 and on top of the 2 blocks are “L” tiles. They point in the same direction. There are 3 more of the same tiles. Start in the second room, left around the corner as you come in. Save there and hop onto the tile NE (do not touch the grey floor or any of the other L tiles) then hop to the one in the entrance to room 1 and do a right curved running jump over this one to jump up to the first block. Then hop to the second block and the door will open up.

Timed jumps, the Crowbar.

Jump E into the open door, follow though and the end go left and into the opening N. Hop back shooting the guard so you will take him out before he opens fire on you). Then go down those steps N to the next room. Go over to the other side, jump down one floor and pick up the medipack. Get down to the ground floor and stand on the “L” trigger tile on the box at the S wall (SE). The door way up NE opens up and it is timed. But there are also some guards, you better take them out first before doing the timed run. So jump on the tile and run/jump to the block NW immediately to the block left and slide jump up the higher one and maybe even jump one higher and shoot the guards. Then go down again and this time save on the tile for the timed run.

Take the same way to the top, and while on the highest block turn W and grab the ledge and run over the ledge around the corner, jump the gap and into the open door. At the end, behind a glass wall is the Crowbar. Go back to the room with the ledges, leave through the opening S and go left in the main room, climb up and jump down on the other side for some Shotgun ammo, then climb up again and open the door (N) on top with the Crowbar.

Timed jumps, the Shotgun.

In the next room, first use the jump lever in the NW corner then save standing behind the tile with the letter “L” at the E wall.
Run over the tile to the one in the SW corner, roll before you hit the tile and run back to the block that appeared, then a running jump with grab to the pillar on the right and from there jump to the tallest one and then to the open door way up E.

Follow through to another small room, climb the block and face N and climb up. Shoot two guards and pick up the Shotgun in the middle of the glass floor.
Climb the iron box N and jump/grab to the edge of the rocks on the right and shimmy to the right. Near the corner hoist up, jump down into the hole and use the lever there. Jump up and go back through the corridor. Jump over the marked tile on the floor so the block will raise again and from there to the floor below and leave W.

Jump down and past the electric lights W to a door up in the S wall which has opened. Climb in, up the stairs and drop down in the next room with the see-through pillars to collect a small medipack and Shotgun ammo (E wall).
Climb the ladder (S) to get out, turn around and jump on all 4 see-through pillars, this opens the door S.
Go there and you arrive in a glass maze.

Timed Run through the Maze, the Sight.

Go left, round a corner and keep left and end up in a glass room with a marked tile. This opens a door way S, and it is timed, but leave it for now, first go there by way of going back around this glass room, go left and right and first go shoot the guards that are released. One of the guards carried a Sight, so pick it up. Continue W, around the corner and a bit further is the door. Now back to the trigger tile and save. Hop back on the tile and sprint to the door before it closes.

Throw the lever in that room to open a door where we go now. Climb on top of the blocks and jump into the upper passage E.

The Sentry Guns.  

Drop down at the end and get the Shotgun ammo W. Turn around and now go E, but don't enter that next room yet. Save as the next room has a sentry gun as well as a guard. Shoot the Guard and stand against the right hand wall as you slowly take steps forward, to the left you should be able to take out the sentry gun. If not, maybe crawl left next to that ledge with the small medipack and go to the block at the end, pull up on the block so the gun will "see" you and quickly hop back, now crawl all the way to the far S wall and facing the gun sidestep till you can shoot it in that gas tank. Now collect the small medipack and Secret #1, Revolver ammo behind the ledge N. Go back to the N and use the jump lever to open a trapdoor in the floor.
Save facing N and shoot the guard shooting at you, then run into that open trapdoor and immediately jump up to grab the monkey climb there.
You might be stuck here, the only thing that can help is to keep Ctrl pressed and let Lara face a wall and then use the Shift and left or right arrow key to get her to go down this monkey climb.

Shoot the remaining guards and look for the Revolver in the crawlspace SE. Climb the ladder and climb off left or right. Jump to the other side and follow through. Go up some steps and use the floor lever behind the block. Go back the way you came, down the ladder and through the newly opened door up a staircase to the main room.
Go left and around the corner up into an opening S. Climb up at the end, jump through the see-through pillars to the other side, into the open door. Go left and right back to the green room with the timed door and up the block into that passage. Down at the end and back to the room where the sentry gun was.

Use the lever in the red room (watch the fly by). Go back and enter the door on the right, save and use the Revolver or pistols to shoot the blue ball. Go out and enter the opening SE. Jump down as there is nothing to find in this blown up room and go NW to get the bike.
Go forwards into that passage and up and make some speed to jump a gap, killing a whole army of guards that pop up out of thin air and the level ends.