The Mystery of Marsa Matruh.

BtB2009 – Die Basis.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Pick up the Flares to the right and follow the street to the stairs. Jump from those stairs onto that arch in front and pick up a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Jump back and head down to the Main crossing.

The Crowbar, the Star Key.

Head S then right and all the way to the end to get some Flares there, turn back and take the first right (E), right again and to the S end to get the Shotgun ammo there on the right (behind that palm tree). Go to the big arches E and spot the Star on the N wall under the arches. Go up the stairs and at the second palm tree on your left jump up to grab that ledge at the N wall. From there jump over to the W, walk S and jump SE to the ledge with the Crowbar. Go back down to the street and pry that Star Key from the wall under the arches. Now head E up the Boulder stairs and straight is a gate that needs a Gem. Go S to a square with gates, in the NE corner is Shotgun ammo, SW a small medipack. Open the gate with the Star.

Aqua Palace.

The Gem is placed in a water column, go to the pool on the right (W) and get the Shotgun, in the pool E is Shotgun ammo and SE is a small medipack. Go through to the room S and shoot the skeletons into the pool there. Jump in and swim through the narrow tunnel E and climb up S, get a Medipack SW and Flares NW, then climb the ladder to the roofs.

Turn around and go E behind the wooden fences and climb up to the ledge there; shoot the lock with pistols and drop back down. A trapdoor raised NE near the wooden structure, jump up and get the Star Key. Drop down and go to the receptacle on the E wall, the gate opens, so enter. When you walk over the trigger tile a Coin will drop from the head around the corner. 

The Blue Stone.

Go back out and to the NW to use the Coin on the little pole. Enter the gate and go all the way to the end of the passage. A flyby will start as soon as you step on the trigger tile. Doesn’t seem timed, so run back and go right at the newly opened gate, run almost straight to the wooden structure and from the elevated floor you can jump and grab up, dive into the water column and retrieve the Blue Stone. Go back up and drop from the structure, shoot a barrier NE and drop down into the pool below.

Go out off the Palace and head to the N, right at the first crossing and use the Blue Stone to open the gate under the low wall E. Crawl in backwards to pick up the Stick Key. Go out and W down the Boulder stairs, head NW to get back to the main crossing (the start where you came down the stairs), take a right (E), follow through and find the receptacle for that Stick Key in an alcove on your left.

Go down the picturesque street and to a Square, go around to pick up a small medipack and Flares. There’s a ladder SE you cannot use yet. Open all 4 single gates with the crowbar and stepping on the trigger tiles will open both double gates.

No particular order:

E - Stand in the middle of the left hand opening and slide down, jump forward before you reach the end of the slope and run, roll to land onto the Face Key Piece I, pick it up and immediately jump back to the slope which has ledges now so you can jump back up to the square.

W – Again the left side, slide down and run left into an alcove, grab Face Key Piece II and get back to the slopes before the flame hits the water.

A Torch, the Entrance Key.

Combine the 2 parts and use the Face Key at the ladder SE. Climb up and left onto the balcony. Go N and into the second opening left between the pillars to get Secret #1, a Black Beetle, go to the N end to jump twice over to the W side, go S and jump E. Follow into the next room and go up the ladder W, go left and throw a Torch down to the floor below, Get down there yourself and pick up the Torch. Jump down into the water

Head back S up the stairs and right to the Main crossing. Go SE and up the Boulder stairs, take a right to the Aqua Palace where you can light the Torch. Go back to the Boulder stairs and burn the rope supporting the Boulder. The boulder will crash into the gate holding the Key, so go down and straight to the Entrance Key in the niche. Throw the Torch away.

Museum of Egypt.

Back on the Main crossing you can now open the gate E. Go in and up the steps NW, shoot the lock to open a gate. That gate is in the street where the level started, so go out of the Museum and straight W up the stairs, to the right is the opened gate. Get the Stick Key from inside and return to the Museum. Go down between the 2 stairs W and place the Key to open a gate behind you. Go into the basements and get the Flares just behind that blue crate, climb the crate, shoot the barrier in the crawlspace E. Then jump up to grab up to the monkey bars and go to the crawlspace, drop and grab in and follow into the room behind the glass. Shoot the skeletons into the pit and get Face Key Piece I, climb down the ladder in the hole to get Secret #2, another Black Beetle. Climb back up and get back to the other side of the glass.

Target Shoot, Face Key Piece II.

Head SW and save when you are in the entrance to the room with the targets, some (3) are red as you can see in the mirror. Those are the ones to be shot and I used the Shotgun as you can aim with it holding the look key (helps getting out of the gate cam too) and don’t shoot a wrong one! The gate opens, go back up and shoot the lock in the room to open a trapdoor above, climb up and run past the Wild Boars or shoot them. Go up W and shoot the Crocs to get Face Key Piece II from the pool. Make your way back to the ground floor of the Museum and place the Face Key NE to produce a Coin on the ledge to the right.

Star Key.

Back down the basement and SE to use the Coin, climb the rope and backflip to the floor above, you’re now behind the glass. Go W and get the Star Key, head back a bit and go through the gate N, up the left hand stairs W and open a trapdoor by placing the Star Key.

The Roof, the Blue Stone.

Climb up to the roof and go to the far SE corner, hop onto that white arch and then onto the roof to the right for a Medipack. Through the opening you can see a Gem. Go back to the roof of the Museum and onto that pillar NW. A camera shot of a crack, face W and jump to grab the crack under the windows W, go right to the crawlspace and onto the trigger tile inside, see spikes go up. Drop to the street below and get back up on the roof (shortcut, from the stairs W a jump onto the arch over the stairs and from the S ledge jump E to the Museum wall (lower part). Go to the SW corner and jump to the ledge where the spikes were before. Jump straight to the roof S with a right hand curve in the end so you can grab the edge. Shimmy left and backflip roll to the roof behind, pull up and go through the passage. Look S jump to shimmy along the roof to the ledge in the corner and get Secret #3, a Black Beetle.

Shimmy back and jump to the second roof N, shimmy to the end and backflip to the ledge where the Blue Stone is. Drop down and head back to the Museum to use the stone under the gate E. Hop into the opening and follow through, into the crawlspace onto a trapdoor and drop into the water below, swim through and come to a nice beach cave. Run to the Crossbow behind the palm tree N. Then go for the Explosive arrows at the tree SE, arm yourself and shoot the Skeletons and the Crocs. The Skeletons will leave behind a Blue Stone and a Torch. Place the Stone N to open the gate. Now pick up a Torch, light it and go back down. Burn the rope so the boulder will drop and get the Trident from the basket.