Skribblerz Stonez 3.

 Tempest Keep part 1.  Further over the rainbow.
 Catacombs Reloaded.  Return to the Loch.
 Kronicles of Kage 2.  


Tempest Keep.

Level by Wasp.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Not all enemies are mentioned.

Lara jumps out of the chopper, follow the canyon to a deep pit and look down below for some deep water to jump down in. Swim to the far NE corner and pull up on the E side, go left into the small cave to get the Flares there. Go out and S along this bank and jump over the slanted part, a bit further is some Shotgun ammo. Dive in S and swim left to get some Uzi ammo from the channel there. Swim W and left around that little island to pick up the Shotgun ammo from the bottom just after the island. Surface and go to the opening in the building W, up the steps and shoot that vase there to get a Medipack.

Timed Burning Pillars.

Save at the lever next to the opening N and pull, turn right and run out of the opening, jump to the first pillar and a running jump to the next, again a running jump and grab the higher pillar, pull up and runjump to grab the monkeyswing above. Go forward and end up along the right hand side at that far away pillar. Drop and runjump left onto that terrace with the vases. Shoot them and get a small medipack and Uzi ammo. Throw the lever W to raise a block you’ll need later (it also creates a shortcut back up in case you fall somewhere). Head into the passage N, in the passage to the left is a vase, shoot it to reveal a statue to get rid of wraiths (remember). Go onwards and find Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun on the ledge near a pit. Jump the pillars to the other side shooting the Skeletons down the pit. Follow the passage into a large hall and from the N end you can jump to the ledge on the pillar E, shoot another Skeleton there and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Jump over to the ledge E and go S into the passage, carefully though. Push the block in that passage as far as it goes and throw the lever to the right. A block rises in the floor behind the push block.

Now you could get a Secret but it takes some more pushing, push the block over the raised block and throw the lever again, go into the pit and get Secret #1, a Medipack. Throw the lever again, put the block on the raising block and lower it with the lever. Now you can hop over the lowered push block and go to the end of the passage. Look out left and spot the ledge you have to jump to, there are spikes. Time them and jump out left with a banana jump, immediately jump forwards to the next ledge.

Timed Trapdoors, to the Totem of the Tempest.

Then jump to the ledge E and save at the lever. Throw it and turn left, hop back and grab the edge of the ledge to shimmy to the right as fast as you can and just when you reach the last trapdoor, pull up and immediately backflip. From this ledge a jump to grab the ladder S and go left around the corner, go up two steps from the point where Lara get her feet up and backflip with a roll to grab the ladder behind you. Go right around the corner and backflip a roll to grab the ladder behind you. Climb right around two corners and backflip onto a ledge. Walk to the S end and jump left to grab the crack there, shimmy right to where you can pull up, but if you want another pickup, just drop to the ground below and get the small medipack. Climb back up in the corner and face W, jump to the ledge there. Now jump around the corner to the next ledges W and from the higher one a jump to grab the swing pole, swing to the next and release. At the last moment you can grab the ledge with the Medipack. Run off the W side with a left turn and grab the edge of the slanted block so you can safety drop onto the island below.

Grab the Totem of the Tempest and run NW, dive into the water and swim to that corner where you raised the block before (keep an eye on the health bar). Climb up and run into the passage N, left and lead the wraiths to their demise. Go to the pit N and jump the pillars again to get to that big hall, this time slide down to the ground floor and go to the receptacle N. Place the Totem there and see big gates open up. Turn around and go jump to that scroll on the pedestal in the middle of the room, examine it:

“One shall not pass through the Gate of Storms and Flames without the Stone. And when time comes, one will face the Mighty Protector to prove his worth…”

Go out S and dive straight into the pool, turn around and swim N through the open gates, stay up high to avoid the death traps and in the cave at the end is an underwater lever left around the corner to open the underwater gate N. Swim through and go to the central lower parts of the bottom to get Revolver ammo NE and a small medipack SW, then climb up into an opening W. Jump right around the corner to a small ledge and runjump to the next after timing the moving pillar. Next jump is straight W and then jump over to the other side of the room. Last to the corner ledge SW and face N to standjump and grab the ladder in the hole up. Climb to the passage above and follow through, get the Shotgun ammo and in the next room are some Skeletons you can blast down the holes in the floor.

The Orb of Storms.

Move the globe to the central grated tile and blocks lower E. Go through to the next room, jump over the gap and take care of the Skeleton, get some Shotgun ammo E and lower yourself to the floor below. Go pull the lever in the window W and watch the flyby, return to the E side of the room, turn around and grab the ladder to climb back up. Shoot the Skeleton and go to the room with the globe, the globe changed into the Orb of Storms. Go into the passage N and place the Orb there, a block will lower above the receptacle, climb up and arrive in the next cave.

In front and to the right are Flares on the bottom, swim into a small cave NW, climb up on the sandy ledge above that cave entrance and jump up N to get the Uzi ammo behind the plant. Dive back in and swim into the cave N for a and get a small medipack. Swim back out and go right to a small underwater gate (closed). Swim past it and climb up to the E bank, Lara will look at a slanted brick wall there. Go to the E and left of that wall, face S and backflip onto a slanted rock, then jump and grab the top of the wall. Face S again standing left against the rocks and grab up, pull up and backflip to a ledge. Jump NW to the slanted rocks and shimmy left to a flat part, jump up to the ledge NE if you want the Uzi ammo there. Then go down to the lower ledge again and standjump to the swing pole W, swing and release Ctrl to get to that rock W, grab it when you slide off and go left around the corner to drop onto the small ledge below and use the jump lever there, raising a block above.

Climb up W and jump onto the arch SW, onwards to a ledge SW and climb up to the right, from there a standjump NE and grab the edge of the rocks as you slide off. Go shimmy right around the corner and pull up on the dark ledge, climb up N again and get the Uzi ammo on the lower S end of the ledge. Walk back and to the E end of the ledge, turn around and slide/drop down onto the raised block. Runjump and grab a ledge E, go get the Uzis from the small balcony and wait for the Harpy to shoot it before going on. Jump E and then up to a ladder S. Pull up onto the ledge above and immediately take a step forward. Get the small medipack and jump S over the slanted rock with a left curve, grab the edge and shimmy right to the corner. Jump up E and then jump with a grab over the rock E and slide down to a ledge below. Jump and grab S to the ledge and then to a grey rock S again. Shimmy right to the flat part and standjump into the triangular opening W, go in to get Secret #2, the Revolver. Jump back the way you came and one on the dark ledge N, face W and grab up to the rock, shimmy left around and pull up on the ledge. Face W and stand on the left side of the ledge, now backflip over the slanted rock onto another slanted rock and jump again to grab a block up W. Turn around and grab up to the ledge above, jump SE into a small tunnel and take care of the Skeleton. Jump S and mind the low ceiling, grab the rock S and shimmy left to the corner where you can pull up. Jump up S and go right. Jump onto the block left and from there to the top of the roof.

There’s a Grated Ball, push it over the edge and it will open that underwater gate. Runjump N and take a swan dive down into the lake.

Big Hall of Storms.

Swim straight N and end up in a huge room. Climb out on the ledge SE and shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo, go over to the ledge SW and get the Uzi ammo, in the E wall is an opening and that is that Gate of Storms and Flames from the Scroll. It is not possible to pass through yet.

The Orb of Storms.

Go to the ledge in the middle of the room and take the Orb of Storms, a couple of Harpies appear, deal with them and go to the ledge with the blocks NE. Climb the ladder and from the top bar a backflip with roll to grab a jump lever, raising a block on the NE ledge. Go back to the ledge and onto the dark block on the NE corner, from there up onto the raised block and jump up NE onto the balcony. Get the additional Shotgun and ammo and head W, jumping the ledges and shooting down Skeletons. Follow around, get more Shotgun ammo and keep going around till you come to a block on a ledge E. From the block a jump up to the ledge W and go N, jump over a railing onto a small balcony and from there to two levers on the ledge NE. The levers will extinguish the flames on the ledges W and raise a platform, timed though

Timed Flames.

Save in front of the lever in the alcove and pull, side jump left and pull the second lever, hop back turning left and run right around the block to jump to the extinguished flame ledge, a running jump grabbing to the platform and pull up to jump to the ledge ahead. Follow the ledges to jump to a cracked pillar SW, shimmy left around the corner to the ledge and jump E to grab the ladder to the level above. Standjump to the swing pole and swing the poles to the ledge E, jump N and place the Orb of Storms there to raise some platforms NE. For the next Secret go N and jump to the platform, then into the corner between the slanted pillars NE, light a flare and get Secret #3, Revolver ammo and a Medipack.

The Orb of Flames.

Jump back to the platform and get back to the ledge SE, look NW and jump to the ledge under the arch, spikes will start to pop up on a dark ledge. Time the spikes and jump there, a running jump to the ledge W. Around the corner more jumps and finally jump inside the central structure, get the Orb of Flames. Immediately one hop back and wait, then go out and jump to the ledge NE, shoot the Harpy. Jump onto the slanted block SE, slide and jump with a grab (low ceiling), jump the next ledges and slide far on the last one to jump and grab the ledge ahead. Go around the E side to the platforms NE and jump W from there.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Place the Orb of Flames and climb the block going up to the left. Go up to the top of the structure and get the Skribblerz Stone. During the flyby a bunch of wraiths are released, just go look for a nice place to jump down into the water below and swim up E after the wraiths are gone.

The Mighty Protector.

Save before stepping through the Gate of Storms and Flames and in the next room you will meet the Protector, in the 4 corners of the room are safe havens and there are pickups too (Uzi ammo SW, a Revolver with ammo SE, 2 Medipacks NE, Shotgun ammo NW). Most of this ammo will reappear when you run out. Best is to use heavy weapons.

You have to shoot the Protector to obtain his Key. This is quite hard, but just keep shooting him with Shotgun and Revolver till he explodes. Grab the Protector’s Key and use it E, go through the lowered block on the right and the chopper will come to pick you up.


Catacombs Reloaded.

Level by Jonson

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara slides into a catacomb, the room has a gate and a door to be opened later. Head E down the passage to the next room. To the left are some Flares, in the N side of the room, in the S wall is a crawlspace, get in and use the lever to raise a block. Go SE and gat a small medipack, in a passage S is Shotgun ammo. Then look for the raised block near the vase W and climb up N to the ledge in the structure. From there a jump into an opening NE and follow through, hop over the gap to the ledge under the monkey bars W and grab up. Follow them around to a crawlspace left, drop and grab to get in there. Go through to a room with a lever, throw it to open the gate in the first room. Get out S and go W up the steps. Into the gate N and go right, shoot the crocs coming out of the room with the pool.

Go into the passage E and take a left, up the blocks and stand on the highest part of the opening to the room below. Jump to the ledge with the lever and throw it, a block goes down S. Slide down from the ledge and enter E again, this time take a right and go to where the block is lowered. Jump left around the corner to the grid and follow the passage in, run through to a terrace where you can take care of the Ninjas. Enter the passage N and go through to a dark alcove N, in the right hand wall is a push block. Get it out and move it aside to enter the hidden passage, climb the blocks to get to the upper balcony. Jump to the ledge W where you see a kind of object, behind it lies the Shotgun. Jump back to the balcony and grab up to the monkey bars, follow them to the opening SE and drop. Go in and that trapdoor straight S leads back to the start of the level. Go left and drop down, in the SE corner of the next room is a push block SE, pull it out twice and go around to get into the passage behind it

Room with the Monkey bars.

Grab up and go over to that central floor. Straight S is a block that has to be lowered, take either right or left first;

W – Go to the opening and the whole W wall consists of pushblocks. Push the most left hand block all the way in and then move a block standing at the W wall, to the N. Go into the niche W and use the first lever for the red block. Go back to the central floor in the Room with the Monkey bars.

E – Left around the corner is a lever on the wall to raise a block E, climb it and grab up to the ledges above, jump to the SW corner to use the second lever and the red block goes down. Return to the central floor in the Room with the Monkey bars and go S.

S – Torch Puzzle.

Go down one of the ladders and shoot the black panther. Go into the room and find a lever behind the cat statue on the NW ledge, throw it to ignite some wall scones. Go back to the ladders S and climb up a bit so you can backflip into the opening with the Torches. Throw some down and go down too. Ignite one Torch at the wall scone N and go into the opening with the ladders to ignite the scone there, a door opens up. Climb back up the ladder and backflip off onto the ledge where the Torches were (are).

Raising Blocks.

Go down S and down the blocks to reach a large room. Shoot the Panthers and dive into the pool, there are Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the bottom. Swim through a passage N to get an additional Shotgun and the climb out of the pool on the S side. You have to raise a series of blocks in the N side of the room by using a series of levers. Go SW and use the lever on the N wall there.

Go back E and right into the passage where the door opened, up the ladder and out onto the ledges. Go W and jump into the alcove there to use lever #1. Jump back to the ledges and go jump to those ledges S, follow to the W end and jump around the corner to the lower alcove W, use lever #2. Drop to the floor and go into that passage S with the ladder again, because you have to go up to the ledges once more.

In the SE corner (seen from the ledges) is another alcove with a lever. Jump over there and use lever #3, jump back to the ledges and go N a bit. Jump into the alcove E and save at the Timed lever there, pull turn left and jump a bit to the right onto the ledges, roll and jump to a trapdoor raised near the waterfall, landing on the left side. Turn left and hop to the passage NE. Go on and grab a crack N to go around the pillar to the next ledge and go N, where a panther attacks. Look on the pillar there and use lever #4. Run and jump W onto the slanted floor and grab the edge when you slide off, shimmy left and go through that passage, up the blocks to use lever #5.

The Portal Guardian.

Get down to the ground floor and climb the wall with the raising blocks to use the lever on top. Big blocks lowered in the pool below, run and dive down SW to swim through W. Follow and dodge the croc. Get the Portal Guardian in the next room and a small medipack is there for you too. Climb out and throw the lever in the passage N to open up a door above, climb the wall to get back to the start of the level. Take a right down the steps and go right at that raising block, place the Portal Guardian and the door opens up. Go in and slide down, don’t worry you are safe.

The Big Wheel.

You’ll end up in a room with a Big wheel. Go W and straight through the next room with some panthers to the last room. In the NW corner, on the pillar is a lever to open a trapdoor in the SE corner, go there and up the ladder. Backflip off on the level of the trapdoor and hop up onto the ledge next to you, jump over to the W side and get onto the block NW, climb up N. Go line up for the rope swing to the ladder SE (better save on the rope) and go up the ladder, climb left and backflip onto the block behind.

Jump over to the rope ledge and go to a lever on the W wall. Save there and pull, roll and run left to that raising block NW. Hop onto the block and immediately jump straight up to grab the monkey bars. Go to the block NE and stand on the NW corner facing SW to jump and grab the ledge above the monkey bars. Grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy right to that ladder SE.

Timed Trapdoor Jump.

Save at the lever and pull, turn right, run to the ladder and jump up to grab up high. Go up and climb right over the ledge. Drop and turn more that 90 degrees so you are facing about NW and run, then jump with a left curve to a timed platform, this allows you to do a running jump curved right to get over that slope ahead (Video).

Grab up W and get the Mysterious Gem. The whole place floods, swim to the ledge left of the lower part of the E ledge (waterfall) and climb up, you’ll slide down onto the ledge below. Look down for a safe spot to drop into the water far below (close to the waterfall) and get down. Swim all the way back E to that Big wheel and stand in front of it facing E. Use Ctrl to get on the wheel and jump off to grab the grid, go N and pull up into an opening above. Climb the W wall and keep on climbing up blocks till you end up in front of a dark yard. Shoot the panthers and go to the far SW corner, throw the lever and go into the opened door behind you.

Carefully make your way through this Boulder Cave where Boulders will drop down everywhere. In the end you can climb up to the Pyramid of the Stone.

The Pyramid of the Stone, the Magic Head.

Go into the structure and to the N side of the central room where you can enter and place the Mysterious Gem on the block. A door opens up, go out and climb the left hand ladder next to the entrance, backflip with roll to grab the wall behind you. Go to the E side corner pillar and face N and jump to grab a crack in the rock wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up at the opened door, shoot the Panther from up here and drop down. Go N and follow the cave to a lever, that lever will lower some blocks. Go back S and open the door, go left and climb up where the blocks went down. Grab the Magic Head and watch the flyby of a boulder opening up a wall that connects to the start of the level. Go through SE, shoot the panther and go S through the gate, around the right hand corner is the big head where you can place the Magic Head.

The Pyramid of the Stone, the Skribblerz Stone.

Go into the opened door and shoot the Ninja before throwing the lever. The Skribblerz Stone shows up on the Pyramid. Either go back through the opened door in this passage which means you have to make your way back through the Boulder cave, or go back the way you came here, out of this passage left and follow the caves back to the Pyramid. Climb the ladder N again and go up to the top of the Pyramid to get the Skribblerz Stone.

The level ends.


Further over the rainbow.

Level by Kitkat

Authorized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Lara starts in a passage where she ended up after "Over the Rainbow"; walk out and to the right, at the end first go to that alcove (N) and pull it out and push it aside, get in and open the chest for Secret # 1, the Smaragd Ocular Sapphire Part 2. Go out and at the end W is a ladder, climb down, go onto the Rainbow Bridge and take a running jump over it.

Left is a broken bell and on both sides closed doors. Use the right hand chain and see the door opening and Valkyrie comes out to ignite some torches and open the doors in the S. Enter and pick up some Flares in the SE corner, and follow Valkyrie to the W. After Valkyrie cleared the knives trap go up the stairs, to the right are only some Spiders so take the left hand side and look for a crawlspace in the right hand wall (just up the first steps). Get in to take the small medipack. Climb out and go up W to come to a big hall.

The Big Hall, the Sword.

Upon entering a block on the right lowers and there are two Vikings guarding this place. On the right on the N wall is a lever. This one opens a door on the E wall. Once inside grab the Sword on the N wall (Crowbar).

The Celtic Cross.

Go to the W wall and use the Crowbar on the door there. Get the Medipack and the Flares first before you pick up the Celtic Cross, as that the triggers the trapdoor to open.

Push the Fish, a first Cog Wheel.

Swim to the SE corner and look for a ledge up in the air. Pull up N (or S) and back flip, jumping back and fro, curving to the right (or left), till you are safe up the ledge. Get up the monkey climb and go forward and to the right to get into an alcove (in the middle of the place) with a lever and an underwater lever. The lever opens two trapdoors, left and right. You have to go E first, as W is still closed off by a second trapdoor. So back to the monkey climb and jump to the ladder E and climb up into a Puzzle room.

In the NE corner is a Fish statue, pull it out once, climb over the top and get behind it to push it further out. Then move it to the marked tile at the N end of the pool. Go for the second statue SW, move it out to the pool, but then move it N first. 2 Squares so it is opposite the second alcove in the wall, pull it once towards that alcove and climb on top. Turn around and jump to grab the crawlspace W, follow through to open the chest and grab Secret # 2, Smaragd Ocular Sapphire Part 1.

Back out and now move the statue onto the marked tile at the S end of the pool, the cage NW will lower so you can grab the first Cog Wheel from the pedestal. Go back to the NW corner and see that the water has risen.

Jump the Fires, a second Cog Wheel.

Dive in and swim W to the same alcove in the central structure and now you can use that underwater lever there. Go out and circle around to the N of this structure (there are breathing holes in the ceiling), where you'll find an alcove with an underwater ceiling lever, now the (second) trapdoor SW will be open. Go to that SW corner and climb out of the water.

Jump over the lava tiles to the NW corner and jump forwards to flip the lever while timing the flames. Immediately back flip to a safe tile. The cage S is gone so jump towards the pedestal and pick up the second Cog Wheel.

Back to the SE corner and into the water.

Hazardous Swim.

Swim to the NE corner, as there's a hole up in the ceiling and that trapdoor is open now. Follow through, avoid two skike traps and pick up a medipack, swim all the way up there to get some air. Save, dive and continue swimming S. More knives traps and just before the second one you have to swim up and pull the underwater ceiling lever to open a gate ahead. You'll end up in a pool with some nasty rats...

To the Master Key.

Swim down into to the N end and just around the corner is an opening in the ceiling, climb out and use the two Cog Wheels on the wall there. Watch out for spiders though.

Watch the fly by and go over the bridge to the opposite side. Locate the jump lever around the corner (N wall) and after pulling it go to the right (E). Around the corner an opening appeared. Face E, back flip and grab the ladder and climb up. Go to the other side, over the bridge, all the way to the other and open the trapdoor in the floor.

Climb down, follow through and when you pick up the Master Key, jump forward so boulders won’t crush you. Keep going and use the lever at the end. Through the open door and you are back at the huge hall.

One Floor Up.

The Keyhole for the key is in the N wall on the right. Go W as a block has appeared and jump to the first swing pole and use them all to get one floor up. Shoot out the grate there and crawl in. Halfway through there is a shootable stone on your right (use a flare), crawl in and use the lever at the end. Get out, go crawl back (W), climb the block and a running jump to the rafters. Jump to the golden chest you see at the end and pick up Secret # 3, the Smaragd Ocular Emerald Part 2.

A few different ways to proceed.

Jump back and again crawl through but this time go the other side and shoot another grate, locate the jump switch on the N wall to bring out some ropes.

OR Jump from the rafters directly on the ledge SE and use the jump switch. Ropes appear to start swinging girl to get to the other side.

OR Jump from the rafters onto the ledge down NE, shoot the grating.

Go in and and use the Key on one of the locks. In this passage there are two locks for the Master key, opening up both gates.

Speed Trap.

Go to the lever and watch the fly by. Save and then pull the lever again, turn right and sprint over the trapdoors if possible run through the middle. Go right or left and save at the sloped passage.

Jumps Room.

Slide down the long slide and jump/grab the column at the end. Jump the rest of the columns and when you are on a straight one near the green waterfall, jump then to the SW one. Again a couple of jumps and slides till you are safe again on the SE one near the gate. Climb down the side of it and backflıp to a column opposite the jump lever SW. Save there as this is a timed jump series. Take a running jump and grab the lever, slide down and back flip/roll, immediately run through to jump/grab the next, up the ladder and pull up, once on top take a curve running jump into the opening right (or turn right and standjump into the opening).

Crossbow and Laser Sight.

Go straight, pick up the Crossbow in that lower part of the floor. At the intersection go right (W) and use the jump lever at he end. The door opposite opens but we go for a secret first. Take the corner and go back where you found the Crossbow and a block disappeared on the left. Pick up the Arrows left and go to the push block N. Push it once and climb the ladder next to it. Once on top, use the monkey climb to get to the other side and open the chest for Secret # 4, Smaragd Ocular Emerald Part 1. Go back the way you came and into the passage S and at the intersection go left. Watch the fly by. Let the little creepy crawlers follow Lara into the next room and run to the side, either left or right. There is a grate on the floor and they fall in there. On a pedestal in the middle of the room is the Laser Sight.

The second Celtic Cross.

Spot the red ball on the N wall and use the Crossbow and sight to shoot it. Go over to the S wall and jump on the ledge that appeared. Now turn to the S and jump/grab the column with fire on it. Shimmy right to a corner and pull up, as there you are safe. There are 2 levers on this level, one SW and one SE, you only have to operate one so take your pick.

We went SW: Take a standing jump plus grab to the one W and shimmy left to the corner. Hoist up, wait for the flame to die down and take a running jump W to the ledge. Jump to the corner and use the lever there. This is a timed lever, so turn, hop back and take a running jump to the ledge N, keep running jump and grab the trapdoor that appeared NW and jump straight up to the monkey climb. Follow it to the golden cage that will lower itself. At the end let go and grab straight away and hoist up, get the second Celtic Cross.

There is also a medipack on the top ledge in the S. You can get to it by running down S onto the flame column when it is safe and jump to the next. Safety drop on the floor form the side. The doors N are open, take the right or the left opening and use the lever. The mother of all spiders will attack Lara, two Viking will join the fun. You are back at the huge hall. Place the two Celtic Crosses on the S end of the wooden walls one on the W side and the next one opposite. The trapdoor S opens, climb down the ladder W and pick up a medipack at the bottom.

Slide down and turn around, slide down a bit more and grab the ladder. Let Lara climb down as far as possible and she will end up in front of a closed door. Down and on the right are some Arrows to find. Climb up again and use the crowbar on the door. Left and right are two reach-in holes, use them and go out and see that ledges have appeared so make your way to the other side over the abyss.

The Skribblerz Stone.

In the next area is a small medipack SE behind a plant; this also triggers a Rainbow Harpy. Now combine the two Ocular parts you have together and use the on the pedestals near the burning torches. The door behind you opens and get Secret # 5, the Rainbow Gem (facing N). Go to the E side and pick up a Torch. Go back up the steps and light it on the torches that are burning, This can be a bit tricky. Best is to face the wall standing on the ledge near the wall torch and sidestep to the wall torch as far as possible, now turn to the torch and find the position where Lara will light het Torch. Then go to the other side and ignite the other two torches, same goes here. get as close as possible standing on the higher floor and find the right place (facing a bit to the wall) where she will light the wall torches.

A block will appear SE, climb up and up the steps and take a jump/grab to the block in the middle and get the Skribblerz Stone. A flyby will start showing Valkyrie waiting at the boat.


Return to the Loch.

Level by George Maciver.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.  

Maciver Castle.

Jump in the water, swim into the SE corner and climb up on the left. Turn around and runjump along the E side over the rocks S. Make your way to the door S, enter and go right.

Go a bit further and take a right (or left) and lower yourself down to the floor below. Head around the central room to the lever S, to open a gate above. Go S around the wall and hop onto a block there.

Take a running jump with an angle to the SW or NW ledge (no Ctrl) and go to the S side to enter the open gate. Turn around at the pit and climb down the ladder, take a running jump when you think the spikes will pop up and hang on the edge. And when the spikes pop up again, hoist up and go right into that passage. (2 more ways to do this: hang on the top edge of the pit, just above that entrance below, drop when the spikes are down and immediately roll… Or: Run down from the floor above, holding Ctrl so you’ll land inside that lower passage… take your pick)

The Big hall, the Revolver and the first Fire Stone.

Go all the way S and into the opening there, turn around and climb the ladder. Spikes are popping up and a curved running jump/grab (along left or right) over the dangerous tiles to the other side. Hop to the middle section and then another hop to the left and use the floor lever there. Jump on the block that appeared and take a running jump to the pillar E.

First go jumping to the last pillar S and behind that last one is a jump lever behind the pillar (opens a gate below for later). Turn around and jump back where you started the pillar jumping (N) and a running jump to the next pillar. Now face W and take a running jump to that building and shoot the barriers there as well as the nasty small dino’s.

Stand on the marked tile (NW) facing E and take a running jump to that timed platform that appeared and hoist yourself up onto the pillar. Take another jump N and face the popping up spikes from the far side of this pillar. Take another running jump when you think the spikes pop up and jump (or run) immediately to the right. Get the Revolver.

Either hop left or right on a marked tile and take a running jump to the ledge with the floor lever on it and flip it to open the gate to the Stone. Make a safety drop to the ground floor, go first to the SE corner and enter that opened gate for Secret # 1, a Skull.

Now you can leave this place (NE).

Again a curved running jump over the spikes when they go down and grab the other ledge, climb up the ladder, turn around and get the first of the Fire Stones from the room S. Leave N and lower yourself down to the floor below and place the first Fire Stone in its receptacle in the opening at the N side of the central room.

The High Hall, the second Fire Stone.

Find the block on the outside N ledge and jump back NW to that middle structure, to go to the W and enter the newly opened gate.

Shoot the baddie there and find the opening W. 

Follow the baddie but before going inside, pick up a medipack SE behind the tree and barrels.

Once in the opening, stand facing NW and jump up to the base of the pillar.

Face the S and jump from pillar to the ledges with the lions, you get shot and there is not much you can do than get away as fast as possible to the next (jump along the front side of the lions) and then on the S side is an opening, go in there for Secret # 2, another Skull.

Go back and jump out into the water way below (if you keep the revolver drawn, you could shoot the baddie while still in the air). Get out of the water and shoot another goon, go get the additional Revolver NW and the medipack NE. Jump into the opening and use both the floor levers there, get out and a block appeared on the S wall. There is another baddie trying to kill you and this time you can try to take him out from standing on the raised block (if not, just be quick). Then face S and use the jump lever, return to the two floor levers N and find the now open trapdoor (above).

Climb up and go right (W) and pick up the Shotgun. Turn around and go to the other end and face the crack NE. Do a banana run jump around the corner and grab that crack, use it to shimmy to the right. More pillar hopping and jump to the ledges with the lions, find the crack SW and shimmy right again. Jump to the pillar N and use the jump lever behind it. The block on the building N has come up, so take a running jump and climb on top.

Face N and hoist up, go into the passage and the door slams shut behind you. There are many goons in here so be careful and also some marked tiles that are spike traps. In the NE corner is a floor lever, pull it and you can also look for two small medipacks that the goons left behind before you climb onto the block that appeared N.

Climb up and use the detonator to blow up part of this room. Climb up on the fallen wall and leave S.

Go stand on the tile left and face the block (NW) where the flames are out and take a running jump and keep running and jumping to grab the ledge under the pillar W.

Same story, pillar hoping again all the way to the other side and jump to the crack in the N wall and shimmy left to hoist in the opening there.

Turn W and into the opening of that building, through the passage and onto a block W. Back again to ledges and pillar hopping. There is an opening in the S wall, jump there and turn around and jump up at the ladder and climb up. Jump N and then face E to jump to the building where you can see the next stone waiting for you.

Get the second Fire Stone and leave through the opened gate N.

Follow through, safety drop at the end and leave E, go left and enter the lava room and leave S and hop down to the floor below to put the second Fire Stone in its receptacle.

Castle Grounds and the third Fire Stone.

Climb back up to find the E gate open. Watch the fly by. Go NE and shoot out the barrier there and hop in to get the medipack and Revolver ammo. Jump down and go SE through a small alley to another square.

The Torch.  

Just past an indentation on the floor with a marked tile look up right and jump on the block there. Up another one, turn around and jump up to the NW. Once up there turn SW and up that block and from there go W. To the wall there and hoist up on another ledge there, turn around and jump up and over to the ledge with the lever to open another big door. Get down to the ground and this door is at the E wall of this square.

Go inside and shoot the tiny dinos. In the NE corner is a jump lever (opens a trapdoor in the lake) and SE of this small room is an opening, go up the stairs and follow through and out on the balcony go to the right for an extra Revolver and to the left for a Torch. Take the Torch down to the square and go left through that passage to the next square again. On the E wall and on the left is a ladder, leave the Torch there for now.

The Gold Key.

Climb up all the way to the top and take a running jump/grab to the pillar W. Take another running jump to the platform in the middle and then another to the pillar with the Gold Key. Go back to the ladder and then to the SE corner, hop into the opening and use the Key. Up the stairs, take a running jump (with Ctrl) so you don’t bump your head, there is another opening a bit on the left. Take another running jump and go to the wall ahead, turn around and look up, you need to hoist up there.

Then jump to the ledge with the lever and use it. After watch the camera shot, make your way back to the ground floor. I jumped the ledges and took the staircase down. The door that opened is W. Go get the Torch and head over to that open door, but watch out, as there are some guards around.

Go into the room and ignite the Torch at the fireplace.

Drop the Balls.

Go outside with the Torch and keep the wall to your left and in the passage to the other square, take the first left. Jump up left again and again more jumps. Walk over the ledge there all the way to the end and light the rope. Keep standing there and the spiked ball will drop down. Throw the Torch down to the square where you can pick it up again and safety drop to the ground floor. Pick up the Torch and walk straight ahead to that tower E and ignite the rope that is hanging there, stay put.

Go to the NE corner and to that other square and jump up left, you’ve been here before. But this time ignite the rope.

Jump up SW around the corner and walk to the W, throw the torch ahead on the ledge and then jump the ledge. Pick up the Torch and stand facing W where that small crawlspace is on the floor. Better save first because this can be tricky. What worked for me, hit the #1 key and Lara drops the Torch. Use the crouch button, pick up the torch and keep the crouch pushed down and throw the Torch through the slit there so it will land a bit further on a ledge.

The third Fire Stone.

Make your way back to the square below and go W and find a ladder there. Climb up, turn around jump to the Torch and pick it up. Jump back and up and face N, take a running jump and save again at the end. Stand at the right and hop and hop again, slide and jump and again slide and jump.

Face N and take a running jump to the lower corner of the slanted pillar, then jump and jump three times to ignite the last rope on the ledge there. Throw the Torch down and safety drop to the floor. The gate in the N is open now. Get the third Fire Stone and leave this place W, the gate will open when you approach it.

Secrets and the Skribblerz Stone.  

Back in the main room, first go to the N wall and outside to the loch and swim to the N into the open trapdoor, follow through and get Secret # 3, another Skull. Go back to the castle and drop down to place the last Fire Stone. Go out and go to the W side, there is a ladder that goes down. Place the skulls on the sticks in the N, S and E passages. Pick up Secret # 4, the Secret Skribblerz Stone, on the pedestal in the middle.

Climb up the ladder W and up to that middle structure. Go to the top of the structure to get the Skribblerz Stone and get down to the bottom again, the opened door is SW. Take a running jump and go to the fireplace.


Kronicles of Kage 2.

Level by Aza.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Turn E from where you drop and jump over the water to get the Flares. Return to where you started and go N into the cave, pick up the Revolver ammo and throw the lever (screen of a gate). Go out and SW to that brick arch with the gate behind it. On the arch, facing E are 2 Jump levers, use them. Now go S along the bank of the river and left in the end to get into a small cave to find Revolver ammo and a lever on the left. The gate opens, go back out and to the N, left of that wooden bridge is the gate that opened. Enter with care.

Pushing a Cage.

Jump left passing the moving block.

For a secret, turn around, there are 2 grey tiles on the floor. Stand on the S side one and step on the next, the moving block will start up. Hop back from the tile when the block is in the back of the passage, revealing a crawlspace to the left. Now jump over the trigger tile and get into the crawlspace to get Secret #1, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back to the room with the cage.

Push the cage from N to the grey tile S (get Revolver ammo from where the cage was standing). On the left pillar is a lever, a door opens S where two lizards have to be killed.

In the left hand lizard cage is a Medipack and in the other one Revolver ammo and a lever to raise the cage up to the level above. Go to the NE corner of the floor above and face W, backflip onto the slanted floor and jump to grab the floor above. Push the cage to the W side onto the tile there.

This raises a block N to get to the other side of the room.

Burners, the Purple Gem.

Take a running jump passing the moving block to the W, you have to clear the corner there. Use the lever there, save and turn left. Time the burner and stand-jump forward to grab up to the monkey climb. Avoid all burners to get to the end (if the gate there is closed you must have touched the floor somewhere). Grab the Purple Gem and safety drop to the ground floor outside.

Fire Pit, the Silver Gem.

Go E over the wooden bridge, once inside run of NE into the pit and drop down to the bottom. Go into the passage SW and use the lever. The passage is suddenly flooded, swim out and climb back up to the top to get the Silver Gem from the pedestal.

Go back out, over the bridge and go NW to the gate behind the arch (where the two jump switches were). Place the gem next to the gate (behind the vines).

Broken Bridge.

To the right are Flares, on the left is a broken bridge, jump in the water below and get a small medipack NE, climb out E and hop into the cave S (next to that ladder) Stand on the SW corner and face E, side flip to the right onto the slanted rock and jump to grab the ladder. Shimmy to the right and down as far as possible and you will drop into an opening (in the water) in the far SW corner of this cave. Follow through, climb out and get past those spikes to where a gate opens up. Go through, climb the ladder and use that lever to the left to activate a Hammer. Now head S and follow through to where you can drop down a shaft and end up in the water, swim N to the pool and climb a newly raised block under the broken bridge. Climb up along the bridge.

The Old Temple.

Enter the building, go into the passage to the right and jump in an alcove for a small medipack. Now go further down into the building. After the flyby shoot a wasp, go W to a large area. Turn right and go NW and when the camera changes go NE and find a banana plant. Behind it climb the rocks and jump SW onto the rocks there.

Make your way up and up to the N, then jump up onto a rock E and get a Medipack and the Revolver. Jump down SE and jump over to the ledge SE to get the Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go down S and to the far SE corner where you can climb up, shoot the Demigod (or whatever) and get his Gate Key.

Get down on the ground and go SW, climb up S then run jump to the NW. Go up the stairs for some Flares, then head all the way down the stairs and use the key on your left. Flip the lever inside, and back up the stairs and to slide down to the ground floor.

Another Demigod appears on a ledge W, shoot him as well (will leave behind a Gem). Drop down and go N to the banana plant again. Climb the rocks and jump SW onto the rocks there. Go all the way to the highest corner against the stonewall. Face N and grab up to a ridge and shimmy all the way left along this ridge till you can drop onto the ledge where the Silver Gem is. Drop to the ground. Insert the two gems on the ground floor on the pillars, this lowers the blocks W. Climb into a crawlspace left where the blocks lowered and get Secret #2, another Gate Key. Climb back out and enter the hall W

Shoot the wasps and some lizards that will appear in this room. NE is a small room, go in and climb all the way to the top for a Medipack, get out again. Head straight W and find that ladder next to the triangular opening. Climb up and use the Key to get inside and pick up the real Secret, the MP5 gun (Shotgun). Get down to the ground floor.

Preparations for the Stone.

Up in this hall are 3 large beams that have to be turned so they all point inwards to the blue pyramid in the middle.

Go SE up the stairs, climb ladder and turn around when you get out onto that balcony. Grab up E to the ledge above and have a look at the S wall for the clue how to get over the deadly floor. The different textures resemble safe spots on the floor. So the first tile is safe, then run-jump to the third row at the S wall, then over to the 5th row along the fence N. From there go to the block W; climb up to the floor where you find the wheel to turn the first beam. Go to the most SE corner of these ledges and jump down onto the wall you see below. Drop down on the E side and collect Secret # 3, 2x Revolver ammo and a Revolver after you shot the lizard. Drop down to ground floor and go up the steps SE again, over the balcony to the W end and then over the bridge to the middle structure.

Go to the highest point W and jump/grab to the W wall to shimmy right to a ledge, climb up and again and then jump the slope W, shoot the Demigod which will cause blocks to lower W, climb the ladder W and backflip with a roll to grab the ladder behind, go up to the top and go to that wheel. Turn it so the second beam faces inwards and then go up that dark path W, keep to the right at the W wall and find a hole in the floor. Drop there and from that ledge a running jump to grab the grey ledge E. Jump NE onto a slanted rock and then jump again to get over the rock E, slide a bit and jump to grab the monkey climb above.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Follow to the end and drop onto the block. Jump over to the ledge left of the pillar S and turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Go right around the corner to the end and backflip off. Go into the passage and to the E end of the floor. Jump left around the corner to the small ledge and grab up W. Shimmy left to a Medipack and then use the wheel to get the third beam into place. From one of the openings in the floor N, drop down one floor and from next to the beam a run jump to get onto the central structure. On the E side of the blue pyramid is a chain, use it and watch the flyby. Go up to the block and pick up the Skribblerz Stone, blocks lower on ground floor and the level ends.