TR4 Gold-Fading Light

Levels by Cowboy.

Authorized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

To access the bonus level you need to find three gold tickets throughout the project.

Not all enemies are mentioned.

    Shortcuts to the levels.
Level 1 - New Orleans City Level 5 - Port Royal Beach.
Level 2 - New Orleans Cemetery Level 6 - Port Royal Jamaica.
Level 3 - Voodoo land Level 7 - Davey Jones’ locker.
Level 4 - The Sunken Manor. 8 - Bonus - “The Greatest Dream on Earth”

Level 1 - New Orleans City 3 secrets (one Golden Ticket)

A New Orleans Hotel.

Behind you is the door to the bathroom and the switch to turn the lights on is in the corner. In the bedroom there is also a light switch NE and pick up the Flares from the cabinet. Open door N and go left down the stairs, there are baddies in the lobby, you can’t shoot them yet, so go to the button E to open the door next to it. In the next room use the button NW and enter a yard with three trashcans.

The Hotel Key.

Use the button N, timing the emitter and enter the door left. Wake up a skeleton and there is no way to get rid of him so let him thrash the three trashcans in the yard for a Hotel Key, Uzi ammo and the Pistols.

Go back into the hotel and up some steps SE to use the Key left around the corner.

The Old Key.

Now the baddies could attack, you can take them out now, otherwise you have to do it later. Two of them will leave Uzi ammo and Flares behind. Get up the stairs and through the open door where you used the Hotel Key.

Go in and climb the pole (face N) and back flip almost right away. Shoot the barrier and open the door SW and another door S. Shoot the baddy and get the Old Key from the cabinet.

Back to the pole and again a back flip. Go in right (W) and the first door left opens and shoot the baddy there. Pick up a small medipack from the cabinet. On the balcony (S) is another baddy.

Get on the ledge and jump to the opposite awning S. Take a running jump/grab to the next one and shoot the baddy. Pick up his medipack.

The first Gold Ticket.

Back to the awning and jump to the next, jump SE and grab the crack in the wall, shimmy left to the next awning. Get onto the balcony and climb the ladder. Go straight forward then go right and shoot a widow SW. Take a running jump with grab and use the button to make a chain appear. W in the room is a small medipack.

Go back to the windowsill and take a right curved banana jump S to the ledge on the right (loosing health) for Secret #1. You’ll find it under the two bins there, an Uzi and a Gold Ticket. Use the button S to open the gate, but don’t go out because we go up again.

For now climb the box there and up to the ledge, take a side jump to the roof N and slide down to grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Jump to the chain NE.

Swing over to the ledge with the pole NE and jump over the railing onto the balcony. Again a jump over to the ledge N and jump down on a box E. Shoot the dog and pick up the Revolver ammo on the box as Secret #2, as well as Shotgun ammo under the bin SE and a small medipack NE. The button S opens the gate onto the streets, again no need to go there, but it is a shortcut if you want to get back up from a flare pickup later.

Climb back up the ledge, jump back onto the balcony and jump over the railing SW to climb up the pole (facing SW). Back flip on the next balcony. Shoot the baddy and the dog and grab his medipack.

Find a crack in the S wall and shimmy right around two corners. Drop onto a roof and shoot another baddy.


If you are interested in another pick up hang from this roof facing W and drop on the awning. Pick up flares from the balcony and safety drop onto the street below.

Shoot the two dogs, go W and find a button NW near the iron bars to open the gate.

There is still another pick up you can get but that means going back up to the flat roof you just left. Shortcut is the gate you opened at the 2nd secret pickup.

So go N and into the gate and climb the ledge to the balcony, up that pole to the upper balcony and shimmy around again to the flat roof. Hang from the S side of the roof and drop onto the ledge over the gates below, run S and on the balcony is Uzi ammo.

To the Bike.

Now drop back down to the street below and head N, all the way to the end and shoot a garbage can to get Uzi ammo, go back and go right (W) and take the first street on the right. Shoot also the bins there and pick up a small medipack and Arrows. Go back and right at the end of this alley. The button on your right opens up the Hotel, but if you already got the goodies from the baddies there’s no need to go inside. Go further W and use the Old key on the lock. Get the bike and drive back to the ramp over the water (E and right (S) and left (E). Take the ramp and swirl a bit to the right (or left) to land on the street next to the pit and drive over the guard there.

Then go over get to that grey hill N. Go up onto the hill with some speed and from the right hand side when facing it, run the bike straight off the end onto and over a wall N

The Cemetery Key.

Once you are over the wall N drive over the dog and guard, get the Cemetery Key on the cabinet W. Jump on the box and onto the wall S, then go right over the ledge onto the lower roof, shoot the bin NE and get Secret #3, a small medipack.

Jump down again and go to the street, head S and jump over the water to the ramp and down then go left immediately after the iron bars and use the Cemetery Key E on the small gate E and enter.


Level 2 - New Orleans Cemetery. 3 secrets

There are Undead lurking around.

For a secret you better go around to the left or right and climb up the ladder. Jump back over the wall to the city and go to the ramp where you used the bike. Jump to the right and over the water and go to the iron bars S there. The gate will open, get the Flares, Uzi ammo and another Cemetery Key. Go back to the Cemetery, the gate opens now, go N and on your right (last tomb in the E wall) there is an iron gate with a lock on it. Use the key and go inside for Secret #1, the Uzis.

The first Silver Spear.

Go out and to the right and climb on the roof of the tomb, shoot the lion’s head on the N wall, a door opens below. Enter and jump over the spikes. Use the lever and see a door opening. Jump back over the spikes and head S, you can go into a passage left to get a small medipack. Go further S passing a closed gate between statues and at an opening in the left wall, turn right and find the open tomb. Go in to grab the first Silver Spear from the coffin and turn around to use the timed jump switch SW.

The second Silver Spear.

Get out the door and run to the entrance of the cemetery W, go to that pool in the street and get rid of the wraith there. Back into the cemetery, SE to the opening in the wall. Turn around in the first room, grab up behind one of the two stone dogs and turn around to shoot the two ornaments to open the door below. Jump down and the minute you reach the door the dogs will come to life, then get the second Silver Spear. Door opens and the Undead appear, making life hard, as you have to shoot that ornament behind the coffin. Run out, go N and place the two spears on the statues there (you passed them before).

Go inside and up the ramp and first jump in the water and retrieve a small medipack W. Get out and climb back up. Now jump to the monkey climb, keep to the right or left or you loose too much health. Swing to the other side, shoot the ornament and get the small medipack.

Beetles and Jump levers.

Enter the open door. There are 3 jump levers in the next room and beetles… There’s no particular order to do things here. The first lever is straight ahead; the next one is on the W wall in the middle. Then go S and climb the ladder, be careful, as there is an emitter on top. Get off on the right, and as soon as you can climb off run to the other side and grab the ladder to climb down.

Get the medipack and jump over the mummy to the last lever. Back to the ladder and down the other side and run N to jump over the pit and get rid of all the beetles. Turn around towards the spiked pit and jump back, then safety drop in the pit, and crawl in (S) to Secret #2, a small medipack and Arrows. Crawl back and jump up and over the pit again to enter the puzzle room.

Colour Push Puzzle.

There are 5 pushables in the whole room, one has to go up one floor; the other two pushables are one floor up. E is a map what colour goes where and on the floor you see the tiles with the numbers.

The N side pushable goes onto tile # IV, the S right hand one goes up one floor (push it to the tile near the lever in the N) so the S side left hand one goes on tile # V (if placed correctly you’ll get a screen of the door).

Push the lever and climb the ladder, jump to the ledge and push it on tile # III.

The yellow one (S) goes up one flight so it goes first on the tile in the corner left of the ladder, flip the lever and climb up to pull it onto tile # I, then take the last one up onto tile II. Before going on, jump to the sarcophagus N and get the Shotgun ammo, then to the one in the S for a small medipack. In the sarcophagus one floor down (S) is also a small medipack. Go down to the ground floor and enter the opened door to a small graveyard.

A wraith will pester you so run to the end, turn around down the long, long ladder, roll and run to the water E. Shoot two dogs. The sarcophagus SE has some Arrows in it, the NW has Uzi ammo, the SW a small medipack, the NE tomb is empty.

Climb back up the ladder (W) and take a look at the room below through the binoculars and note the numbers. In the small graveyard up there you can find Shotgun ammo SE and a small medipack on the grave NW. Another wraith might show up…, you know where to get rid of it.


Go to the NW corner of the large room and stand on the tile #1 in front of the cross. The gate up N opens, climb the ladder, jump the spike pit, go into the maze, take a left (W) then the second right (N) and the 3rd left (W) and pull the jump lever to open gate #II. Go back to the entrance SE and jump the pit, down the ladder and up the ladder on the opposite side.

II-Toxic Room and Jump levers.

Save before you enter the next room, as this is a toxic room. You can run in and out of this room to avoid being killed by this toxic air. There are 5 levers in this room, but you only need to pull 3 of them. You have to pull all 5 for a Secret.

The first one to pull is straight ahead (this one is timed), immediately roll and look right (E) and pull that lever as well, then go for air.

Then go in again and right to the NW and pull that one, this opens gate #III

For a secret you have to pull all 5 levers but as there is fire in front of them you first pull the jump lever S, the timed one, then run to the one W, go back for air, then pull the S one again, run to the SW and then see a door opening, run back for air. Climb down and the door is at the end E. Get Secret #3, the Shotgun and a medipack.

III-Water & Spikes.

Go to the ladder III (NE) and climb in, go all the way to the end en jump in the water and start swimming against the current to the N. There are 2 openings, take the left hand side. There is an underwater lever in the next room, pull it. Roll and swim out (take the left side again) and climb out S. A block raised in the SE corner, climb it.

You have to jump on all 4 spiked tiles (I did two at the time and jumped in the water in between and climbed up again to do the other two, you also can jump to the other side for the last two spiked tiles if that is easier for you), the door N will open up.

Shoot the dogs and use the jump lever to open gate #IV. Leave and climb to gate IV

IV- Moving Blocks.

Pass the moving blocks; take a hop around the corner to a safe alcove, from there a run and jump with a curve to land on the second (safe) ledge. Run and jump past the next block and pull the jump lever E, to get chains out in the large room.

Back out and go W to climb back up the long ladder.

Turn around, jump to the chain. Swing to the other side, run over the breakable tiles and grab the next one E. Swing into the opening up there and safe, hop forwards twice and immediately hop back to hang from the edge avoiding the boulder. Climb up and go into the passage.


Level 3 - Voodoo land. 4 secrets (one Golden Ticket)

The Louisiana Swamps.

Shoot the box in front of you and grab the Shotgun.

Go along the S to the other side and shoot the box for some Flares.

Jump up to the NE (second triangle ledge) and from there a stand jump to the ground also NE (near that tree). Go N, a door opens up somewhere when you jump up the ridge. Proceed and shoot some bats, at the end if you are a bit patient you can shoot whatever is lurking in the swamp below (no need to). Go left (W) a bit and find an opening in the wall to the left, hidden by a plant, and you come to a room with rolling balls.

The Voodoo Doll.

Pass the first one and aim for the SW, as there are some Flares. Then aim to the other side (NW). In that alcove behind the plants is another ball, so push ball once to get in a passage, get around it and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Then go around the ball and push/pull the ball on the tile with a star in the corner. Enter the open door run and jump over a pit, around the corner are poisonous darts. Open de the door at the end and shoot the box. Pick up the Voodoo Doll. The barrel in the SE corner has a medipack under it. Go back through the darts, passing the now motionless rolling balls and exit back to the swamp.

The Big Pit.

Go forward to the edge of the swamp and jump over (NW). Go NW and enter the opening between the iron bars and place the Voodoo Doll on the left. Jump over the gap to the rock pillar N and go left, there are skeletons around you, you can either shoot them of try to out run them. Jump to the spikes, just run through them and jump at the end to a save ledge (or turn N at the spikes and jump to the ledge in the corner N, then W and finally to the safe ground W). Look left (S), light a flare and spot a small triangle opening in the floor, face W and jump back grabbing to climb down the ladder that is hidden there.

Shoot the box NW for Shotgun ammo, the one E for secret #1, the Crossbow and there is another box almost to the E wall with Uzi ammo. The last box SE has a medipack underneath. Go back W and climb the ladder, continue W and you wake up skeletons and a wraith. Save your game here and run W, be careful there are some spikes in a pit (to the left) and in front of the cross is an opening in the ground, just run in and go W again jump down get into the water to get rid of the wraith, climb out and shoot the crocs before you explore any further (or shoot the crocs first and then get into the water).

The Torch.

Now it is time to jump the ledges with the emitters and the reach-in holes. The easiest way is to jump and grab to the left one, shimmy around, hang and wait till the flames die down, pull up, reach in the hole for some Uzi ammo and back flip in the water and climb out. Take a running jump/grab to the right hand one, and shimmy till you hang again for the flames, pull up and reach in the hole and back to the water. Wade up to the door W and grab up to the last ledge left of it, the flame died down so just use the reach in hole and the door opens below. Enter, go around the corner and you’ll hear a door opening, follow to a door on your right and kick it in. Careful, there is a clanking Teeth door. Shoot the boxes and get the Torch S. There is Shotgun ammo under the barrel W. (Easiest is to shoot the boxes before you go through the Teeth door, then you can turn and just take care of the Skeleton.)

Watch out for a skeleton (you can shoot him into the pit in the hallway right). Go out and right, than left up the stairs, right again to the room you came down before and ignite the Torch. Then go back to the stairs jump over a small pit and save. There is a boulder up the staircase so trigger it and jump back over the pit. Back again and up the stairs and once on top, drop the Torch so you can find it again and pull the boulder away and aside. There is a crawlspace with a spike trap to avoid in just doing so. Pick up the Torch and go N; watch out skeletons alert if you didn’t shoot them into one of the pits. A hidden pit to the N of the cross has some Uzi ammo.

Go to the E and jump the pillars and jump to the gates S (timing the spikes). Follow through to the E and reach those boxes, jump to the first one and light the wall torch. Jump to the next and the gate opens. Go through (with the Torch) and head NW to find a block in the NW corner near the water. Jump on it and carefully light the wooden blocks there. Leave the Torch and go stand in the corner looking NE (maybe use binoculars) and see some invisible ledges. Use those to jump across. A standjump to the first, then a standjump with grab E, walk to the E end and turn N. Now hop onto the slanted block and immediately jump again to get to the last one, shoot everything that is moving from there and jump to the ground.

For the Crowbar.

Make your way to the W through the opening in the wall and a flyby takes over.

Voodoo Queen: “Ahh.. stop that girl.” And the canon will destroy the bridge.

First shoot the crocs in the lake. Then there are two ways to get into the house:

1 - Without the secret;

Jump onto the first box in the water and the flames on the other ones go out. It is timed so better make a save. Then start running/jumping the boxes. First one is a running jump grab W to the Skull (will activate the spikes under the secret) tile then a running jump curved to the right (onto the slope) jump again and the last one to the right to end up on the other side.

2 - With the secret;

Jump onto the first box in the water, jump to the box with the star, next to it. (Jumping on the box with the skulls where the flames are burning, triggers the spikes under the secret, the box with the star deactivates them for a while) Now face W and side jump back to the first box. This will stop the spikes under the Grenade gun (in the windowsill of the house). Run and dive W into the water and swim to a crate near the hut, pull up on the bank near the house and backflip onto the crate behind you. From there you can jump to the bridge, run into the house, right around the corner, get Secret # 2, the Grenade gun.

The Crowbar.

Go through the opening of the house to the next lake.

Go to the water and shoot the box underwater with the shotgun or crossbow. (Aim by using the look button) also shoot the croc and get a medipack from the bottom. Climb out and go W, go to the porch of the house and open the door. Shoot the box inside for the Crowbar (screen of a door). Go up the stairs and shoot the barrel SW for a small medipack.

The door E opens on approach and watch the clanking door. Shoot the box on the balcony, and get the Shotgun ammo. Just hop over the railing to avoid the skeletons and head E. Pass through the house there.

Get back in the water and swim to the SE side, climb out and leave E. Jump into the next lake and leave through the gate in the S. From the gate go W and carefully to the lower side of the bank so you can jump back to the S side of the swamp.

Head E along the bank and go left in the end, passing a fence. Then spot a ramp in the mud N, jump towards it to climb up there. At the top jump to the left a bit and if you are patient, you can shoot the croc lurking in the water. Jump in and swim E to the gate and pass underneath.

The Boat Ride. (Boat: to get out; DEL and left arrow, Reverse=Alt)

Swim further and pull up out of the water at the house. Use the crowbar to open the door, enter and when you hear the tiny pitter-patter of feet turn around and shoot the croc. There will be another croc coming, so shoot that one too (if you go inside and left up onto the windowsill you can easily get rid of them). Shoot the barrel and pick up Shotgun ammo. Then enter and avoid the clanking door, first open the door on the right and shoot the box for Flares. In the other room are three levers. Make a save (timed run) here and use the most right one first. Run out, right around the corner and jump in the boat and drive it out and park it with the nose pointing S in front of the front door.

Go back in the house and now use the two other levers (L then middle). Backflip with a roll to get through the Teeth doors, run into the boat and try to make the course through the two other gates in time, one is left over that ramp. Then follow further W, keep left of that big pillar and make some speed to go over the bank of the swamp and up the bank through the hanging plants there.

The Manor.

Go to the house and get out of the boat somewhere making your way to dry land and shoot the crocs. Then dive in to get the Flares at the bottom of the stairs and a small medipack NW hidden in a plant, from there swim W along the right hand side of the house and find a plant covered opening in the bank of the lake, swim in and get Secret #3, Revolver ammo, Shotgun ammo and Arrows.

Go to the stairs, climb out and go to the left to jump straight over the banister, look S and on the left of that wall is a small triangle ledge, jump there and climb up facing E. Turn around and jump to the Flares and jump back.

Run over the top, slide and jump/grab the next ledge. There are some bats fluttering around. Face NE and take a running jump with a right curve to a small triangle ledge. Then take two hops and then a running jump/grab N. Another running jump/grab N and shimmy left to the corner; keep on shimmying till you can climb up safely (it is quite a long shimmy around some corners).

Last running jump to the W (the balcony of the house is to the left here) and then take a straight running jump over the slope (still W) and the last to get the Shotgun ammo in the W.

Now go back a bit and face S to the open piece in the banister of the balcony. Shoot the skeleton off the balcony and open the door. Go in, shoot some bats and crocs below. Notice the door in the S wall. Then runjump to the windowsill in the N wall and onwards to the top of the broken stairs from there.

Use the lever, go down and enter the door S. Use the crowbar on the door W in the next room, in the NW corner of this smaller room behind the barrel is a cabinet you can push.

The second Gold Ticket.

Push it as far as and when you enter the new passage you will hear a door open up, go back to the flooded room with the broken stairs and go up, jump around to that door up S and enter the open door… Shoot the Baron and the skeleton to get Secret #4, the second Gold Ticket and a medipack. (Tip: better go in with the grenade gun to take out the Skeleton first, then switch to another gun and keep a close eye on the health.)

Return to the passage with the pushable cabinet and follow through to where the level changes.

Level 4 - The Sunken Manor. 4 secrets

Swim further and left (E), climb out and again into the water, continue E and at the end climb out. Get the Flares and Shotgun ammo and then shoot the crate for the Sight and the Crossbow. A door opens up, use the timed lever N to see which doors it will open up.

Go back and now swim S. Wade through the water in the corridor to the lamp on the N wall, just before those small stairs. Pull the lamp down and go into the open door to get Secret #1, Arrows and the Uzis.

Timed Boat Ride.

Back out and wade W, where you’ll find another boat. Take it and leave it near the opening you just came through. Go back to the timed lever and use it again, in the water and swim/wade to the boat and use it to get through the timed doors E.

Once in the big room, go SW up the stairs and over the landing through the opening N to the outside balcony. Go left and pick up Arrows from under a crate in a windowsill. Go to the E end of the balcony and take a running jump/grab N. Jump NW and pick up Secret #2, Uzi ammo and Revolver ammo.

Go back to the balcony and safety drop down to the porch.

Go jump over W and use the lever in the corner there. This opens an iron gate for later. This also triggers a goon who will leave some Uzi ammo behind. There is a box in the lake and under it are Arrows. Swim straight back into the house, to the S wall. Climb out and kick the door in.

Room with emitters, timed reach-in holes.

Start with the one in the SW corner and get some Uzi ammo from the one in the NE corner. Some zombies appear, avoid them and pull down the lamp on the E wall before going out and climb the stairs outside this room (S). Shoot the barrel in the alcove on the right to get the Arrows under it.

The Silver Key.

Look up and shoot the lamp in the middle on the ceiling. A chandelier comes crashing down, climb it facing N and back flip. Go E, watch out for deadly darts and get the Silver Key on a small cabinet, near the W wall is Uzi ammo. Go back and down to the ground floor, shoot the two goons (one leaves small medipack) and a dog.

Get down and the door N to the landing is open. Go to the E wall and spot some scratch marks on the floor, pull the block out and aside. Use the lever inside and turn around to shoot a dog and two goons, leaving behind a medipack and Uzi ammo.

Timed Jumps and a Secret.

The right hand door in the S wall is open. Go in, pull down the lamp on the N wall, this opens a painting at the W wall. Go first to the fire you see W and once in, turn around and climb the ladder. Back flip, shoot the box and get Secret #3, a Grenade Launcher.

Get back down the ladder and now climb into the opening by the painting. Watch the flyby after pulling the lever. Go out to the landing to shoot the Undead first, then return to the timed lever and save.

Pull it get out to the landing, left and jump to the nearest chandelier and make your way by running jump/grab to the last one W, climb up facing N and back flip before the trapdoor closes, shoot the boxes for a medipack, flares and some Uzi ammo in the corner.

The Gold Key.

Jumping over the now closed trapdoor opens it and a rusty chain appears for swinging. Better use the sight and crossbow to shoot the goons below (they leave Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the balcony you can pick up later) Use the chain to swing to the ledge on the right watch out as when the spikes pop up even if you are not jumping on them they can kill you). Pick up the Shotgun ammo there. Jump back to the other side of the spikes and stand NE. Take one steps back from the corner and standjump NE when the spikes are up and jump again into the opening with the emitter. Time the emitter and reach in the hole for the Gold Key. Take a running jump back over the spikes into the water below.

The Bronze Key.

Get out and down in the water and get into the boat. Take the boat out N to the lake and park it with the left side to the gate you opened before. Use the DEL and left arrow key to get out of the boat. Run to the N and get ready to shoot 4 pair of bones and Davey Jones (he will leave behind a medipack).

(Tip: you can already shoot Davey Jones from where you get out of the boat with explosive arrows, that will also take care of most of the bones you have to shoot)

The trapdoor opens, jump in, go N and left and right are crosses that will kill the nasty wraiths. Just walk to the crosses. Then open the sarcophagus N and get the last Key, the Bronze Key.

Run out, up the ladder, and if you didn’t already, shoot the box SE of the graves for some Arrows. Jump in the boat. Take it in the building and park it left side to the ledge with the double doors and get out. Place the three Keys.

Dark Basements, the Port Royal Key.

Get in and stop at the spike trap, wait till they are up and slide down (while they are up) and run forwards to the edge and stand jump up. The first opening on the right has a crate with Uzi ammo under it and in the NW corner another one with Flares. At the second opening left, shoot a barrel and the wall. Make a save here.

Barrel Run.

Sprint down the ramp, jump down, turn to the left, sprint to the end, roll and sprint again while shooting at the wall, jump at the end to the left or right so you won’t be killed by de rolling barrel that is chasing you.

Swim N and up at the end. Run pass the coffins and use the four levers in the coffins to open the door at the end. Go out the door and slide down.

At the lava pit, jump to the left side, grab the edge and shimmy to the end. Pull up, jump backwards and immediately jump forwards with a curve to the right to land safe.

Swim to the other side, picking up Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo from the bottom. Surface near the spike trap and face W, don’t go all the way to the right , safe here and at the right time pull up and back flip when the spikes are up and back flip again. (Tip: Pull up where you can backflip onto the triangle ledge next to the spikes)

Go down W. SW is a ladder, so jump to the ladder, shimmy around the corner as far as, climb down till your feet are in the water and back flip when the spikes next to you are up are about to go up and immediately a side flip left. Jump into the structure over the spikes N.

Stand on the higher ledge W on the SW corner and face W, jump up and grab, shimmy right three steps and save. Back flip to the ledge behind when the spikes are coming up, slide and jump with a sharp right curve to get behind the ladder for Secret #4, a medipack.

I just jumped down to slide to the ground floor. Back to the ledge with the spikes and now shimmy right and climb the ladder. Climb to the top, shoot Davey Jones and get the Port Royal Key from the cabinet E.

Voodoo Queen; “I must talk with you about Davey Jone’s heart”.


Level 5 - Port Royal Beach. 3 secrets

“Lara: Who are you?

Voodoo Queen: I am Louise-Isabelle Villette.

Lara: You have Davey Jones’s heart, I shall not allow you to keep it!

Voodoo Queen: You assume that I have it but I don’t.

Lara: But all the undead you have created must have came from that heart!

Voodoo Queen: No, Davey Jones still has his heart and he is creating a huge undead army.

That is why I had to create this cult you have fought. But all my plans are ruined because you have weakened my forces. Now I cannot oppose him.

Lara: This skull key I found is for Port Royal in Jamaica, is that were Davey Jones is hiding?

Voodoo Queen: I don’t know where he is but I know Port Royal is one of his hideouts and it could have some information on his ships whereabouts.

However I doubt it will be that simple to get in. His army is fortifying the place.

Lara: I will get in…look I must get there. I will go to port Royal then return here with the Information.”

Shoot the shark in the lagoon and find some Shotgun ammo on the bottom. In the SW is an opening on the bottom, swim through. Shoot the sacks and the crate for Secrets #1, a small medipack, Uzi ammo and the Revolver. Once back up on dry land you have to shoot some giant crabs. There is another crate with some Uzi ammo on the beach.

You could use the Port Royal Key on the lock (N) but you can’t do much in there now as you need an Artifact.

So go to the W jump over the rocks to the next lagoon and walk to that tree E. Jump to it and grab as it is climbable. Turn around and climb up to back flip into the opening. Shoot at the barrier and continue, at the end jump down, cross the pool and in between the ruins N are a barrel that hides some Uzi ammo and a crate with Shotgun ammo.

Go to the W and find a liana hanging from a tree. Jump to it and turn to the right and swing to the box under the next liana. Swing to the other side towards that big tree and make your way to the W. Go through the gate and find some sacks to shoot W and pick up the Revolver ammo.

The Skull Statue.

Go back near the gate and go look to your left and spot another climbable tree. Back flip and make your way SW to the skull. Take a running jump into the skull go N and hang from the ledge, shimmy to the right and climb the ladder up to the eye. Get down and follow through, take a left through a passage and save the game before entering the next room.

Timed Torch Challenge.

Run to the emitter and time it, grab the Torch and ignite it in the alcove NE. Then start using the Torch on 4 wall torches before you get killed by the screw drivers that come down from the ceiling (there is also Shotgun ammo in the NW corner, you can get it if you are fast enough). Get into the open door W, drop the Torch in the passage and duck to survive the cutting knives. Pick up Shotgun ammo and proceed to the next room.

The Arawak Idol.

Turn around and climb down to the water, shoot the sacks in the water and pick up Secret #2, Grenade ammo.

Go back up and start jumping to the ledges N, you can disable all the skeletons on that side on the last ledge with one grenade. Face SW and take a running jump through the spike trap into the opening in that dark corner. Use the lever this releases a rope on the other side. Jump back (or in the water if you want) and go to the other side and jump the ledges there with help of the rope. At the end, face NW and time the jump through the spikes to the opening there.

Get the Arawak Idol and leave by jumping into the water and climbing the ladder at the end. Get the Torch and go to the passage on the left and the door is open, ignite the two wall torches, you can throw away the Torch now. Once inside shoot the sacks for Secret #3, Arrows, be careful as some parts of the floor have spike traps (except for the broken tiles). It is better to run over the corners than jumping them. There is also a medipack near the W wall.

Go out and left, jump the spike pit to the ledge and duck, then jump to the entrance room. Go up the stairs E and the moment you run up the stairs to leave this place, two wraiths are released. Jump backwards and grab the ladder to climb down and let go at the end.

I shot the wraith as they would leave Lara alone and after that they went to play somewhere else.

Go E to the large pit and do a safety drop (be sure to have your health topped up) and go E. There are some sacks to shoot with a small medipack. Climb up the ladder next to it.

Make your way E and then S, slide down to the lagoon and jump in to get rid of the wraiths. Climb out and go W, back to the building at the first lagoon. Open the door with the Port Royal Key and once inside go left and left again, shoot the barrel left of the stairs (best is to stand on the stairs) and push the crate in the SE corner on that tile.

The Gold Sovereign.

Go back to the hall way and go right almost at the end on the right a door has opened. Shoot the sacks in the water with the crossbow. Get the Uzi ammo and swim E.

Climb out and shoot the sacks for more Arrows, then shoot a crate, sack and even another barrel in the water E. Back in the water and open the underwater door E. Hoist out the water and shoot the flask to get the Gold Sovereign. Swim back to the room with the stairs and go back to the hallway and now go all the way to the room at the other end.

Shoot the barrel on your left and pick up the small medipack. Next is a box W that hides some Shotgun ammo. Jump on the crate at the W wall and take a running jump to the rafters. Jump to the next rafter and get the Grenades and the Flares on the other end.

Go down and place the Arawak Idol in the receptacle NW, go into the gate and use the Sovereign. Step through the door.


Level 6 - Port Royal Jamaica. 3 secrets (one Golden Ticket)

Go forwards and to the right and shoot some sacks in an alcove for Shotgun ammo. Go to the waters edge and shoot the shark.

The Town Hall Key.

Swim to the NW and climb up N and shoot another shark, jump in the water with the moving block and use the underwater lever W, this is a timed lever. Swim N passing the moving block and climb out W. Go in and at the end go right and find the Town Hall Key on a small cabinet SW. NW are some barrels and behind them a crawlspace, in the end of it is some Shotgun ammo. Go back to the room, in the middle on the floor you can find some Arrows. Go to the NE corner and face E, jump up to open a hatch. There is a wall lever that opens the gate downstairs again. Go there and go straight in another passage, at the lever first go right and shoot the barrel and some sacks for Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo.

Use the lever and enter. Get in the water for a Medipack.

Swim to the corner with the spikes and try to climb up when they are out and turn to jump grab to the ledge above, the spikes won’t kill you as such. Shimmy aside of the spikes there and pull up.

Use the lever W and see the water pouring away, go back and lower you self, get in the opening in the floor. Get the Revolver ammo on your left and swim W. Use the underwater lever, turn around and get the Uzi ammo NE and swim back and pull up out, go to the W wall and hoist up, go right and right and you are back at the moving blocks. Jump to the left and from there take a running jump to the ledge SW.

Back to the water and now go for the building around the corner on the right. Stand in the opening looking over water inside and spikes that come from the ceiling. Take a stand jump and grab the monkey climb and proceed through the spikes and time the emitters, be sure to have your health topped up.

Open the door W and save after picking up the medipack. Run downstairs getting chased by a barrel. Save before jumping in the water (you can also just run right around the corner when you are downstairs). Swim N and when you feel a current swim as hard as you can to the left in another passage.

The third Gold Ticket.

First climb out SE into the archway and turn around, shoot that wooden cover and a jump lever becomes visible, use it and see a door open up. Save in front of and swim through the right hand opening S, there is an underwater lever at the wall in the end but also current that drags you into spikes. Best way is to keep swimming at the bottom and swimming a bit to the left. Going out it is also a bit hard, try to keep slightly to the left. Swim into the opening on the left S and pass the moving block and use the lever there as well and the door in the SW archway opens up.

Go out and to the SW corner, climb out of the water. Get the Uzi ammo on the floor to the left. On the S wall is a texture, remember it. Now first go to the open door SW (opened by that jump lever) and watch your back… Get Secret #1, the third Golden Ticket and Uzis. N are also Flares, shotgun ammo and a small medipack under the sacks.

Go out and straight into the room with 4 levers to pull and the floor looks like a spike traps.

Use the lever S, drains the water outside (same texture as in the corridor). The rest of the levers are traps.

Lever E is a spike trap (obvious)

Lever N is a fallen barrel

Lever W is also a spike trap.

Go outside, shoot the Skeletons below and climb down the ladder, N behind the table are some Arrows.

Jump in the open trapdoor W and there are Arrows NW, swim E and find a small medipack S.

Get out at the trapdoor E and go out NE to the right and kick the door in straight ahead E.

Spikes Room, the Gold Sovereign.

Save, then jump to the right timing the spikes, and jump again with grab and climb up. Use the lever, this opens a trapdoor in the floor below N. Jump in the water (best worked for me to stand on the edge and when the spikes come up just go forward, you land on the floor, quickly jump forward in the water). Get the Gold Sovereign. The spikes are disabled for a while, so climb out and leave, go S and climb the ladder. Go up the barrel ramps, jump in the water and swim out, to the left and pull yourself out at the building N. Use the Sovereign and the Town Hall key on the porch.

The Torch.

Enter, pick up the medipack and jump in the water, go to the left (NE) and up at the opening trapdoor. The door in the E can be opened; there is nothing there just yet so jump over three spiked traps (N). Safe and take a running jump over the last spike trap, avoiding a moving block. Get a small medipack and quickly pick up the Torch. Make a run for it back to the room where the skeletons were as there are two fire wraiths on your tail. Quickly throw away the torch and jump in the water on the left.

Retrieve the torch and light it in the corner, ignite the torch on the right and you hear trapdoor open up on the town square, draining the water away. Throw the Torch somewhere where you can pick it up. Go through the door E and go into the SE corner and jump up to open a trapdoor. Get secret # 2, 2x Uzi ammo, a Revolver and some Arrows under the sacks. There is nothing in the water.

Go out get the Torch and jump down S, up the stairs and leave this building to go to the town square below. Leave the Torch so you can pick it up again and go up the higher part of the square, get the Uzi ammo S.

There are two statues that are pushable and they need to go on each of the skull tiles. You can push one statue to the SW skull tile now (giving you a screenshot of an underwater gate opening nearby).  However, you will have to raise the other piece before you can push it onto the second skull tile.

Go to the E wall and kick in the door, get the Torch and throw it down into the room. Turn around and go down to the bottom. Use the Torch to light the two wall torches, a gate opens up in a room near the square. Drop the torch and pick up a small medipack next to the crate. Now climb back up to the entrance.

Turn around and jump to the ladder around to the right, shimmy around, lower Lara till her feet are almost in the smoke and back flip grab the next ladder. Shimmy around and get of on the ledge. Pick up the Uzi ammo and use the lever and you see the block outside going up. Run onto the slanted ledge next to the ledge you’re on and grab to safety drop to the floor below, climb back up to the entrance.

Once outside, climb the higher floor to push the second statue onto the skull tile. Then jump up to the wall E, go into the house SE for Secret # 3, a medipack, Arrows and Uzi ammo.

Go to the raised statue and push it on the other tile NW, now you can go down W and into the opening in the floor. Follow the tunnel and quickly get out straight ahead, there’s no need to shoot the shark.

Under the crate is Uzi ammo and under the barrel behind the gate a medipack.

Get inside and on the wall in front is a map that shows Davey Jones’s hideout in the Bermuda Triangle.

“Lara: So he is hiding in the Bermuda triangle…I should have known. I must get back to Louise-Isabelle and find a way there.

Davey Jones: You won’t make it back!”

Shoot everyone, use the lever W and go into the opened door there.

Lara: Relax, I bumped into Davey Jones and killed him.

Voodoo Queen: He is still alive. It looks like you might have several encounters with him, I doubt that your bullets will stop him for long.

Lara: I found out he is in the Bermuda triangle.

Voodoo Queen: You must get all the elements stones that regenerate him…and hopefully get his heart!

Lara: It looks like he is responsible for the Bermuda triangle because that is where his ship is. I must find a way there.

Voodoo Queen: Only the undead can get there, but I think I know another way.

The scene changes and Lara is on a teleporter.

Voodoo Queen: Are you sure you want to do this? Remember you must collect the elemental stones to finally stop him.

Lara: I have to stop Davey Jones!


Level 7 - Davey Jones’ locker. 3 secrets

Swim W and get onto dry land, make your way onto the rolled over ship (NE) and jump to the top. After the flyby make your way to the NW and slide down. Under the crate is a medipack, and Shotgun ammo under the sacks. Jump up E and shoot the shark below.

I made my way up S, go E over the hull of the ship and go down to the grated texture on the right when you come to the big rock. Run and jump SE curving left to get on a ledge in the rocks, from there a run jump a bit outwards to the E and curve left at the end, landing around the rocks next to the shallow water. Grab Secret #1, the Revolver, Revolver ammo and a medipack.

Face E and pull up a ledge. Jump to the NE, stay on the ships hull and shoot the two big land crabs.

The Ship Key.

Turn SW and jump up to those railings on top of the hull and find an opening. Climb down and go to the swinging chains and use the monkey climb, get the Ship Key, blast the undead and get a small medipack from under the crate. Make your way back on top and make your way down to where those crabs were.

From the NE corner jump NE around the corner and you’ll find a green covered cave to the right (S), enter through the left most corner to get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, a small medipack under a crate and Arrows under the sacks.

Go out and NE to the wrecked Destroyer, find Revolver ammo on a crate near the Destroyer.

The Propeller, the Fire - and Earth Stones.

Go to the water near the pirate ship (the Flying Dutchman). Dive in and swim W to the bow of the Flying Dutchman and save there. Take a flare and swim to the big Propeller, keep to the left side lower corner, wait a bit at the propeller to time the moving block and just behind it is an underwater lever, pull it. Turn right and swim through the new open gate there.

Swim NE under the ship and find some green foliage, get in there and pick up Secret #3, Flares, Uzi ammo and a Grenade Launcher. Swim out, climb up S on a ledge over the caves entrance and watch the fly.

Jump E, follow the rocks to the end and jump into a small alcove, face N and jump/grab the rock, shimmy left, back flip with roll and jump again to land up on another pillar. Face S and jump/slide and jump to the rock ledge S. Face W and jump/grab there, then face the slanted block and running jump slide backwards and grab, pull up and back flip to another rocky ledge. Then jump to a triangle ledge W, just touching it and slide to the ground. Make your way to the ship and climb in.

Pick up the small medipack on the right and the Shotgun ammo under the crate. Go through the door NE and all the way in the end is a lever. Go back and climb down the ladder W.

Go E and monkey climb passing the emitters and talk to the captain who seems mortally wounded.

“Captain: Who…are you?

Lara: My name is Lara Croft.

Captain: Yes, I have heard of you… I am Captain Phillips of the US Navy…are you trapped here too?

Lara: I have come to put a stop to Davey Jones and his Undead!

Captain: The Bermuda…Triangle and Davy Jones locker are the same place. He…has four elemental artefacts that… hold his existence here.

Lara: Then I will find them.

Captain: We managed to…take one item but could not take them all…it is on the deck.

Lara: Look there is not much time, we have to get out of here!

Captain: No…I am too badly wounded, Just get Davey Jones…. before he unleashes his Undead army.

Lara: Don’t Worry Davey Jones WILL BE STOPPED!”

Get the Fire Stone and return through the emitters. Climb up the ladder and back flip and then go up the stairs. Go the back of the ship.

Davey Jones: You will never stop me.

Shoot Davey Jones and lure the wraith to the water next to the ladder you just climbed.

Back up the deck, get the Earth Stone. (Tip: You can also immediately take the Stone and jump over the railing into the water)

Nothing more to do than leave so swim back to the Flying Dutchman, get pass the big propeller through the trench underneath and swim all the way E to the destroyer at the end. Go left and around the back of the wreck.

The Wrecked Destroyer, the Water Stone.

Use the Ship Key on the door downstairs on the back of the ship, jump through the moving blocks and use the lever. This raises a block outside in the front of the ship and brings out a rowboat behind the Dutchman. Stand next to the lever to jump back. Go out again and around to the other side, jump from the small crate to the big one and from there up onto the ship.

Open the door SW. Follow through, first pull a crate and go back and then use the Ship Key on the door there, enter the wheel house. The door E gives you Revolver ammo, notice the burner in the corner.

Burning Machine Room.

Shoot the bottle in the wheel house and get to the crate to pull it out. Behind it is a trapdoor. Get down and drop to the floor of the Machine Room, watch out for rolling oil drums, if you are patient you can get the Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo on this floor, next to this first oil drum.

Go all the way to the end left and face E and grab up to the grated walkway. Shimmy left and pull up when the emitter is about to stop and immediately turn left to run to a safe ledge. Use the monkey climb to get to the other side and

crawl in the crawlspace, timing the emitter, this can take some tries though. Next room use the floor lever, nasty emitters… be patient… You hear two hammers falling, go out side, the gate to the right is gone and the hammers are working so take a standing jump/grab to the emitter and pull up in the corner near the hammers. Grab the Water Stone (I crawled to the stone, picked it up and crawled back and lowered myself off the ledge).

Go back up to the deck and down to the Flying Dutchman, a rowboat appeared near the old ship, so jump on it and into the ship.

Go to the N wall and use the jump lever, turn around and now pick up the Dutchman Key from the cabinet. Go into the room with the swinging chains.

Go to the W and open the door, and another one behind the mast.

Davey Jones: Give up!

Kill that Davey Jones again and get a medipack in the corner, then use the Dutchman Key on the other corner.

Get the Torch and now you have to go out this boat and ignite it in the destroyer all the way E, the E door in the wheel house and bring it back into the Flying Dutchman.

Up the Mast, the Air Stone.

Take the torch with you through the Flying Dutchman and in the room where you used the key, jump on the boxes and from there up to the deck of the ship. Leave the Torch where you can find it. Go to the front (E) and shoot the crate and barrel near the first mast to pick up a medipack and Uzi ammo, then go to the back and shoot another crate for Shotgun ammo. Flip the lever there.

Go back to the back (E) of this ship and find a trapdoor under the pirates flag (shortcut for later) and continue up the steps to the back with the Torch. Ignite the two lanterns, so you can place the gems later (you need one more) and leave the torch.

Climb up the near by block you raised by pulling the lever and jump to the rope, swing to the other side. Stand under the next rope and jump up and grab it, another swing to the next platform. Behind the mast is a pole, climb it and back flip off. A wraith is loose, better jump W into the water and swim back to the little rowboat to jump back to the ship. You can take the ladder around the corner now to climb on deck and start getting to the ropes and pole again.

Climb the crate, jump to the rope (N) and swing to the E. Get the Air Stone and I jumped into the water again and got back over the rowboat and the ladder, up to the back of the ship.

Place the 4 stones, little crabs and Davey Jones appear.

Davey Jones: You think that will stop me?

Lara: You are weaker now and I have stopped many times before you!

Davey Jones: you are only one and you will never stop an army!

Lara: I don’t need too!

I ran back to the trapdoor to get rid of the beetles and then I went to Davey and killed him again to get his Heart. Place it in the small chest E.


Voodoo queen: I did not expect to see you again.

Lara: Well you will not be seeing Davey Jones again.

Voodoo queen: That is good news. My long war with him is over.

Well goodbye and good luck on your other adventures.

Lara: Goodbye Louise-Isabelle but I wonder if my work here is really finished…

In case you didn’t get the three tickets and reach this place, just go through the door N and the game ends after the credits movie.

If you have the three tickets, place them in the slots on the walls and you’ll be taken to a Bonus level.

Level 8 - Bonus level - “The Greatest Dream on Earth”

The Circus.

Lara: “It’s a Circus, but it looks abandoned… Von Croy’s glasses must be here.”

Walk forward a bit and pick up the Pistols, arm yourself from the inventory and shoot the near by crates. Take the Shotgun and the Shotgun ammo. Let’s go for some firepower first, head to the N side of the big tent and find the crawlspace in the wall of the tent (S). Get in and take Secret #1, the Uzis from the crate and some ammo too. Go out, notice the lion cage and head S between the two trucks, shoot the crate for the Uzi ammo. Go S along the big tent, go left in the end and enter the little tent, shoot more crates for Flares and a small medipack.

Cage Puzzle, the Ticket.

Use the lever on the E wall to open a gate, go in and use the next lever, go S and another lever, go back and to the most SE cage to use the lever there, go back through the cages to the SW corner and use the lever there to open the entrance gate back up. Then use the lever in the SE cage to set some lions free. Go out of the little tent and take care of the lions (if you wait for them in the SE cage, they will come into the cage next to you. Then run to the first lever on the W wall and that will close the gate behind them). Head N and the E into the cage they came from to shoot a crate and get a Ticket. Go back to the front of the big tent, shoot the barriers and enter. Pass through the curtain and use the ticket there.

In the next passage you can kick in the S side door, shoot the crate for the Flares and then pull the block out of the wall SW. Move it aside and go in, shoot the wooden panel to get Secret #2, Revolver ammo, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo in the crate. Go out and to the passage, pass through the curtain E and the ringmaster will speak.

Ringmaster “Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the fast, the agile Lara Croft…”

The Arena.

On the floor around the arena are some crates, they contain pickups, but will also release rolling balls and lions. The pickups are Shotgun ammo (NW), Flares and Uzi ammo (S), collect them now or later. I did it later as I thought the rolling balls were in the way when you have to let the elephant break tiles on the arena wall.

Go NE and find the little curtain in the E wall, step through and jump the (harmless) pit, go left through the curtain. In this dressing room are Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo in some crates. Go out and left, save at the curtain and hop backwards through the curtain, immediately run back and to the right into the dressing room. Go back and up the boulder slope, shoot the lower part of the wall in the end and crawl through to get a Medipack and Secret #3, the Revolver ammo from the crates. Go back to the arena and some nasty clowns appeared.

Ringmaster “Welcome haha to the hilarious clowns Ladies and Gentlemen.”

Shoot the one shooting at you (leaves Uzi ammo behind). The other one, (dragging a large hammer) cannot be killed, lure this one to a big counterweight standing N of the N side mast. Let him smash the counterweight and a block will rise.

Lara: “I hate clowns…”

Up High..

Climb up the N wall and turn around. Jump to the block under the mast and time the burner to get up the ladder (careful, the clown can get up the block too).

I waited under the burner and got past it when it stopped. Time the next burner too and climb up, then right around the corner to drop onto the platform. Go to the S side.

Ringmaster “Watch in amazement as Lara conquers the high wire.”

Walk the wire to the other mast and applause will sound.

Lara: “I don’t remember joining the Circus.”

Climb the ladder on the mast to the top.

Ringmaster “All the way from Africa we have the fierce lions.”

Jump and grab the monkey bars and go over to the other mast, drop down to the platform and shoot the clown.

Pull the lever on the mast and a trapdoor will open up in the arena floor.

Ringmaster “Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have silence as Lara is about to do a 32 feet dive into the pool below.”

Stand on the S end of the platform and spot the open trapdoor in the wooden floor below, a standjump will get you land into the water. Swim into the tunnel and throw the underwater lever to raise a block near the entrance. Climb out of the water and shoot the lions. Climb the block and jump through the curtain up over the entrance. Three ER Tech goons appear near the entrance to the arena.

ER Tech boss: ”Remember there is only one of her, surely one of the fools can stop her.”

Pick up the Revolver from the cabinet and throw the lever S to bring out a rope and a block. Go out and down to the arena floor to take care of the ER Tech goons, one will drop a small medipack and another some Uzi ammo. You could jump up to the side of the arena from where you can take them out from a distance.

The Cage Key.

Now you have to go up the S side mast again. This time you can use a ladder on the side of the S side mast. Go to the top and drop onto the upper platform there. Get the Shotgun ammo and stand N to do a run jump grabbing the rope. Turn left and swing to jump onto that block over the entrance. If you miss it you surely die.

Shoot the crates and get Revolver and Uzi ammo. Then go get the Cage Key and a nasty Clown appears, pick up the medipack he will leave behind. Drop from one of the W corners of the floor and go shoot three more ER Tech goons. Go collect what they left behind (Revolver and Uzi ammo plus a small medipack) and go to the lock on the N wall of the arena near the cage.

Kumari, Von Croys Glasses.

When the gate opens the Elephant (named Kumari) might not come out, go in and lure him out to the 4 tiles on the arena wall. After breaking the tiles the door S will open up, go get Von Croys glasses there.

ER Tech boss: ”Well done Lara, you are a skilled opponent, but now you must hand over Von Croys glasses as they are rightfully mine.”

The Old Key.

Go out and up the arena wall, go shoot the goons E and one of them drops the Old Key. (Tip: stay far away from those goons and shoot them before they open fire) Take the Key with you through the curtain to the entrance of the Circus and open the N side door. Throw the lever there and the Circus doors will open up again.

Ringmaster “Thank you Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you have enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you again.”

And that ends the adventure, please watch the credits.