The Town of the Doomed.

level by MpGrill

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Level 1 - The Town of the Doomed.

Lara wakes up after a bad dream in a dark and creepy city.

She isn’t sure if this is still a dream or pure reality.

The City is full of evil creatures and spirits who want to prevent Lara from leaving the city.

Wake up and find yourself in a dead end street, go straight and turn right, there is a bin you can shoot (nothing in it) and some Uzi ammo near the closed gates. Turn back and head N, another empty bin is in the alley W, proceed N again and at the crossing go left (E), get the Flares on the sidewalk and shoot more bins (notice the alley left). In the store room E is a small medipack. Head back and go left into the next street, shoot bins and go right (W) into the next street.

The Sewers, the Electrode Key.

Go to the last street W and into the alley W, turn right (S) at the next crossing and hop over the railings till you get to one where you drop into the sewers. Follow through and shoot the bug, when you get to a machine room, you’ll find an opening in the E wall. Follow through and

shoot the guard from a safe distance, he will drop the Electrode Key. Some Shotgun ammo can be found near the machine. There is also a passage W, go there and take a right and a led-ft and pick up more Shotgun ammo.

Go back and now jump up E and climb up and jump down and get back near the fence. Now go E and jump two fences (N) and again over another fence down in the sewer. Go N and shoot another bug, pick up the Uzi ammo in front of the machine and climb in the opening E. In the next room is a switch on the W wall near the fence. A cut scene will show a Monster roaming the streets. Pick up the Uzi ammo before you climb up E and follow through to where a gate opened up.

Follow through till you get back to the streets. Head NE and shoot that monster from a distance. He came out of a gate NE, so get in there and pick up the Uzi ammo, hop over the block E and grab up to the crawlspace. Go through and head S to a large pit. Jump to the ledges E and use the Electrode Key there. Then you can go over to the ladder S. First go down to the bottom of the pit if you want Secret #1, some Shotgun ammo. Then go up the ladder and off to the left ledge, jump to the upper ledge N and get the Revolver ammo on the ledge E, the Shotgun can be picked up on the ledge below SE. We need a key here so for now go into the passage NW and follow all the way to the end into a store room. Shoot the Monster from standing on a crate and collect Shotgun ammo (SW) and the Laser sight (S up on a crate).

Go back into the passage SE and into the first window left, shoot the window and jump out left onto the ledge outside. Jump and grab to the opening in the building across the street. Push the button there to get a screen shot of the sewers. Drop out to the street and go W into the sewers alley, take the right hand side and go left into the open gate. Follow through to the room where you shot the guard before and now you can go into that passage W, to where a gate opened up.

Run in and back into the passage you came from as a monster shows up and he cannot get into the low passage, so shoot him from there and collect Shotgun ammo NE, the Uzis SE and then go through the middle to the switch W (there’s a boulder trap along the S side). Get back to the streets and head NE.

The second Electrode Key and the Doom Part.

Go into that room NE as a gate opened in the W wall. In the red room are 3 side passages with switches, the lower part of the floor is deadly. I don’t know if you need to do the switches in a certain order, but I went into the passage E first, just run and jump out curved sharp right and hit “Ctrl” in the end. Throw the switch and jump over to the W side with the same kind of curved jumps, then the last one N and now walk to the edge of the passage (you might encounter a nasty bug). Look out left and spot the ladder. Jump out and grab the ladder, go up and save hanging left. Backflip and keep jumping to a side till you end up on a flat corner. Jump over to get into the passage E and get the second Electrode Key. Jump out to the ladder and grab it to get down. Jump over to the exit S and follow back to the machine room. Into the crawlspace E and to the pit. Jump and climb the ladder to the top again and go into the passage NW. Just right after the gate is another window, shoot it, then shoot the bug and if you can, also shoot the guard on the roof. Jump out right onto the ledge and jump to the next to climb up onto the roof. On the W side is the Doom Part.

For the Roof Key.

Drop back down to the ledge NE and get back into the window (you might have to shoot the window again), go left and up the sloped end of the passage to get to the top ledge in the pit. Go jump to the E side and place the Doom Part. The passage below opens up, save and now only use buttons over numbers placed upright and not mirrored and you will end up in a dark place. Grab up to a crack in the S wall and shimmy over to a ledge with a closed gate. Walk to the N side and face the pit, just run off and you will land on a pillar below. Climb down the ladder and turn around, use the switch there and shoot the bugs before you climb back up. The gate on the ledge is now open, so jump up there and follow in to a room with a red mirror floor. Go in straight and get the Shotgun ammo, go to the W wall and left for another Shotgun. Be careful, some parts of the floor are open. To the SE is a small medipack, then look for the fuse-box on the second pillar from the SW corner and place the Electrode Key, jump over the open floor parts to the open gate N and pick up the Roof Key. Go out and shoot the 2 monsters while carefully jumping the open floor parts to get to an open gate S.

For the Doom Key.

Dive into the water and avoid the mini-sub, swim into the tunnel on the right and climb out in the end. Follow through and you're back in the passage with the numbers. Head S and in the pit, jump to the ledge up W. Go into the passage N and safety drop out the window to the street. Head S then E and go into the store room where another monster might be roaming around. Go to the E end of the store room and use the Roof key on the red texture there. Go back to the street and wait for the monster first, then head into the first alley right (at the yellow car). Climb the container and then climb the ledges to get up onto the roof W. Go N and jump left (E) onto the crate with the explosive signs and get the small medipack. Now you have to go to the far NW side of the town, you can jump NE to the roof with the fence, but it is a dead end. Jump E instead and head to the SE corner of the flat roof. Climb up S and face E, take some steps back and jump to grab the roof to the right. Go to a chimney to the right (N) and pick up Secret #2, Revolver ammo. Jump back to the roof SW and go along the S side to the W, shooting guards on the way (save often as you can easily run into an alley below with all these fixed cameras). Once on the W side of town you can drop down to a lower part E and get the Revolver ammo there. Climb back up W and jump from on of the chimneys to the red roof NW, head N and shoot the guard. On a chimney is the Doom Key.

Go back to the E side of town and get down to the street, from the glass office building into the street S and left (W) into the street at that black panel van. Follow all the way to a square, pick up the Shotgun ammo at the fountain. Then go up the steps to the gates S, to the right is the key hole where you can use the Doom Key.


Level 2 - The Doomed Halls.

The first Evil Crystal.

Proceed into the Main Hall and jump grab across to the other side. Follow the passage into the Room with the Crosses. Find the ladder on the side of the SW pillar and climb up. Jump SE over the pillars and go into the opening SE. In the end is a switch, use it to open gates in the Main Hall as the camera shows. Drop down to the ground floor and head N, jump back over the gap to the N side ledge and the opened gate is in the W wall.

Go straight to the pole in the SW corner and climb it facing E to backflip into the passage above. Crawl through this passage and the next room has nasty swinging blades, just do standjumps and some standjumps/grabs to get to a switch that is around the SW corner. Shoot the cover and throw the switch to open a gate in the room with the pole. Jump back over the ledges, go down the pole and into that passage NW. Throw the lever, go out and climb the lattice W, go into the passage N and find the first Evil Crystal in the back. Before returning to the Main Hal, climb down one of the ladders for a small medipack N. Climb back up and down the lattice and back to the main hall. Dive down into that pool below and swim through the tunnel to where you can climb out.

The Crystal can be used on 2 receptacles, one in the passage SW seems to be a shortcut to the end of the level, and the other in the passage NE, so I did that one first.

The Library, open some gates.

Go into the passage NE, past a closed gate on the right, to the second gate and place the Crystal to open it. Go straight to the ladder in the NE corner of the room and climb up to where you can go off left onto the bookcases. Head over to an opening S and jump in, climb the ladder to the top and throw the switch there to open a gate up in the room with the crosses. Go back down and jump out right onto the bookcase. Go to the ladder W and climb to the top, jump the blocks to the N and get Secret #3, the Revolver ammo there. Go back to the ladder and down to the bookcase, turn left and drop into the lane between the 2 bookcases. Go to the E side and find the bookswitch there (pull the book sticking out) and get a screen of another room, where another gate has now opened. Get out of the Library and head back W to the pool, swim back to the Main Hall.

Climb one of the ladders next to the opening in the S wall, all the way to the top and then shimmy aside till you hang just over the ledge. Drop and go into the passage S to the Room with the Crosses. Climb to the top of the pillars and jump to the ledge SW, in the now open passage is Secret #4, the Revolver. Drop down and go to the Main Hall.

Evil Part 1.

Jump over to the N side ledge. Next gate is in the E wall from there. Follow into a store room of sorts. Climb the crates NE and jump to grab the bridge S, from standing one square from the E wall, face S and shoot out a part of the wooden fence there. Get the small medipack from the passage E before you jump through the opening in the fence. Climb up to the bridge there and enter the passage E, go get Evil Part 1 and return to the Main Hall. Drop to the ground floor and go into the passage N.

Evil Part 2.

In the room with the benches, go to the fireplace E and stand close (I did it along the left side). Jump with a grab over the fire and quickly grab up to the opening above. There's a pool in case your pants are on fire. If not go in N and get Evil Part 2 there. Return to the fireplace and drop down in a corner, jump back out over the fire along the side and head back to the Main Hall.

Jump over the pool and head into the passage S, all the way to the ramp on top of which you can use the (combined Evil Parts) Evil Guardian.

Back again to the Room with the benches and up into the left hand passage N, pick up a small medipack along the left side and in the back is an open gate. Follow through and save at a slide in the end. Slide, jump over the spike-pits and quickly turn left. Run onto the next slide and jump off before the end so you can immediately start running. I grabbed the ladder on the right hand side and waited till the boulder stopped. Then you can go into the passage W and have a look through the window W to get the clue for the next room. Make a note of which ledges are safe or not and follow to the Room with the ledges.

The Room with the ledges, the second Evil Crystal.

Don't go for the ammo, but jump E to a ledge under the dark ceiling, again one E (next to the wall) then S and next W so you are under the monkey climb ceiling. Grab up and go to the next ledge W, from there W, then to the one next to the wall and then S to the opening. Follow through to a room with the second Evil Crystal, save and pick it up, holding the backflip keys so you'll get out of the way in time. Go E and climb the long ladder (the camera stayed in the lower room so I had no idea what I was doing till I saved and reloaded, that cured the bug). Climb off left into the passage and follow through the opened gate, go left and at the pool go into the passage SW to the second receptacle for an Evil Crystal.

Another Evil Crystal.

The red doors open up, slide down and at the last moment a jump over the deadly pit. A loud and dramatic tune kicks in (turn the volume down), a monster appears, give him one round of Shotgun in the soft belly and he should topple over. There are other shortcuts in this room, you can climb the first pole and shimmy along the opening in the floor to pull up through the fence into the next section of the upper room. Later while swinging the rope you could end up with the Secret. I will describe the way it was probably meant to be played.

Go to the switch right of the doors and throw it (not sure what it did). Climb the pole SW, backflip off and on the pillar is a switch, throw it to get another pole in the room. Drop down, climb the SE pole and use the switch there to bring out a rope in the NW corner of the room. Jump up to grab it, climb up one step from the bottom and swing till you end up on the floor above. Throw the switch there to make an Evil Crystal appear in the NE section of this upper level (Once while testing this room it appeared under the rope NW?) Turn W and shoot the right hand section of the fence W, go left and shoot the fence there to get Secret #5, a small medipack. Drop to the ground floor and go up the pole NE, get the Evil Crystal and drop down to open the doors E with it.

Push Puzzle.

Going through the next two doors they will close behind you, turn right just after that face picture in the next room and light a flare to spot the 2 pushblocks in the N wall, push the right hand one in and onto the trigger tile in the "fleshy" room, a screen of a door opening up. Go out and straight S to the pushblocks in the wall there. Pull the right hand block out twice and go behind it to throw the lever, another screen of a door opening up. Turn around and go left around the pushblock to some green double doors, push them open and step on the trigger tile inside to see a door opening up. There's another set of pushdoors on the N side of the room but I couldn't discover what that was for, never used them. Go through the open doors E and you're back in the city.

Level 1 - The Town of the Doomed part 2.

Gates open up, shoot mister Niceguy and go to that crawlspace up W, follow through to the streets and head S towards the street where the level started. S are the gates of which one opened, go through and the level will end...