Gold of the Aztecs.

Level by Samu.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Not all enemies are mentioned.

This is a kind of expert level, for some hard jumps 2 saves are available. One before the jump so you can see how to position Lara in case you want to try yourself, and one after the jump in case you can’t manage the jump.

Part 1.

Lara slides into a canyon, go forward and shoot the Leopard and follow the caves to a pit, go down and into a tunnel S to get the Medipack there, head back and climb back up to the ledge E, stand NW and stand jump NE onto a slanted rock, slide far and jump a bit left onto another rock, slide to the end, jump and grab the rock opposite. Shimmy right and pull up at the opening to a canyon. (screenshot, Savegame)

Follow through to come to another deep pit, drop down and follow through to a large Temple complex.

Aztec Temple, the Key.

Go around the corner and look for a crawlspace in the W wall of the Temple and behind a plant. Go through and to the right, climb the ladder to the floor above and follow E, pick up the Uzis there. Find the push block in the S wall near the Skeleton and get it out to use the lever there, a door opens way back at the entrance to the Temple complex. Go back the way you came and a door opened in the passage below, step out and go to the cave E, through the pit to the S and follow left around the corner to the opened door. Go up the steps and jump over the one where the Skeleton lies (spikes). Go up to where a fixed cam takes over and try to find the opening in the W wall, follow the balconies to the end and find a set of double doors, closed. Only way onwards is a jump outside and left around the corner to the next balcony. (screenshot, Savegame before, Savegame after)

Position Lara as in the screenshot and take a hop back, run and jump with a sharp left curve to do a banana jump to the next balcony. Go to the end and run jump out E to grab the ledge with the Skeleton. Get the Key there and drop down from the ledge. Go to the cave N and step one ledge down, jump and grab the rock N and shimmy left around the corner, pull up and backflip/roll to grab the ledge behind you. Go straight to the keyhole W. Open the door and go in, in this hall are several doors.

Timed Doors and Trapdoors.

There are 2 levers, one SE and one SW. SE opens the doors S and SW raises some trapdoors over a spike pit inside. Save at the SE lever, pull and run along the shortest route to the one SW, pull again, backflip and now quickly jump towards the open doors and sprint over those trapdoors (Savegame).

Head up the steps and come to closed doors, go into the crawlspace left (N) and throw the lever to open the doors. Through the doors you’ll come to a large Temple Square.

A Torch.

S are closed doors, you have to go all the way down first. So from where you came in stand on the edge facing NW and run down onto the slanted rocks, hold Ctrl and you’ll slide down safely. Go into the door S and watch out for the spike traps. Follow to the last room and get the Torch from the grass N and head back to where you entered to light the Torch, back to the closed door inside and light the 2 scones to open the door. Go in and throw the lever there to open double doors on the top level. Go down into the passage N and light a scone there to open up a shortcut door to the yard. Drop the Torch there.

Now comes another tough jump, go look for an opening up in the rocks W, you can just see it from the lower step of the stairs S. Go stand on the block right of the door (screenshot) and run jump over the corner of the block up to the tip of that ledge above. (Savegame before, Savegame after). Follow through and go left around the corner in the cave with the Skeleton. Get the Uzi ammo near the Skeleton and look up to spot a crack in the wall. On the left side you can jump up and grab it, shimmy all the way to the right till you can pull up into an opening. Stand back and against the right hand wall, run out and curve sharp left to jump onto a slanted rock (screenshot). Now you have to slide a bit forward (E) and then jump again with a right curve in order to grab the edge of the floor. (screenshot) (Savegame after).

If you need them, there are Flares on this floor. The green covered pillar NW is climbable, go up to the floor above and head S to the open door on the left and follow through to a room with arches. Go down the stairs as all doors are closed. In the room below is a lever behind the statue NE. Go back up the stairs and into the door S, in the NE corner is a lever opening up a door and in the NW corner a lever that will slow down the spikes for a while so you can get the Key without much damage. Pull the lever and backflip roll, run to the Key and get it, quickly jump away and go out. Down the stairs again and through the opened door N to come back to the first level. Go up that green pillar again and head to the keyhole S, open the door and follow through to a small room, on the back of the pillar is the lever to open the door and you are back in the room with the arches.

The door E opened up, go in and drop from the bridge into the room below. Go into the room SE and find a push able cage in the W wall. Push it all the way past a lever and throw the lever to open a door on the bridge and one behind you. Pull the block back once so it will be in front of the lever, go back out and around left into the newly opened door and pull/push the block out so you can climb it. Jump to the bridge and go in E to throw the lever. Go back to the room below the bridge and into the room SE where a new door opened up. Here’s a new Temple area, E are 2 keyholes.

The First Key.

Go up the stairs SW and follow the first floor to where you can enter the building left. To the left is a dark passage with a ladder leading down. Follow through to come to a small room with 4 statues, behind the one SE is a lever for the door W, go in and get the First Key, go to the statue NW and the wall behind it is a walkthrough wall leading you into another room. Climb the vegetation NW and go over the bridge to come back into the room with the cage. Leave SE to the Temple area. Place the Key in the right hand keyhole E.

The Second Key.

Turn SW from the keyhole and when you look closely you can spot a hole behind the sloped rocks. A run jump over the corner will get you in there. Follow through and get the Second Key from the Skeleton. Go back and hop over the ridge, place the Key and go in. A hall with the big closed doors and two passages, go right first and follow to a canyon next to a wall with grated windows. Stand facing the W side window and draw pistols, backflip onto the rock behind and jump shooting the grating. Now only use grab to get up there from the somewhat higher ground below. Follow through and left around the corner is a lever, throw it and shoot the near by grating to drop down again. The door E opened up. Go in and throw yet another lever to open a door back where we came from. Go back and up the stairs to the hall with the big doors again. Into the opposite passage and follow to where that door opened up.

Gold of the Aztecs - part 2.

Follow through to a room with closed doors and find a large button on the NE pillar, a door opens, go through to another room with closed doors and head to the right as that seems to be the only option.

Spiked Pillars.

Climb down the ladder in the end and come to a pit with Spiked pillars. Go stand in one of the corners between the statue and the wall and face diagonally to the first pillar (screenshot). Time the spikes and you have to land on the pillar as the spikes retracted and are about to pop up again when you jump onwards (running jump with a curve) to the next pillar so while you are in the air the spikes pop up and are down when you land there, run through and jump to the ledge ahead (timing has to be perfect here). (Savegame) Throw the lever there to open a door. Jump back over the now safe pillars and follow back to the first room upstairs, go left and straight to where that door opened. Carefully go in as there are Knife traps. I just walked NW onto the corner of the trigger floor NW and the Knives activated without harm (screenshot). Go to the lever and open another door. (another trick to activate the Knives seems to be to stand 3 steps away from the Knives and face away, take a hop back and immediately run forward again)

Go out of this room and right to the next door, you’ll come to a Spiked pit, look left and jump to grab the crack there, shimmy around to the other side and go through to a hall. Get the Uzi ammo and a small medipack from the Skeleton. Find a raised floor part NE, grab up to the ledge above and go to the SW corner, jump to grab the crack in the pillar W and shimmy around to the opening. Push the big button and hop back to drop down.


A door opened NE, save and run in, you have to pull the 5 levers in this passage before the Spike-wall catches up on you. At the second and fourth lever you can backflip with a roll to end up at the lever behind you. After pulling lever #5 you can side jump till you end up in a room below, as trapdoors opened up in the end of the passage.

Push the cage E into the next room and move it under the lever in the NW corner. Throw the lever to open 3 doors E, pull the cage out and put it under the door in the middle. This will prevent the doors from closing up when you throw the lever in the E room. Go through the blocked doors and head W to a newly opened door. Carefully enter the large room and find spike traps on the floor. Jump over the traps and go to the room SW, look left and head into the opening. Up the steps and to the right at the closed gate is a triangular opening. Go through and to the right at the lever is some Uzi ammo, shoot the grating and save at the Timed lever.

Timed Run and a Torch.

Pull and roll, run to the opening and just run down, jump the spike trap and run straight into the opened door, jump over to the alcove with the lever and the Torches.

Save again and throw the lever, roll and pick up a Torch, hop back into a corner next to the lever (screenshot) and face a bit sideways, the timed door will reopen soon and you have to do a curved run through the alcove to jump to the open door. If you jump there too straight you’ll bump your head. Go back E over the trap and light the Torch in the room under the Spike-wall, go back W again and left SW to go up the stairs to that triangular passage, straight W in the next room are 2 scones you can ignite and the door opens up.

Timed Trapdoors.

On the bridge in the next room are a closed door and left and right of it 2 big buttons with timed trapdoors underneath. Drop the Torch and drop down to the room below. Doesn’t matter which side you take first, go into one of the side rooms, climb up next to the entrance and save at the lever. Pull and roll, run off the ledge and get out to the central room, onto the higher floor and grab up to the bridge, jump onto the trapdoor to push the button. Do the same for the other side and the door will open up. (Savegame)

The Gold Artefact.

Go through and grab a crack in the left or right hand wall to get to the lever in the other side of the room. A door opens up, go back to the bridge room, drop down. Go S and into a room where a flyby starts. Save before you pick up the Gold Artefact.

Fire Run.

Wraiths are released, run into the room W and grab up the wooden platforms to get into an upper passage W (take a medipack every now and then). Jump out onto the block in a deadly pit. Stand jump to the next block and time the burner on the corner block to jump to the left side of it so you can do a right curved run and jump to grab the next block. Pull up and the door to the right will open up, jump in there with a grab and run straight into the next room, I ran/rolled left onto the corner of the Knife trap to activate the Knives (and not get killed) and ran out again (Savegame). I took a medipack here and there and ran through the room with the Knives, went diagonally through the next opening so I could jump just next to the spikes on the slope and jumped again or maybe twice to steer away from the spikes below and ended up in a lake, the wraiths will be gone soon, climb out W and the level ends….