Italian Exploration.

Levels by Tweetyqwee. 

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Not all enemies are mentioned.

Level 1 - Morning in Rome - 4 secrets

The Crowbar.

Go W and spot the ladder ahead left, shoot the dog. Go to the right (N) underneath the clothes line and look in the next alley to the left for a lever. Save there and pull it (it is timed), run/sprint back to that ladder (SW), go up and left to the opened gate to get Secret #1, the Crossbow. Shoot the goon and go out, head N onto the next roof and find the Crowbar (NW).

The first Golden Star.  

Stay on this roof top and go to the E and take a running jump (no Ctrl) to get to the small house N for a Medipack. Then go even further on the roof E and head to the far NE corner onto a lower terrace to get Secret #2, Revolver ammo.

Drop down to the street W, turn around and go straight into the alley left of ‘La Piccola’. Climb the stairs and then jump to the roof E for Shotgun ammo. You also see a Star gleaming next to the taxi (E). Get down there and pry the Golden Star from the wall.

The second Golden Star.  

Go N, and right from the closed gate (NE) is a door, open it, climb the boxes and jump down in the corner to use the lever, opening up a gate up on the roofs.

Back out again, for now go NW, behind the arch (W wall) is another Golden Star in the small yard. Go the N gate on the fountain square and use the Stars. To the left of the gate you can pick up some Arrows. Go in and open the blue doors N. In the cupboard is Secret #3, Arrows. Go out and go left around the corner up the stairs, in the corner on top is a trapdoor, open it.

The Gate Key.

On the roof go to the end on the SW corner, jump onto the grey wall on the next roof and watch out for the barbed wire. Face SW and stand with your back to the wall, hop over slanted block and slide far before you jump onto the next slanted block, slide and jump with a sharp right curve onto a flat block. Face S and jump towards the gate you opened earlier. From the grey ledge to the wooden ledge left and there is a rope E. Jump to the rope and swing to the other side.

The door opens on the right, so go in and the Gate Key is NE. Follow around the corner and pick up a Sight and a small medipack. Shoot the goon that comes in. Go out and jump to the next balcony N for some Flares. Safety drop facing S and the gate that needs the key is E. Go in and go into alley on the left (N). Before the end, up on the right is an opening with Secret #4, Arrows and a small medipack.

The Sewers.

Then go E, find the lever on the W wall. The trapdoor a bit further opens, go into the sewers. Go around the corner and watch out, stand near the edge and jump SE over the collapsible tile to grab the crack and shimmy to the end. Pull up, turn around and jump N for Flares and a small medipack. Jump back, stand on the highest part of the ledge and jump up to the monkey climb to go E. Run off onto the slide and jump to grab the ledge.

Burner Puzzle.

Go to the N and find the lever on the E wall, save there. Use the lever, side jump right to the green floor, roll and run W to jump onto the block that appeared, curve sharp right and jump to that blue square just left of the crawlspace N. If you happen to hit the red floor the burning tile in that crawlspace starts back up and you have to start over.  

Hop into the opening to the crawlspace and follow through to a large hall. Shoot the enemies and find the jump lever on the SE pillar. Save and use it, immediately backflip and go over to the opened gate N, just run past the ramps. Then turn around and run into the alley between the boulder ramp and the wall to get the medipack there, quickly pick it up and stand in a corner till the boulder stops moving. Jump out of there and enter that passage N again.

To the right is some Shotgun ammo, but don’t wait too long on that spot. Go W and save around the corner. Look into that room and spot the lever on the pillar SW; sprint there and throw the lever to raise a block, preventing the last boulder to set the floor on fire. Go get some Shotgun ammo along the E wall and head up to the opening SW. Sprint to the end and get onto the ladder fast, climb off to the right and jump over to the E. Then climb up E and look down E behind that wall for the Shotgun, go get it. Quickly find a spot to climb back up to the wall before the boulder hits you and head for the monkey climb N. Go over to the other side and follow the passage to a drop into the water below. The exit gate opened up.

Climb the ladder there (on the left) and on that street is a block with a jump lever above. Use that and see a block retract in the street to the E. Go down there and follow the passage into level 2

Level 2 – Werner’s Mansion.  3 secrets

Pick up Flares in the E, push the blue button on the pillar, this opens a gate SW, go in and grab the Sight and Revolver. Climb on the wooden crates to open up a trapdoor in the ceiling E.

Two blocks go up, pass them and find a glass door on the right at the end of the corridor. Use the Sight and Crossbow (or Revolver) to shoot the lock way up. Enter and hop onto the table, grab up to the chandelier and run jump to the block next to that glass door. Jump to the one with the button that will open the door in the corridor below.

2 Diamonds.

So back to the corridor and go through the door E and get a camera shot (for later). Take a left and climb up though the window left. Go onto the ledge NW and angle a bit to jump and grab the upper ledge. Jump to the wooden ledge and from there to the rope. Swing to the N side and get the Diamond on the right. Jump into the pool and climb out and back through the window in the SE corner and hop down into the corridor.

There are two openings in the E wall, on the right are 5 buttons and on the left the burning floor from the camera shot. Seen from right to left I used the first three buttons, go out and right into the next passage right, jump up and grab the second Diamond. Back to the corridor and into the room N. Go left and left just before that wooden block, use the jump lever on the wall there. A block in the NE corner goes down and get to Secret #1, a Medipack.

Go W and use both Diamonds to open the door. Standing on that tile triggers a fly by, so you know what to do. Run back through the corridors taking out the resistance and head to the corridor with the two blocks where the level started. The 2 blocks went down so you can access the upper level.

At the end use the ladder N and the lever in this room. Get out and jump to the open door. Jump left over the grated floor as that is a spike trap, step into the lower floor part and hop back. Then go the block with emitter on the left, hang and shimmy to the corner nearest the swinging blades. Pull up and turn E and grab the grating, shimmy aside a bit and pull up. Get the small medipack and the Revolver ammo.

Timed swing with a Bonus.

Lower yourself to the ground floor and avoid the swinging blades. Jump over the fire and run off the spike traps. Go to the E wall and save at the button. This opens a timed door N, swing to the other side (N) and run through the door opening as it is timed. Immediately run left around the corner and use the button there, run back out before the timed door closes and to the right another door opened with Secret #2, Flares and Revolver ammo. Get back to the next room. In the cupboard on the right (E) are Arrows (take a step back to open).


Go up the stairs and watch the fly by. Go to the other end (N), climb the ladder, run to the left up the ramp to avoid the spiked ball. Get onto the monkey climb and go to the jump lever on the pillar left, this raises a block S. Get up (stand to the right) and climb one floor up, pick up Revolver ammo S and push the button on the middle pillar. It is timed and you have to shoot the lock behind that gate (far S). Push the button again to shoot the second lock (I used explosives ammo and you may have to run to the highest part of the floor to take a good aim)

If you walk W you see a rope appear that is in the NW corner. Swing into the opening, shoot the two guards and pick up Shotgun ammo and another Shotgun. N is a button, jump into the open trapdoor and swim S to the other basin and find the underwater lever on the W wall, turn around and swim into the other open trapdoor and climb out. This small room has swinging axes and a knife and also some Shotgun ammo, better duck to get it. NE is a ladder, climb up and watch the flyby.

Platform Jumps.  

Go to the left and there are three levers there on the wall. The first lets some ledges appear all the way in the end, the middle one does the same for the middle ledges and the last for the first. So pull that right hand one first then the middle one and for last the left one, turn left and jump right away on the first and keep running and jumping to the other side.

 (You can turn left and hop on the first, roll and run jump to the next W, roll again and run jump to the one E, from there it is possible to jump and grab the one N and then jump to safety). (screen)

Get some Shotgun ammo in the NW corner and use the lever on the higher ledge and you’ll get a camera shot. Leave through the opening E and slide down the pole. Lower yourself down in the E and get down to the ground floor and into the door you opened N. Get into the crawlspace straight ahead, pick up a small medipack, and climb out.

Room with swinging axes.  

The floor is deadly here and don’t dillydally to long when jumping on the crates as they are deadly as well.

If you want the Secret, it is a nasty jump series, but doable. What worked best for me… Stand in the centre of the square in the opening, face the W wall and turn slightly left (if you turned enough you won’t have to adjust the next jump), side flip right onto that wooden crate and immediately stand jump to that wooden beam up W and grab it, shimmy left to the ledge and get the Arrows, jump to the E and get  Secret #3, a medipack. Go through the passage E and run jump down to the left side of that slanted block below. Run with a right curve and jump to the next wooden crate N, curving right or left another run to jump and grab the ledge N.

Without the Secret: Take two steps back from the deadly floor, take a running jump and again a running jump, then only a jump and grab the end of the sloped block. Hoist up and take a running jump and grab the ledge and you are safe.

Go down the ramp and carefully time the electric lightning to step on all 4 tiles. If you dare you can pick up some Shotgun ammo and Arrows but it is pretty hard. The gate S opens, use the button and enter the open door W. Shoot the guards and pick up some Uzi ammo. Go to the big doors.


Level 3 - Werner’s mansion - The museum.  2 secrets

An Orange Key.

Turn around and pick up some Arrows. There are guards here and when you walk on the red carpet a fly by starts. SE, near a pushable crate are Flares, pull the crate aside and get the Orange Key from under it. Use that key on the E wall a bit back.

A Green Key.

Climb the block and use the lever to open a trapdoor SW. Drop down and stand on the tile N. That raises a trapdoor so you can jump on it. Stand as far back on the tile and hop to the first trapdoor and take a running jump to the next, landing on the middle so you can side jump to the LEFT. Turn right to face the other trapdoors and hop back to the first, a running jump to the next and another one into the opening E. Use the button and jump in the water to get back up to the other room and to the key (NW). Pick up the Green Key and use it on the lock.

Climb the block, turn around and climb on the ledge above. Start jumping the ledges to the S and all the way in the end is a medipack. Go back to the pole, shoot the window above and climb the pole to back flip into the window. Open the first door for Revolver ammo, the second door has guards and they will leave behind Flares and Shotgun ammo. Go out and N to the end and face N to jump up to open the trapdoor.

Ancient Rome room, the Philosopher’s Stone.

Climb the ladder, W is a crate; pull it twice so it is under the lever. Use the lever; this lowers the block on the S wall. Now first move the crate to the N side of the room next to the wide pillar with the fresco, climb the wall and get Secret #1, a small medipack and Flares. Drop down and go to the S wall, use the lever there and the block goes up but also opens a gate. Climb up and pry the Philosopher’s Stone form the wall. Get down to the ground.

Go over the bridge E into the next room.

Ancient Egypt room, the Hand of Osiris.

The door you opened is N wall. But first go to the SE corner to pick up the small waterskin. Now go to the N. Around the corner is the Large waterskin .

In the open door you see scales and a number on the wall, use the skins to come up with 4 litres and put that in the scale. (Fill the big skin and empty that in the small skin. Empty small one and combine the big with the small so you have 2 litres in the small skin. Fill the big skin and combine again, which will leave you with the required 4 litres in the big skin).

The gate left will open, pick up the Hand of Osiris and see a door opening NW in the Ancient Rome section. Go back there and follow through, use the button on the left, go to the end of this balcony and jump to the pole. Climb up twice, turn around and back flip, grab the next pole and climb up and back flip again.

Inca Empire, the Golden Idol.

SE is a crate and on the wall is a lock, shoot it. This opens a door next to you, get in there for Secret # 2, Revolver ammo and a small medipack. Get out and climb the blocks on the other side, in the middle is an opening. You suddenly get transported into another room. Jump and grab towards the ledge in the middle, pull up and a running jump to the next, again pull up and another running jump to the tall pillar in the end. Jump N and save you game standing on that trigger tile. Sprint through the rotating knives and around the corner right a running jump on a floating platform and again one to get to a safe spot.

Take a jump and grab, hoist up and again a running jump to grab the end of the opening. Get the Golden Idol and you are back in the Inca Empire room. Go out to the hall and go S, jump to the rope and swing to the other side. Face W and jump/swing the other two ropes to go to the other side

Japan room, the Samurai Jewel.  

W is a wheel, pull it to open the door left on the W wall. Run there and shoot the brass ball in the end. This opens a door S and in there is a lever. The door is around the corner so go there and pick up the Samurai Jewel.

Get out and see a gate opening, go to the main hall and right and jump to the other ledge. Find a medipack and shotgun ammo. In the room with the pyramid you’ll find Arrows SW, then go into opening S and this elevator carries you up the next floor. E is a button, in the next room pick up N the Detonator Key and Werner’s Diary near the table.

 “Some progress has been made. We are currently setting up the wiring for the explosion, but I suspect there may be some kind of magical entrance to the temple. The local museum owner has suddenly become very protective of his ancient ruby, the old fool. I fear the Croft woman may be on her way to Rome. Tonight though, we cannot work. The local club-wielding gang insist we carry out the explosion tomorrow.”

On the floor E is Uzi ammo, in the corner some Arrows. Go out and the door N opened up.


Level 4 - Rome By Night.   2 secrets 

A Note.

In the alcove left is a small medipack, go on to the square and to the second building left (W), and grab up onto the roof, from there to the roof N and on the roof of “Antico caffe Recco” is a Note (7274). Run jump to the building NW and go to the SW corner, find the spot where you can do a curved run jump SW and grab the lower part of the roof. Go over the top and get Secret #1, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Drop from the roof.

Now go to the fountains on the square and go up the ramp E to find a door right (S). Go up stairs and get Flares and see a fly by of where the note is that you already have. Go to the panel N and enter the numbers of the note (submit the code with the red arrow). You’ll see a platform rising.

Go out and right, around the corner through an alley and a there is that platform. Get on it and jump to the roof E, walk the tight rope S. A bit further is a crawlspace, get in and grab a Shotgun and Arrows. Once out, go to the SW corner and jump to the lower roof SW, go to the end and get Secret #2, a medipack. Go back to the ledge E, stand on the NW corner and jump to the roof W and shimmy right around the corner to a jump lever. First climb up for a small medipack and then use the lever to open a door.

The Museums Owner’s house key, the Ruby.   

Go N through a small passage to a park, go W down the stairs all the way W and to the right, this is the place of that cut scene. NW near “Café de Flore” is an open gate. Follow through up the stairs and open the door E. Go in and in the small corridor Lara looks up, that is a monkey climb, grab it and the door next to it opens. In this small room let Lara face W to the table and she can pick up the Museums Owner’s house key. Go out and right, shoot the small glass display on the wooden block to pick up the Ruby.

A Metal Blade.

Go out, down the stairs, through the alley to the square, take a right into the opening with the crates W and pick up Flares, jump on the highest crate SW and pick up Another Note (X marks the spot) and a Metal Blade.

The Wooden Handle.

Go out to the square and S up the big stairs, head to the far SW corner of that square and up the ramp W. Go all the way to the door on the balcony in the back and use the Museum owner’s house Key you found. In the room right (N) is the Wooden Handle. Get back out, down the ramp and to the right is a small alley, shoot the guy and get his 2x Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo.

A second Ruby.

Go to the fountains again, down the stairs N and head E up the ramp to the park. A bit to the left along the N wall is a white cross on the ground. Combine the Handle and the Blade to get the Shovel and start digging, facing N. Pick up a second Ruby. Go back down the ramp W and to the right into the alley, use the Detonator key and the Detonator inside, Go out and left into the opening there, you can use one of the Ruby’s on the wall. Go out and right around the house to another opening where you can use the second Ruby.

Jump into the abyss.

Level 5 - Temple of Fortuna.  4 secrets

Go straight to the main hall and right around the corner, hop onto the ledge, hop into the open wall and find Arrows there. The opposite corner of the Main hall hides a small medipack.

N and S needs keys so go to the middle and there are 4 tiles that take you to other areas. Facing W into the Main hall, take the first on your right (NW), a Yellow swirl and you’ll be transported.

Timed Blocks.

Lower down to the floor, in the next room there are timed rising and lowering blocks. Your goal is a chain way up N. You could start with the one near the entrance, but I found it easier to stand on the low block, stand jump up to the middle block and roll to run jump to the block N and a running jump up into the opening N.

Pulling the chain up there shows the green swirl in the Main hall. Go to the swirl N, and you get back into the Main hall, now step on the Green one NE looking from the middle of the room, and you’ll be transported again.

The Garden.

In the NE corner is a different tile, stand E and open that trapdoor. Get in and a bit later you’ll encounter a wraith, only way to kill it is in the pool on the square above, so run back and dive in, pick up the Arrows from the bottom while you’re there. Back down the trapdoor and in the NE corner is a floor lever, the gate N opens and more wraiths are released, you can also get rid of them at the lever, rolling in the shallow water. Go through the opened gate N.

The first Temple Key.

There are colored blocks to be pushed so that the colors go from red (left) to the Blue (right).

NW (yellow) goes next to the orange, the blue that is standing in front of the green goes all the way to the right, the last one goes in between blue and green. Each correct placed one opens a gate with a lever behind it.

Flip all three and go up to the square again to find and the gate in the N wall. Stand on the tile, run to the SE corner of the central structure and stand facing N, pull up onto the roof where that block lowered. Look to the E and jump there for some Shotgun ammo, hop back to the roof. Go W and jump off to the ledge and use both levers to open more gates below. In the opening S are goodies, Revolver ammo and Flares and N the first Temple Key.

Go to the S and the left gate is open go into the swirl and get back to the Main hall. Go to the middle and to the Blue swirl NW.

The second Temple Key.

Left (S) is a different tiles this raises a timed block S, get on it and pull up into the crawlspace, pull the chain, take note of the blocks the cut scene shows, the view you get is when Lara is facing E, away from the door. If you jump correctly the door W opens, go off this ledge and walk around it to the door for the second Temple Key and enter the swirl to get back to the Main hall. Enter the Yellow swirl E (between the Green and the Red).

The Abyss, the Aqueduct Key.

Go W and jump backwards and hang and grab the jump switch. Once in the water swim down and follow through S and you end up back at the same room. The W gate is open and you can grab the Aqueduct Key there. Back in the Main hall, take the last (Light Green) swirl S on the right, looking from the middle.

Roman Baths, the second Aqueduct Key.  

Standing S is a vase with Arrows under it. Look in the S wall, SE corner for a small crack and shoot that vase standing in it. This will bring out ropes to get to a Secret later. Now go NW and push the crate there once W and then as far as S onto the tile, a door opens up. Jump up and W is the opening, go in and pull the crate out on that tile, watch the fly by and now push the last crate (NE) away to the N and the gate N opens. Go in and get another Crossbow from the bottom of the pool. Climb out E and head up the stairs and climb the ladder at the end. Take the monkey climb to the other side, SE is a vase with a medipack underneath. Go W to get the second Aqueduct Key (a gate opens below). Walk NW and use the ropes to get Secret #1, 2 x Arrows and Flares.

Take the same way back or jump down to the higher middle section of the floor below and go through the N gate again. And straight into the gate you saw in the cut scene.

Shoot the crocs in the water, then go to the tile on the ledge in the SW corner, you’ll get an indication of a hidden passage. It is in the opposite NE corner, N wall. Go there and climb in, left are Arrows, then shoot the vase and throw the lever. Go out, dive into the pool and throw the underwater lever NW, then get the small medipack to the S. Go up and climb onto the ledge in the water. Now all doors should be open and you can shoot the brass balls behind the flames in each of the 4-sloped passages.

Spiked balls will come out, so stay where you are… The balls will destroy the bottom of the pool under the ledge. Lara will dive in, so get into the opening in the bottom, follow through and climb out, climb up S and then up E. Take a running jump N to get Secret #2, the Uzis and 2 x Uzi ammo.

Jump down and climb up on the ledge in the water, now jump to the opening W. Use the lever there, and a swirl appears, step in and you are back at the Main hall. Go S and use the Temple keys to enter.

The Temple.

Proceed S to the Temple hall. You can shoot a vase SE, but it doesn’t do anything. In this hall is an opening SW.

Mirror room, the Torch. 

In this mirror room are 4 levers on the wall and spikes in front of them. Go to the sunken tile in the floor N and see W wall the right one the spikes are gone. Turn around, the spikes E right are gone, use the lever, go E left, and now shoot the brass ball N way up. The last spikes are gone W on the left, go out and go straight into the open gate. Get the Torch and ignite it on one of the bowls in the Temple hall and now jump the brown pillars to the E, jump up to the middle structure and light the two bowls there, a gate opens up below. Drop the Torch and jump to the ledge W to get the Arrows and Shotgun ammo.  

Go down to the ground floor and a gate SE is open, enter and SW in the alcove are Arrows. In front of the wall E are 2 crates, they have to be pulled onto tiles there, go behind the wall and find the 2 levers raising rimed blocks so you can move the crates to the tiles. A rope comes out at the end of a tightrope. Don’t worry if the crate disappears into the floor, because the “time” is up, just go back to the lever and pull it again. Climb up the stairs to the top of the wall and use the tight rope to get to the pillar, jump and grab from the end of the rope, jump from the pillar to the rope and swing to the other side. Use the lever and see an opening in the big painting in the Temple hall, jump down go out of the gate and back on the pillars to jump into the opening in the big painting S. Get the Oak Rod. Down to the ground floor again and exit N to the Main hall.

The Aqueduct, the second Oak Rod.

Go N and use the Aqueduct keys. Go to the lower part of the floor and watch the fly by. Go E and hop onto the aqueduct, go S and shoot a lock in that crawlspace on the right. Go NE and use the ladder to climb down, in the water is W an underwater lever that will raise a platform. Back up the ladder and go to the N end, face S and jump backwards to grab the jump lever. Jump to the ledge left of the water and on the W wall is a ladder; use it to climb down. Under the N end of the Aqueduct is a small medipack.

NE is a wheel, use it to open the gate S, backflip with a roll and sprint to the gate. If the gate lowered too much to run in, run against it and hit “roll” to end up inside.

Up the ladder you go and backflip into the passage behind you. Climb another ladder, swim through this water passage and get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo, climb up left and get 2 x Arrows. Jump over the water to the alcove E and get the Shotgun ammo. Then throw the lever there to open the gate to the Aqueduct, get out and look up N for the gate you opened before. Go N and jump back to the floor W, a block went up so you can get onto the roof. First make your way up the rocks to the NW and find Secret #4, Flares, Arrows and Shotgun ammo. Get back down to the roof

Follow the ledges to the open gate and get a second Oak Rod. Jump down and go back S to the Main hall. Head into the passage E of the swirls. Place the 2 Oak Rods in the receptacles E and watch the flyby. Go back to the Main hall and step into the Red swirl that appeared.

When you step onto the marked tiles, you’ll get a screen of the last swirl being activated in the Main hall. Get out onto the ledge in the next room, jump W and get the Shotgun ammo. Hop to the SW tip and jump onto that blue crystal ledge. Walk as far as possible to the E and look down for a water hole. If you aim correctly a swan dive (Alt+Shift) will get you into the hole and you’ll end up back in the Main hall. Go to the nearby Pink swirl and step in. 

The Centurions.

You end up on a slide, start jumping to the left so you’ll end up on the last flat ledge with the column. Grab the ladder S and get in for a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Drop out and go to that big hall, a flyby starts and after the flyby you have to take out the 2 Centurions. Each of them drops a Centurion’s Ruby (they are a bit hard to spot). Go to the gate W and use the Rubies, go into the next room jump to a ledge SW and then N down to the ledge below. Hop W onto the rocks and turn around to climb the ladder and get the Centurion Shield. After a flyby this adventure will end…