The Spectrum.  

Level by stranger1992

Authorized walkthrough G&D Productions.

An Ancient Script.

After sliding down a steep passage, a trapdoor will open up and Lara drops into a cave. Head W to a pool and jump over the fence, climb out W and go left to use the jump switch on the pillar SW to open a door in the cave E. Go jump on the block NW and get some Uzi Ammo. Go back E, shoot some Midgets and enter the new room. Pick up that small medipack, step down and go get that Ancient Script from the pedestal after saving. Gates open up and 3 raptors come in, jump around the room shooting to get rid of them and throw the 3 levers in the side rooms. N and S to open an underwater gate and E to open the exit back up.

Cages, open up doors.

Head back to the pool, dive in and swim through the tunnel NE. Climb out W and a flyby takes over. Go to the NW pillar of the central structure and find a Jump switch on the wall NW of it. Use that to raise blocks under the central structure. Climb the lower one S and jump to grab up to the higher one N, turn around and grab up to the floor above. Push that cage to the W and till it drops from the floor onto a trigger tile below. Double doors open up in a passage N. First run jump and grab to both ledges N and S and push those bamboo cages to the opposite side of the ledge onto the trigger tiles.  Double doors open up W, drop down to the ground floor.

N passage, just left of that Jump switch you used, leads to the room where you have to place the Orbs you have to find first. You could go into the passage to shoot the 2 Raptors if you like.

Head up to the doors W, go to the back of the room and turn around to spot the Jump switch on the pillar, use it to open the doors in the S wall. Go down the steps there and pick up a small medipack at the end left. Turn around and head W and down into the next room.

Pushblock Puzzle, Missing Tablet.

A camera shows a platform over a lava pit, you can use it but you don't have to (it is meant to get to the top section of the room).

NW, near the pool is a closed gate and next to it on the right hand pillar a puzzle wall, for which we need a Tablet.

Look on the pillar just N of the steps and push that blue button there to lower the block left of you. It will reveal a cage, pull it out twice and go into the passage behind it to get the Flares. Now push the cage E till it stands one square past the blue button. Climb the cage and jump/grab up to the pillar with the blue button. Stand on the SW corner and jump/grab up to the ledge SW.

Go W and find the Torch near the wall torch N, light it and take it E to light the 3 wall torches there. An explosion rocks the room and a pedestal appears with the Missing Tablet on top. Drop the Torch as you don't need it anymore and get the Tablet. Drop down onto that cage below and push the cage straight across to the lowered raising block S.

Now go place that Tablet near the gate NW and go in to push the button. Now the blocks in the room are raised, go climb up N and grab the monkey swing grating to get to the S side where the cage is now. Go around the fence to pull/push it S onto the trigger tile at the wall torch.

The gate opens up, go in and run down facing S, grab the end of the slope where a trapdoor opened up and safety drop down into a pool.

Caves, the Bronze Orb.

In front of you S you can see a boulder, go there and pull the chain left to open the gate. Now push the boulder down a steep passage (Ctrl). Run down after the boulder and wait for it to stopmoving before you enter to the right. Pick up some Flares and a small medipack SW. Push only the button SW (green light), blocks lower and fires start. Go into the hıdden room and get a Shotgun, a Rusted Key and from the other side 3x Shotgun Ammo. Push the button SW to reopen that gate on top of the slope and jump over the fires to get back up to the cave with the pool

Head back to the pool and find a keyhole next to the door E. Open it with the Rusted Key and enter. Go up the ladder and you can go either to the right hand opening or left at the top. Drop onto a slanted ledge and start jumping the pillars till you can grab the ladder in the end. Climb to the right and drop into the passage, jump over to the ledge E to grab the Bronze Orb (Even when you missed the jumps and didnít get the Orb, follow the next blue part as you can get back up there). Drop into the water below and use the underwater lever W, turn around and go into the open gate. (Want to get back up to the Orb, push the button on the left hand wall and go into the opened gate, follow all the way through to the cave with the pool and enter E again).

Got the Orb? Donít use that button left, but head straight up the ramp, around the corner you better save and sprint up. Turn right into the alcove when the boulder comes and wait till a second one passed by. Go up the rest of the sloped passage and a gate will open up. Youíre in the Red Green Blue Hall.

The Red Green Blue Hall, the Silver Orb.

Jump straight S and grab the block, jump W to the small ledge in the lava, to the ledge W and jump over the lava flow to climb the block S. Grab up E and jump over to the pillar E, run from the lower part of the pillar to grab the flat part of the pillar S (or you will bump against the overhead ledge). Grab up to the ledge above S and hop over to the one in front of the red ledges.

Remember that Ancient script? It has the clue for the next jumps. Stand jump to the red one N, turn NW to jump to the green one. N to the next green one and turn NE to jump to the red one, NE again to blue and then one more blue straight N. Jump onto the ledge N and, go left and find the Silver Orb on a pedestal, the gate E opens up. Follow up to the next floor and go to the open gate W, push the button and shoot those Pterodactyly. Go back onto the bridge, stand with your back against the blue crystals and look N.

Stand jump straight N onto an invisible ledge, walk slowly backwards and run jump straight N again to grab the next invisible ledge, go on with run jump/grabs till you reach the opening with Secret #1, the Tribal Mask. Safety drop from the ledge to the balcony below or jump back over the ledges. Go into the passage E and follow to a gate that opened there. Save before you go in.

Lava Run.

Sprint down the passage as Lava flows in from the sides and start shooting those Raptors as they come towards you. Follow to a large cave with a Lava flow and shoot the Pterodactyly. Jump the ledges ahead to the N and to a tiny triangular ledge at the N wall. Face E and do a left curve run jump up to the rock on the corner and jump to the one NE. Then NE again and from there a run jump to the breakledge over the lava, do stand jumps from one to the other with maybe a step forward first and from the last one at the lava falls a jump to the solid platforms left. Run jump and grab the ladder on the pillar N and go left or right around to the middle of the N side, up to the highest point and backflip to the ledge at the Shiva statues. That gate you might have seen is for later. Proceed N to the Orb Pool 

A Plavi Kristal and Golden Orb.

On top of the pillar in the pool you can already see the last Orb. get the Shotgun Ammo and work your way around the pillar to throw the 4 jump switches on that pillar and an explosion rocks the room. 2 Demons appear and you have to take them out, best jump down and keep jumping backwards shooting them. One of them will drop a Plavi Kristal.

Go to the W side and place the Kristal to open the door, go in and use the button to lower a block N. The button there will raise some blocks at the pillar in the pool so you can climb up to the Golden Orb (the tall block is climbable). The gate at the lava falls S opens up, head over there, jump to grab the ladder on the pillar and go right around, from the top of the ladder a backflip to the platform and climb into the opened gate. Follow to where you look out over the room where you have to place the Orbs. Slide down backwards and grab the edge to find the spot where you can drop down into the pool below. Go to the S wall and place the 3 Orbs in the hands.

The doors N have opened up, save and run down, jump over the pit and wait at the gate till it opens up. Then jump back over the pit, go up the slope and turn around to spot a ladder in the opening that boulder came from, Jump alongside the wall to grab the ladder and go up to get Secret #2, a Star Pendant. Get down and head down the slope through the opened gate. Follow to a partially flooded passage and wait for the Crocs, shoot them and wade in.

To the N is a Torch. Pick it up and walk slowly into deeper water so the torch stays in her hands, swim SE along the surface. In the next room is a closed gate S. Swim to that burning wall torch S and spot the lowered block on the bottom, stop about one square away from the block and save, throw the Torch using ďAltĒ and wait till it settles on the block. Then use the lever NE and the block will raise. Go get the torch and light it on the wall torch. Light the one to the right and the gate opens up, go in for Secret #3, a Golden Idol.

The Kamen Svetla.

Dive into the pool again and get the small medipack W. Swim into the tunnel W and climb out into the first opening up in the ceiling, get another small medipack. Go to the passage S and push the button, watch the passage coming alive...

Time the Blades and leaning against one of the walls left or right you can just run through past the burners to get to the next room. Grab the Kamen Svetla from the pedestal and the gate S opens up, follow through and stepping over the pink trigger line will end this level.