Search for the Amulet

Level by Blacksheep

Walkthrough Dutchy.

This level contains some expert jumping and timed runs, I hope youíre up to that...

Lara falls onto a slope, keep the F5 key pressed while the level starts, so you can save at the start. Immediately jump hard left onto a lower slope and jump again with a grab to get into the opening in front. Here you will find Secret #1, Grenades. But also a lever that will deactivate Spikes below. Hop back and do a safety drop down to the floor and get a Medipack and some Flares, Scorpions will come for you, shoot them or just grab the edge of the floor at the E side, shimmy to where you see the Uzi Ammo below and drop to get it.

Go around the S side of the structure and jump the slopes to get inside, jump across to the pedestal E and grab the Hand of Orion. jump back to the lower W side and drop down, go in E and place the Hand just around the corner.

Cartouche Room.

Enter the big doors and go right to get the Flares there, head W and find the receptacle for a cartouche up on the central pillar. Enter the passage W and go to a pit with spikes (you have to get in there). Jump over the pit into the passage N and stand here, hop back when you expect the spikes to be just down when you land in the pit, immediately hit forward and duck to get into the crawlspace. Use the lever there to open a gate and go back up, the spikes are down now.

Turn around and climb up. There is Shotgun Ammo under the left hand vase in the next room. Go into the gate and follow through.

Leaps of Faith, Cartouche Piece 1.

In the deep room with the deadly floor you can see Flares hanging in the air under some flames... Over the Flares you can see a slanted pillar, that gives a clue, there are invisible slanted pillars and ledges.

Standjump to the spot under the right hand pillar and slide/jump to the next, another slide/jump to land on a ledge where the flames are now gone. Jump over to get the Flares and turn W, stand jump straight W and backflip back to the Flares ledge (flames at the cartouche part W are gone). Now jump back to the ledge S and from there face W, back up standing to the right as far as possible. Standjump onto the slanted pillar, slide and jump hard right to land on the ledge where you can pick up Cartouche Piece 1. Jumping on the last slanted pillar also opened the exit S. Jump in there (with grab) and go up the ladder, from the top a backflip into a passage behind you. Walk up to the next challenge

Leaps of Faith, Top Floor.

Runjump out with a right curve to land on the corner of the nearest block and stop, donít go to close to the flames...

Face N and take a step back from the N corner, turn ever so slightly right a bit and standjump onto the slanted side of the next block, slide and jump to get onto the block with the lion statue. Runjump E and curve hard left to get onto the block with the small medipack. Now stand here and runjump with a hard right curve in the end to get to the block at the exit S, standjump with a grab to get in there. Follow through and come to a pit with spikes coming out of the walls, down below is the pit with the crawlspace. Now you have to time the spikes to runjump without grab the other side and immediately take a step forward.

Now you are on the first floor of the Cartouche Room, SW are Flares and SE a crawlspace you have to get to. There also is a Mummy you could avoid by hanging from the floor and shimmy along. Follow the crawlspace and find a lever, it will open a door in the Cartouche Room, crawl back and safety drop down near the crawlspace. Follow into the opened door and follow through to a room with cages. The SW vase has Shotgun Ammo, in the N side trench is some more.

Levers and Boulders, Cartouche Piece 2.

There are 3 levers in this room, opening up 3 gates in the cage, stand at the levers, save and use them, either do a backflip to get out of harms way (or if you are fast enough a slight turn and hop back to grab the ledge).

Now go into the cage and wade into the water, save before you step onto the higher floor of the passage ahead. As soon as you step on, a flyby will start and that Mummy will set fire to the track on the floor, it will come to the oily pool you have to cross. Run to the back, jumping over the spike pit and grab Cartouche Piece 2, roll and runjump back over the pit, start sprint and do a roll (Alt) when you are close to safe ground. Never mind the Shotgun Ammo you might have seen. Climb the cage and go up the pole, backflip into the passage and follow to jump out to a ledge with the Shotgun. Drop down and go left, back to the Cartouche Room. Combine the 2 Pieces and place them in the receptacle. Go through the opened doors N and slide down, a flyby starts of a pit with a couple of Hands on different levels.

Jump the Pit for the Hand of Sirius.

Walk into the E corner as far as possible, standing at the edge of the pit and hop back, runjump with a right hand curve onto the flatter (somewhat higher) ledge E, walk up to the highest point and runjump to the E with a right hand curve so you end up on the top slope E which is flat enough to stand. Hop down E and throw the lever in that corner to see spikes retract at the Hand. Sidejump back onto that higher ledge you came from (or runjump up there and jump back to the W side.

Walk into the N corner along the pit and turn slightly right, hop back so youíll end up like this (screen) Do a runjump with a left curve to land just past a higher part of the slopes, sliding off backwards. Grab the edge and drop/grab to the crack below. Shimmy to the right and drop in a passage. Turn E and jump over to the ledge with the Uzis. Face NE and hop onto that slanted pillar, jump to grab the next and hang on the right hand side. Pull up over and jump hard left, grab the edge upon sliding off. Hang right and backflip to land on the corner of a ledge with a lever, throw it and see a gate open up on a lower level. Face SE and jump/grab the crack in the wall, shimmy right to a crawlspace. Get in and follow to a ladder, jump and grab the ladder and go up to the top of it. Then go 6 steps down and backflip, grab the edge and pull up to backflip and land in the alcove.

Runjump out to the NE and grab the edge of the pit just past the higher part, shimmy left and pull up at the corner. Go get the Hand of Sirius.

The Hand of Orion.

Walk W and facing W you can see a somewhat higher part in the bottom slopes, youíll have to runjump over the higher part and land on the low part opposite that opening in the structure, best is a runjump aiming left a bit and curving right around the higher part of the slope. Jump over to that alcove in the structure, turn around and runjump to grab that block you can see N(W). Run from the block facing NW and slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left to get the Medipack from that corner. Jump back E to the flat ledge in front of the alcove and get up to the block N again.

Grab up to that grated monkeyclimb and follow W and left around the corner to drop and grab the entrance of the structure. Look right around the corner and spot the ladder on the broken pillar, jump around the corner and grab it (little shortcut, go down till she hangs on her hands and then just go left around the corner till you will drop onto the ledge with the lever). Get her feet up and go left around the pillar, against the left wall and low as you can go with the feet up. Backflip, slide and jump with roll to the next block, slide and jump to the one in the corner. Now hold Ctrl and you should grab the ledge with the lever, shimmy to the corner and use the lever to deactivate spikes. Jump over to the block NE and grab the Hand of Orion there. Shoot the scorpions below and go out, left and up the blocks to a ledge where you can use the hands to open the gate (there were more passages on the ground floor, but I didnít find use for them).

The 1st Eye Piece.

Go into the room and grab the 1st Eye Piece, an underwater gate opens up. Go follow the passage S, pick up some Flares and dive into the water. Follow through, dodging flames and spikes and climb out at the next challenge.

Boulder Run.

E is a lever, first go W jumping the blocks and get the Grenades near the gate (believe me, you wonít have time for that later). Jump back and save in front of the lever. When you throw the lever a flyby starts, showing you the route over the blocks and the gate opening up. If you donít want to get that flyby every time, throw the lever and save. You might think this is a timed run, well it is not... But once jumping the blocks you have to be fast as Boulders will drop onto the blocks. The last block, where the Grenades were is a save one and youíll have to stop there before jumping to the open gate, because a boulder will also drop between the gate and the block.

Expert way: Stand here and standjump onto the first block in a way so you can immediately do a running jump with a curve to the next block, keep doing running jumps and curve sharp left to get to the last block in front of the open gate (Map). Stop right there and hop into the opening after the boulder has fallen.

Easier way: Just jump and grab the edge of the first block and then shimmy around to the other side. Pull up and immediately backflip with a roll to grab the next block, go right around one corner and do the same as before to get to the next, continue this way and when you reach the last corner block, there will be a fire burning below. Hang on the right hand side, pull up and backflip/roll/grab and go left around the corner before you get seriously hurt. Now backflip to block where the Grenades are/were and hop into the opening after the boulder has fallen. (addition by Raymond)

Boulder Slope.

When you come to the next corner another boulder awaits you. Of course there will be more ways to tackle this one, but I did it like this;

Face S and stand against the right hand wall, hop backwards and grab the end of the slope. Wait for the boulder to go by and pull up, backflip with roll and hard left curve to land in the opening left.

Statue Push, the Grenade gun.

In the next room are 2 statues, they have to go into the alcoves S, but a nasty Mummy is lurking around. First we go for a nice attribute, take the NE statue and move it around the column to the NE corner, next to that oil lamp on the ledge, the lamp will burn and shows the Grenade gun posing as Secret #2 (You can lure the Mummy to the other side of the room, run back and move the statue). Now first get rid of that Mummy and move the statues into the alcoves S.

Statue Push, the 2nd Eye Piece.

After placing the 2 statues, you can climb a pillar NW where the flames are now gone. Line up for a runjump E, just around that overhang and grab the corner of the pillar there. Turn around and jump to grab the top of the overhang. Jump to a ledge in the E or W side, makes no difference and now you have to jump onto the slanted high block in the middle of the room, slide a bit and jump to one of the sloped blocks (screen). Grab the edge of the block when you slide off and go against the S wall, pull up, backflip and jump back with a sharp curve to get onto the ledge S. Climb up to the 2nd Eye Piece. Grab up in the opening W and follow the passage, shoot the Mummy or run past it and climb the blocks in the next room to the top one.

Face W and grab up to the ladder, youíll see a small opening behind you, just go up to the top floor and find a lot of burners. The burners have to be stopped, in that small hole you saw when you climbed up is a vase you have to shoot. Stand against the W wall, in the middle of the ledge and face E to the opening, I used Uzis as that worked best. Save and run down into the opening shooting the Uzis, if the vase broke the burners will be off, if not go back to that save and try again.

When the burners are off you can climb back up. Climb one of the blocks E and turn to jump and grab the ladder in the opening above.

Go down to the Horus door and open it after combining the 2 Pieces of the Eye. Shoot the Ninja left and climb up SE, go right around the corner and climb the blocks to jump to the one SW. Go in left and shoot a Ninja for some Uzi Ammo he will leave behind. Slide down, follow that passage to the end, picking up some Flares and shooting a Scorpion (optional). Climb the block in the end, jump up left and jump to the ledge NE, face W and hop back to grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up. Jump up W and grab the climbable wall S, go up as high as possible and left or right. Drop and jump to grab the opposite slope, shimmy to the other side of the slope (so next to the brownish one) and pull up, backflip and slide before you jump with a hard curve to get onto the flat block (on the E block is a small medipack). Now top up the health and standjump from corner to corner up the spike ledges (screen)

Outside, the Pit and another Hand of Orion.

Now slide down the slope and end up outside, follow through SW shooting the Ninjas, picking up what they leave behind, such as Uzi Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and more Uzi Ammo. Youíll reach a deep pit... Stand here and do a runjump with Ctrl to land on that triangular ledge you see below. Then turn for a run SE with a right hand curve, ending up on the block in front of the opening S. Donít run off, but jump into the passage S, the Ninja there will leave behind another Hand of Orion. When approaching the big doors S, they will open up showing a bunch of Ninjas, you could launch a Grenade in there, nice effect...

After placing the Hand in the receptacle E, the gate will open up and a flyby shows a flooded room.

The Amulet of Horus.

You could also end the level here by climbing the hill W and hopping over the ridge S, but weíre after the Amulet arenít we?

So into the open gate it is, drop down and crawl backwards into the opening, drop down and follow to the now partially flooded room with the slanted blocks. Hop down and swim into one of the openings W, down the hole and follow through to climb out in the room wit the Amulet. Go to the middle of the E wall and face S to climb the brown block so youíll end up in the water passage above, swim ahead to the hole up in the ceiling SE, follow through to a room with a lever, the gates at the Amulet will lift. Swim back through the same tunnel and go around the green tunnels to the opposite NW corner and up in the hole there. Drop through the hole in the floor SW and go get the Amulet of Horus.

Jump straight up after picking it up and climb out into a small area, go through the door S and jump into the steep tunnel S to make your escape.

End of the "short?" level.