SAUDI ARABIA - deluxe edition (2008)

By Donald Forgues

Walkthrough written by G&D Productions. (This walkthrough is for the revised levels)

We had some problems with the cut scenes, as some were cut so short that we couldnít see what they showed.

Level I: The Stolen Coffin - 4 secrets

The Palace.

You start in the dark, go NE to find a crawlspace for Secret #1, a Medipack, back flip from the top of the ladder to the ledge and run-jump back. Find the hole in the floor (S) and slide down to the yard. To the right two guards will come after you and finally two Scorpions will attack.

Enter the passage in the light grey wall opposite the passage you came from (NE) and shoot some Scorpions. Shoot the SE vase for some Flares and see the different textured tile in the centre of the room. Itís a drop-through-floor, drop and shimmy to the west side and go down all the way, in the passage is Secret #2, Flares. Climb up again and get into the crawlspace the Scorpions came out of before, go left (W) and the gate will open as you approach.

The Cage room, the Star of Heaven.

Go to the other side of this "Cage" room (N wall) and face W and open the well-hidden trapdoor (lower part of the floor, facing W). Shoot the nearby vase for Uzi ammo, the other is empty and push the floor lever. Watch the cut scene. Go back to the previous room and climb the block.

Jump on the cage and walk to the E side and run-jump into the opening and save. Sprint when the spikes are up to the other side and push the floor lever. Watch the cut scene, sprint back over the spikes and jump on the enormous cage. Use the pole to climb down and get the Star of Heaven from the pedestal.

The Old Key.

Back onto the pole and climb all the way up, till Lara is with her head to the top of the opening. Then turn around and back flip. Shoot the vase on the right for some Shotgun ammo. Get the Old Key from the pedestal and make it back via the ladder onto the cage. Go back to the crawlspace and keep going straight at the intersection and find the keyhole where you can use the Old Key.

The Labyrinth for the Arabia Pillar.

Go right (W) from the entrance hall and go around some corners and when you see an intersection to the right, go straight (E). Around the corner there, spot a crawlspace in the wall on the right (E) and get in. Shoot the left vase for some Uzi ammo and use the floor lever in the corner. The cut scene shows a door opening.

The wall in the E is climbable and once on top, shoot the ninja and pick up his guns. Follow through and drop down in the opening in the floor. Slide down and shoot the two ninjaís and pick up some Uzi ammo.

Face E and back flip and grab the ledge ahead, jump from ledge to ledge to the top to get into the opening W. Follow through to a room with two floor levers. Flip them both and go back to go back down via the ledges into the open door. You're back in the Labyrinth. Follow through N passing the crawlspace and the door will open when you approach it, this is the entrance hall again. Shoot the ninja and go straight (W), have a look in the passage S there, there are some steps and a closed door (get in here in a timed run later). Back out and head W from the entrance hall and go left around the corner. At the intersection go to the right (S, the door ahead is the one you came out of before), follow through and go up a ramp and to the right (W). Shoot the ninja and enter the room around the corner. The vase SW has a medipack, get the Arabia Pillar from the pedestal.

Timed Labyrinth Run.

On the right of the door entrance is a ladder, climb it to almost the top and back flip on a ledge. The marked tile shows you a cut scene of a door opening. Better save on the tile as it is timed. Sprint as much as you can as it is a bit of a run but here we go. Jump off, through the door, take the first on the left (N) down the ramp go around 2 corners and again go left (W), again a couple of corners and in the small entrance hall take the opening left (S) and jump down the stairs and there is the door. Watch out as the floor is dangerous so either jump to the right or to the left over the save tiles. (You can also decide to save near that ladder next to the trigger tile, so you can hop back on the tile, run off the ledge and the door still has to fully open while you are already on your way).

In the W of the room you can pick up Secret #3, some Uzi ammo (this opens the door again, but doesn't give the Secret sound) and use the Star of Heaven on the S wall. You'll get another cut scene; so make your way out of the door and up the stairs to the entrance hall. Go right (E) and into that crawlspace around the corner in the E wall. Back to the room with the lever through the crawlspace.

Climb the wall E, follow through and slide down at the other end, jump the ledges till you are way up. This time jump to the rope (N) and swing to the other side. Go up the stairs and the right hand vase there has Uzi ammo.

Labyrinth Swim.

At the top run to the right rope and turn to the right and swing into the opening there (NE). Use the monkey climb to get over the lava pool and go to the pool room, dive in (not easy to navigate here) and into the shaft. Follow till you get the front view of Lara, push the look button and see the spike balls hanging, go along the left side, pass under the ball there and stop when you see the room shake, indicating one of the balls just fell. Go right to the other side of the room. Up into the hole the ball came from, swim till you see the room shaking and roll, get back down and to the East into the new tunnel, follow to a room with a lever and pull it to open a door.

Get back to the pool climb out and go N (passing the lava room) and use the crawlspace at the end. At the other end, lower yourself down and shimmy left round the corner till you can get up another crawlspace.  In the room with the sarcophagus, only shoot the left vase to take the Shotgun ammo, use the lever in the SE corner and go through the open door.

Take the nearest rope and swing to the right to enter a greenish looking opening W. Jump up on the ledge, turn around and another jump up and use the lever in there. Jump back down and down again using the CTRL as well to get back into the opening E. Take the rope and swing to the S to leave this place. Go down the steps and jump the ledges down to the ground floor. Go out N and way back up to the room up the ramp (where the timed run started) and the double doors there opened up.

Timed Pool Jumps.

Slide down and up some steps and get the Shotgun from the pedestal. Jump up at the water ledge and stand on the coloured tile and save, as this is a timed jump to the other side.

Hereís what to do, stand on the ďopenĒ tile on the right side facing the gate, step all the way back and do a stand-jump to the right hand corner of the ledge in front, do a run through jump across to the left pillar (SW) and land on the left corner, turn right, run-jump to the closest corner of the green block in front of the gate, quickly turn right and side-jump left into the gate.

Follow the passage; pulling out the shotgun and take care of the ninja and two more at the big doors (one leaves a small medipack), they will open on approach. Donít go out yet, just go a bit back and find the windowsill W and climb up and use the floor lever.

Now you can go out in the open double doors, out to the street and keep the left to enter the room with the vases. Shoot them to get 2 x Shotgun ammo and drop into the hole in the SE corner. Climb out at the end and jump in the water and swim through.

At the hole in the floor dive down and swim W, the gate opens when you approach. Use the floor lever in this small room and go back into the water. Now swim to the other side as that gate is open now, again use the floor lever and go back into the water. Swim back and up and then swim to the S and climb out in the puzzle room.

"Underwater Gate" Puzzle, the Arabian Knot.

Climb the ladder on N wall and go left, follow the landing to a different coloured tile (save here as this is timed and be sure you have your health topped up), stand with your back against the wall, facing the pool.

Run-jump to the right and swim into the open yellow gate, swim to the end, roll and swim out. Go left and swim into the green open gate, swim to the end/roll and out to the opposite side (N) on the right. Swim in and out, back to the opposite side into the red tunnel this time. Again in and out, swim to the right (E).

Roll again and this time swim back into the yellow gate, the next is to the left, the red gate and after this go to the left to the opening W, do a roll when on top of the Knot and then pick up the Arabian Knot, so you can immediately swim out and get the so much needed air.

Swim back through the left hand open gate N and back to the pool. Jump down into the opening in the floor and climb out at the end. Shoot the soldier and go outside.

A Rusty Key.

Take a right into the building but inside go to the NE corner and into the crawlspace. Place the Knot and the Pillar and make your way to the outdoors again. Go to the open gate SW and look behind the Jeeps for a Rusty Key and open the big doors. Enter the storeroom and shoot a Ninja that will come out. Go to the end of the room, find the ladder to climb to an upper room, climb down the ladder in the NW corner and get Secret #4, Uzi and Shotgun ammo and Flares.

Climb back up the ladder and back flip to that upper room again, go over to the crate in the SE corner and climb on, run-jump/grab the ceiling in N direction and monkey swing N through the passage, turn R in next room and drop to the ledge. The floor is deadly here so go over to the N side and turn L, jump to the ceiling again and into the next room, drop and shoot the Ninja, he leaves some Shotgun ammo and from there go W.

The Pillar Jumps.

A camera shot will show you the jumps you have to do next. Run-jump/grab the ladder on the pillar and climb to the right, to the top and with your feet on the 4th step, back flip/roll/grab the pillar and hang, overlook the next set of jumps, youíll have to go along the left hand wall to the other side of the room. Pull up and start jumping. (itís quite impossible to tell all jumps, but if you save when hanging on pillars, you will surely get to the other side).

Last of the first series is a long slide to a ladder, jump/grab in the last moment, climb left and up, from one step down, back flip/roll/grab the pillar behind, pull up, slide to the end and jump/jump/jump/grab the higher pillar, pull up and slide-jump and slide 2 long slopes down till you drop in a pool of water, Climb out to the right (S) and enter the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth,Cartouche Piece 1, the Isis Cartouche.

Go R/R and get the 1st part of the Cartouche Piece 1, back and R, shoot box for a small medipack, back and R end R, shoot another box for Shotgun ammo.

Turn around (the box E is empty) and go L, 2nd R (E) and take the 3rd L to use the floor lever (wall lowers). Go back out, head straight (S) to the end and around the corner grab the Isis Cartouche and back again to the N this time. Take the second L and immediately to the right and follow through, jump over the water hole and enter the room with the Coffin.

The Coffin, Cartouche Piece 2.

The flyby shows the gate and some rooms upstairs, donít step on the ledges at the Coffin, but go around to the other side, enter the room with the 2 statues, switch the statues places (ignore the mummy as much as possible) and the gate in the Coffin room opens (W). Pull the floor lever inside and 2 blocks rise, giving you access to the 1st floor. Kill the Harpy first and go climb up, explore all 4 rooms to get Shotgun ammo, Medipack, small medipack and Cartouche Piece 2, releasing two Harpies. Now place both Cartouches and the big doors open.

Kill a Ninja and go up the long ladder,  off right into the passage, kill another Ninja and up more ladders, to finally reach a room under the glass floor you saw before, take out the Ninja guarding the place and go down the steps to slide down a dark passage into the next level.

Level II: Underground Metro - 5 secrets

The Service Area.

After the slide you are in the service area of the metro, notice the ladder to the left and go on to the small ladder in front of you, up and kill the guard. Go left into the room and push the button in the SW corner of the room (trapdoor opens). Go out into the corridor go to the 3rd room on your left, shoot the Guard and push the button on the left (notice there is another button, high up on the wall).

Go out to the corridor, down the ladder in the end of the corridor and light a flare, at the end behind a crate at the SE wall you'll find Shotgun ammo. Jump over to the N side and around the corner there youíll find the light button, but it will trigger the alarm too (and open a trapdoor somewhere, so you'll have to use it).

Shoot 4 Guards that came out to investigate and take the Uzi ammo they drop. Climb back to the passage upstairs and go into 2nd room right. Take the Uzi ammo on the desk and climb the ladder, get Shotgun ammo from a desk.

Jump E over the trapdoor and follow E, SW behind the red crate is a medipack, then climb the yellow crate. Face S and pull up, take the first to the right and use the push button. Go back out and to the right into the now open trapdoor. Climb down the ladder and shoot the Guard (he leaves a medipack), there are 2 buttons on the wall over the lava, only use the right hand one and get back up the ladder, down the opening at the end and down the ladder W back to the corridor and into the last room.

The Silver Key.

Climb the block you just raised and use the button (the crate in the lava room moves). Back to room # 2, up the ladder, to the E and go up the yellow crate, up to the corridor above and down the ladder at the end. The crate moved aside, so enter the corridor W. Push the button, and drop into the now safe lava pit, pull the floor lever there and back up the ladder, the trapdoor at the crossing is now open.

Climb down and look for a crack in the S wall, jump to it and shimmy left, go down the next ladder and push the button there. Climb up the ladder and shimmy to the left and at the end drop into the pit where the flames are now gone. Use the button W; the floor will take you up. Use the crack to go left again and from the top of the ladder you can back flip into the open exit. Shoot the Guard in the storeroom and take his Silver Key. You are back at room # 1. Shoot the dark crate NE and grab the Shotgun ammo. Go out to the corridor, drop down E and climb that ladder S. Climb off to the left and up some steps to use the Silver Key.

The Chain Puzzle.

A closed gate in front and left+right are 2 rooms with each 3 chains, go R (up the stairs) and pull the Right hand chain, roll and sprint for the opposite stairs, down and again the Right hand chain and also the Middle chain, roll and sprint up the first set of stairs. Go L/R and pull the chain in front of the steam blower. Turn left and sprint through the passage, mind your health! And into the gate after you pulled the chain.

To the right is a closed gate for later (see Secret #2), pull the chain left, and go back through the steam passage, into the gate you opened to the right.

The Grinder.

Slide into the water and climb the wall on the S, shimmy to the right and around the corner, crawl in and get Secret #1, the Revolver. Get back down into the water.

Go forwards (N) as far as you dare and watch the meat-grinder. The minute it is passing walk to the waterfall and if you timed it right you even can get the Revolver ammo on the right hand side, with a bit of health loss. 

Climb up NE (notice the yellow door) and go over the waterfall to the ladder on the W wall, go up and face the room, start jumping the ledges to get to the button SE. Push it and you'll see the yellow door being opened. Get there and go up the stairs. In the room shoot the Guard and get his Metro Card. Pick up the Card Key on the desk N. On the grey block SW in this room is also a button, push it to open a door and go back to the waterfall. Climb the W side ladder again and at the end turn around and spot the ladder where you can climb up. Get even higher and go up a ramp. Use the Card Key at the door.

Shoot the two guards (one leaves a medipack) and watch out for the meat-grinder. SW is a button, which will open the gate to Secret #2 we'll get later, then go up the stairs. Use the button in an alcove at the end and you'll hear an explosion. Leave and back to the ladder, go down the ramp, down the ladder, cross the waterfall back to the room beside the fall. The gate will again open when you approach and the room has been blown apart. Lower yourself into the hole in the floor and go S.

The Cave.

Light a flare and shoot 2 Dogs and a Bat and find a small block on the left (E). Run and jump to the one SE and to the next (the jumps are a bit tricky as you donít have much space to jump up), on the 2nd pillar, stand with your back to the wall and hold your ground, as a bat will try to push you off. Jump to the one W and look N. Then jump to the last pillar, the one on W wall, look for the highest part of the ceiling and run-jump/grab that pillar) Get into the dark crawlspace, get down into the opening in the floor when you can stand up straight, another crawl and jump down.

In the dark room shoot the Dog and push the button NE. Enter the new opening N.

Youíre back in the passage at the beginning of the chain puzzle, shoot the Guard and go E and to the right, through the steam passage to get Secret #2, Uzi ammo from a gate you opened before (if you're up to it). Go back and down the ladder W to the start corridor and enter the 2nd room left, up the ladder, back flip/roll to go E and turn right (S), follow the stairs down to a door you can open with the Metro Card.

The Metro.

Go E along the train and then pass the hole in the track on the left side, look for a passage to the right in the dark (S) jump in to get the Medipack. Go back to the hole in the track and although there is a ladder better face E standing on the track and do a safety drop onto a crate, be sure to have your health topped up as it will take quite a lot.

Jump (NO Ctrl) to the small room (N) with the Guard in it and shoot him to get his Motorbike Key. Go back out of this room and stand in the very right hand corner, turn right a bit and make a run-jump to the ladder on the W wall, grab in the last moment and climb up, on top you have to release the action button for a moment, so you hang, shimmy left and pull up onto the flat ledge. Jump back to the tracks and go to the train, right hand side from here and find the store room with the Bike.

The Bike.

Go in, mount the Bike and drive it to the hole in the track, go past it to the E again and from that side along the S wall, drive into the pit, watch the health. You have to land on the ledge the dead Guard is on and from there to the right onto the spiked floor, so stay on the Bike. Drive through the wall N and into the tunnels. Go R and you might run over a Guard, but for now go with some speed into the right hand tunnel and keep to the right to clear the gap, go left and cling to the left wall to clear another gap, run over a Guard.

On top and left around the corner, get off the bike and climb the blocks. Face N and jump up to climb the ladder. At the end of that passage a fly by kicks in (hard to keep up with it), so go to the open door W and down the stairs, at the intersection go right, right again (kill a Guard) and keep going to the right to find the button you need to push (a door opens).

Turn back, going left at crossings, and up where the flyby was shown you'll find the open door NE.

The Elevator Fuse.

Go in and follow this corridor down, passing the toilets (with a guard that leaves some Shotgun ammo), continue this passage and the door opens.

Go left (and not straight) for now and enter the radar room. Kill the guards and pick up a small medipack and the Elevator Fuse that they drop (be sure they drop inside the room). On the desks W youíll find the Uzi and some Uzi ammo.

Exit in the SW, take at the intersection the right hand side and follow back (opening S), take the ladder down to the Bike.

Go back (E) around the corner, ride over the right/left slope to avoid the pit, around a left corner, again take the slopes and around the next corner, just before the pit, stop the bike and climb down the ladder. Go W up the ramp, follow through down some steps and shoot the two guards (one leaves some Uzi ammo). 

Jump in the water and swim in N and up, to the S and follow through, up and climb out. Use the floor lever S. Back in the water and climb up at the end, up the stairs SW and up the ladder E.

Back to the N, avoiding the pit, up the ramp, again avoiding the pit. Take the corner left, passing the blocks you already have been here, go around the corner and take the first on the right (W) at the intersection go right again (N) and park the bike.

Climb in and jump to the SW corner, this is the door you just opened. Jump up S and use the floor lever.

Optional: First we go down in the water and better save. There is an opening N and in this passage avoid the squishy blocks. You have to get into an opening N and a bit to the right. Get Secret #3, a Medipack. Carefully swim out and up. Leave this place and get back on the bike.

Go into the first on the left (E) then to the right (S) a left again (E) at the end right and again a right (W). This is the door you opened, you can leave the Bike there. Use the floor lever and the whole place starts to shake and rumble. Go forwards and jump onto the yellow crates and take a running jump/grab and end up on the block under a black opening S. Enter the opening and use the Elevator Fuse.

Go out and lower yourself to the floor of the tunnel and go into the opened yellow door W to use the button, the elevator raises. Step out and go down NE, use a flare as it is pitch dark, jump down and go N, watch out for a pit, jump over for Secret #4, Uzi ammo.

Jump back over the pit and go back to the room where you used the elevator and go to the SW corner. There is another button and you are in an elevator again. Shoot the guard and pick up his Silver Key.

Go up some steps and spot 3 floor levers. Use only the first and the last ( left and right) and climb up the blocks S. At the top a trapdoor is open, you are back at the metro. Go to the other side of the tracks (N) and find the stairs leading down. Go straight into the (now open) dark small room and get Secrets #5, Revolver ammo, by climbing over the crates.

Go back out and up the stairs, to the other side of the tracks to the SW corner, the door you came from before. Up the stairs, go around the corner down into the opening in the floor left (W), out of the room and to the right, down in the end and up the ladder on your right. Up some steps and take the first on your left (N) and use the Key at the end of this passage. Enter and walk W, through the open door.


Level III: Kuwait City - 3 secrets

The Offices.

Go left and follow through, left up (N), shoot the Guard, upstairs go left, then right and kill another Guard. Take his Code Disc, in this passage is a door that will open automatically for you, itís at the N wall and has a caution sign overhead. Enter and place the Code Disc in the Terminal on the N wall. Now go back out and right, to the corridors and left (S), follow through all the way to the end, go right to the balcony and kept left to enter the now open door W.

Open the doors from the cupboard left (step one step from the cupboard and use action) and get the Laboratory card from the shelf. Go back out passing the balcony to the corridor right (N), run all the way to the end and around the right hand corner you'll see the receptacle for the card. Use the switch in the SE corner. Go back to the corridors, go right, left and left and opposite the ďCautionĒ sign is the opened door. Go in and open the cupboard around the corner to grab the Lazer Fuse (The inventory says LAZER FUSE and not Laser fuse).

Go out the door and to the right, right and left to place the Fuse in its receptacle W. The lasers go green, go left around the lab and into the room with the squishy blocks, over to the other side to pull the switch there and then into the passage with the green Laser, go past the blocks for now and in next room (W), enter the small control room, the door will open when approaching, pull the switch to stop the squishy blocks from moving.

The Puzzle. (see map)

Draw a little map of 5 by 5 squares and take over the numbers on the floor, now look at the blocks and the position they are in, if the block stands on a number on your map, thatís the blocks number; there are 4. The other blocks are just there to make it harder for you.

The green circuit boards (o the floor) also get a number like that, now move the blocks with numbers to the green boards with the same number and the trapdoor, next to block 3, will open, move the last block without a number so you can climb in and be careful, the floor is a Laser trap.

Take a running jump/grab the left hand pillar and climb up one step, go around to the right, so you can back flip/roll/grab the one behind, same goes for the next pillar, one more and get into the passage to the right. Monkey swing is the thing, from one step back from the Lasers, do a stand-jump/grab forward and grab the ceiling, drop on the other side on the green laser covered floor and jump to the next and the next one near the grating and shoot the gratings with pistols jumping up.

A Code disc and the Revolver.

Climb in and go out on other side, shoot the Guard and enter the next crawlspace after shooting the grating (S and right behind a plant). Crawl in shoot another grate, go to an office and get the Revolver from the table, get a Code disc from the cupboard and return to the passage with the crawlspaces.

The door opposite will open for you, enter to place the Code disc in the Terminal. In the office where you got the Disc the door will now be open, so return there through the crawlspace W and go out into the corridors, take a right (E) and around the corner the lasers have turned green


Go to the right (S), notice the blue door to the right and kill a Dog a bit further on, a jump switch on the green building to the left. Climb up near the window of the green building (E) for some Shotgun ammo and go on S and left in the end and there is some Shotgun ammo in the warehouse to the right, guarded by another Dog. You can climb the ladder and back flip/roll to get on top of the crates, jump to the other side for a small medipack.

Drop down and return outside and go stand under the blue steel bridge like structure, opposite the wooden gate in the building, on the wooden sidewalk next to the water and look S and up.

The Laser Sight.

There is an open space in the blue structure, jump up and grab/ pull up and make your way around to the other side, get the Revolver ammo and return to the control panel you just passed in the E. Climb it and get on to the top of the bridge.

Now go over to the roof of the green building, remember where the jump switch was? In the N, use it to open the wooden gate to enter the green building. There is a switch inside that will open a trapdoor on the 1st floor of this building, get on to the roof again via the blue bridge and drop from the S side, find the opening in the wall and drop/grab, get in and climb up the other side to get a Medipack, jump over the open trapdoor to the S side and get the Uzi ammo and the Laser Sight.

Drop down and crawl out and get back to the docks, enter the Red brick house and shoot a guard. Use the jump switch on the wall (S) and you can shoot the window to get the Uzi ammo from the windowsill. A dog will come running to you when you get out again.

The Cabin Key.

Head back to the place where you came out from the offices (NW), N and just past that door is a road going down into the building. Just in front of the opening, look up on the wall of the office building and notice the fuse box, shoot it with the Revolver and Laser-sight and it will start burning.

Go inside the offices again through the green lasers, left and left into the office, through the crawlspace take a left again (N), the last door in this corridor is open now.

Shoot out the window and jump right (S) to the roof over the office entrance, go to the other end and find another window to shoot (W), get in with a stand-jump-grab and get the Cabin Key from the table, you can leave through the door or just drop from the roof outside and go over to the Ship in the Docks.

The Ship, the Jeep keys.

Get on the ship, go to a small ladder E and climb in. Shoot the guard and get the Uzi ammo from the NE corner. Drop down into the lower passage, SW you can find Shotgun ammo. Use your Cabin Key on the other side and enter.

Get the Jeep keys from the cabinet (E), go back outside and go around the ship to locate the sharks and shoot as many as possible, then return to the back of the Jeep and walk E to the edge of the ship, so you're facing that fence on the shore. Look dow i the water and spot that rock below, tur aroud ad hop backwards into the water, swim straight dow along the W side of the rock to find Secret #1, Shotgun ammo, could be there's another shark, so don't dilly dally but swim NW to a rusty wall with an opening in it, get in there and follow to where you can climb out.

Climb out N and get the Flares, jump W and shoot the Dog, go S for Secret #2, a Medipack. Follow the dark passage N for the exit and shoot a second dog. Follow through to some steps and left of that steaming pipe is some Shotgun ammo, go up the steps and use the switch so you can climb up the ladder (also creating a shortcut in case you might fall into the harbour).

Back to the ship and get into the jeep, drive it off the ship, go NW and into the building where you shot the fuse box, drive it up the steep ramp over the red line. This opens a trapdoor, park the Jeep on the guard and get out. Go S and climb up, get Secret # 3, Shotgun ammo. Do not go down the stairs as that is a shortcut back to the road outside but turn around and shoot the grating (E) on the duct, get in and go to the next level.

Level IV: Pet Cemetery - 4 secrets

In the yard of the Zoo, go right and climb the little boutique, on the roof (SE) youíll find Secret #1, Uzi ammo. Go down and into the opening E.

Find the passage to the right just around the corner (S) and go in and take the first right and find the wooden gate that still is closed to the left. Shoot the box for some Shotgun ammo. You can open the door in a room downstairs, with a timed switch. Go back to the corridor and right, pick up the Flares that are in an alcove on the right, go to the end of the corridor, down some steps and save in front of the wall lever SW.

Timed Run, the Cemetery Key (right).

Pull, push the look button once and roll/sprint turning left, keep left and into the passage to the wooden gate, run into the gate (in stead of sprint, runjumps will do too). Drop between a couple of Crocs, blast them away and find the Brass ball hanging between the branches behind the tree near the gate (back to the NW corner and look up S), shoot it.

If you are lucky and jump from the threshold of that timed door, you might end up on the tree branches and get Secret# 2, Grottosí Key, from there it is also possible to shoot the ball with pistols and then you have to jump down shooting the Crocs.

The wooden door W opens when you approach so go there. Next wooden gate opens, shoot two warthogs, approach the next wooden gate en follow through.

Next cage has some wolves.

Find the open storeroom to the right, enter to get the Cemetery Key (right) and pull the switch to open the exit (E), you'll end up in the room with the Timed run switch (In case you missed that secret #2, you could go for it now.) Back to the Zoo yard so go up the stairs, right again at the end (E).

Go to the wall with the Hotel sign but go into the left passage and pull the switch in front, next to the closed pool, go down again and take the R passage at the hotel sign, the gate to the streets is open.

The Streets.

Go to right (S) and get some Shotgun ammo from the fountain in the SW, Shoot the guard and go SE to get the Uzi ammo in the street corner. Turn around to go N and shoot two more guards for Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo.

Go back a bit and spot the steps (NW or NE) and hoist up N. Turn around and take a running jump to the red/white striped roof. From there, jump to the ledge E. Face SW and take a running jump/grab to the Hotel roof and from there, take another running jump to the last roof S and get the Uzi ammo. Jump back the previous roof and now jump W to the red/white roof. Behind it is an opening and also at the bottom a switch. Climb out after flipping the switch and safety drop to the street. Go to the E side and jump on the small building, the ďDroguerie ď and drop into the hole in the roof.

Crate Puzzle, the Bird Cage Key.

Push the green crate in. Move all the loose boxes to the passage S so you'll get some room, make the N passage empty and take out the SE one last, behind it youíll find a crowbar door for later. Enter the N passage and push in the box to reach the small storeroom, shoot the wolf and three boxes on the floor to get Shotgun ammo and the Bird Cage Key.

The Monkey Cage.

Get back to the streets and through the gate where you entered the street (W), use the key on the keyhole to the left. Go in and down to the grass left, keep along the wall as there are spikes around, shoot a vulture, go to the SW corner and there drop into an invisible hole, follow, shooting some Scorpions and be careful here. The bushes are spiked, go 2 squares forward and left, around to the right and shoot 2 more Scorpions, step into the SE bush (this one is safe) and go through the grassy wall E, avoid the dark bushes again and go to the switch N. When you use it youíll see where to go next.

Go back out of the hole, kill the vulture and go along the wall again to the N, just around the corner at the gate, keep close to the parameters of this compound, and climb the tree NW.

Climb off to the right, a running jump to the next SW and hop to the next branch. Again take a running jump/grab to the tree E and another hop to the branch N. From there a running jump to the wooden walkway N. From there take a running jump/grab to the ledges with the poles. The one in the corner is the one to climb though.

The Cemetery key (left).

Back flip over the fence to the landing, pull the switch on the other end and look for the rope to jump to S. Swing over to the platform and go over the branches again shooting a vulture, find another rope W and swing to the balcony left (W). Enter the door and get the Cemetery key (left) inside. Back out and climb the pole next to the door, up to the yellow line and turn so you face NW, now back flip and you should land on a branch of the tree. Go back to the platform and do a stand-jump to the lower bridge and drop down to the floor at the entrance from one of the pole ledges N.

The Cemetery.

Go back to the Zoo yard (W) and take the left passage at the hotel sign, up there you pulled the 1st switch, to the left (W wall) you can use both Cemetery Keys to open the gate. Enter and go forward to the 4th row of graves, turn right and look for the climbable wall, go up and find the hole in the gate.

The Campsite, the Crowbar.

Drop down in the campsite area and shoot some wolves.

Look for the Crowbar at the back of the little house, somebody tried to open the door but was probably eaten by hungry Wolves. In the NE corner of the area is some more Shotgun ammo, if you want. There is a crawlspace SW in the W rocks, get in for Secret # 3, a Medipack. Explore the rocks on the W side (climb up NW) to get Shotgun ammo (SW).

From the rocks SW, take two standing jumps E along the cemetery wall and climb the wall where you came in and get down to the cemetery.

The Wind Element.

For now get out (youíll be back) but we are going to use this crowbar first. Back to the ďDroguerieĒ that is towards the opening with Hotel on it (E) and then SE on the little square. Climb up and into the opening of the roof, open de crowbar door SE and pry the Wind Element from the wall.

Go back to the cemetery and locate a trapdoor between the pillars S.

Drop down and light a flare and shoot a scorpion. Open the door to the left and pick up a Medipack, do not go any further as the floor is a spike trap. The open the right door, enter, shoot some pesky bats and scorpions and prepare to shoot some Big Scorpions as well. Proceed through the cave and to the right, climb over the 2nd rock from the right and reach a pool. Dive in and keep right going into the small tunnel, swim through and keep to the left around the corners. Climb out (N) for a small medipack, get back to the water now swim S and a Croc appears. Go right (W) and down into the opening and follow through into the right hand tunnel, try to lure the Croc so at the end when you climb out, you can shoot it. Climb the block and use the switch there. Go back to the water, swim back to that room where you met the Croc and now into the other opening in the floor (E).

Go right (N) around a corner and then go right and immediately left, around another corner and climb out. Jump on the block in the corner and use the switch.

Back to the water into the other opening (back to the previous switch) and get Secret # 4, Revolver ammo from the open gate S. Back to the water and to the other room and stand in the NE corner and look up through the binoculars. Shoot the brass ball you can see through the leaves.

The gate opens next to you. Use both switches and jump back in the water. Swim back to that main room and into the left hand opening S and climb up S as well. Jump around on the ledges (NE one has Uzi ammo) to the one with the pole, climb up till Lara head is halfway the border and back flip. Doesnít matter the left or right corner. Now stand away from the wall, time the emitter and do a running jump and grab to the ledge with the emitter. Stay in the corner and hoist up and back flip to the ledge with the switch. Jump in the water (after using the switch) and swim to the other open gate (SW). Climb out, go in and jump up facing W for another switch that you need to pull.

Timed Jumps.

Save first as this is a timed run. Pull/roll and take a running jump NE, halfway W is a timed platform, climb up, roll and take a running jump/grab to the opening E. Climb the ladder a bit and back flip, turn around and take a running jump W and flip the last switch. Just take a standing jump with Ctrl E and lower yourself down. Jump down and get into the water again and Save here with lungs full of air. Swim back to the main room, go left (W) and swim to the right over some steps and follow through.


Level V: Grottoís Dark Palace - 4 secret

The Underwater Labyrinth, Element Piece # 1.

I hope I can make this clear, go L as soon as you enter the greenish tunnels, L again and straight, into the small hole up L in the ceiling, go into the wider tunnel E and L at the end and just L around next corner is an air hole in the ceiling. Also keep an eye out for that Croc.

Now swim SW/R straight up the slope and into the hole in the ceiling up R corner, pull the lever in the end and get back for air, that's down the slope, L and just L around the corner again. Now go back to the green cave, swim SW/R/L into the triangular hole in the wall/L/straight to the hole in the floor down R corner, straight/ R and straight trough the hole to the green cave, up and immediately up through the opening in the ceiling you created by pulling the lever.

Get out, shoot a couple of bats and go into the brown cave W, notice the hole in the ceiling you have to swim to later when you flooded the cave. Go straight and into the small pool in the end. Swim to a lever and pull, go back to the green cave. Climb up the rocks SE and get Element Piece # 1.

Dive in the main pool heading S, swim down into the hole in the end (bottom) and go pull the lever to the right in the room at the end of the tunnel, now you can swim back and into that hole in the ceiling and into the brown cave W and up the ceiling hole. Also be aware that there is another Croc swimming around. The minute you pull out, two stinging insects attack you.

The Palace.

In the pool directly below is an underwater door that leads to the place where you have to place 4 Elements, donít bother to go there now. Around the pool are 3 doors that will open, when you step on the tile in front. To the left of the Big Doors is a passage that leads to 2 Scorpions and a ceiling hatch. To the right of the Doors is a staircase down. Let's go for the doors first and it doesn't matter which order...

The North door, Sand Puzzle for Element Piece # 2.

Start by entering the N door go in and down into a lower room, stay on the grey tiles, the lower ones are traps. Use 2 reach-in switches to open the next door (W) and go in.

Use only the left hand reach-in hole in the S and N. Go back to where you entered this area and light a flare. On the right (S) is a push block, push it and use the reach-in hole. The sand has filled the hole in the last room, so go there and pick up a small medipack and Element Piece # 2.

Breakable ledge Challenge, the Earth Element.

Back to the entrance again and into the new passage to the left (N) opposite the block you pushed, climb down the ladder into the pit and get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo.

Go back up and jump to the wheel in the NW, the door it will activate is in the NE. Turn the wheel about 5/6 times, turn right to face the ledge across the pit hop back and take a running jump/grab, pull up and run to the door, keeping in the centre of the ledge and jump to the breakable ledge in front land in the centre, turn left and stand-jump to the next ledge, do a running-jump to the corner and run onto the next, turning left, jump/grab the solid ledge or jump to the breakable ledge beside it and turn jump up/grab the solid ledge.

Climb up S and jump through the narrow opening there, pry the Earth Element from the wall and a heavy and nasty earthquake will rock the place. Turn around and climb the left rock again and turn E, jump to that passage and climb up through the hole to the right. Watch put for falling debris on your way, get onto the rocks NE and turn around, do a running jump to the other side, hoist up W for a small medipack. Follow through via some crawling over rocks to the S and when you have to jump up, stay on the right as some fallen rock can crush you. Slide down and end up at the pool at the castle.

The South Door, swimming for the Water Element.

Go down to the room with the Chains and Spikes, past the chains and stand a few steps back from the last chain and spikes on the left side, SAVE and time the run (when the spikes just went up) and take running jump to the save spot, do a running jump over the last set of spikes, aiming to the centre of the pit in the end and if everything goes well, youíll land exactly in a water filled shaft in the centre of the pit on the other side of the room (if not, try again from standing further back).

Swim down and follow through the triangular holes in the walls, go N then take the first left and left again and pull the lever in there (the gate with the Medipack is a Secret for later). Turn left from the lever and go right then left and up in the end up right through the hole in the ceiling to an open double gate, in and follow up to a lever, pull and turn R from the lever, up for air (this is also the way to the exit for later).

Get them lungs full, back down through the double gate and down there into a small tunnel N, open the underwater door and pull the lever, roll and swim up in the shaft just in front of the underwaterdoor you just opened. Hoist out of the water, turn and climb up to get the Water Element.

Into the water again and swim down and to the S end through the triangular holes and R in the end, R/L against strong current and L intro small tunnel, follow and L, up and climb out into a room with a button you just drained. Walk slowly (or quickly run past) to the button and 2 balls fall from the ceiling; knives pop out, crawl under them in the middle of the room and push the button to open the exit trapdoor. Turn to the W wall and light a flare, crouch and shoot the lower part of the wall.

Crawl in and at the end of this small passage shoot the wall S and E (exit). Crawl further and around the corner find Secret #2, 2x Uzi ammo, left and right. Crawl back out to the exit. On the pedestal next to the water hole grab also the Uzi ammo. Swim back to the right and in the main corridor go left and left, at the end up into the hole in the ceiling (right) to the double doors. Swim up, passing that lever and climb out at the end. Drop into the passage that is left of the Big Doors and shoot 2 Scorpions if you didnít already. Go for the last door at the pool.

The East Door, the Fire Element.

Go in and use the climbable wall at the end, go down as far as possible and back flip/jump/slide /jump aiming left a bit to the block landing on the right hand side, turn left quick and a running jump/grab to the wall just to the right of the hole where you came in.

Climb up and to the left around the corner, down with your feet just on the rock, back flip to another tile in the upper passage, donít worry this one will not burn you, I stood there for half an hour thinking what to do next and I didnít burn.

Boulder Alley.

Look up and see a couple of boulders, this means trouble.

Turn around facing to where you came from and hop back a few times, about 4 till the music starts, sprint back to the top of the slope and if everything goes well the 2 left side balls will fall without harming you. Now go down the slope keeping to the left and the last ball will roll by, at the bottom of the slope.

Stand left and do a running jump/grab to the other side, hang on the left as far as possible and pull up, as soon as you are on the top of the next slope, stand jump aiming left and you should land in a passage to the left.

Red Caves.

Go forward to a room with a closed door and torches on the wall, go into left passage and shoot a nasty insect. Go N and into the left alcove and open the door with the Crowbar. Shoot the bug and get the small medipack on the block. Get out and follow through N. Once you step into the water two more bugs appear. Go into the opening N and take a running jump/grab over the pit to the other side, watch out for the emitter.

Go to the right and use the wheel about 5/6 times. The door left on the other side of the water opens. So hop back and run jump over the wheel and sprint/jump to the open door. Kill the two bugs, and get Revolver ammo from the pedestal SE.

Go to the S wall and use the Grottoís Key there. Push the button on the little balcony and watch the cut scene. Go N, look for a Star up N and shoot it with Revolver and Sıght, a block will rise. Go to the 2 dark pillars opposite the gate you opened with the Grottoís Key and climb the block NE, grab up to a ledge and use the button to see you unlocked the Secret. Go down and face S, standing between the 2 dark pillars, look up and spot another Star way up. Shoot that too and a block will rise NW. Climb the block after shooting the bug and jump to the button E, trapdoors close at the pit with the emitter.

Now go N and jump in the water and swim passing the chain. Use the underwater lever S and swim through the open gate. Go left (E) and immediately left again for a small medipack. Turn and now swim out and climb out S.

Hot Block Push.

Go over the now closed pit there and pull out the block standing left (E). Hop back on the step and jump up to grab the monkey climb. Climb forwards and to the left to get over the pushable block. Pull the block twice and then better save, as you have to pull the block (twice) and passing the emitter while it is burning. Then hop back and wait till the emitter is out again for the last pull. It is doable if you time it just right, but you always can jump in the water if Lara catches fire.

Pull it into the room and into the SW corner on the burning tiles there. This opens the door opposite the emitter, so time your run into that small passage and get the Torch. Take it with you and go S. A bit further and to the right is a block that lowered, it gives access to Secret #3, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go S again to that dark red cave. You can ignite the Torch on one of the wall torches you pass. Go to the un-lit wall torches they are left and right of the gate in the W.

Now go into the gate and pry the Fire Element from the wall and get out.

Go S, the trapdoor in the corner is open; W is a ladder and climb it to the top.

Follow this passage and crawl out at the end. Jump down on the floor and shoot the bug.

We go for a secret first, go back to the South door and avoid the chains and spikes and jump in the water. Swim through and remember? Swim N into the right hand tunnel, then into the opening left and at the end right is that gate you opened for Secret #4, a Medipack. Roll and swim out to the left, up into the ceiling at the end, through the double gate and all the way up and jump back to the pool area.

Now we need to freeze some water or else you cannot insert the Elements. Go to the NW corner and combine the two Element Pieces to make the Fifth Element and place it on that pointy contraption. Back up the stairs and jump into the water. Open the underwater door S, swim in and after a couple of corners just swim up. Hoist up and the gate opens. Place the other Elements in their receptacles. Back to the gate and through the water and climb out at the castle.

Walk in, up the stairs and open the doors (Ctrl).


Level VI: Dark Dungeon - 3 secrets

The Main Hall.

Open the next doors and enter the Main hall, and you'll see a fly by of four skeletons awakening. Just wait here, hop back on the stairs and most of the Skeletons will go on the ledges between you and the small pools, you know what to do... blast them into the water. The pool N has a medipack, all the way in the back. The S pool has a statue to kill wraiths, so remember this.

Timed Run.

Behind the first two pillars are two jump levers, pull the left one and then save under the right hand one (from facing them). Jump up and grab the switch, land/roll/sprint W/ run-jump up the block and run-jump/grab the upper floor. Turn left and sprint through the open door. Youíve found Secret #1, but what is it? There are 2 moveable blocks, you canít move anywhere, shoot the 2 blocks next to them and enter the right hand passage to get the Crossbow. Now move both blocks to the place (one to the left and one to the right) where you shot the other ones and get Uzi ammo from under both.


Drop back to the ground floor and face the Skeleton on the W wall, there are 2 doors next to him, open both go in a bit and 2 Wraiths will be released, sprint to the pool with the small statue, swim to it and wait on the bottom till both Wraiths are gone. In the left room shoot the vase for a small medipack and take the Arrows from the pedestals. The other vase hides nothing. Face the E wall and drop back, hang and let go and crawl in. There are four blocks in here and the middle one is shootable. Push the single block to the S wall, so you can shoot the middle one and use the jump lever, watch the fly by and pull the NE block once to the entrance to get the Uzi ammo from underneath.

Now shoot the block in the N wall so you can go through to a simular room next door. Move the single block N, pull the SE block once and shoot the middle block E to use the Crowbar lever, take the Uzi ammo from the floor SE and move the S block back so you can pull the single block back once to get to the exit N. Go out, turn around and climb up to arrive back near the timed door, jump down to the ground floor.

Go to the right hand room W and get a small medipack and Arrows from the pedestals, donít shoot the vases here as one hides a skeleton and the other has nothing. You donít have to crawl in the crawlspace here as you already have been there (pushblocks).

Pickup Labyrinth.

We go for another secret go left and into an opening NE. Go straight to the opposite wall (E) and go left and right and make a U-turn to the right and jump into the opening on the floor for secret #2, Shotgun ammo. In this room and the room before that are skeletons, you can wake them and shoot them in the head with one arrow if you want. The pedestal (E) in this room has some Uzi ammo and the one in the previous room (N) Shotgun ammo. The rooms at the SE sides also has pick ups and skeletons, and there are openings in the floor you can shoot them in if you want to save your explosives Arrows.

NE is a small medipack, SE some Shotgun ammo, in the other room NE, Arrows and NW a small medipack.

The Gemstones, #1.

Go back to the room NE and find a ramp NE in the first room. This is the door you opened with that jump lever at the pushblocks. Under the vase are Arrows, go up the stairs and meet the Demigod, shoot him and get his Gemstone (go real close and duck to shoot him with pistols). Look for the receptacle (left hand one) near where you shot him and place the Gemstone.

The Gemstones, #2.

Go around the corner to the NE and enter a room with a fountain pool you just opened. Swim into the left tunnel (SW) and go forward and approach the door W. This will open. Go left or right and find the door W you can push open. Go on, up some steps and grab Revolver ammo on the right and a bit further a small medipack. The door W opens, shoot the four Demi gods who are in here. One leaves a Medipack behind. At the E wall are two lion heads, shoot the gems from their mouths. Take the Arrows from the pedestal in the NE passage, now go to the SW passage and save at the end.

Timed Runs for the Gem.

There is a timed run now. Back flip on the slanted tile, and sprint forwards all the way to the end into that passage E. Jump with a roll onto that slanted tile, jump again and now sprint to the NW corner.

You can save here again and pull the wheel about 5/6 times and sprint around the corner making a right hand U-turn and dive under the door (or a backflip/roll from the wheel, just run around the right hand corner and when you are against the door another roll and you're in). Go W turn around and pull the jump switch there. Go to the door N that opens for you and  jump on the block in the main room to get the Gemstone from the vase that isnít burning anymore. The door E opens so leave there. Go back to the water and out of the fountain pool, into the opening W and place the Gemstone in the receptacle.

Go back to the pool (NE) and dive in now taking the right hand opening (NW) swim down and up and climb out. Go W.

Horseman Quarters, the Green Gems.

Get out of the water and draw the revolver, hope you didnít empty it yet, you can do the following with the pistols too, but the revolver is more effective. Enter the next room and a Horseman will come at you, shoot him in his little green hart, hopping back so he will follow you face to face and shoot till he drops, he will drop a Green Gem. Place it in the left hand receptacle at the doors in the other end of the room. Go in to get a Medipack, youíll see a flyby of a horseman on horse, breaking out of his stable. Same thing here, try to stay in front of him or on the side he doesnít carry a sword and keep shooting (but shooting him from the side where he carries the sword he will drop sooner), when he drops from the horse, treat him the same as the other Horseman. This one will drop the 2nd Green Gem. Open the other door with the Gem and go upstairs. On the balcony go left and ignore the first 2 doors, open the last on this side (NE) and go down.

Swinging Blades.

Shoot a vase for a small medipack and go on to a room with swinging blades. Donít step on the dark tiles yet, (breakable) but stand just in front, now do stand-jumps, if the blade hangs left, jump along the right hand side and run against the corner of the wall, easy to stop this way and you donít get hurt here, now side step till you can make another angled jump.

To the Caves.

Go on to the other side and stand in front of the last tile, look carefully and see the Time wheel to the right and a closed door with a little ramp to the left. Think you have to go for the Time wheel first, so climb up there and save. Turn it about 5/6 times, hop back/grabbing the edge of the passage, side-jump left, climb up and run for the door, crawl under quickly (or roll when you stand against the door) and just drop through the breakable tile, landing in a pool with a Croc.

Swim W quickly and left into the SW corner to get out on the banks, wait and shoot the Croc. Jump in the water again, go back E and swim through one of the triangular openings on your right.

In that cave is Secret #3, a Medipack. Swim back out again. 

Climb back out of the water in the SW corner and go over the banks to the E, thereís a steep part you have to jump over. Go all the way E to where you see a big pillar standing in a lower part of the floor (S), behind the pillar is a door, remember where it is!

Take a running jump to the pillar in the water, almost under the hole you came out of, youíll find Secret #4, a small medipack.

Back to the water and swim W again but turn R at the end, walk out of the water and if you wonder where all those bones come from, youíll find out soon enough.

Dragon Lady.

Go W and shoot some Crocs, look around the L corner and see a gap in the rocks, there is a Big Wheel shaped door behind it. Go back to the crossing and N, shoot some more Crocs and get ready to meet the Dragon Lady and her team of Locust. The locusts arenít really the problem here, they only eat your health, so watch that, but the Dragon can set you on fire, and thatís not curable (when Locust appears, save/reload to get rid of them).

To the right in the passage youíre in, in front of the Dragon is a block on the wall, run straight into the corner and turn to the Dragon, she canít hurt you here with her fire balls, only the Locust will eat you, so keep watching the health. Arm yourself with Crossbow and Laser-sight, the explosive Arrows will do nicely, look over to the Dragon and see the lions head on the wall behind her. Shoot the Gem in its mouth and go back to the banks at the pool, remember the door there?

Itís open now, go in and pull the jump switch, you'll hear an explosion. Now the passage beyond the Dragon is open, go back to her and sprint past her into the tunnel N, find the crowbar lever in the right hand corner in the end and pull it to open that Big Wheel door. So once more S past the Dragon and into the left side of the crack in the rock at the Big door (only use Ctrl), shimmy right a bit and pull up. On the floor behind the Big Door is a trapdoor, stand in front facing S and open it, get down.

Pet Cemetery (revisited), the Laboratory Key.

Go through the cave and climb out at the ladder, go forward and open the crowbar door, shoot the Guard inside and get the Laboratory Key he drops. Go left (S) and climb into the passage, slide down to a warp trigger.

Kuwait City (revisited)

Go left and pick up a small medipack at the end. Retrace your steps a bit to go into the passage (E) and exit at the fountain. Go left and up some steps, into the 1st door to the left, this is the entrance to the Laboratory. Now you can enter the other door and use the Laboratory Key.

(You could also go into the second door. Go through the lasers, go left and left, into the room and up the duct. Climb out go right and left into the office and find the Cabin Key (which reappeared) on the table. But this Key disappears from the inventory when you change levels. So jump to the window and drop down to the outside.)


Level VII: Lab 42V - 3 secrets (One of the guards should drop a Secret key to a door SW in the passage West of the Hall, never found it so I didn't get the 3rd Secret here.)

Go right, enter some automatic doors and into the hall, dark here, we could use some light, turn around and push the button next to the entrance door e-voila, light..., This is the Hall, 3 doors here.

East Door, ID Card.

Go in and walk to the left door, shoot the Guard and take his ID Card and return to the Hall and take the W door.

West Door.

Go R and shoot a guard, get the Shotgun ammo. Use the ID Card E and go up the stairs. There are four doors in this hallway. On the left the first one has Uzi ammo, the second a Medipack, this also triggers a guard. The third one is a passage. Follow it to the end and only the reddish door on your right will open. 

Step in and stop to look on the right. Although this is not what you can call a mirror but you can see where to step on and where not. Go to the first one E (darker in the mirror) as you can see in the mirror, steam is coming out of it. Now jump all the darker tiles and the door E opens. The door on your left (N) is the exit (or when you jump wrong tile you can just go back and do it all over again).

Go into the door and enter the lab with the Humanoids in tanks, go left (NW) and push the button. Now head back through the door (S), follow through, though the mirror room, out the door N and keep going till you are back in the hall with the four doors. Two guards are there, shoot them and pick up a small medipack. Now open the last door in the E. Enter the toilets and open the ceiling hatch in the middle one facing W, turn around and climb up, there is a grating you opened with the last button you pushed. Enter the crawl maze 

The Crawl maze.

Follow to the end, go into the left passage and shoot the grating to go in for a small medipack. Back out and go left at the first crossing. At the T crossing, go left (N) up a slope and down the ladder, shoot the grating there (W) and get in to get Uzi ammo on the left and Secret #1, also Uzi ammo after shooting another grate.

Go back up the ladder and at the intersection go straight, down the ladder there and turn E, jump up to the next crawlspace and follow it to an office. Jump onto the book shelves and get behind the big TV screen, go through the purple curtain and follow the passage to a push button, it will open the exit from the office, but also the N door in the end of the E door passage from the hall (where you used the ID Card before). Go out through the door, down some steps to the right W, through the two doors at the end, and from the Hall into the West door.

West Door again.

Go to the end in the N and enter the newly opened door, down some steps and take the first on your right for some Shotgun ammo around the corner in the dark. Get out and continue S to a room with two openings in the floor and a guard.

Behind the door S are five switches, 4 together and one alone on E wall, this one opens a timed door (you can better do this after you finished your tasks here).

Pool Puzzle, the Blue fuse.

Pull switch 1 and 3 from the left to start the engine and go out, into the passage left (W), go straight and to a pool that was poisonous before, dive in and just under the entrance is an underwater lever you have to pull. Go back to the main room and jump over the holes in the floor to the ladder E, go down and get off on the right, drop and go into S passage. Shoot the guard and in the pool a bit further there is a little bit of water, jump to the open trapdoor in SE corner and swim in to pull next lever. Swim back out and up the ladder, back to main room, up the ladder and over into the W passage.

Go left to a now drained pool, climb down and into the open trapdoor, pull the switch and go back to the room with the holes and down the ladder to the pool with the other trapdoor (S).

The pool is now totally filled with water, so you can pull the lever on E wall.

Go back to the main room and see the water in the lower part, go over to the N side and turn around, look for a grating under water (under the S passage) and shoot it with the Crossbow or Revolver equipped with Laser-sight. Swim in and get the Blue fuse from the Computer (shoot the PC) and push the button on E wall. Swim back and climb the ladder one floor up.

A guard comes down to the Main room, you can go shoot him and there will be also another guard coming from the S. Go into the room W with all the switches.

Save in front of the timed switch (E) and pull, hit the look button once to get out of the cut scene and run for the door, be careful to steer right a bit, or you'll drop down in main room, sprint through the passages (N) to the stairs, just before hitting the stairs, jump to land on the second step and do one more stand jump, sharp around R corner and sprint through the corridor, take the last opening to the left (E), in the Hall take a right (E) through a blue door into the room where the fuses have to be used later and a sharp left into the timed door. Boy, is this a hard route or what? Youíll get Secret #2, Revolver ammo and 2x Shotgun ammo in the pool. Go back through the blue door to the Hall and now go through the E door, right hand side.

East Door, the Yellow Fuse.

Inside this door you will now see the right hand door open, go further down some steps and careful step in.

The first square is safe, turn R and light a flare, look in the mirror to see which tiles are dangerous and keep well clear of them, jump over to the Yellow Fuse on the other side and go back same way, now itís time to go through the S door from the Hall, where you just got the Secret.

South Door.

Go to the door with the fuse receptacles and the Guard behind it and open the door by putting the fuses in, don't go into the room yet but shoot one Guard behind you and one in front and take some Uzi ammo one of them dropped (better save before you enter the room you just opened as I experienced strange behaviour of one of the lasers when I saved inside the room).

Security Area.

Enter the next room, youíre in the entrance as I will call it, 2 laser protected passages going down, one L and one R, which is already green (safe) and stairs between the 2 passages, go upstairs, shoot one more Guard and take his ID Card, notice he 2 Laser protected alcoves here, the left with a button and the right with a control panel.

Go down and into the right hand passage with the green laser, follow and open next door, inside this room you can pull the left radar screen to the wall (N) next to the door, it will trigger a door upstairs to open. In the SW corner is some kind of machine you will have to go to later when youíve picked up something to put in it. Look for the hatch in the grated ceiling S between the cages with mutants.

The Mutant Sample.

Climb up on the left side, go to the room N and shoot the guard. Insert the ID Card into the slot in the NW corner (the left hand red laser in the entrance hall should turn green now, if not maybe you forgot NOT to save in this area)(Note: I had a reload in this part and the lasers were still red so I couldnít go on, so I had to go to an earlier save and didnít save again in this room) Start over.

Go back to the entrance area you can now enter the left lower passage.

In the small storeroom, climb the crate and shoot the grating in the opposite wall (W). Jump to the steel landing N and in the centre of it you can grab the ceiling to monkey swing to the crawlspace, follow it to next store room.

In the SE grab the Uzi ammo and jump over the crate for the Mutant Sample, this is what you have to put in the machine you saw before. So go back into crawlspace out of this room through the corridor and through the green lasers to the entrance hall.

The Mystical Power. 

Go into the right hand passage with the green lasers and place the Sample in the machine (SW). The blue door up the grated floor opens (look up and E). Climb up in the SE corner and get in to grab the Mystical Power from the room.

Jump down and get back to the entrance hall and on the way there, shoot the guards that were alerted. Pick up the Uzi ammo one leaves behind, go through the lasers and head up the stairs, the left hand door N has a green laser now, so you can finally enter there. Push the button and apart from the radar disk that starts working the door S of the stairs has opened.

Getting Out.

Open the door at the end left and shoot another guard. In that corridor, in the middle is a trapdoor, open it facing N and climb in (facing S).

Crawl through and at the end climb down a ladder, up a ramp and take a running jump and grab the ladder in front and shimmy to the left to the wall and from there shimmy to the right and climb up the last ladder and into the passage on the right.

Save here. Next is jump down, draw you pistols, shoot the grate, put away the weapons and jump with grab to get into the now open grate. Crawl in and up to the next level.


Level VIII: Rooftop - 2 secrets

Taking Out Resistance. (little trick that might come in handy... Arm with Revolver and sight, aim for the object (Sentry Guns), hit the numeric 1 key and shoot, Lara will now use Pistol ammo and saves on Revolver ammo, doesn't work too well on baddıes though)

Use a flare, as it is pitch black here and go left at the crossing and down a ladder, drop into the store room and grab the Shotgun and Revolver ammo from the workbench. A Medipack is found on the bench in the other corner. Back up the ladder, go forward and now go straight at the crossing. Open the door at the end, climb the ladder and open another door. Once on the roof shoot the guards on the roof. Donít shoot those guys on the roof on the left, as they seem to be friendly. On the right (E) is a ladder, climb down to the scaffolding for some Revolver ammo and a small medipack. Walk to the N end and aim at that grate you see way up on the E wall in the next building (N) and shoot it.

Back to the roof and more guards appear.

If you look NW you can take out the two Sentry Guns there on top of a roof. And even that oil drum a bit further near a chopper that is refuelling.

There is a pesky guard shooting at Lara somewhere from the streets below, so if possible shoot him.

You have to run-jump to the roof N, as much to the right hand corner as possible and hang from the edge and shimmy R to the opening you made, drop and get in quickly as a baddie in the streets could shoot at you (if you didnít get a chance to take him out before)..

In the room there, shoot out the windows N (this house and the house opposite) and run-jump/grab to the other side. Still on the windowsill from the other house you can take out a guard on a roof in the SW

If you look up through the hole in the roof  (SE) and the gun on the side you just jumped is facing away, so lets hit his little tank. Be sure the other gun is aiming at you through the hole in the roof, if not, just jump up a bit near the hole and check the position of his barrel, then jump back through the windows as far left as possible so the gun won't detect you and turn around, look up and if you did ok, you can take him out now.

From these windows, you can take out the baddie in the street too. Jump back through the windows and climb up the ladder and back flip. On the N side of this roof is a ladder, climb down. Donít mind the shooting behind the fence, as those are the good guys taking out a bad one.

Shoot the window on the right first for a Secret #1, Revolver ammo and a Medipack. Get out and now shoot the window on the left and enter, in the corner stand facing S and pull the trapdoor open. Climb up facing N and push the button at the elevators. The left door opens, and push the button in there.

You'll get back to the room with the ladder to the roof.

The Rusty Key.

Climb ladder and from the roof jump to the W roof where the helicopter was, drop on the W side and climb down a ladder. A dead guy lies on the fenced off roof, grab him by the hair and pull him off the Rusty Key you need. With the key, climb back to the roof the last Secret #2 is on the roof of the S building, jump over to get the Medipack and drop down in front of the Keyhole.

Go in and shoot the baddie, pull the grey shelf from the wall and get the Uzi ammo behind it. Look out the window W and enjoy the view. Now shoot the window S and another in the S building a bit down. Run-jump/grab into this window and push the button after you shot the baddie, the trapdoor to the roof opens, climb up and go over to the Chopper to leave Saudi Arabia.