THE SCROLL OF SETI (revised version)

Level by Darrell Wright (D. Ray)

Unauthorized Walkthrough by Gerty

This level has many dark corners and there arenít that many flares, so be careful with them.

At the start, pick up the flares.

Pool Hall.

Coming into the next room, dive into the pool and swim into an opening in the south wall, and climb out. Pick up the CROWBAR and pry the Golden Star from the wall. Jump in the water again and get out of the pool.

There are quite a few openings in this room.

Take the opening in the SW corner and in the room itself take the stairs left. Walk all the way around the corner and when you are at the north wall, there is a lever left. This is a timed lever so save before you pull it.

Timed Run.

The door you see through the camera shot is a long way away, so get to the drill.

Push the lever, wait for the camera to quit the shot, run outside and keep running east (use dash), around the corner and jump down onto those steps, do a roll and leave the room north. Straight north long the pool (use dash), still going straight and at the end of the pool to the left into a wide corridor (use dash). You enter a room with pillars, immediately turn the right hand corner and run up the stairs. South up the next and roll, jump up a bit to the right and run through that open door in the corner.

Straight ahead collect the SHOTGUN and some shotgun ammo. Jump into the opening in the floor and again to a room with a grated floor. Pick up the Pharos Knot and see a camera shot of where to place it. Use the Golden Star, go in and push the button in the corner to enjoy an elevator ride. Pick up grenade gun ammo and the LAUNCHER (SECRET #1). Go right and then left and you are back at the timed door. Get downstairs and go back to the Pool Hall.

Now go to the SE corner and climb the stairs there and after using the Pharos Knot enter. Around the corner Lara stares to her left and you can see a skeleton approaching. Get rid of him if you want. In the next room are some pillars and a closed door. Go around the corner (where the skeleton was) and find the crawlspace straight ahead and on the right (you might need a flare). Push the button (camera shot), go back and pull that pillar out and push it to the empty spot west. (You can also just move the pillar SW into the NW corner, no need to use the button in the crawlspace then). Enter the now open door. Follow through and climb down the ladder and get rid of that skeleton there. Jump down and climb some stairs.

Boulder Trap, next Golden Star.

Go into the opening near the wall torch and watch out as a boulder comes down. In the dark end, climb up to the right and at the end climb the ladder and back flip when you are almost at the top. Turn around and find another ladder, descend that one. Find another CROWBAR and a Golden Star.

Go east, down the stairs, the door opens and go left in that dark spot, down a ramp. Go to the next room and the next and in the NW corner you can place the Star, but donít go in just yet. First go NE into the opening north.

Large Pool Room.

In the north wall is an opening, two skeletons hold guard there, in the pit is shotgun ammo, climb back out and when you follow through north you'll end up at another big pool with some fire.
Go right (E) and right again and get into the small hole filled with water. Swim through and at the end climb out. Get on the ladder and on top is a room with a lever (camera of one of the fires on the tiles in the water going out). Leave through the door on the right and you are back at the pool. There's another lever in the SW corner (camera shows a door being closed and another one opened). Go east again and around the corner and that is the place you saw. Go in and west to climb the ladder and follow the road so to speak. You are one floor up and on the left is a closed door. In the NW corner you can find shotgun ammo and in the opposite corner (NE) is a lever. This one will extinguish the fire in the opening below north . Dive down into the pool, climb out S and go left and jump to the north. In the room there is another lever, that one will extinguish the last tile with fire.

Go out and to the right to jump to that opening N and

You enter a room with fire burning and two ropes. At the end of the ledge you donít need to turn around and climb down as there is nothing there to find so better go for the ropes. Do a running jump to the first rope and swing to the next. Turn to the right (S) and swing into the opening.

Get the Ornate Handle (camera) and walk back in the direction of the ropes, near the entrance is an opening left (west) and climb the block there. At the other end you can find some shotgun ammo and small medipack, get back on the block, climb up south and save before a slide there.

There are two ways to get to the other side, one is a monkey climb, so jump up while sliding and the other is stand to the right and slide and jump with a left curved jump into the opening left and from there a running curved jump to the medipack and shotgun ammo.

Jump in the next hole and swim through you are back in the Large Pool Room. Go back out S and enter the door next to the Star receptacle. Push the button and enjoy the elevator ride. Upstairs is a mummy and pick up the CROSSBOW with arrows (SECRET #2). There is nothing else so leave east and find the hole in the SW corner in the next room, you are back in the room where you placed the Star.

Large Pool Room, upper floor.

Go back to the pool in the north and go SE again, up the ladder there as the door on the floor above the pool (S) has been opened. Keep going straight and at he end go left. Follow through until you reach a room with slanted blocks and fire. Jump down and a skeleton awakes. Lara keeps looking at him and the skeletons runs away. You can follow it and it will lead you to another skeleton. Or kill it right away and keep the wall to your right and find a crawlspace at the end (NE corner of the room). Once in there, climb the ladder and you are one floor up. Walk S and jump to the ledge in the south, go along the left side of the flame and do a safety drop into the hole between the ledges E. Slide down the pole. I would save before sliding down the ramp as there is a neat trick you can do here. Get your shotgun out and while sliding down you see a skeleton awakens, try to shoot him of that ledge. Do a safety drop and enter the new room and watch the fly by.

The Tower, a Golden Star.

Go left and climb the stairs to use the lever NW (camera), continue E, climbing more stairs and take a running jump to the open door. Follow through and hop backwards of the floor to shimmy right, around a corner and climb up. Use the button (camera shows a door). Take a running jump to the other side and grab up (E) to shimmy left around the corner and drop down. Hooray another CROWBAR and a Golden Star. Go back to the building in the middle and make your way back to the ground floor anyway you like. You can use the Star on the door on the ground floor N and pick up the SIGHT, revolver ammo and REVOLVER (SECRET # 3).

Top of the Tower, Timed Jumps for a Pharos Pillar.

Now grab up up to the stairs W and use the NW lever again. Up the stairs and climb that block. Then climb to another ledge even higher and with a running jump into the door. Climb the stairs and all the way on the top is lever I would save before using it as it is timed. Jump onto the block W and don't use that monkey swing, just a running jump to the ledge W (no grab). Watch out for skeletons and run (with sprint) north, around the corner. At the end a slide down backwards and back flip to the next ledge. Run (with sprint) further and around the corner and jump over the gap to get into the open door. Pick up the Pharos Pillar from the pedestal and in the SW is a corridor. Around the corner and climb the stairs. In the end climb up and go east and you are back at the starting point, the Pool Hall. Go left (NW) up the stairs and place the Pillar.

The Caves, the Hathor Effigy.

Enter and go left (N) and find an opening in the floor and down some stairs. At the end is a hole and Lara falls in the water. The current takes her away and she ends up in a small pool. Climb out south and keep climbing till you enter a huge cave. Watch the fly by.

Goal is to get to the rope (S) and from there to the exit (S). There are several ways to get to that rope...

There are some goodies to find like flares. For the flares go immediately right, facing west, into that darkness there, around the corner you can pick them up. Go back to the entrance of this cave. Face SW and climb the ledges there, 2 times up W and then up NW into the dark corner to get the shotgun ammo there. Walk out to the exit of this corner and jump right around the corner to the S, walk E and climb up right onto the block. The wall west is climbable. Once on top turn south again and see a skeleton rising. A running jump will get you there. Save here and line up with the rope. Slide, jump the rope and swing to the opening there. Get the Hathor Effigy (camera of a door opening) and go east and slide down.

Go west from there and climb the ledges in the SW corner, climb up south till you are just under that window and then jump SE to the ledge with the open door (again there are more ways to get there: Go north back to the entrance of this cave and retrace your steps aiming for the rope again. One you are next to the slide to the rope, on that brightly lit ledge go SW and a running jump will get you in that open door).

Boulder Alley.

Climb the stairs and when you hear a danger sound be aware. In the corridor there is a spiked boulder (S). Of course you need to sprint down the ramp and jump over a hole in the floor. But watch out, as another spiked boulder will fall down from the other side. The camera angle changes so jump over the pit and there is an opening on the right, jump in there and you are home free.

Near the fire is a climbable wall (E) and follow through.

In the next cave the wall north is climbable and a running jump will get you there. Shimmy around the corner. There are two ways to get to the ledge east (near the small fire). One is to shimmy around the corner once, lower Lara till she canít shimmy anymore, jump and roll and grab and climb up, she is on the block with the fire, OR shimmy further till Lara is on top of a slanted block, let go and grab end of the block, jump and roll and grab and you are on the ledge.

Follow the ledge, still going north and see a skeleton wake up. A running jump with grab for the ledge where the skeleton was and also a running jump to the rope (W). Swing to the climbable wall and look south now. There is a lever near a small fire.

Better save here before sliding down and jump to the climbable wall (E). Climb up and shimmy around the corner to the ledge (If you start the first slide standing most left, you can jump from the second slide with a right hand curve onto this ledge).

Timed Blocks.

Better safe before using the timed lever. The camera shows two blocks being pushed out and the first one is on the west. I saved again in a different slot the second the camera stopped and ran around the lever and jumped to the ledge with the first block, climbed up and a running jump with a slight angle to the ledge south. Again a running jump to the second block SW and a standing jump to grab the crack there. Shimmy right and at the end climb up.

Go around the corner and into the opening in the floor, Swim in and a bit further climb out south. There is an opening north and in there push the button and an elevator will bring you to a staircase. Climb the stairs and you are back in the Pool Hall once more. In the middle opening of the east side is the receptacle for the Portal Guardian, so combine the Hathor effigy with the Ornate Handle and place the Portal Guardian en enter the door.

The Scroll of Seti.

Pick up the shotgun ammo on the floor, en enter the room. A camera shows skeletons and by climbing that middle structure you see the first one. Around the corner is a button that shows a door opening. Go back to the entrance and look for that door on the right. Climb the ladder and follow the ledge, meeting another skeleton. Get to the structure in the middle and get the Scroll of Seti. A door opens and the end music will start. Jump down S, slide down and once inside the door Lara hits the finishing trigger.