Himalayan Mysteries.

 1: Crashed!  4: Tannhauser Gate.  7: Starship - The Beginnings.
 2: Icy Waters.

 5:  Frozen in Time-Settlement.

     Starship - Engineering.
 3: Denboche Monastery.

 6:  Frozen in Time - To the Starship.

     Starship - Hydroponics.

Level series by Titak.

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

We will not mention every single enemy, to keep the element of surprise….

Moves: -Lara will pull up into the crawlspace without holding the "crawl" key, getting out of the crawlspace; hold forward down and hit "Alt", Lara will jump forwards out of the crawlspace.

            -Shimmying goes way faster than in "normal" games.       

Watch the opening movie to get an idea of the course of events.

Pilot: Mayday, mayday.

Lara: What happened!?

The pilot:  I have no ideaaaaaaH!

Lara: Where am I?

Level 1: Crashed!  No Compass here! - conserve health as much as possible as you’ll need medipacks later on.  

The plane Lara was travelling with, crashed in the Himalayan Mountains, crates and supplies scattered all over the place as you will soon find out.

The Pilot’s Key.

Go into the cockpit, to the R is the Pilot’s Key on the floor, electric cables fall into the exit, stand on the R hand side facing back into the plane and stand-jump through as the red cable swings left and go into the back of the plane. To the R is a toilet, open the door and get the Bottle of Water, the opposite toilet holds a Medipack, go out and right, then left of the closed door in the back of the plane is a Keyhole, use the Pilot’s Key to open the door in the back, crates of unused parachutes all over the place.

Lara’s Notebook.

Look for the trapdoor in the floor and go down into the lower section of the plane. Go for that small book on the floor and recover Lara’s Notebook (you can examine it as von Croy left some instructions on surviving).

Lara: It sure is cold out here. I better find some survival gear fast.

Von Croy’s survival gear tips:

Firm boots

Suitable clothing


Weapons of some sorts

Food and water

"When in China, I found a mysterious artefact called the Ca'xia Stone. Its literally means "The beautiful light and mist stone". I do not recognise the material it is made of.   

Gathering some Survival gear.

Go out of the wrecked plane and left to the rock wall, there's an opening to a cave, jump up there and go into the back. Up to the right you can climb up into a crawlspace to another cave, get a Medipack there and return to the valley. Head down the valley to a crate in the middle of the valley and push it aside to get the Pistols from under it. Notice the tail part of the plane across the Gorge, walk up to the left side at the Gorge and look down to see something on the ledge below. Slide there and pick up your Boots. Jump back up to the valley (two stand-jumps) and go up the hill on the left side of the valley as you are facing the Plane. There’s an entrance in the rocks, follow to a big rock, push it to the end and go in R, follow to another rock ahead, pull it once and go right around to get some Canned Food (small medipack). Go back around the rock and straight at the crossing, go out to that opening overlooking a Pit.

Drop down, shoot the ice that is covering the crawlspace in the corner (under the ledge you came down from) and crawl in. Follow to a deep canyon. Stand left and save, run-jump/grab to the pillar ahead and hang one step from the right hand side, pull up over the top and slide/jump and jump again, curving left, slide/jump curving left again and slide/jump.

If you fall down, no fear, there is a ladder in the back so you can climb back up to start this slide/jump sequence again.

The last pillar is a longer slide, try to keep your cool and jump/grab from the end to a crack in the wall ahead, shimmy right and pull up in an icy alcove to get Secret#1, the Yeti Bone. Face the flat pillar, stand-jump onto that pillar and stand left, pull up and do slide/jumps, curving left for the pillar left and then you’ll jump back to the start ledge, crawl back to the pit. Nothing more to do here right now, so head back to the passage with the rocks and follow back to the Plane.

Into the Gorge. (general directions are the side where the plane’s engine is and where the oil barrel is)

Go right and stay on the somewhat higher slope, walk to the right hand side of the Gorge (opposite the Plane's tail) and find a ledge below, drop to that ledge, hop back and grab to climb the icy ladder down to another ledge.

The Backpack.

Once down turn right and jump backwards, grab the edge and shimmy a bit to the left. Let go and slide down, then jump to the other side and slide down to the ground floor. In this corner of the Gorge is an Oil spill. Turn around facing that burning crate and get onto the ladder left (Remember this route). Jump towards the block with the icicles, hoist up on a corner and a run-jump to the next ledge. Take another run-jump to the ladder, shimmy around the corner and let go, slide down and grab. Hoist up and jump/roll and grab the opposite side, get up and get the Backpack.

Lara:     "My backpack. Finally!

Well, that wasn't so bad."

Some Clothes.

Walk to the burning crate after the flyby and go around the snowy mound left, you can jump up to the top of it and grab up to the ridge above, shimmy right and pull up on the white snow, go get the Suitcase with Clothes.

Get down from the ledge and go to the other end of the Gorge, where you saw that Oil barrel spilling oil, turn around and facing the burning crate. Go up that left hand ladder again and run-jump/grab ahead to the ledge with the icicles, which will fall, so wait with pulling up and shimmy right around the corner to the other side, pull up in the corner and stand-jump to the snowy ledge, run-jump/grab to the ladder and climb around right, go up to the top and look around the corner (to the engine side). Save.

The Compass.

Now you have to do a run-jump around the left to a ledge, so stand in the corner close to the ledge, face the Gorge and sidestep twice to the right, then turn left diagonally and hop back once to do a banana jump to that ledge. Climb up left and go up the ladder, turn right and see the Compass across the Gorge, grab the edge of the ridge with the Snow Leopards and shimmy right to that ledge, get the Compass (which will be opened later) and a flyby will show the Pit filling with snow after a Snowball fell above. Also that burning crate and the Oil barrel are shown. Shimmy back across to the ladders and go all the way up and out to that valley at the Plane, go up the other side again and into the cave with the rocks.

The Branch (Torch).

Follow to the Pit and go into the passage across, follow to a small yard with 4 trees, a small branch is sticking out of each tree. Break off a Branch (Torch) and head back to the Plane’s crash site. Now you can throw the Branch down into the Gorge and light it at the burning crate, but I had a hard time finding the unlit Branch, so I went into the Plane first and lit it there.

Either way, go throw it down the Gorge from the ledge left, where you got the Boots in the first place track it down to be able to find it again (better save first) then to the Oil barrel side to climb down the ladder. From the ledge under the ladder you can now take the fast way down, that’s turning left from the ladder and jumping into the corner of the Gorge, you’ll slide down some ledges and can safety drop down to the bottom.

Under the Ice. (Not only do you have to watch the oxygen supply, but also the body temperature, because the water is freezing cold)

Go get the Branch and go to the burning crate and ignite it then throw it onto that Oil-spill at the barrel. The fire will melt the ice. Dive in and follow the only tunnel to the space under the ice of the Gorge, swim to the engine side and Save in front of the tunnel to the right.

The Cargo Space Key.

Follow the tunnels to what seems a room with a dead end, but there’s air and a flat ledge you can climb up on. Shoot away the rock first and grab a crack in the wall to shimmy left to a ledge on the corner, pull up on that corner and turn to spot a ladder over Lara to the right (use look button). Turn left a bit and back flip to a slanted piece of rock, jump and grab the ladder (maybe you have to adjust the aiming a bit). Go up and on top start jumping on the sloped ledges, aim right till you are on the ledge with the Cargo Space Key and a Medipack on the other side.

"I've found all my belongings now, but the Cia'Xia Stone, the artefact I found in China,
s still missing. It seems to have caused the plane to crash. Where did it go?"

Go down into the water and swim back all the way to the Oil barrel. And while Lara is busy pulling up out of the water... Save because you now only have 2 minutes to get back to the plane.

On climbing out of the water Lara will say:

“I’d better get back to the plane within two minutes or I'll freeze to death”.

Timed Run to the Plane. (Save)=this will indicate good spots to save your game.

So (Save) while Lara pulls up and run jump/grab up to that ladder left go up and runjump/grab to the Icicle ledge pull up (Save) run jump over the Icicles to the snowy ledge ahead and run to the end, jump/grab to the right hand side of the ladder and before Lara puts her legs up, shimmy around the corner right (hanging by hands she’ll climb faster), to almost the right hand side of the ladder, go up and pull up (Save), turn right and hop back, run jump with a sharp left curve (banana jump) to the ledge around the corner and climb or side jump (Save) up left, go up the ladder and follow the route you did before to the top (Save), in the lower passage you will slide, jump sharp right (Save)  from halfway down that slope and start running with jumps into the plane to use the Key right of the door. If you’re in time at the first go, Save at the lock before using the Key and wait till the 2 minutes are up to see what happens if you shouldn't have made it.

Getting dressed up.

When you made it in time, a cut scene will take over and Lara will leave the plane in a spectacular way, fully dressed and ready for battle.

Lara: “Well? What are YOU waiting for? Let's go!”


Level 2: Icy Waters. (the Compass is back, the red needle is the direction).

1st Prayer Wheel.

Stand on the NE corner of the ledge, aim NE and stand-jump to the snowy ledge on the same level as you stand, go NE and stand-jump down NE to a ledge with Secret#2, the 1st Prayer Wheel. Turn S and run-jump down to the ledge under the plane (have a look up, nice!) and run-jump/grab over to the E, walk up to the snow less spot and wait for the Snowball to pass before you head S, run-jump to the next ledge and walk slow till the Snowball falls, then follow the ledges to the E wall and stand-jump/grab to a crack right of the ledge, shimmy across to the right. Climb on the rock, jump to the flat ledge up left and go W, around the frozen waterfall and into the cave S with the 2 Snow Leopards, go in and get the Canned Food.

Down the Gorge, 2nd Prayer Wheel.

Return to the outside and go slide down from that nearby frozen waterfall to the bottom of the Gorge, kill 3 more Snow Leopards, then go SE and find the opening to a cave, grab up on the left side and shimmy right a bit before you can pull up. Go into the SW corner and climb up W into the crawlspace, follow to a room with Secret#3, the 2nd Prayer Wheel. Go out NW and get back to the Gorge.

3rd Prayer Wheel.

Go NE along the E side and into the opening to a deep cave. Stand on the left side and drop to that ledge below. Turn around and face E and run-jump/grab E, then turn S and run-jump over the abyss, run quickly to the right side of the opening in the S wall and wait for the Snowballs to pass. Enter and go left and into a crawlspace. Turn so you face W with Lara’s head against the W wall and stay close to the S wall. Save! Go crawl backwards onto the sloped part slowly by just tapping the backwards arrow and the Snowball will just miss Lara, because she will pull her legs underneath her. Go up the ladder to get Secret#4, the 3rd Prayer Wheel.

4th Prayer Wheel.

Go back out to the deep cave and turn right on the ledge (the passage W is for later). Jump E and then NE to get under the monkey swing, grab up and cross over to the passage N, follow through to the left (W) and come to a deep pit. Stand on that little mound and face the passage you just came from, back flip onto the slanted block, jump again and grab the monkey swing, go over to the other side, but not quite to the end, just onto the last square, drop and slide/jump/grab the ladder. Go down to the bottom of the cave, turn right and go into the passage left (NE), follow to a Leopards den and grab the Shotgun Ammo, return to the cave and go into the SE passage heading E. Walk up to the hole in the floor and stand-jump over, immediately back flip to get out of the way and jump over again. Go up into the crawlspace up right and down the other side, face the S wall and stand-jump/grab to a crack in that wall, go right to the ladder. Let Lara get her feet up and back flip/roll, slide and grab the edge, go left to the ledge with Secret#5, the 4th Prayer Wheel.

Side-jump back onto the slope, so you can jump/grab the ladder and get to the crack to shimmy all the way back to the ledge left, climb back out and go back to the cave W. Go to that frozen waterfall you came down from and climb the left hand side to the top and back flip off to the ledge behind. Run-jump to the ledge NE and go up to the highest walk able point, stand with your back at the E wall and as far left as possible, now you have to run down W with a right curve in the end, jump and curve sharp right to get onto the walk able top of the waterfall NW.

Lake Area. (No need to shoot the fish

Follow to a lake and follow the right hand side to the very tip of the ledge, look up right and spot the Soldier on the watchtower, maybe you can shoot him from here before he even notices you. On the Watchtower is a medipack. Climb the ridge to the E and go over to the house E through the valley with the Snow bike and go up to the house, from there NE along the front of the house and run-jump into a ledge in the E hill with the Boulders, run-jump to the N and go up to the house.

The Shotgun.

Go to the front of the house, open the door (a flyby starts), a Guard will come out while a Thug will start to attack you, shoot that Thug. Then look for Shotgun Ammo under the crate SE, the Binoculars and the Shotgun under the crates NE and Flares SW. By now the Guard will be coming back into house, so wait up a bit and shoot him; go out of the house and go N. Stand on that icy triangle and side flip onto the roof. Go E and jump down on a crate to pick up the Uzi ammo there. Side flip back onto the roof and now go down from the W side, head W along the other house and to that sign that reads “Warning trespassers will be shot”. Take a running jump W and jump up to collect the Pistol ammo. Now jump SW to that flat piece in the corner and another running jump in the same direction to the snowy ledge on the right and get that Medipack.

Into the water and swim up to dry land E (you could however decide to go back the way you came, as the route over dry land won't cause you loss of health). Go back over land to the big house S.

The House Key, Computer Disk and Automatic Pistol.

Shoot the Guards, one leaves some canned food behind and then go into the house, go right and open a door, go in for more food, then go to the hall and open the opposite door, go left at the fireplace and push a button, go to the other side, past the fire and climb backwards down the opened trapdoor, shoot all the crates and get Shotgun and Uzi Ammo and grab the House Key NW. Go back to the trapdoor and climb back up, shoot the Guard to get his Medipack, go to the hall and open the door S.

Go up the stairs and shoot the Thug. Take the Computer Disk he drops and go out the door W, follow the balcony to the right to get the Automatic Pistol. Go back down to the lake and follow around the E side to the houses N, go to the NW house and open the door with the Key, go in and get a medipack in the corner to the right, more on a crate and Flares on the low crate next to the PC. Wait up...PC…? Put the Disk in the PC and Lara types in the code…

Lara: “Hmm…A long lost monastery hidden in the mountains…? Mysterious Artefact…? interesting…!”

The Detonator Key and Gate Key.

The door opens to your right, shoot the Guard get his Food and enter. At the water is a crate to the left and on the crate is the Detonator Key. Then dive into the water and swim up S, climb out to get the Gate Key and some food and turn left to push the button that will open the gate in the water. Be sure your health is topped up, Save and dive in to follow the obvious route through the tunnels, back to the lake, climb out on that icy island and take a running jump (no grab) S. Go right and jump to a ledge around the corner and jump back up towards the watchtower. Go to the snow bike, taking out the resistance on your way over there. From the Bike to the S and find the opening in the Icy wall SW, climb down all the way and open the gate with the Key.

Familiar Territory.

Enter and hop over the pit follow to the crossing and go straight. Use the monkey swing to go over to the other (S) side, drop at the end and jump W, go in to the cave left and into the passage right, follow to a hole in the floor. Climb all the way down to a room overlooking a cave and a wire is running along the floor, go into the SW corner and place the Detonator key, go into the NW corner and detonate the crate with TNT. Look for some Revolver ammo in the corner SE and go into the cave S. A Guard may be hanging around. Jump over the ridge W, and in the SE are some Flares, then head N and go to the now open lake in the Gorge. Swim into the E tunnel and follow to the Monastery.


Level 3: Denboche Monastery.

On the bottom of the pool are Flares, then swim up and climb out.

Go into the opening N and to the right, in an alcove in E wall is a big Bell, stand under the Bell and draw pistols, back flip and jumping forwards from the slope behind, you can shoot the Bell so it will sound. Go back out to the pool and the door S has opened, go in and look up to the left, just past the open door, go up into the crawlspace in E wall and drop into a small passage, go S and in a windowsill is a button to open the door in the previous room, so crawl back out and enter the W door.

Stand in the NW corner, your back to the wall and do two stand-jumps over the Knives, into the next room. Go to the monk and listen carefully

Monk: “Greetings Lara.”

Lara: “Greetings. My apologies, I did not notice this monastery was still inhabited.

            I was only interested to see the architecture and the wonderful artwork within.

            But, there are some nasty men outside wanting to plunder this monastery.”

Monk:   “They must be after the Yavi'ny artefact then.

            We knew this would happen some day.

            We also knew you were coming.

Lara: “How? And how do you know my name?”

Monk: “Your arrival was foreseen by my father, during one of his meditations.

It is your destiny to take the Yavi'ny artefact away from here to unravel its mystery.”

Lara: :  The Yavi'ny artefact? Never mind! There's no time for explanation.

            Those men can come in here any second now! Where can I find this artefact?”

Monk: “It is on the other side of this sanctuary, down by the water.

You must prove yourself worthy of the task and conquer the traps and puzzles within this monastery on your own. My brothers have been informed about your arrival.

            So please, make yourself at home.”

Lara: “  That sounds like fun to me. Consider it done.”

The Monks are friends, don't shoot them...

In the fireplace you can see a Key and NW is a button on the wall, but it’s timed and needs some preparations. It will stop the Fire in the Fireplace, so for now go out to the Mirror room W (Mirror in the alcove W) and head S, just ignore the shouting Monk-warrior in his training session, go into the second opening left into a Store room.

Preparing Crate Puzzle.

Go left and at the entrance is a crate, leave that there for now and head N to a stack of crates, pull the single one out once and go get that crate from the entrance, move it N against the first crate. Now you can move both top crates as far as possible to the S. Climb over the crate N, find some storage drums and look up, there's a ladder up. Go have a look and find another ladder N, this one is leading down to that fireplace. Now that you know the route you can go down and back to the Monk in the room with the fireplace. Save in front of the button NW.

Timed Fireplace Run for the Sanctuary Key.

Push and hop back turning left so you face the opening to the Mirror room, run in and go left, sprint through the passage to the Store room entrance left and turn in there, sprint to the corner with the storage drums and hop over the crate, then you have to turn and jump/grab up to the ladder, go up and turn right, run into the NW corner, grabbing the ladder, drop down quick, take a step back and grab the Sanctuary Key. Run up to the ladder and jump/grab up quickly before the Fire starts again. Go up a bit and back flip to the higher floor, go down to the Storeroom and out SW.

The Spear (Crowbar).

Go into the passage left (S) and to a Crossing room, go left (E) and to the left is the door to the Sanctuary (remember), go on to the next room E and go get the Spear (Crowbar) in the windowsill to the left, now we go back for the Mirror.

The Mirror.

Return to the crossing room, right to the Store room passage and N to the Mirror room, go pry that Mirror in the W alcove from the wall and go back to the S and left in the Crossing room, use your Key to open the door to the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary.

This will be a room where it's hard to give directions…

Follow the path to the E, turn left around the corner and find the button on the red wall to the right (there are 4 symbols over that button), go push that button to open a bunch of doors around the Sanctuary. Turn around and look up left (SE) to spot the Symbol of a bowl, that’s where you have to go, so go E and turn right to go up the ramp to the open door S, go in straight and come to a room with a small pool.

High Jumps and a Bell.

Go S and down to a room with ledges and go stand on the ledge, facing S to grab up to the first ledge, hang on the left most side and pull up, back flip/roll and grab the N ledge, go shimmy right (5 steps) till you hang on the left corner of the last square. Back flip and jump hard left from the ledge behind to hit the corner of the next N ledge, keep jumping and on the last one grab with a curve left to the top ledge. Pull up and shoot the Bell, it has to sound (pistols will do fine). Then make your way down by jumping onto the SE lower ledge and back flip/roll to slide down the lower ledge. Go back out to the poolroom (one of the 2 doors E opened up) but for now, enter the N side room.

High Jumps a Burner and a Bell.

The Burner doesn’t make this easy, go stand on the N side of the burner-ledge, facing N and turn left a bit so you will hit the middle of the S ledge when you back flip. Draw the pistols. Then time the back flip to the higher slanted ledge behind you, keep jumping up while you draw pistols and when on the highest ledge you will shoot the Bell (no flat ledge to stand on here) Put away the pistols while jumping to and fro and grab the ledge under the Bell upon sliding off. Go hang in the far left corner and wait for the Burner to go off, just drop down loosing a bit of health and quickly run off the ledge. Well... so much for bell #2.

The Ghiwang Medicine.

Return to the poolroom and see both doors E are now open, so enter and get the Ghiwang Medicine. Go out and past the pool back W to the Sanctuary, coming out of the door go into the first passage right (E) and follow to the end (N) and hop up to the somewhat higher ledge left heading N again. Straight at the next crossing and follow to the end. Don’t go into the door on your right just yet (N), your goal is that opening a bit further down near that symbol on a tile. Jump S and go right (down) turn to you stand right in front of the opening and take a running jump with grab into the opening. Lara might land in the opening or she might grab the ladder. Either way, get into the opening and slide down.

Timed Burners and Flame Emitters.

To the right when you come in are burners on ledges, but first go to the N end of this passage is an alcove up left, face the alcove (W) and back flip onto the sloped wall behind, jump/grab to the alcove and save in front of this timed button. Push, turn left and run out turning right, run back to the entrance and turn left, do single stand-jumps over the Burner-ledges to the other side, go left and follow straight at the crossing to the next room N.

Stand NW and here you have to jump the platforms to the pillar in the middle, try to use the option of hanging from the platform or standing in a corner to have safe spots where you can save.

Jumping to the Mustard Seed.

This is what we did: Stand on the NW most corner of the ledge, face N and stand-jump to the first platform, get onto the NW corner and aim for the next platform, stand-jump/grab to the corner of that one and shimmy around to the other side, closest to the next platform, pull up and turn around to do a stand-jump/grab to the next platform and go right just around the corner, pull up and time the emitter, run-jump/grab to the next platform. Go right to pull up at the wall and do a run-jump/grab to the next platform, pull up in the left hand corner, turn left and stand-jump to the pillar with the Mustard Seed.

The Vermillion Powder.

Dive into the pool and swim up S, go right and left and follow through then way up the ladders and slide down in the end, to the left is a passage for later, so go right and back to the Sanctuary. Go right (N) and follow the ledge to the W end, do a run-jump/grab to the roof W and go up into the open door to the right (N wall). Follow to the corner and do stand-jumps over the Knives, and go up the ladder. Climb just under the brown wall, back flip to a room behind, walk slowly to the button and push it. You can now see the marked Safe tiles in the room when you look in the mirror. From the button the first one is a stand-jump SW and then a stand-jump to the opening W. Follow to the room with the Vermillion Powder on the pedestal (only visible in the Mirror). A door opens.

Go back and from the Tile at the entrance a run-jump to the safe tile at the button NE, grab the ladder and go down to the Knives, hop over the Knives and in the next passage is that door you saw opening up, to the left. Go in to get the Small Bowl that goes with the Vermillion Powder (you can combine the 2). Go back out and left, to the Sanctuary.

The 5th Prayer Wheel.

Once on the roof outside, head SW over the rooftops and go to an opening in the wall with a sign of Herbs painted over the opening. You may want to get the Medipack that is in a windowsill S first though. Go in and follow the passage to a T-crossing and step on the right hand sloped side to trigger a Boulder, hop back and go up, left and the next one is a bit trickier. Aim for the opening you see SE and run-jump (or sprint) into that opening before the Boulder strikes. Now go where the Boulder came from and stand on the middle of the square, back flip onto the sloped ledge and jump/grab to a ladder, go to the top and back flip/roll into a passage. More Boulders start to roll, carefully hop over the Boulder-traps and go get Secret#6, the 5th Prayer Wheel.

The Reservoirs.

Go back down and to the left where the Boulder fell. Follow down to the pool with the pillar and look in the water E of the pillar for the Reservoir Key, go and get it. Go out S and stand left in the opening, save and now you have to run-jump to the ledge left (if Lara walks slow, try jump up once and then run-jump). Follow to the Knife, stay one step away from the end of the ledge and hop over the knife, go to the next around the corner and do a side jump here, standing at the W wall. Go to where the water gets deeper, but don’t get in, do a run-jump to the ledge on the right and go for the button on the N wall. A door opens back at the pool. Run-jump from the ledge to the open doors W and go over to the W side of the pool. 

Flooding the place.

Enter the door and climb the ladder to the reservoir, go up the ladder left next and you don’t need to shoot the Monk-warrior, there’s some Canned Food SW and then go down into the E reservoir, where you can use the Key in the E wall. Go back into the W reservoir and into the door W, pull the 2 crates out and put one in front of the wall-opening NE and the other SE, so the flow of water will be blocked and fills up the E reservoir. The Waterwheel starts turning and closes the doors, so the pool can now flood. Make your way back to the pool by diving in the water N of the W reservoir and swim back, go up to the pillar and get the Durva Grass.

Use your Medicine.

Go back to the passage N and leave through the Boulder passage and once out on the roof in the sanctuary. Look down SE, drop to the ledge below and go SW through the door into the main building, right at the fire, then left to a room where you can put the Mirror on a stand W.

Turn around and enter the room where all the medicine has to be put in bowls. Every time you place something a Boulder will drop in the Sanctuary. Remember you have to put the Vermillion Powder in the Small Bowl first. Dropping on trigger tiles, the Boulders will open an UW door in the Sanctuary.

Head back out to the Sanctuary (E) around the corner to the left, then right (passing the button you pushed) up the ramp on the right, take a left and walk to the end (N). When you look down you can see a ball in the water, jump in the water near that ball and there is a door E that opened. Swim into the open door and follow to where you can climb up. The sounds are promising…. Be sure to have your health-bar full.

Up the Shaft, the 6th Prayer Wheel.

Jump/grab the ladder over the water and hang on the left side, climb up to where you are well safe from the Knife (two bars from the top) and back flip/roll/jump with a left curve and grab the next ladder. Go up closer to the Knife and back flip/roll/grab. Climb up till you are on a spot where Lara is about the same height as the ledge with the rolling ball. Go as right as possible, back flip/roll and then stand-jump/grab with a left curve to the next ladder. Go down and left around the corner into a passage under the Boulder trap and go into the lower room to get Secret#7, the 6th Prayer Wheel.

Go back to the entrance and stand-jump/grab left around the corner to the ladder, climb up to the passage to the left. Follow up a ladder and down a slope to some pits with Flame-emitters, stand in the corner of the walls and do a run-jump when the Flame is down, two more and arrive on a balcony.

Top of the Sanctuary.

Push a button on the N end to open a door on the S end of the balcony, the passage E is for later, go into the open door S and up a ladder for another floor up. Cross over the bridge left (S) and go down the sloped floors to the lower room, push a button W and run-jump over the Fire-trap, push the second button in the E alcove and see a cage has been raised in the Sanctuary. Go up the NE slope and follow the slopes up to the bridge again.

Go back E and down the ladder to the lower balcony, into the passage E and follow down the slope to a trapdoor that’s now open. Climb down the very left side of the ladder and try to hang (no feet on the ladder) in the left corner to do a drop past the Knife and this left corner is safe. Go out to the Sanctuary.

6 Prayer Wheels for a Lotus Flower.

Turn right and follow the ledge to the N wall, go left around the corner and there is an opening we haven’t visited yet at the end of this ledge. Place the 4 Prayer Wheels in their receptacles, the door in the N opens. Place the last 2 of the Prayer Wheels there.

Another door opens, so back out and to the right. Save before you take Secret#8, the Lotus Flower and hold the back flip keys while Lara picks up the Flower. See why…???

The Yavi’ny Artefact.

Now go back the Sanctuary. There is one more pick up and it is in the NW corner, so go back to the walkway left and jump up SW, go right (W) and jump over the opening in the floor, at the end jump right (N) and in the small room on the left is a Medipack. Get out and make your way to the top of the Sanctuary (where the boulders where hanging before and see that the cage is gone as well.

Hop into the shaft and drop into the water below. Swim through the only passage and go along the bottom to pass under the Knife-traps (take the left side and notice the closed door for later) and follow up to a room, take one of the passages N and follow to a room where you’ll find the Yavi’ny Artefact on a pedestal...

Lara:    “Made it! That was awesome! When I have my own mansion I'll transform the ballroom into a gym like this.--“

Save before you take the Artefact, as there will be a timed swim after the flyby.

After Lara picks up the alien artefact, a monk in another room opens an underwater door so the room Lara is in, floods:

Lara:     “Swim girl, swim! --“

Timed Swim.

After the Flyby the place will be flooded, swim back S fast and down into the tunnel N stay low, turn right into the open door after the first Knife-trap and follow right through the next room, swim out of the timed door fast and just straight through the next pool into a tunnel (swim with the current) and after the level changed, swim S.


Level 4: Tannhauser Gate.

Icy Caves.

You’ll come up in an Icy cave, climb onto the ledge in the water and jump/grab to the crack in W wall, go shimmy left all the way to a crawlspace in the end. Follow to a pit and slide down backwards, grab the edge, go left and pull up. Back flip to the ledge behind and go carefully past the Icicles, into the next passage and do a stand-jump/grab forward to the monkey swing ceiling. Go over the first pool to the other side and right a bit, face to the wall and drop/grab to the lower crack, go right and pull up in the passage. You are on the other side from where you started.

Go E and up a ladder to the right. Go run-jump to the icy bridge in the middle of the cave and jump to the SE corner, climb up E and face the N rock, pull up and back flip/roll/grab the rock ridge behind. Shimmy right to a flat part, hoist up and turn around, run-jump/grab to the ladder N. Go up and climb to the monkey swing going S. Drop/grab the crack and go right around the corner to pull up in a wide tunnel, go up to a frozen lake and shoot the Snow Leopards and a flyby will show a Guard on the ledge above.

Lara:     “Oh Great!! Not again!!…”

Boulders and Icicles

Walk to that rock W of the entrance and from there you can already take out the Guard on the ledge by jumping up and down. Then proceed with utmost care to the SE corner, climb over the rock into a lower tunnel and follow to a pit, run-jump over and immediately back flip. Get to the other side again and follow to some icicles on the floor. Be sure your health is topped up and run through and climb up.

Then drop off into a lower cave and climb the ladder there to get to the ridge where the Guard was before. Jump over the canyon to the S and get the medipack to the left, be sure to hold back flip while Lara picks it up. Jump back over the canyon, go E and take care of the opposition.

The Monastery Key.

Shoot the Snow Leopard and when you come to a crossing, a flyby will show the heavily Guarded Monastery. Go into the left passage and do a run-jump over the pit, not to the ladder but to the left and follow W to some crates. A Snow Leopard show up and shoot the crates to get the Monastery Key and Flares. That crate of TNT will come in handy later. Go back to the pit and jump to the N side, go down the ladder and get a medipack from under the crate, near a pool with an Alien, “Frozen in Time”. Go back up the ladder follow the N trail and shoot the Guards at the Monastery, one leaves some Uzi ammo behind..

The Monastery.

On the right of the Monastery is an opening, shoot all the crates to get Flares and the Uzis. Return to the front of the Monastery and open the door with the Monastery Key (the keyhole is just to the side of the opening you just came from), go in and get the Canned Food to the right. There is Uzi ammo in the NW windowsill, go into the N passage and look for a push block in the N wall a bit to the right and push it all the way in (3 times). Hop back and go left, then right and pull the block, go around again to get it into the NW alcove, so a trapdoor will open in the passage NE, turn right from pushing the block and in the end of that passage you can climb the ladder and go up to a room with more push blocks.

Pushing for the 2nd Monastery Key.

Look at the E and W walls and see missing blocks, the 4 blocks with the same textures will make the walls complete again; it’s not too hard, just remember the open side of the block should face the room. The door opens NW, go in and climb up to the first floor, grab the monkey swing and cross over to the other side to pull the timed lever S. This opens a door in the S wall of the room with the push blocks below. Roll, sprint out left, and keep left around the corner and just run left off the floor at the monkey swing. In the next room find a button in the W wall so you can go outside to the balcony, at the end of this balcony is another Basement Key. Get back and push the button near the door N twice to get out.

Leave through the right hand opening of the N wall; climb down, to the passage where you pushed the first block. In the SE side is a keyhole that will open a trapdoor in the W end of the passage. Go there and go down 2 ladders.

Knife Passage and the Tibetan Jewel.

Run-jump along the right hand wall over the first Knife from the ledge at the ladder and hop over the second one, climb the ladder to the right and push the block in the W wall of the room all the way in so you can enter the room beyond. Throw the lever in that room. Return to climb back down to the Knife passage and go S over another Knife, go get the 1st Tibetan Jewel in the room at the end. That crate of TNT will explode, opening up a cave (If you go a bit further W, you can see a yellow paper behind an Ice wall).

Go back over the Knives and up the ladder to the Monastery, go outside and SW to the pit with the ladder, run-jump to the W side and take out the opposition. One of them will drop some Shotgun Ammo, then look for the cave that opened up N and keep to the left while going down to the lower part. Down at the big doors, go right and use the slanted block to back flip to it and jump-grab to the ledge over the entrance, use the switch and go down, to the room at the other side of the big doors. Grab the crack in the SW corner and shimmy left to the ledge, pull the 2nd switch and the big doors open up.

The Tannhauser Gate.

Go over the bridge and go right (E) at the gates, run-jump to the passage and go down to some Icicle pits, run-jump to the Shotgun Ammo E and jump back, go down S and get the 2nd Tibetan Jewel, go back up the passage, to cross the bridge and find a ladder in the SW. Go down and to the doors W, on both sides are windows up in the wall. Place the 2 Tibetan Jewels there and the doors open up. Go in and down either one of the passages to a pool and swim into the SE tunnel swim into the first tunnel left, stay low at the Knife and use the UW lever (this opens a door in the other passage). Swim back and go left past the Knife to get out in a small cave.

A Torch.

Crawl into the NE opening and go left at the crossing, follow to a larger intersection, head SE and around the left corner is a lever. It will open a nearby door, turn around and go right around the block into what seems a dead-end. Climb up to the right and go to the open door and inside to the right is the Torch, go back and down to the intersection, go NW and keep going left. You'll pass some blue crystals on the wall; just around the left corner is an alcove to the left. Drop the torch for a moment and pick up the Shotgun Ammo at the skeleton. Grab the torch again and go on E, turning right you will head S. Go all the way to the end and find some grey push blocks in the wall, you will be back here later. First we have to light the torch somewhere, head NW and go into the first passage going W. Turn right at the first crossing and follow through to a pit with deadly icicles. Take a run-jump over the pit and carefully ignite the Torch at the end of this passage. Go back the way you came, over the pit, take the first left and to the E. Go the right at the next crossing and you are back at those push blocks

Pushblocks. (Map)

Drop the Torch in the front passage between the 2 push blocks (so you can get it later) and push the right hand block (#1) in, till you can go left, go left around so you end up at the back of block #2, push it once (into the front passage) and go back around to push it into the alcove E. Go back inside and pull block #1 once, go around and push it into the alcove W. Pull the #3 block all the way out of the S passage and go around to push it out into the front passage. Then move it into the W corner.

The Prayer Flag.

Go into the S passage where you got #3 block and come to a shaft with slanted blocks. Stand at the W wall, facing S and back flip to the snowy ledge, jump and land on a higher ledge S, turn around and run-jump N. Keep jumping back and fro on the slopes and steer right to finally land on a flat ledge, go stand under the ladder and face N, back flip and jump/grab the ladder, go up two ladders and pull up into the crawlspace, crawl to the right.

Go get Secret#9, the Prayer Flag in the cave you saw before and make your way down the ladders and drop down in the shaft, go N and then turn to the E to pull block #4 twice, go around and pull it into the passage where block 2 was before, go get your Torch and go into the passage E where you got block #4 from.

Boulder slope.

Better save before you proceed up the slopes in the next passage, I went up the right hand one and I side jumped left as soon as the Boulder dropped. Then side jump back to the right and follow up. Light the 2 Oily pools to the right and left of the door E and the door opens, drop your Torch and follow into the Burner room.

The Burner Room.

Go into the SE corner and face E. Back flip onto the entrance arch, jump and grab the ledge, shimmy to the left till Lara can pull up. Crawl into the crawlspace there, then into the opening in the floor and in the next room find a ladder on the pillar. Climb up, and a run jump to the other side to flip the lever. The downstairs door W has opened, safety drop to the floor below from the N side. Now make your way over the burners (you can stand safe in a corner) to the opening W.

Go right up some steps and flip the lever. Turn around and go to the Fire pot at the other side (S) and walk up close on the left side to jump/grab up to the crawlspace, go out into the Ice cave and to the ladder W, back flip/roll off and shoot the ice wall in front of you.

The 2nd Prayer Flag.

Go to the passage across the cave and carefully hop in backwards a bit, so you can jump out to the right immediately because of the boulder that crashes down, go back in and get Secret#10, the 2nd Prayer Flag.

The 2nd Yavi’ny Artefact.

Make your way back to the Burner Room and stand-jump to the safe block NE, then stand-jump/grab to the one E and go shimmy right around the corner to get close to the E passage, pull up and jump to the ledge. Go in and get the 2nd Yavi’ny Artefact after a jump over the pit. Go back out and now stand-jump to the NW, step back on the corner and wait for the burner to go off, stand-jump to the N, and enter the open door. Follow to another deadly pool, run-jump across to left and climb up left, in the next passage down a slope to the room where you got one of the Tibetan Jewels, go out W and shoot the guard to get a Medipack. Shoot those guys on the bridge too if you like or do it later. Go back inside and up N (or take the ladder SW and shimmy around and a back flip/grab to the bridge) and take out the competition at the bridge (if any still alive), collect 2 times Uzi ammo the guards on the bridge left behind. Place the two Yavi’ny Artefacts on the stands at the Tannhauser gate N, but don’t go down yet.  

The Dharma Wheel.

Go back over the bridge to the S and up the passage to the Monastery. Go straight and then left around the hill, jump over the corner of the pit and go into the Monastery, left and in the passage where you pushed the block to the E, into the passage with the Prayer Flag on the wall, go down and place the 2 Flags you have to the right and left and enter the open door E to get Secret#11, the Dharma Wheel. Now you can go back up to the monastery and out to the snowy cave, go back down and to the Tannhauser Gate, slide down and….


Level 5: Frozen in Time-Settlement.

Tile Puzzle. (Map)

Get around the oily pool, follow the passage and see that the doors ahead are closed. Left and right are openings. Jump up to the right first and save in front of that switch (it will reveal the clue to the upcoming puzzle), Now you can go back to this save to look what tiles you have to jump on and you don’t have to run back and fro all the time OR you can also make a note of the tiles you see. Go out and into that opening across the corridor, follow to the room where you have to jump the correct tiles so you can climb the glass cage.

When the platform in the cage is up you can use the jump lever in the ceiling and go out of the room into the corridor and through the open doors. Slide down and enter the Big Cave, Aliens must have been quite busy here...

The Alien Cave.

There are some nasty flying robots in here, they will come out every now and then. From where you entered, go left, face the rock wall N and jump grab to it, shimmy to the right around the corner and when you can’t go any further you have to do a back flip.

Go to the E and enter a building, inside and on the right you can grab the Food from the pedestal. Explore the back of the building and inside the greenhouse on the W is a jump lever hidden behind the plants on the S wall. Go out and turn immediately to the right and climb up the ladder. Around the corner is a slippery slide, slide to the end and jump to grab the ladder and descend on the left. Follow through and use the jump lever in the small room. You see a trapdoor sliding open as well as another door.

The Universal Translator.

SE is a ladder you have to use to get out of this room. You can inspect the open trapdoor in the greenhouse in the middle, but there is an ice layer blocking your path so go N and to the right and get the Universal Translator and leave this place. Go the NW corner to the room of the fly by. (If you stand on the blocks in front of the Alien symbols, you can read them now)

Green House (is the one you just been into, SE)

Tech Shop (is the one from the fly by, NW)

The Tech Shop, the Energy Cell.

Go and enter the Tech Shop and get the Mechanical Note from the pedestal:

“Things to do on Yagull:

Recharge Energy Cell for the Turbodrive

A sliding door opens left (W), go further in the building and take a right and immediately a left, there is a button. The trapdoor around the corner left is open and back flip from the ladder.

First floor.

Go to some pools and near the one with water is a button. Push it and see a glass cage going down. Back out this part and into the other half of this area and find the button you can get at now. The middle pool is now changed into water, jump in use underwater lever and get out to use the other button. Back to the pools and jump in the left one. Find an Empty Energy cell on the bottom. Leave the Tech Shop and go S and jump over to the other side.

A Refill for the Bike.

Get into building, up the stairs left and stand in front of the machine. Don't step on it though. Use the empty Energy cell. Lara will get back the Recharged Energy Cell and with this jump over towards the Tech Shop and use the cell on the bike (select it first from the inventory and face N).

Go outside with the bike to the Green House and to the left and down into the cave system.

 Cave system.

You can do parts of the cave system by foot and parts you do need the bike. If by accident you explore a bit too far and can’t get back onto a slope, explore a bit more as there are hidden passages so you can climb back.

Go straight (W), down a small slope and get off the bike.  Up the steps S and get the Alien Raygun and Raygun explosive ammo. Go left and watch out you have to travel over a small bridge over a pit, you can do this part without the Bike.

The Ice Hall, Heat Plasma #1.

Enter the building on the other side, find a button in an alcove SE and enter the open door, and shoot the flying robot when you are on the ice. Go S and climb the ladder and now some fun jumping over the sliding glass tiles to the opening E.

Stand on the right, jump to the next, slide and jump again with a small curve to the right, grab the third tile and shimmy to the left, pull up and slide and curve jump to the left, slide and jump into the opening straight (E). Walk around and one last jump to the left, slide and jump plus grab the ledge ahead (S). Follow through and see an opening in the floor with a ladder, leave it for now but go to the right. The camera is fixed. Climb up in the alcove and use the Spear on that contraption. Watch the fly by.

Hot Climb.

Go out and down the ladder, use the monkey climb and time the emitter. Find the button and push it. Cut scene of an underwater door. Back to the monkey climb and up the ladder and to the (what used to be) ice room.

Cold Swim.

Jump in the water and swim NE in the opening, follow through and halfway is an opening in the ceiling, swim up. Get out and a running jump to the block with the emitter, jump back, hang on the block and wait for the emitter to stop and take another running jump to the other side. In the next room use the button E, grab the Heat Plasma # 1 from the pedestal and see a cut scene. Get back and jump in the water and swim to the pool and climb out W.

Poison Pool, Heat Plasma #2

Go out of the building and back to the bridge, and once you cleared the bridge make a turn to the W and up the ramp (use the booster) and drive through the window on the right. Leave the bike. Enter and first jump across and then use the ladder to climb down, traverse around the corner and climb down again till Lara is one block away of the poison water and back flip. Go N, and at the ladder go right and come out above a poison pool. Shoot the flying robot, climb down another ladder and go E and use the TIMED button there.

Immediately roll and sprint to the platforms in the water. Take a running jump S and another one to the next, then 2 standing jumps and get the Heat Plasma # 2 from the room. Jump back and climb the ladder and now go to the other ladder. Hoist up, back flip and jump up to grab another ladder and climb off to the right. Jump up and a running jump to grab the other side, shimmy right then pull up, slide a bit and jump/grab the monkey climb to the end and slide down. Jump the gap and go back to the bike. Get down E and manage the bridge again.

Bike Jump, Heat Plasma #3.

Now go to the N and then left. There is a ramp you have to get over and use the "sprint" key to boost the engine. Leave the bike on the other side  in that first hallway. Enter the room W and use the button left to open a trapdoor on top of the ladder on the right. Don’t go there just yet, as there isn’t much to do now but go out and to the right at the bike, onto the bridge and see a door W has opened. Run-jump there, get more Explosive ammo from the pedestal and use the button.

Back out, to the bridge and into the room W, go right into the back and now climb the ladder. Follow through and shoot the nasty flying machine; climb down the ladder in the end. Jump on the “closed” tiles to get the Heat Plasma # 3. Jump back and leave the way you came. Jump on the bike and go E, down the slope and to the door you can open with the button. Keep going up a slope and keep to the left, go up the ramp at the steps, and you are back in the main cave with that pillar in the middle.

Go into the first tunnel on the left (NE) and keep going NE, use the sloped block (with the "sprint" key to boost the engine) so you can get on top of that ridge (hit the left side of that ridge, it is sloped. Drive to the left and park the bike near the building. In the W wall is a shortcut to get back on foot if you want. But for now go into the building through the door on the right after using the button.

Swingpoles Pit, Heat Plasma # 4.

Save and take a running jump to the swing pole. Align carefully to the middle of the pole. Run-jump to the swing pole and hold control. Let go of the forward cursor just till she is hanging still and push it in again, she will swing to the other side when letting go of the control cursor.

Go into the right entrance (E) and jump into the S alcove avoiding the squishy blocks. Use the lever there. Now jump to the other side, then jump into the other alcove N and use the lever as well. Now back to the E. Follow through, sliding down and get those explosive ammo on the pedestal.

Align Lara with the swinging pole, run jump and grab it, let her hang still, then swing to the next and to the ledge before you. She might slide down, grab and shimmy to the right than pull up. Jump up and use the ladder right with a back flip. Get the Heat Plasma # 4 unit (cut scene of a door opening) and shoot a nasty flying robot.

Go E and keep jumping up slopes, use the jump lever on the E wall, jump up the next slope and down and through the squishy blocks and now go to the right (N). Another pole jump, take the one on the left as you need to grab the jump lever on the wall ahead. Slide down grab and shimmy right and hoist up. You’re back at the bike.

Get the Heat On.

If you want to go by foot, leave through the opening W and if you want to take the bike; go N and use the boost to clear the pit ahead. Go back to the main room. Go to the SE corner, the sign in the corner says: Danger. There is a yellow button that shows you a contraption and opens a door N. Go in there and use the lever that turns the danger floor in the next room off.

The Plasma Generator.

Enter and place the 4 heat Plasma units to activate the Plasma Generator and see the heat coming on in the Greenhouse what in turn melts the snow. Go back to the bike, turn N and go into the first right, follow back up to the Green House.

The Green Houses, the Gate Key.

Go to the green house by way of the ramp E and enter the middle one where you opened that trapdoor earlier. Jump in the water and get the Gate Key at the end. Get out of the Green house but now we go for a Secret. Go back to the Tech Shop and face the E rock wall from that sign outside.

Take a running jump to the lowest part of that crawlspace and crawl in. Jump down into a room and at the end into an alcove. Then crawl into a crawlspace on the left. Run over those ramps and don’t stand on the middle one. Take explosive ammo N, push the button S, and get Secret # 12, the Orb Piece #1 from the room E.

Leave this room and crawl to the left (E), slide down and turn around to get back up the bike. Now go back down the ramp to the Caves. From the main cave down to the W, then right (N) through the (open door) shortcut NW, go down the steep hill to the right. There is an opening up left from the entrance of the building, it is a shortcut back up to the doors in case you happened to slide down here before you had the gate key. Go into the  building where you can use the Gate Key to the right, step out into the new area



Level 6: Frozen in Time - To the Starship.

 Follow through and get to an underground lake.

 The Tower Lake, Teleporter Room Disk.

Get into the water and swim NE in an opening under the bridge go to the right, then left, follow through and open an underwater door. Go to the right, keep swimming and at the end of this corridor swim up and get some air. Climb out and go into the opening E and grab the Teleporter Room Disk from the pedestal. Back to the water and swim back to the lake.

The Teleporter.

You can use this Disk in a room at the SE of this lake. Go back over land to grab a Medipack on the right near a huge column in the water outside of this SE room. Return N over land along the E wall and now go right around the corner into the adjoining cave as in the back corner a door has been opened. Step into the Teleporter and after stepping out; Head into the next room and go to the balcony left (W) overlooking the Tower lake and on the right hand side you can pick up another Medipack.

The Huge Room, Bridge Fuse # 1.

Go back inside and into the huge room E and go straight into the back section and climb the ladder there, left and right are jump levers. These open the doors, downstairs in the huge room, also left and right. Go out and in the open door in the N wall. Follow through over a mirror floor, draw your guns and climb up and stand at the next ridge, look over this ridge and shoot the 2 blue crystal balls on the ceiling (jump up and down/shoot), boulders will fall. Go into the S opening and do the same. The ice is turned into deadly water, so go back down a bit to the room with the mirror floor and into the open door S to get Bridge Fuse # 1

Bridge Fuse # 2.

Nothing more to do for now so leave this room and go into the first opening right and jump into the water (N). Get out and go to the entrance of this cave and to the far NW corner of the Cave, see that crack in the pillar? Around the corner you can jump and grab up and shimmy left to crawl in. At the end of that passage you have to shoot the grate and climb in. Follow through, shoot another grate and get down. Get Bridge Fuse # 2 in the next room. Crawl back out to the Lake.

The Tower.

Go along the N wall and into the building NE at the bridge to use the Fuses (have a look at the screen E first and then again after placing the fuses). Go out and head over the repaired bridge into the Tower, jump onto the pillar in the pool and jump across to the ladder, climb up and shimmy right along the crack to get to the alcove with the button.

Switching Platforms. (Map)

Use the button and save, have a look at that ball sliding along the rail and making ledges appear/disappear. Jump over the platforms to the other side and then again to the S into that alcove. Save a lot, as it isn’t that easy and you’ll have to jump higher and higher.

Tips: First thing is to jump when you think the ledge will appear so you have time to adjust your angle on the second platform for the next jump to the right.

Stand in the W side of the alcove, take three steps back and standjump to the first platform, run curving right to jump to the next with a right curve in the air, last is a right curved running jump to grab the ledge SE. Climb up to the right and go for the platform SE. Now you have to get up to the ledge NE, you can see from here.

Go to the W and line up for the right hand side of the platform, again jump when you think it will appear and take standjumps, turning R after every jump, last one a running jump plus grab to the NE side ledge. (I found it easier taking a side flip and adjust your angle for the next jump and a running jump plus grab to the other side (E).)

To the third level is a jump onto the switching ledge and a running jump up to the last ledge which is a save place.

Top of the Tower, Orb Piece #2.

Go out S and right (W) and run-jump to the rocks on the other side (SW), shimmy right to the end and pull up, jump/roll and grab, hoist up and walk to the NE tip to run-jump to the platform at the side of the Tower to use the jump lever. Cut scene of a block sliding out of the wall.

Run-jump back (no Ctrl) and spot a crawlspace up (S) and get in. Get out and down and at the end a run-jump E to a ledge. Keep going along the wall till you see that block and the ladder on the Tower. Jump to block and climb up to the top of the Tower.

Go to the SW corner and face S, run-jump to that crack in the opposite wall. Shimmy left to get into the opening, inside climb up left and back flip, runjump around the room over the blocks, climb up to the E and turn around and  jump up W. Follow into a cave with a crawlspace left, get in there and follow to the end. Go down into the room to get Secret # 13, the second half of the Orb Piece

Go to the hole in the floor, face S and climb backwards down as far as possible and safety drop down, back on the Tower.

Go N, behind that block and step (use Ctrl) on that slide board to slide down.

You are in the DRESSING ROOM.

Protective Body Amour for the Key Disk.

Go to the right (E) and the next sign reads: "Danger, wear protection".

Go S and onto the balcony to get the Explosive ammo, go back in and climb the ladder (E) in that room, backflip to the floor above.

Go to that Pipe in the corner of the room and push/pull it on the yellow circle, it will connect with the ceiling. The door N opens, get the Protective Body Amour and leave. Down the ladder, down to the room with the Danger sign and go W, right at the slide board and then follow to find the sign "Dressing Room" and use the Protective Body Armour on the door. And the door will close, of course you are not allowed to watch.

Get out and now go into the danger room and grab the Key Disk. Use the Key Disk W, the door around the corner opens and you are outside in a cave area again. 

The Cave, the Teleport Room Disk.

Go E and slide down and enter a green house left. Use the lever E. A trapdoor in the other room (S) is open, use the ladder to go down. Get the Teleport Room Disk. Get out, up the ladder and to the cave and now go N and slide down. Use the Teleporter Room Disk left, go in the room but NOT in the Teleporter as it doesn’t work, but into opening behind and use the jump lever in the last room.

The Starship.

This opens the door outside opposite where you used the disk, so go back through the Teleporter room and out E, go left into that cave N. This is that Starship where the Artefact from the plane (level 1) went to, you can see it locked on the top of the ship.

Go into opening E and follow through to pick up some Canned of Food in the back of the building E and climb the ladder a bit back. Follow onto the top of this place and go SW, first jump to the first triangle block sticking out and then grab the crack in the wall from standing on the highest point. Shimmy right, all the way around the corner.  Continue along the ledge and take a running jump into the mouth of the cave NW.

The Cai’xia Stone.

Watch out, as there is also a pit in that area, jump over the pit and follow through. Once up the roof of the Starship you can get the Cai’xia Stone, the door of the Starship opens up below.

Lara: “So there you are... What are you exactly?”

You can go all the way back but you also can slide down backwards and safety drop down onto the walkway, loosing a bit of health and you’ll be right where you have to be, the door of the Starship. Get into the Starship and go left, again left and use the pieces of the Orb there.

Turn around and go into the opened room to get the Yavi’ny Gha’rth as secret # 14.

For the Starship Key.

For now, go back out and jump to the other side, go to the ledge E and to the end and jump onto the slanted block NE, grab and drop to slide all the way down to the bottom.

Go into the SE corner and behind the pillar is a grate (E wall). There is a slanted block in front of it. Stand facing the wall, draw your pistols, jump backwards, jump up and shoot the grate then again a backwards jump and up and grab the crawlspace. Follow through, shoot another grate and get down on the floor in the next room.

Push to get the Power On.

Go left (E) and see on the left some pushable objects. Push them on their right tile, the contacts facing inwards. You know when you did it right, the tile will raise and some electricity will form around the top. On the ball on top is a little thing sticking out, that should point to the middle.

You'll see a glass door opening, that door is on the right hand side of the entrance, so head back go straight W and into that alcove. Use the spear on that lever contraption, and watch some slanted platforms going up. 

The glass door is still closed so leave here, go into the room E, up left back through the crawlspace to the big cave, go S into the tunnel and jump over the slope to find yourself at the slanted platforms on the left. You could use the Key disk you already have in your backpack on the door there, but... too bad, the door is broken and won't fully open.

So, line up for some jumping and sliding. Take a running jump to the first, slide and jump till the end. Get the Yavi’ny Starship Key and jump/slide back ( hop onto the right hand side of the first jump right and slide jump to the left). Go down the slope to the cave and go W into the Teleporter room and go into the beam that teleports you back up again.

The Alien.

Get out off the Teleporter, go W and left, jump over the gap in the walkway N, head into the Starship and use the Yavi’ny Starship Key on the door N.

Alien: “Welcome earth woman.”

Lara: “Croft, Lara Croft is my name. I mean you no harm.”

Alien:    “I know you don't. You have after all brought back the Ya'ktar.”

Lara:  “Oh, you mean this? What's it for exactly?”

Alien:    “The Ya'ktar is a source of great power and it will enable me to return to my home   Planet, once the rest of my Star ship is fully operational again.”

Lara: “Fascinating... Is there anything I can do to help?”

Alien:    “Many years ago we were on an expedition to your planet. We came here to learn    about your species.

But something went terribly wrong and our ship lost power. Disease and the cold environment has killed my companions.

I placed myself in hyper sleep hoping someone would eventually bring back the Ya'ktar.

            It has weakened me...

            There is little time; I grow weaker as we speak.

            I would like you to help me retrieve the 4 recharged Triclon cells, which are

            inside my spaceship.”

Lara:   “Well, it just so happens that finding stuff is a specialty of mine.

            Keep yourself warm and I'll return shortly with what you need.”


Level 7: The Yavi’ny Starship - The Beginnings.

Go in and take a left and again a left. You see a glass covered button in front of you, so go right and around the right hand corner is another button, but before using that go to the other side around the corner in an alcove get the Alien Raygun and now go back to the button, use it and roll, go left around the corners, back out of this room to the W where the level started, straight E is an opened door.

Follow through and end up in a huge room. There are hardly visible platforms in here. Run/jump the first S and make your way to the other side. Inside that room and to the left you can get the Anti-gravity Belt and also a cut scene. Make you way back over the other side of the transparent platforms and follow back to the room E with that button, head up the glass ramp E. Go to the alcove with the yellow lever N, throw the lever and watch the next clues. Back down and out SW to that corridor and now use the button S as the glass cover lifted. The door N will open up, so go into the Main Hall there.

The Yavi’ny Starship - Engineering.

Activate the Yagul.

Go up the glass ramp and enter the opening E. There are two glass blocks in the E wall, pull those out so you can use the buttons left and right to open the door (S), walk through the beams and save. Time your stand jumps through the deadly beams, follow through and pick up the Yagul Activation Key and make your way back to the Main Hall as you came.

Go down the glass ramps and use this newest find on the door W. The glass covering E is gone; use the button. Hop back and look left, a cute little robot comes out, The Yagull. and he/she opens the door N. Go in and at the end of this corridor you can use the button on the left to open the door to the right of you.

The Triclon Core, Navigation Disk 1.

Enter this new room and watch out for the flying robots (the Raygun is a great tool to use in here).

Go E and then go NE up the glass ramp and at the end get the Navigation Disk 1, on the walkway SW. On the E side of this floor is a basin. Get into the water and swim S and to the right. Follow through and come out in the room below the floor of the Triclon Core. You can surface under the glass floor.

Go N and on both sides N are two underwater doors (they are a bit hard to see, so use a flare), open them both and use the underwater ceiling levers. Swim to the W as the bars are open there, SW or NW you can take a breather. There is nothing in the passage E. So hoist up out off the water, go N and get the Explosive ammo from the pedestal left. Go down the glass ramp E. Go into opening left (S) and get that Medipack around the right hand corner. Go use the yellow lever E and open the exit with the button SE. Go through the open door to the Triclon Core, go into the N room and pull those Prism objects, that aren’t protected by death rays anymore, to the Triclon Core and on their tiles. It is rather subtle to see in my game where they go though. Look up on the Core and you see the different colours there.

W side (Red) Prism goes on the tile N of the Core, when it goes up you have placed it correct.

N (yellow/green) Prism goes on the tile E of the Core.

E (blue) Prism goes on the tile W of the Core.

2 Recharged Triclon Cells.

Go E, up the glass ramp and the opening where the bars retracted is W. Walk around this balcony all the way to the S wall and use the lever there to activate the Core. Back again and now into the opening in the N wall. Get the Recharged Triclon Cell and make your way down again. Once down at the Core, go W and right and follow through openings N and get the second Recharged Triclon Cell from the last room, a cover lifts from a button.

The Teleport Room Disk.

Go S and to the Triclon Core and S into the corridor, then left into the room of the Yagul. Up the glass ramp and use the button next to the N door. The Yagull comes out and opens the door W. Head into that room W and push the TIMED button on the W wall, roll and sprint back and into the second door to the right before the door closes.

The Wind tunnel.

Shoot a flying robot. Look NE, see that fine blue line, that is a crack, so jump and shimmy right and pull up. (Just for fun you should save and then drop down onto the slanted wall below and slide down to the grated on the floor, OR not as you will soon find out what happens then, when you go jump those platforms).

Turn around and take a running jump to the swing pole and swing to the opposite side. Use the yellow lever in there and get back, jump down to a glass platform and face W. Now you have to jump the platforms, standjumps (while counting in your mind) so you can get into the opening way down N .

Get the Teleport Room Disk. Leave N and follow through, push the button, go right and you end up where you can use that Disk on the door SW. Enter the Teleport Room, step into the Teleporter, walk straight out.

The Yavi’ny Starship - Hydroponics.

Use the button to open the door and go right and follow through, in a corridor with a glass floor get the medipack left (S). Turn around and walk to the end and go right down a ramp, follow through and come to the aquaria area.

The Hydroponic Gardens Key.

First we go right and in the end in the room climb that Anti Gravity beam (rope) (Remember you have an Anti Gravity Belt, Lara will hook on to the beam). Use Ctrl and arrow up and back flip when you are on the top. Go into the room and shoot that wired ball (#1) from the small fountain. You don’t need to shoot the fish, as they will not harm Lara (you can't say they aren't nosy though). Dive in the pool and get the Hydroponic Gardens Key from the SW corner. Go back out, down the light beam and go around to the other side of the aquarium. Use the disk N to open the door to the left. Go in and find another wired ball (#2) to shoot in the NW corner.

The Universal Starship Key.

Go now into opening S, and to the left into the pool room, some small flies attack, go shoot the wired ball SW (#3) and another one in the SE (#4). Remember this room as you have to jump into the opening E later, after you raised that platform in the pool.

Get out of this room N, turn left go straight W keeping a bit left and climb another beam. In the upper part of the pool room you have to jump to the other side and into opening right (SE). Shoot the last wired ball (#5) and go back to the previous room, down the beam, head back to that pool room. Jump the platform E to the other side, pick up the Universal Starship Key on your left and go back to the platform and jump over to the W.

The 3rd Recharged Triclon Cell.

Go out and head W (left) climb the beam again and go into the upper part of that room you were before, jump to the other side again and use the Key NE. The door on the other side (NW) is open. Follow through and grab the 3rd Recharged Triclon Cell. 

Go down again and to the pool room with the platform and jump to the opening E, where you got the Starship Key. Go down the stairs, follow to the end to climb up another but longer beam.

The Hyper-sleep Cells.

Head E and to the right into opening S and push the broken cell (NW) onto the empty spot SE. An opening in the floor appears where the broken cell was. Face S and save before you slide down, as you have to jump up to a monkey climb from the second slide. Go to the end, let go and grab the ledge to hoist up.

Use the button. A platform rises in the pit below, so hop backwards off the ledge, grab and safety drop down onto the platform below. Jump to the other side and use the button. The door next to the button opens, but before entering use the Starship Key E. Use the yellow lever in there, watch the fly by. Get out and go through opening N, go left and up the beam, once upstairs into the corridor and the opening left. The timed button is in the top of the pool room at the N end and on the N wall, and the door it opens is SW. Best way is to backflip roll curving right and sprint and once over the bridge start jumping as that tree is a bit nasty, standing in the way as it is.

Water Bubble and Fertilizer.

Jump in the water and get the Water Bubble from between the orange lilies. Go up the glass ramp and push the TIMED button on the right (SW). Roll and sprint straight, and again climb the glass ramp. Go NE in the water and swim in a small alcove under that NW platform that is covered with dirt and grab the Fertilizer.

Get back out and place both objects in the bowls in the NW room. Watch the roots of the plants grow through the ceiling so that you can use them as a monkey climb to get to the other side. Here is Navigation Disk 2 to be found on a pedestal.

Your work is done so back to the glass ramp (SW) use the button near the door twice to open the door. Go left at the timed button and up the ramp, follow in and find an opening right (S) and use the yellow lever in there first. Back to the ramp and down to the bottom, and time your run through the deadly rays (W).

The Hydroponic Garden Key. 

Another plant room and in the water is another pick up. Go up the glass ramp. Go into room SW, use the timed button, this slides a glass floor panel aside, just outside. Jump down and get the Hydroponic Garden key and get out fast as some pests are nibbling and the panel is timed as well. 

Back down the glass ramp. Through the deadly rays, up the other glass ramp into opening left and use the key on the E wall. Turn and go into room opposite.

Go N, and left and grab the 4th Recharged Triclon Cell.

Go out of the room, straight E and to the light beam, go down and use button E to leave S through the open bars, take the first opening left and go towards that pedestal, left before that room and take the teleporter on the right (S).

Step out and use the button to open the door, go left (E) and we are going for the last secret of this level. Go to the E and around that hall (Yagull is here) to the E side of this floor and into the room with the 2 glass blocks, look left, that door is finally open. Get Secret # 15, the Galaxy. Go back out steps to the hall and go into opening S, which the Yagull opened for you.

The Starship's Bridge.

Travel up the Anti Gravity beam, head N and into the Bridge N. Get the Screwdriver from the pedestal NW and use the button SW. Go back to the previous room and install the 4 Recharged Triclon Cells.

The Galaxy Plotting Room.

A door E opens, go to the planet Earth (NE) facing N and use the navigation disk # 1. Turn around and facing N use the navigation disk # 2 on another blue planet (SW). Go out (W, hard to see) and to the room next to the where the alien is, jump the platforms combine the Cai’xia Stone with the Screwdriver to get the Ya’ktar and use that on the contraption. Cross the Bridge into the room W.

In the W a door has opened so you can get the Control Centre Crystal. Now walk to the alien and use it on the stick in front of him.

Alien:    “Thank you Lara. You did it!”

Lara:     “You're welcome. It was fascinating and fun!

So, how are you going to get the Starship out of the mountain?

            It is completely embedded in rock and ice.”

Alien:    “Don't worry about that. Our technology will enable me to dematerialize and

            rematerialize the rock and ice. Nobody will ever know we were here Which is for the best.”

Lara:     “My lips are sealed."

Alien:    “It is time for you to go now.

            You'll find a village to the east of here.”

Lara:     “Thank you. Farewell and have a save journey home.”

Watch the final fly by and credits.