Search for the Mystic Stones.

Levels by Titak.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 1 - City at Night.

The Roof Key, to the Roof.

Lara slides from a roof, head onto the next square and shoot the Dog. Get the Flares NW and quickly head SW to the heart of the City. A Dog attacks from the right, shoot it and his master too. Then head N and to the right at the burning barrel, open the small door to a store room and get the Flares, then grab up to the higher crate and get the Roof Key. From the gray crate W you can jump up onto the broken floor above and go to the hatch NW, open it up and get to the roof. Use the Key on the doors E, but before you go in, there's a Medipack on the SE corner of this roof (you can shoot that bloke on the balcony too).

Enter the doors and go down the steps, left for the Lasersight and to the right for the Shotgun and 2x Ammo in the kitchen. Go back up the steps and the small door to the left is open. From the balcony onto the roof below and jump onto the balcony where that bloke was, shoot a Crow and open the blue doors to go inside. Find Shotgun Ammo in the window NW and go down the stairs NE to a hallway with 3 doors. Open S to the shower for a small medipack, open E for a Dog and go behind the bookcase NE to find a Medipack and Arrows. Then back to the hall and open the doors N, down the stairs is a vase with a small medipack and in the room below behind the blue doors are 2 shelves. Open the small door E and shoot the crate there to get the Desert Eagle Ammo. Go down the steps into the next room and throw the lever to open the gate at the Bike, go back and move those shelves to find the Desert Eagle Ammo under the SE one. Now go W and to the garage to get the Bike.

Go out and drive W to the Canal, go right and to the N end, left around the corner and stop just before that bridge there. Dive into the water of the W canal and swim to the end to get the Grenades from the plant. Swim back and into the N end of the Canal where you can climb out and get to the Bike. Drive it W along the canal and then left into the alley. Stop at the foggy part where you see a loading dock to the left. To the right is a dark brick house, climb up to the roof from the little heap of sand NW and on the roof you'll find Secret#1, Grenades. Get back on the Bike, go S and sharp left through those barriers where a Sentry gun fires at you and fall through the floor below.

Sewers, another Roof Key.

Carefully turn the Bike around and leave it there for now. Swim into the SE canal, left and down into the narrow tunnel and follow to the end to get the Shotgun Ammo, return and go up in the first room you come to. Throw the lever there to open up a hatch. Swim back W and go straight up to the ledge there you'll find the ladder you saw when the hatch opened.

To the Roofs again.

Go up and backflip off into a small yard. Open up the doors E, right into the corner with the file cabinets and get the Roof Key. Now go up the SE stairs and get the Desert Eagle with some Ammo from the cabinet. Then open the doors W with the key and step out. Shoot that Fuel barrel standing near the Chopper and it will destruct both the chopper and the sentry guns. Now get over to that roof where the Chopper was and shoot the bloke. Go in W and get the Medipack, then get the Uzi from the crate N. In the W end of the room is a trapdoor, open it up and go down and climb the crates there to get the Torch. Throw it down and get it to get back upstairs with it, carefully ignite it at the burning barrel.

Go out and left into the room there. Throw the Torch on that lower wooden floor, wait for it to collapse and go down, shoot the bloke and go SW down the stairs, get Shotgun Ammo and Flares from the crates and then open the trapdoor in the pool of water (face N). Dive in and follow through to get the Stone of Light. Dive back in, swim E and you are back at the Bike. Get on and ride it carefully to the N, right up the tunnel and stop on top of the next slope, backtrack a bit and go into the room left (S), throw the Jumpswitch on the S wall and go back to the bike to go through the opened door. Shoot the boxes in the next room to get a Medipack and ride the Bike out through the wall.

The Stone of Infinity.

Go S through the alley and through that barrier till you come to a low dark brick wall to the right. Shoot the bloke and go onto that wall, crawl to the Desert Eagle Ammo in the barbed wire and pick it up, go down W to the truck, shoot another bloke and go behind the truck to shoot a crate, get another Desert Eagle from it and go W, then left and stand to the right hand side of that opening in the S wall. Inside is a sentry gun, you'll have to run in left around the corner and get behind those crates. Now crawl around to a grating in the wall, shoot it and go in past the steam blower. Shoot the next grating and get another Lasersight in one of the corners, then open the ceiling hatch and climb up. Careful.... stay there and spot that sentry gun below before it spots you, shoot it (red spot on the fuel tank) and get down into the yard and into the opening in the W wall.

Open the door, shoot the Guard, get the Flares on the shelf S and open the next small door, follow through and shoot the resistance. In the last room is the Stone of Infinity (A gate opens up in the sewers).

Go back down to the yard and back to the Bike, first go to the little square with the lantern E and into the house S to get some Uzi Ammo. Then go into the alley N from the lantern and get the Shotgun Ammo around the right hand corner. Get back to the Bike and ride it E to the Canal, go right and then left around the end of the Canal. Stop at the next corner and go into the E street on foot. Jump onto that heap of sand and go over the top into the hole, shoot the grate, get in and take Secret#2, the Crossbow. Back to the Bike and go N, left around the canal and into the W side alley to where you got the first Secret and you came out of the wall with the Bike. Leave the Bike there and go down to the sewers, dive in and swim into the opened gate N. Swim through to where the level changes.

Level 2 - Into the Sewers.

Go straight and then left at the grate, take the right hand side at the next crossing and go up where the marked tile is on the floor. Climb out and get the Flares, then dive in again and swim W, keep right where possible and come to a large chamber. Climb out and use the chain N to open a hatch. Swim back to the air pocket. Now go S and keep right where possible to come to the open hatch, go up and use the chain E to open a hatch in the room behind the fence. Dive in again and go right where possible to come to the next open hatch. Pull the chain and swim back to the air pocket, now face W and swim straight through a now open gate. Go straight through the next room to the steps NW and go into the passage there, shoot some Bats and continue to the left. In that next room is a vase with Uzi Ammo. Continue and save before you dive into the water at the end. Swim through to the Big Tunnels.

The Big Tunnels.

Swim to the right and then left, in the end right again and up through a hole in the ceiling. Climb out and get a Crossbow and some Arrows from the pedestals. Dive back in, look under the ledge E for an underwater ceiling lever, pull that and go back up for some air.

Swim N, then left, then right to the end and straight into the opened gate forward right. Up for air and out again to get a small medipack in the S end of this tunnel. Go back into the open gate, climb out and pull the chain to get a fly by of a gate opening up and you'll see the swinging ball from the beginning of the level.

Swim back out, right/left then left and all the way to the last tunnel right. Through the open fence and in that tunnel is a hole in the bottom, you can get Secret#3, a Medipack there.

Swim out left/right and straight for the open gate at the end of this tunnel you can make it in one go, but you could choose to get air first in that first room. Follow through and swim up in a room where the gate opened up. Go through and jump the blue ledges to the central structure to shoot the blue ball. Go over the ledges to the opened gates SW.

The Stone of Eternity.

Inside go right and come to a room with a deadly floor. Jump to that block straight ahead and the mirror you can see more (invisible) safe ledges, one is straight to the mirror. Then jump to the ledge with the Stone of Eternity, jump back to the exit after watching the fly by where Knights awake. Go up the ramp S along the right hand side, side jump left when the Spike ball comes down and then go up to where the next ball is triggered, side jump right again and go up along this side. Grab the Arrows from the pedestal and go back down a bit and into the open gate W, up the ladder and backflip into the upper passage. Those vases are empty so go into the crawlspace W and left, follow to a room with a small pool. Dive in and swim to the right everywhere, up into the room and go pull the chain in the adjoining room. Get back to the tunnels and find they are now dry, follow to the right again and come to a room where you can pull the chain in the shallow water (a gate opens up). Again go back following to the right and climb out of the pit in the room where the gate is now open. In the next room you have to step on the 3 raised tiles to open the trapdoor SW, go through to come to an abandoned Church.

Abandoned Church.

Those Knight are lurking around here, first run down the passage NE and get a small medipack and Eagle Ammo. Return to the Church and go left to go into the passage SE and save in front of the wooden barrier, wait for the Knights to come and hack that barrier to pieces. Get in fast and get the Medipack and 2x Shotgun Ammo in the old bell tower. Go out to the Churchyard N and into that small structure NE, shoot the grating behind the coffin and get in backwards, crawl into the room E and drop down, follow E and follow into a larger room. Swim down SE to get some Eagle Ammo below and go back up, surface S and go through to a pit to a large chamber. Dive down , get the Flares SE, then go to the ledge NE and up the ladder. Jump to that waterfall S and spot the monkeyclimb on the ceiling. Sidejump onto the slanted ledge and slide jump to grab up. Follow into the passage SW and do a runjump over the gratings to the solid tile. From there a jump/grab to the crawlspace and get in for Secret#4, some Arrows.

Crawl back and drop, jump to the exit without touching any of the other gratings and get back to that ladder NE. Up to the next ladder and climb back up to the sewers under the City.

City at Night - part 2.

Go to the gate and it will open up, step into the tunnel and head NE, where you can go back up the stairs to the street. Take the Bike and ride it NE along that small canal to the heart of the city, left and around the N end of the Canal to the S, then left onto the mound and follow through E and through the small streets, over some blokes, through the big open gates and finally through the barriers into the breakable floor there. The level changes.


Level 3 - Weird Science.

The Nitrous Oxide Feeder.

Ride up to the ledges along the water and leave the Bike, jump across to the S side and go left to find a ceiling hatch, open it and climb the ladder to the top. Crawl past the steam blower, shoot the grate and go down into a garage, in the SE corner are some crates, shoot them to get the Nitrous Oxide Feeder. Go back and down to the Bike, place the Feeder on the Bike and ride it into the passage N, leave it there for a moment and shoot a grating SW, get in for a Medipack, get out and line the Bike up for a jump over the sand hill E, over the higher part and into the opposite tunnel.

Follow to a closed door, get into the crawlspace NE and use the Jumpswitch there to open the door. Drive the Bike through the door and carefully over the bridge into the next passage, then left and drop through the floor. Park the Bike at the bottom of the sloped passage and dive into the pool. Climb out NE and use the switch there to open a door further on. Dive back in and climb out NW, on the block and up the ladder a bit, backflip off, slide and jump/grab the next ladder. Go up a bit and backflip/roll to grab another ladder, now climb up to that opened door and go through. That switch will close the door back up. Go outside, shoot that Dog and head N, over the bridge and shoot those blokes there, one more sneaks up from behind.

Jump into the canal, swim W and get the Eagle Ammo. Swim E and climb out, walk back W and go to the right along the canal, then left and shoot that bloke behind the barbed wire. Go to the small blue door there and open it up, there's a dead bloke on a trapdoor, pull him away and go down the opening in the other side of the room. Pull the lever below and go back up to get down into the now open trapdoor. Run through the tunnel and climb out at the other end. Go into the building W and down the open grate, shoot the bloke and go get the small medipack on the ledge SW. Go back through the pool and over the pit to the N side, left and find the switch on the back of the red block. A crate of TNT will explode down in the pit, so go down and into the opening E. The entrance to an ancient place revealed.

Ancient Ruins.

G in and down the hole in the floor, follow through the Rotating Knives and slide down into the Corridors below. Go N and follow through to where 2 Ancient Warriors attack. Get the small medipack from the pedestal N and head left and jump/grab over the pit to the Jumpswitch. Climb back out and go back through the corridors to where the big gates opened up W. Go into a large hall with a strange circular contraption, another Ancient Warrior attacks, go to the open gate NW. Jump and grab the pole, slide quickly down past the Blade and on that first level you can backflip off. Go into the crawlspace S and get the Eagle Ammo, then the Flares and save before picking up the small medipack. Now run through the corner to the crawlspace without delay and a Boulder drops in the middle. Get out, grab the pole and go down one more floor.

Fight the Knight.

Go into the crawlspace E and follow to a Medipack on a pedestal, turn around and throw the switch, get back to the room with the pole where the gate S has now opened. Go into a large room where a Knight will mount his horse, approach him and shoot him hopping backwards while turning right (stay on the side where he holds the axe). Finish him off when he drops from the horse and get the Horseman's Gem. Get the small medipack in the NW corner and go pick up a second Horseman's Gem E. There's another Desert Eagle behind that Wheel S. Then go into the passage NE (next to the N side wheel) and get another Lasersight. Jump grab to the ladder E and go up to backflip into the room above. Follow through and go NE after shooting the next Ancient Warrior. One more will emerge from the passage NE and when you go in you'll find a brass ball up N, shoot it to activate the contraption and go back to the previous room where the gate S has opened.

Go inside to place one of the Gems and see that circular contraption activate. Get out and run for that pool E to get rid of the wraith. Go back N and down the ladder to the room with the Wheels, the gate SE has opened up. İf you want the next Secret, you can now go into the W side hall and look up in the NW corner, there's a duct where a grate opened up Face S and jump up to grab into that duct, go get Secret#5, Grenades and go into the other end of the duct to get the Grenade Gun. Go back out to the hall with the wheels.

The Stone of Life.

Go into the open gate SE and up the sloped passage, run sharp left around the corner before the boulder gets you and go up the pole in the end. Go up into the passage, through the Rotating Knife and through the gate to the Hall with the contraption. Shoot the Ancient Warriors and go get the Stone of Life, a gate opens up SE. Go through and in the next room into the water, swim to where you can get out and throw the switch in the end, A gate opened up near by, stand at the open gate and grab up to the monkey climb above, go forward a bit and turn right to drop and grab the crawlspace. Follow through, hop over a deadly pit and throw the switch to open the gate to the right.

You're back where you started, go out S and up on the N side of the pit. The small door there opened up, shoot the bloke and grab up to the crawlspace, follow through to a switch and get back to the ladder where the hatch now opened. Climb up to a room, get the Eagle Ammo (safe some) near the ladder NE and go out to the street, shoot the Dog and a bloke. Follow NW then N and run right around the corner at the street light where a Sentry gun opens fire. Go into the first right (S) where you can see the Chopper up on the roof left. You can now shoot the first Sentry gun from here. Then go S into the alley and find a crawlspace, go in and follow down to Secret#6, another Grenade Gun.

Back out and N, then right and shoot more resistance going E, you'll come to a deadly Mined pit. Look up S over the pit and spot the second Sentry Gun, you can take out from here. Jump and grab that fence left and traverse to the right to drop on the other side of the pit. One bloke is shooting at you, jump towards him and take him out. Go into the house and just around the left corner is a ladder to the roof, go up and to the chopper, the level ends...