Realm of the Damned.

Level by Titak.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

The Key Stone.

Go stand E on the SE corner and hop down onto the rocks below. jump and grab into the window E and from there to the rock ledge S. In the windowsill there is some Shotgun Ammo. Get back to the first building. Jump E over the ledges and then N and then over to that rock E to pick up the Shotgun. Jump back and go for that building S with the gate. Go left down these steps and ump down to a ledge E, go down the blocks on the N flank and get a Medipack there. Go around the S side and jump to the ledges E. Then over to that building S and shoot the Skellie off the platform when he approaches. Face the pit with the burners and spot the pedestal SW. Hang from the entrance ledge, wait for the burner to stop and drop/slide/backflip. Then jump to the next block and to the pedestal with the Key Stone.

The gate in that other building opens up, so get back out and make your way back up to that building W. Go in and hop over the pit, drop out backwards in the end and grab the ladder, backflip onto the ledges. Take out the Shotgun and shoot the Skellie off that ledge NW. Jump to the left hand flat ledge on the rock W and then hop to the ledge left (SW). Jump to the ledge on the back of the rock to get Secret#1, a Medipack. Get back to the ledges and collect 2x Shotgun Ammo, take care of another Skellie and jump to grab the slanted block to jump to the E building, shoot the Skellie and go over the ledges through to the E side of the building where a bunch of Skellies wake up during a fly by, you can already start shooting them in the flyby, then take care of the remaining ones.

If you like another Secret, stand SW of the bridge, facing W and grab up to the roof of the building with the green prism. Shimmy left around till you can pull up. Jump up to the ledge with Secret#2, Arrows. Face W and backflip, slide down and grab the edge to safety drop back to where you started.

Crossbow, Lasersight.

Go E to the building across the bridge. Jump into the windowsill S and get the Crossbow, hop out and use the button on the S wall. Go N and do the same to get the Lasersight from the window and open the big gates.

Go into the gates and jump to the N side bridge, to the W behind the pillar is a platform to jump to the windowsill, take 2 steps back, time the burner to standjump and then runjump there and place the Key Stone. Runjump straight out onto the bridge and notice the gate S opened up. Go there and just before you enter you can get some more Shotgun Ammo from the window W. Go into the open gate and collect 2x Crossbow Ammo.

Follow through and in the last small room with the gate is a button (SW) to open the gate. Slide down into a room with water holes in the floor.

The Planetary Puzzle.

Dive into one of the S holes and swim S, follow through to a room with a large button. Swim back and dive in NW, go through the opened gate and up in the Planetary Room.

On top of the Puzzle pieces are indications of where they should go. N goes N etc.

Swim back through the tunnel and in the room with the water holes the gate N opened up.

The Stone of Destiny.

Jump to the NE corner of the next room and stand in front of the opening in the E wall, save, run in and immediately hop back so the boulder won't hurt you. Now run in left and grab up to a crawlspace W to get Secret#3, Arrows. Now go stand as close to the boulder as possible facing it and left in the passage, run down behind the boulder, roll at the end and grab the edge of the floor, immediately shimmy right to get to safety. Go to the end and pull up, if the nasty locust show up, save and reload to get rid of them. NE in the next room is a small medipack, Shotgun Ammo E and a large button S. Arm with the Crossbow Explosive ammo before you use it. Take care of the skellies and go to that boulder trap. Shimmy to the boulder (doesn't matter which side) and save hanging close to the corner. Then shimmy to where you can pull up, wait for the boulder to pass once (on the second pass it will kill you) and pull up when it is behind you, jump forward and run back into the passage to the room. Go get the Stone of Destiny from the central ledge and go out N, follow back to the waterholes and go up the steps W, through the automatic gate and follow to the next room where a gate opened up N.

A Key Stone.

Go in, climb down and slide down to a cave with a lava pool, runjump over the burner to the safe block and spot the ladder on the pillar NE. Standjump and grab the next block with the burner and shimmy around to the back side, pull up in a corner and turn to jump to a ledge with a Medipack. Jump/grab back to the burner block when the burner is down and pull up in the right hand corner. Face the ladder and run to jump and grab it. Go through and run to the right into the steep passage, jump at the last moment and grab the opposite side. Go up and drop into the hole in the end, grab up into the crawlspace and follow through to get a Key Stone. Get back up the ladder before the Skellie awakes or shoot him. Go back and drop out of the crawlspace, turn around and place the Key Stone, climb up N and then up the ladder up N. Through the opened gate there and jump to the side of the Spike trap to get into the passage N.

The second Stone of Destiny.

Go left and up the pole to the floor above, head S and find yourself behind one of the gates of the room with the bridges. Go E and right to a mirror, get that small medipack you can see and then go N, follow through to the steps into another mirror room and jump over the safe ledges you can see in the mirror to get to the Stone of Destiny. A flyby shows you a terrace building where Skellies awake. Go back to the room with the bridges, jump to the N side bridge and go through the now open gate. Jump N over the ledges and then over to that building you saw, shoot the Skellies and jump into that circle contraption.

The level ends.