Return to Egypt.

Level by Titak.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 1 - Oasis.

Head NE and into the next canyon, jump over to that rock ledge W and go to the one N, from there a jump over to a lower ledge E and pick up the small medipack. Climb up S and turn around to jump to the NW opening. Go on and shoot that scorp, in the SW corner is some Shotgun Ammo. Follow through around left and shoot the Bedouin, go in S where he came from and meet another Bedouin. In the next room are some scorps and you have to move one of the statues N to the tile SW to open the doors N. Go in for the Shotgun, Flares and a Medipack.

Go out and to the NE into the cave. There's a pit E, runjump and grab the ceiling and go to the ledge NW from where you can jump to the opening across. Follow in going right and get the Medipack. Go further down this passage and come to an outside area where Bedouin attack. Pick up the goodies they leave behind and go to the NE, to the left is a rock against the N wall, climb it from the E side and grab up to the rock ledge N, shimmy to the right to get to a crawlspace with Secret #1, 2x Arrows. Get out, drop down and go to a dark passage SW, crawl into the narrow tunnel and get the Medipack. Out again and a Bedouin turned up, take care of him and also the one showing up when you go SE into the canyon.

At a certain point a Bedouin will open fire from a cave SW, shoot him and go get another Shotgun from near that pool. Continue E through the canyon and when you come to a deep gorge, jump up to the ledge left and then shoot the scorp on the ledge N, jump to that ledge and get a small medipack around the corner. Now jump down to the ledge SE and jump/grab the climbable wall S to go all the way down into the gorge. Shoot the scorp, go SE and climb into a crevice W to get the Arrows. Now climb up the wall E and follow through to an outside area with a pool. Shoot the Bedouin to get his Uzis and shoot the Croc at the pool. You can go different directions here bu the main direction for now is to the buildings NE.

The Revolver.

So head NE and keep going left along the rock wall, you'll come to a small opening where a Bedouin stands guard. Take him out and get the Revolver Ammo he leaves behind. Enter the room and get the Revolver, go out and left along the buildings till you see an opening across the street (E). Go in and shoot the scorp, hop over the crates and find the pushblock in the E wall, push it all the way and go up the small slope in the corner. Crawl and follow through to Secret #2, Shotgun Ammo, a small medipack and Grenades.

Cartouche Piece 2.

Go out, a Bedouin turned up, take care of him and head N, next to the right (E) where you'll find a pool, shoot the Croc and go into the passage N, left and use the Jumpswitch in the end to open an underwater gate. Back to the pool, lure the Croc out of the opening W and go shoot it. Then swim in and follow through to a crossing, another Croc shows up, swim in N and get out in the room there to shoot it. Go in N and straight to a pole, climb it and backflip off into the upper passage, use the rope over the pool to swing across to a ledge with a lever. Throw the lever and see Big Doors open up. Dive down into the pool and swim back through the tunnel to get to the pool at the surface. Climb out W and find the open Doors just around the right hand corner. Go to the Spikepits and jump to the N alcove to get Cartouche Piece 2.

The Hand of Sirius.

Go out of the Big Doors and head right into an alley where more Bedouin will attack. Some will leave Uzi Ammo and a Medipack. Go get the Uzi Ammo from the store room NE of the square, then head E and to the right where another Bedouin will attack near a small pool. Go up into the opening NE and find the hole behind that sand hill. Carefully go down the ladder and find the lever below. A gate opens up when you use it. Get back up to the street and head back E to the square with the Jeeps. Go to the NE corner and down the steps to that opened gate, inside is another lever opening up a gate in a store room on the square. Shoot the vase SE for the Flares in it and a Bedouin (Uzi Ammo) will attack on your way out.

Go into the S side store room and into the opened gate there, get the Hand of Sirius and go out to shoot some more resistance. Now you can return to the area with the pools, so out E, take a right and at the Jeep where you got the revolver, keep going left where possible to get to a pool with a Croc.

In the pool is an opening in the bottom. Swim down to a kind of Labyrinth. Down, to the N wall and left is a small medipack, back up to get some air. Down, to the E and right is an Arrows pickup, roll and swim N in the tunnel to follow through to a pool where the level changes.


Level 2 - Orion's Caves.

Cartouche Piece 1.

Get some air, light a flare and get into a tunnel down S to retrieve Cartouche Piece 1. Swim out and up at the big stairs to get to the receptacle for the Ba Cartouche (combine the 2 parts) NW. The doors open up, go in and follow down to an underground river. Go get the Flares NE while shooting all scorps and head W, either by land or through the river and at the underwater gates you have to pass through the passage by foot.

Large Water Cave.

Jump over to the "bridge" E and just before you go into the opening in the wall, go to the left and jump onto the dark rocks, here you can climb down to the lower section and up again later. Dive into the central pool and get some Arrows from under the red rock. Get out and go into a cave SW, shoot the scorp and climb the wall in the end left. Follow through shooting scorps and come to a Golden Hallway with a closed door.

Timed Symbol Gates, the first Eye Piece.

Go through the opening E and find a room with 3 gates. Jump into the niche NW of the entrance and climb down the ladder. Climb up into the N section and save at the chain W. Look NE for the raised tile that will open the Timed door of this section.

Pull the chain and runjump to get to that tile fast. Roll on it and jump to the open gate to sprint across the bridge into the S section.

Careful!!.... Jump over the gap in the floor to get to the chain.

Face the tile W and pull the chain. run over the tile and curve to the open gate, jump over the corner of the bridge to get into the E section.

Pull the chain there to open those big doors you saw in the Golden Hallway.

If you want the next secret, stand near the opening in the floor S of the gate and drop down into the pit below. Get into the crawlspace SE and follow to a pit. handg in the pit and shimmy left to pull up. Jump over another pit and go get Secret#3, Grenades, Grenade gun and a small medipack. Get back carefully, hold "duck" when you climb up out of the shimmy pit and back at the pit under the timed gates you can jump around the S side ledges to the ladder W. Go up and jump to the bridge and go out W to the Hallway.

Into the open doors S and go in to the right to throw a Jumpswitch around the left hand corner. Back to the room and straight to the now safe Eye Piece, a fly by shows a gate opening up.

The second Eye Piece.

Go out N and left down the ladder, head back to the pool. Climb back up to the bridges via the rocks E and jump over to the W side bridge. Go down through the opened gate and follow down to a lava pit. In the corners are higher tiles from which you can grab a monkey climb, go over to the other side and get into the passage SW.

Follow through to a slide down into a large cave. Stand left at the opening in the fence and runjump onto that sloped wall below, immediately a jump with a right curve to land near Secret#4, a Medipack.

Slide down N, jump onto the next block and a slide jump to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy left and get into the opening to reach a hall with scorps and a lever. Save before using it and immediately backflip. Now go back to the crack and shimmy to the other end, drop onto the slanted block and two jumps to get to a safe ledge, climb up to the gate you opened.

Go in and save before taking the Flares, hop back immediately and go up the hallway E through the other opening, to the left is a small medipack and another Spike ball will drop behind you. Go to one of the ramps and dodge the incoming ball, shoot the vase between the ramps to get the Uzi Ammo and go to the upper floor. Go right (S) and come to another Symbol Cave.

Throw all 4 levers on the bridges and go into the open doors S, jump across the pit to throw the levers there and jump back to the Cave. Go to the opened doors W and jump over the pit to climb up at the back of the pillar in the middle. Jump over to the E side and climb into a crawlspace SE to get Secret#5, the Crossbow. Get out and use the lever there to open the last doors in the cave. Drop down from this floor and go into the last doors E to get the second Eye Piece.

Go out and to the exit N, follow the passage to the N and left is a pole to climb from facing it S, shoot the vase after you backflipped into the upper passage and get the small medipack. Follow the passage to a rope swing back over that lava pit and when you slide down the passage an earthquake will rock the room. Climb up the wall, go down to a crossing and take the SE side, jump over the ledges to the SE corner of the cave and climb into a crawlspace S. In the room beyond you have to move the 2 statues to the other corners, their backs have to be against the wall and the gate opens up. Go in for Secret#6, a Revolver and Revolver Ammo.

The Hand of Orion.

Get back through the crawlspace, drop to the rock below and make your way over to the W side again, find a spot to get into the lower section and go E to where you can climb back up to the bridge. Go into the opening E and follow through to a Horus Door. Combine the 2 parts of the Eye and place it. In the back of this Tomb are 2 statues, the one S goes on the tile S (around the corner) and the one N to the N corner. Big doors N open up, go in and collect the Hand of Orion. Go over to the pole in the pool E and go up to the passage above, follow through to where you drop down into the cave with the pool. Swim down into the tunnel E and go right, the level changes.

Oasis - Part 2.

Swim left then right and up through the hole in the ceiling of the wider cave, climb out of the pool W and head W to the other pool. Into the cave NW and follow back to that deep gorge, climb down and from that rock a jump to grab the ladder on the pillar W, go up and right around the corner. Backflip to the ledge and jump along the ledges NW, W and to the canyon SW. Follow through to the canyon with the structures and get into the one NE. Watch out for a pit in that passage and when you jump over a fly by starts where a guide lights his Torch. Follow through and shoot 2 vases in the hall to get Shotgun- and Uzi Ammo.

Dark Cave.

Walk out N and jump to a rock ledge W, grabbing the edge, shimmy to the right and pull up at an opening in the wall. There's another Crossbow there, but first spikes have to be deactivated. So runjump to the ledge N and get into the opening in the N wall, crawl into the room there and use the lever to lower the Spikes. Get back out and shoot those Bedouin from above, get down there and over to the ladder S. Jump to the crawlspace W and get Secret#7, another Crossbow. Get out and down again to get some dropped Uzi Ammo and place the 2 Hands to open the door to the exit. (If you let the 2 Bedouin live till you go down and fight them near the guide he will hit them with his Torch ;-) )

Follow through and the level ends.