Town of Black Cat Bar.

Level by Mugs.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Level 1 - Black Cat Bar.

Youíre standing in the attic, go straight forward and get some Ammo on the crate then turn around and go down the ladder to the White Shop Square, above the White Shop is the Black Cat Bar, Mugsí local hang-out. Someone is shooting you from behind, take him out and head N, just before you go under the overhang is a palm tree to the L, thereís a Jumpswitch on the dark blue N wall, use it to open a door where you go now. Follow N to the next square with a tree and climb the grassy mound to the L, in a corner is the Shotgun to be found.

Face N from picking up the Shotgun and grab up to a crack in the vegetation, shimmy R along the crack and pull up to a ledge, that door opened here and gives access to a Store room, climb down and go R onto the crate, jump to the Ammo N and turn to the E there and use a Jumpswitch to open up another door, this one back on White Shop Square. Shoot the Guard, notice a door that needs a Star on the ground floor and head back up the ladder SE to get back down to the square below, shoot another Guard and go to the White Shop Square, look E for the Factory of Martin Mťallet and go into the newly opened door S, into the offices of Martin.

Revolver and Crowbar.

Climb a ledge W and runjump/grab to the pillar E, then a runjump/grab to the upper Library floor W and go L around the vide. Go out N to a ledge over the Square and runjump/grab to the N side, walk to the E end of that ledge and drop/grab of backwards to activate the Jumpswitch to open a door in the house up N, so return to that same ledge like you did before and go in, to the R is some Ammo. Then go W and shoot a Guard, go into the N door you opened a bit to the W and come to a water filled tunnel down. Hard to navigate so stay well in the centre of the tunnel when you follow it down and go straight N and down, then follow to the R and come to Secret#1, the Revolver, swim up there to get some air and turn around, swim back down and follow L, around the corner and up in a shaft at the first chance, follow to the L where you can and get the Crowbar there, roll and swim back, R and down, then L and back to the entrance, just in time for some air I hope.

A Timed Run.

Go back to the ledges at the square and jump back over to the Library, go into the NW corner, where youíll find a CS behind the table and chair, crawl in (get a screenshot of the Black Cat Bar) and follow through to a Timed lever, better safe there as the lever will raise a platform on the roof of the Black Cat Bar and itís a Timed one, so youíll have to be fast, throw the lever, hop back turning R and crawl back through the CS. Donít jump over the chair, but turn L and do a standjump with a sharp L curve to jump up to the ledge in front of the opening N, run wide L over the ledge and do a runjump curved L a bit and land as far as possible onto the roof, grab the edge and shimmy to the platform. As soon as you went around the corner onto the platform, pull up and sidejump L onto the higher part of the roof where the MP is (you can also decide to runjump to the ledge SE first), jump from the lowest part of the roof to a ledge SE and throw the lever there to open the door below.

The Golden Star.

Look for a block with the plant below so you can safety drop down to the square and enter the SE door L of the block. Go in, shoot a Guard and get some Ammo in the window L and the Golden Star on the block R. Head back out and find your way back to that Store room up at the square with the tree N, using that crack where the Shotgun was. In the store room you can now place the Star W to open the door E, go through to the next level.

Level 2 - Bike Adventure.

Go straight and shoot a Guard to the L, then climb over those hedges E to get Secret#2, Ammo, go back down and into the lower part of the road to find the bike behind a wall W, take it to the Pazzo Pizzeria on the next square and park it for now, go between the buildings N and follow L to a Ĺ MP, then go back and dive into the pool for some Ammo, go up the ramp E and to the R and follow the path S through the hedges to a dark cave over a pit with Spikes, runjump along the R hand side of the pit to the dark cave and go in. Get a Ĺ MP in that cave and climb into a crevice E, get the Gate Key there. When you go back to the Spike-pit a Guard will be shooting you from the R, then jump back to that palm tree. Go L (W) and follow the path to where another Guard will be shooting you from the bushes R. follow the path into a passage S and open the gate there with the Key you have, go in, shoot the Guard and pick up some Ammo in one of the corners, then go stand under the grating (S side) in the vide SE and grab up to the grating to climb to the upper floor, use the lever to the L to open some big gates.

Return to where you left the Bike and take the Bike up the E ramp. Go sharp L on top and go over the N hill, keep to the L and pick up speed to jump the broken bridge over a deep pit. Carefully go around a pool over the ledges and park the Bike on the Guard, go back to the pool you just passed and dive in, go out again to shoot a Croc, then go in again to open the UW door N, get the Lasersight and go back to the Bike. (you can decide now if you want to do the next part with or without the Bike, you donít really need it, but itís fun) Carefully drive it through the open gate N and go L to where another Guard is taking aim at you, race along the N wall to the E, jumping a gap and run over a Guard, follow the narrow path down a steep ramp and leave it on the corner E, well away from the gate S. Shoot some Crocs in the pool and dive in to the NW corner, under a pillar is a narrow gap you can swim in, inside youíll find Secret#3, Ammo. Swim out, climb back on the ledges and go up to the W side, you can grab up to the ledge above from standing at the W end of the steep slope. Shoot the Guard on the rock W if you didnít already and go climb the rocks to the highest one NW, jump/grab to a CS up in the vegetation N and follow through to a place where a Guard is patrolling.

After heís done in you can drop down onto that square and go step on a grated Tile to open a Timed gate down in the pit where you left the Bike, Save on the Tile, drop down from the S side and run to the E, then S and simply run off the end of the ledge to land in that pool below, climb up at the gate and go in to meet the next Guard. In the E side is a low crate, get on that crate and grab up to the hatch

from facing N, climb up L and the level changes.

Level 3 - The Garden.

Youíll drop into a lake, swim to the opposite side and turn to shoot the Croc thatís following you, go look for a Ĺ MP on the grass SE and dive into the lake under the same grassy ledge for some Ammo in a crevice. Now go up at the W side and shoot the Wild Boars, go get some Ammo on a low wall and head for the S side of the yard. Just L of the palm tree you can climb up the hedges and go into the alcove there, you can now climb up the S side wall and enter a passage above, go in to get a MP and then have a look in the S end of the passage to spot the closed trapdoor L (Timed run later). Go back down to the Yard and open the gate W with the Crowbar, shoot a Guard and go R inside, around the wall to a closed gate and from the higher part of the floor in the corner you can grab up to the wall opposite the gate, runjump/grab to the W bookcase and shimmy all the way L to a CS with the Gate Key, drop out and go open the gate you saw N.

Timed Run.

Inside the office is another grated Tile and it will open that trapdoor you saw while picking up the MP up S, so stand back to the N wall and Save, sprint (so you already are at top speed) over the Tile and head out to the Library, go L to the yard, then R to the hedge S and hop on to climb to that upper passage again. Sprint to the back and choose if you want to roll and hop back into the hole grabbing the ladder or just run in (depends on the time you have left).

Youíre now in the Garden, go S and R, out to a yard where Wild Boars attack, climb up in the NE corner to get the Ammo there and head straight S from there to that palm tree, climb the hedge behind it and follow in L to a CS and get the Ammo.

The next part is split in two, you have to do a hard jump to get a MP and bring out a rope over the pit to get to Secret#4 and safely over those Spikes in the dark pit S, but if the jump is too hard, you can just do like explained in the *Without Rope* paragraph.

With Rope. (expert jump included)

Go to the W side and in about the middle of that side is an opening up in the hedge, look L of the opening and spot a green block against the wall and climb it, go stand on the SE corner and face the closest corner of the opening in the hedge, do a far runjump and L curve in the end to just get inside, will take a few tries though to get the exact spot. Follow the passage up to a MP and see a rope appear over the Dark Pit. Go back out of this passage and down to the pit, standing under the rope facing S, jump/grab up and spot that Vine hanging on the far S wall of the Pit, turn L a bit so you can swing and grab the vegetation L of that Vine, climb around R and get into that alcove there with Secret#4, the Uzis. Standjump/grab back to the climbwall and go L around the corners till you hang over the path on S wall, drop and turn around. Go up to the SE corner and climb up into the opening S, to come to another Spike pit.

Without Rope.

Head back out and go L to a dark pit S and the only way down seems to be a standjump S from standing in the SE corner, youíll loose health, so be sure to have the health-bar full, Go to the palm tree SW and climb the ladder before the Wild Boar becomes a problem. Once on top, walk just onto the next step and turn around facing W, jump/grab straight up to that pointy green block and shimmy R around the corners, climb up to get into an alcove with Secret#4, the Uzis. Go back the same way and drop back onto the steps, follow the steps up to the SE corner and climb through the opening S, to come to another Spike pit.

The Horsemanís Gem.

Take out the Guard and go L onto a lower block, hop to the one on E wall and turn SW, hop over (through the gap between them) the Spikes onto the wooden crates in the middle. Get the Horsemanís Gem lying in the NE corner and from the highest crate a runjump back to the NE corner you came from, go past the entrance to the W and then jump to a lower safe path going S, jump/grab to a rock S and climb the rocks along that S wall to get to the upper ledges over the pit. Make it into that passage W and at the closed door you can climb over a hedge S to get to the receptacle for the Gem. The door will open, so go back and end the level by stepping inÖ.